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Episode 139: When Science Meets Faith in Eucharistic Miracles with Dr. Stacy Trasancos

How They Love Mary

Dr. Stacy Trasancos is a Catholic convert, mom, author, and chemist who wants to help people realize that science and faith are not at odds. She writes about the intersection of faith and science and has done so in her new book she co-authored with Fr. George Eliot called "Behold It is I." In this conversation with Fr. Edward Looney, Dr. Trasancos speaks about Christ's true presence in the Eucharist as manifested through Eucharistic miracles. Buy Dr. Trasancos's book: https://tanbooks.com/products/books/miracles/eucharistic/behold-it-is-i/ Get your copy of Fr. Edward's new book, the title book of this podcast, How They Love Mary: https://www.sophiainstitute.com/products/item/how-they-love-mary


11 Apr 2022

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Dr. Stacy Trasancos interviews Kimberly Bruce on the book The Gender Link to the Human Soul (February 10, 2022)

I Thought You'd Like to Know

The Gender Link to the Human Soul establishes gender as an element of the soul retained in this life and for all eternity. This is demonstrated in the brilliant philosophical insights of Thomas Aquinas and John Paul II combined with illumination gleaned from Christ’s Resurrection and Mary’s Assumption. (February 10, 2022)https://enroutebooksandmedia.com/genderlink/


11 Feb 2022

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Dr. Stacy Trasancos - RPL 02.07.22 1/2

Real Presence Live

A Catholic guide to navigating science


7 Feb 2022

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Scripture, Tradition, and Science on the Real Presence (Dr. Stacy Trasancos)

The Catholic Current

We welcome back Dr. Stacy Trasancos to discuss the roles of Faith and Science regarding miracles, and how not to put the Faith on trial through her new co-authored book: Behold, It Is I. Behold, It Is I: Scripture, Tradition, and Science on the Real Presence Particles of Faith: A Catholic Guide to Navigating Science


20 Jan 2022

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RPL October 7th Hr 2 Seg 1 Dr. Stacy Trasancos

Real Presence Live

She's coming to the area!


7 Oct 2021

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Medical Research On Aborted Babies | Guest: Stacy Trasancos


Stacy Trasancos, scientist, theologian, and mother, has a doctorate in chemistry from Penn State University and a master’s in dogmatic theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. She has seven children and six grandchildren. Stacy worked as a chemist for DuPont before converting to Catholicism and radically restructuring her life. She left her career to stay home with her kids, from there becoming a writer and educator. Now, she is the Executive Director of Bishop Strickland’s St. Philip Institute in Tyler, Texas. She also teaches online theology courses for Seton Hall University and is a Fellow of the Word on Fire Institute. She is also the Chief Research Officer at Children of God for Life, which fights to end the use of aborted children in scientific research and manufacturing. Date: 7/19/21 Help UnAborted create more pro-life content and take our content to the streets, become a Patron of the show at https://www.patreon.com/unaborted To help Seth reach more high school and college students through pro-life presentations around the country, become a monthly supporter at https://prolifetraining.com/donate/


19 Jul 2021

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#10180 Faith and Science - Stacy Trasancos

Catholic Answers Live

Questions Covered: 08:45 – One of the arguments in the German Synodal against same sex marriage is that it goes against biology. I wanted to get Dr. Stacy’s thoughts on this matter. 14:50 – I’m a math teacher at a small private school. Our teachers try to use interdisciplinary methods, like I teach the possibility of the world coming into being through chance. How can I explain how math and statistics can work along with Christianity? 22:40 – I had a friend who asked about new world and old world theories in evolution. I was wondering what Dr. Stacy’s take on these were and what the Catholic Church teaches as well? 35:05 – At the end of the world, after the final judgement, we will have resurrected bodies like Jesus. Since Jesus ate fish in his resurrected body, I was wondering if we will continue raising plants and animals for food after the final judgment? Will the plants and animals  also be immortal since we are and how will that work? 44:40 – I’d love to hear Dr. Stacy’s take on how the world was created? And are you familiar with Dr. Ken Miller’s work? If so, what does she think of it? 51:50 – I’ve observed that the culture is pushing “the big bang” theory on little kids (for example, the whole premise of the TV show is that you are not smart unless you believe in the big bang theory). But I think it is important to remember that a Jesuit priest started this theory. How can we teach this theory in the “correct”, Christian way? Resources: https://www.catholic.com/audio/cal/tba-6 https://www.catholic.com/magazine/online-edition/what-was-christs-resurrected-body-made-of…

7 Jul 2021

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Medical Research Involving Human Fetuses (with Stacy Trasancos)

Pro-Life Thinking

Clinton is joined by Stacy Trasancos to talk about medical research involving human fetuses. Most of us are aware that fetal cells are often used in the development of vaccines, but there are other ways fetuses are used which pro-life people need to be aware of.Find us on Patreon! You can help financially support this podcast and make it the best it possibly can be while getting free pro-life training out to potentially thousands of listeners, and get some great perks while you're at it. www.patreon.com/prolifethinkingFind our broadcast on YouTube for the show notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhO2xITYlkI&ab_channel=Pro-LifeThinkingAnd while you're there, please give a thumbs up and subscribe so you will have access to the exclusive training videos we're going to put together for the YouTube channel.

1hr 1min

30 Mar 2021

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Episode 193: Dr. Stacy Trasancos and Dr. Catherine Pakaluk on Conscience and the Vaccine (March 25, 2021)

The Open Door

In this episode of The Open Door, Dr. Jim Hanink and Dr. Mario Ramos-Reyes speak with Dr. Stacy Trasancos and Dr. Catherine Pakaluk on Conscience and the Vaccine. (March 25, 2021)


26 Mar 2021

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Episode 44: Mary Anne Urlakis interviews Stacy Trasancos presents on COVID19 vaccinations (March 23, 2021)

Inter Vitam et Mortem

Dr. Stacy Trasancos joins Dr. Mary Anne Urlakis for Episode 44 of WCAT Radio’s “Inter Vitam et Mortem: Between Life and Death: Interviews and Discussion with a Catholic Bioethicist” to discuss the current COVID vaccinations. Dr. Trasancos is a scientist, theologian, and mother; she holds a Doctorate in Chemistry from Penn State University and a Master’s in Dogmatic Theology (summa cum laude) from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Dr. Trasancos is the Executive Director of Bishop Joseph Strickland’s St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization in Tyler, Texas, and the Chief Research Officer of Children of God for Life. She is a Fellow of the Word on Fire Institute and an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University Catholic Studies program. Her work focuses on the integration of faith and science. In this episode Stacy Trasancos and Mary Anne Urlakis discuss the ethical implications of the current COVID vaccines, as well as those vaccines currently in development. Their ethical inquiry centers on three significant bioethical issues: (1) the liceity of using abortion-derived cell-lines for vaccine production, (2) the necessity of authentically informed consent, and (3) the sanctity of the human conscience and the issue of paternalism and coercion.Dr. Trasancos is a frequent guest on Catholic media, including Relevant Radio, Ave Maria Radio, EWTN, Catholic Answers Live, and The Journey Home. She has written numerous articles for Catholic publications and is the author of Science Was Born of Christianity: The Teaching of Fr. Stanley L. Jaki and Particles of Faith: A Catholic Guide to Navigating Science (Ave Maria Press), which has also been published as a textbook for Catholic high schools and colleges.Additionally, she has published a Catholic Answers booklet 20 Answers: Bioethics, and she writes the Science column for the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly. In her most recent book, she examines the scientific evidence for Eucharistic miracles, co-authored with Fr. George Elliott entitled Behold, It Is I: Scripture, Tradition, and Science on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist (TAN Books). More information is available on the Children of God for Life website: https://cogforlife.org. Additionally, Dr. Stacy Trasancos’ position statement regarding the use of tissue derived from abortion in the development and production of COVID vaccines can be found at National Catholic Register and Catholic Answers. Her recent webinar presentation for ITEST, the Institute for the Theological Encounter with Science and Technology, entitled: “Is it Moral to Take the COVID Vaccine?” is available at: COVID-19 Vaccine Ethics - Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology (faithscience.org).


24 Mar 2021