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Episode 34: Pittsburgh Penguins Scout Casey Torres

Total Sports Quinte Podcast

Welcome back from the holidays. To start the year, Randy and Mike discuss the World Junior Championships, the NHL startup and have an in-depth conversation with Pittsburgh Penguins scout Casey Torres. 


13 Jan 2021

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Stanley Cup winning NHL scout Casey Torres joins the guys to share his story.

514 - Beltway to Bytown

All hockey on the 514. Jeff and Todd are joined by Casey Torres, a hockey skills development specialist and scout with the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins. Casey takes the boys through his professional ascent to the top of the professional coaching ranks, his work developing young hockey players, and his affinity for the great Tom Brady.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jeff-cave3/message

1hr 2mins

18 Sep 2020

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Off The Puck Hockey Episode 27 - Interview with Casey Torres

Off The Puck Hockey

On this weeks show, we speak with hockey scout for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Casey Torres.   Lots of great stories, and information about the hockey industry.   You don't want to miss out on this episode.   Remember to also catch us live on Zingo TV Channel 250 Monday and Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST.


15 Sep 2020

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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Self-coached from Day 1, 2013 to her IFBB Pro Status in 2015 and all Reverse and Improvement 'seasons' from 2013 to current… Host Celeste Rains-Turk speaks with Casey Samel who qualified for 3 Bikini Olympia’s ('16, '19, '20) with self-coaching, while leading her competition and lifestyle clients to success on and off the stage as the owner and founder of Team Casey.  Tune in to hear about how Casey views placing after her experience in 36 shows, why she has only asked for judges feedback 3-4 times, a comment from Steve Weinberger she won't forget, and how it felt to be so close to the Ms Bikini Olympia title in 2017.  Casey shares a behind the scenes look at what really happens and goes through athletes heads at the Olympia and the Arnold and what it is like to compete there. She talks about what happens when the curtains close, what it's like being on the go for so many of the weekend events, and what the girls do to celebrate each other and the hard work they have all dedicated to be there. Casey gets into why she prefers IIFYM and how she implements it in her day to day life even with consideration for her love of donuts. This opens up a conversation where Celeste and Casey shine light on what it means to enjoy food and how important making those mindful decisions are when it comes to food.  Casey also shares how she has been able to self-coach herself and some of the challenges she has had to learn to overcome in the process of evolving as a self-coached, natural, IFBB pro. She relays her aspirations and reasoning behind earning a coveted title at the Arnold or the Olympia and discusses how her experience at the Ben Weider naturals differed from other pro shows she has competed in and why she stepped on that stage in the first place.  During this episode we get into the values Casey holds for her business and clients and how she has upheld and created comradery among her athletes as well as individual success with close personal attention to every competitor and client. She also imparts powerful insights into establishing longevity in this sport which closely align with Celeste's view of mindset being the catalyst for champions.  You don't want to miss this episode with one of the most elite bikini competitors in the game for the last 6 years. To connect with Casey visit: Instagrams:  https://www.instagram.com/caseysamsel_bikini/ https://www.instagram.com/team_casey/ Website: https://officialteamcasey.com/ To connect with Celeste visit:  https://www.instagram.com/celestial_fit/ To learn more about and join the On-Demand Mindset Coaching Platform for Competitors visit: celeste-rainsturk.clickfunnels.com/on-demand-mindset-coaching-for-competitors To find other ways to work with Celeste and develop a healthier relationship with food, your body, or your goals through her PTG process which utilizes personal development tools, mindset work, and psychology to help you Build More than Just a Body visit: http://www.celestial.fit/work-with-me.html Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe on your favorite streaming platform so you never miss an episode! You can support the production of the show by becoming a Patron here:https://www.patreon.com/celestialfit


13 Dec 2019

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063: Perfecting Your Skills and Competing with Integrity with Casey Torres (Samsel)

Bikini Diaries

Perfecting Your Skills and Competing with Integrity Fitness is not just about physical activity and regular exercise. There is more to it. When you think about personal fitness, you have to figure out your workout and exercises routines, health, and nutrition, meals plan...name it. While we all want to experience a smooth fitness journey, it can get quite bumpy if you're doing it wrong and don't have a proper plan in place. So how do you improve your fitness journey to promote your health and wellbeing? Let's find out with Casey Torres.  Casey is an IFBB Bikini Pro, a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness and nutrition specialist, and founder of Team Casey. An outstanding detail about her is that she is a coach and a competitor. Since she begun competition in 2013, she has recorded a remarkable degree of consistency and has achieved a lot during that time. She is 3x Bikini Olympian and holds 4th position for 2017 Bikini Olympia and 2018 3rd position for the Arnold Classic Bikini International. In her six 6 years Bikini bodybuilding and competing experience, Casey has had numerous triumphs including 2 pro-wins. Casey prides in helping other girls achieve their Bikini goals. On this episode, Casey share tips on how to improve your fitness journey. We also chat about how she shifted from having a coach to coaching herself and how she is able to coach and compete at the same time. Let’s dive in! Takeaways If it was easy, everyone would do it Functioning and working with integrity and honesty is important to your success Don't make changes based on emotion, think logically at all times Sometimes you might have to take a couple of steps back before you can take a step forward Look at things like opportunities rather than stressors Your passion should wake you up every day, if not before your alarm Being a professional is being able to accept placements and moving forward Know when to do something and when not to do something No matter what happens, you still have to show up The moment you feel like you want to give up you gotta keep pushing Important Questions [00:06:23] How many years have you been competing? [00:07:27] What keeps you motivated? [00:10:40] How did you get started on your fitness journey? [00:15:25] What was it like switching from a coach to training yourself? [00:16:56] What were some of the obstacles that you faced making the shift? [00:17:45] What are some tips that you could share with girls who coach or want to coach themselves? [00:18:19] What are some of your methods for coaching yourself? [00:21:55] How do you nurture here mentality? [00:22:47] How do you channel your stress? [00:25:27] How are you able to coach and compete at the same time? [00:32:26] How do you maintain consistency within your brand? [00:35:42] What do you think sets professionals apart from amateurs? [00:40:36] Have you ever experienced a plateau yourself? And if so, how do you break past your plateaus? [00:48:03] What are your thoughts about the Olympia qualification system? [00:53:41] What's one piece of advice that you could give to someone wanting to become a professional in the sport?  Casey Torres (Samsel) Website: officialteamcasey.com Instagram:@caseysamsel_bikini Grab your Bikini Diarie's Honorary Tee to support the podcast https://naiymafit.com/shop/ Use code: bikinidiaries for 20%off FOLLOW ME, Na'iyma Thompson @Naiymafit Naiymafit.com Join TEAM BOSS BODIES use code: bikinidiaries for 15% off your package


27 Aug 2019