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Starting Before You’re Ready with host of the One Percent Better Podcast, Joe Ferraro

Results Leader.FM

What you say matters. The words you use are the difference between closing a deal or fumbling it.  In other words, the best way to grow your bank account is by leveling up your communication skills.  The problem is imposter syndrome creeps in and makes you stop listening — so you sabotage a deal that could change your life.  In this episode, Joe Ferraro, host of the One Percent Better Podcast joins me to reveal how to become a better listener and how to beat down imposter syndrome.  Show highlights include: The “Coffee Shame Question” that instantly eliminates your hesitation about investing in your business (6:42)  The “Shipit Mindset” popularized by Seth Godin that nukes your self-doubt when making life-altering changes (7:32)  Why trusting your gut is no better than flipping a coin for tough decisions (and 2 things that make decision-making easy) (10:20)  How to vastly improve your life, business, and marriage doing nothing other than having conversations (14:13)  Why working on your weaknesses is the quickest way to go broke, become burnt out, and fall short on your goals (15:32)  How treating every conversation like a podcast interview transforms you into a master negotiator (16:20)  If you found a golden nugget of wisdom in this episode, share it on social media with the hashtag #ResultsLeaderFM to help spread the word.  If you’d learn more about Joe and check out his One Percent Better Podcast, you can find his website at https://www.damngoodconversations.com/.


7 Jun 2021

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How to craft better questions and have damn good conversations with Joe Ferraro

Recorded Content - Helping B2B marketers use a podcast for content marketing

In this episode, you get an opportunity to meet Joe Ferraro, an impressive high school English teacher, Founder of Damn Good Conversations, and the host of The One Percent Better Podcast.Considering Joe has a lot on his plate, what do all of these roles have in common and how do they help him have good conversations? To cite Joe, "It's a combination of curiosity and energy."Joe has been a fan of conversations ever since he was ten years old. He listened to the local journalists asking questions after games and loved the work the reporters were doing. These jobs inspired him to embrace podcasting, become one percent better at it, bring his dream guests on the show, and sometimes, leave his comfort zone.What actually fuels a damn good conversation and helps create a great podcast episode?Joe believes that a well-defined intent and purpose are prerequisites for a good podcast. As “America’s Podcasting Coach”, Joe advises his clients to ask themselves what they want to accomplish with a podcast and who it’s ultimately trying to help.Tune in to uncover how Joe crafts conversations with prominent guests like Seth Godin, how he avoids small talk and why high-velocity questions are a great way to start a podcast.


25 May 2021

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How To Have More Damn Good Conversations with Joe Ferraro

Top Of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse

We have conversations every day but are never taught how to do them well. But those who have a mastery of asking questions have a huge leg up professionally and personally. Joe Ferraro joins Stewart Hillhouse to share the anatomy of what makes for a damn good conversation. On this episode of Top Of Mind, Joe and Stewart discuss:• How to ask better questions (and get more interesting answers)• Why asking High-velocity questions will make you a better conversationalist• Frameworks to improve your conversations today• And so much moreJoe Ferraro is the creator of Damn Good Conversations and the host of The 1% Better Podcast. Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerraroOnAirWebsite: https://www.damngoodconversations.com/Say hi to Stewart on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stew_hillhouseFor more marketing insights, join Top Of Mind Weekly: https://stewarthillhouse.carrd.co/


28 Apr 2021

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Ep. 34: Creating the Cores of Electronics with Joe Ferraro ’77

Clarkson Ignite Podcast

In this episode, we sat down with Joe Ferraro ‘77, President of Elna Magnetics. We talked to him about all the innovative ways his company manufactures ferrite cores for electronics companies, overcoming the challenges presented by the brittle material while keeping costs down for their customers. He also shared his commitment to educating the next generation of engineers through local programs he and his company sponsor. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Joe.


7 Apr 2021

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#23 - Joe Ferraro: How to Have a Damn Good Conversation

The Joseph Wells Podcast

My guest today is Joe Ferraro. Joe is the host of The One Percent Better Podcast where he interviews guests like James Clear, Chris Voss, and Annie Duke. He's fascinated with asking better questions and having damn good conversations.

1hr 22mins

6 Jan 2021

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Joe Ferraro: Building a Podcast, Asking Great Questions, and Finding Great Podcast Guests [Ep. 44]

Mastering the Attention Economy

This is an episode of Mastering the Attention Economy Podcast with host Ari Lewis and Joe Ferraro. Joe is a teacher, professional speaker, and podcast host. He runs the One Percent Better Podcast where he has interview people such as James Clear and Seth Godin. We discuss how he built and scaled a podcast, how to ask great questions for a podcast and life, and how to find great podcast guests. Follow Joe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerraroOnAir Listen to Joe's Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-one-percent-better-podcast/id1254121785 Follow Ari on Twitter: https://twitter.com/amlewis4 Follow Ari on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ari_lewis4/ Visit Ari's Site: http://arilewis.com/  Produced by Courtnie Lewis: https://www.courtnielewis.com Music by Mark Rhodes: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2F3QTcv7P4TxveL1tDeXmL?si=KEiZ9oB_TQyD_3ISQC8y-A


18 Nov 2020

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Ep. 150: 1% Better Work Ethic w/ Joe Ferraro Jr.

The One Percent Better Podcast

Today's conversation is with one of the best businessmen in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  He's a National Champion, a restaurateur, and my best friend.  He also happens to be my father.   It's a milestone episode, and one that will help you get 1% better.   We talk about:  Work ethic Our mutual love of food What it's like to coach your own kids The realities of owning a restaurant The importance of family And much more. Email me and let me know what you think Joe@onepercentbetterproject.com As always, thanks for listening! --JF 


6 Sep 2020

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Time With Attackers - Joe Ferraro StimTech

Time With Attackers

On this week’s episode we have Joe Ferraro co-owner of Stim.Tech, a mechanical engineering, aero design and all around doer of all things speed related founded in Waterloo Ontario. Stim.Tech has been involved in many of the fastest Time Attack projects in North America, including Chris and Jame's cars. We talk with Joe about aero design and some of the mistakes new competitors to Time Attack make, along with some of the principles they use when working on new projects. Follow along to hear some more about what makes Stim.Tech tick!


4 May 2020

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Episode 6: Joe Ferraro

The Mind Leads Performance Podcast

Joe Ferraro has started the 1% Better Project and is the host of the 1 % Better Podcast. Joe shares a multitude of insight and wisdom including: backwards design and how it applies to goal-setting, and how to transfer knowledge into action.  Enjoy this fantastic episode on The Mind Leads Performance.  Give it a listen, download, like, and share!


30 Mar 2020

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Ep 66 Interview Sessions with Joe Ferraro

Always Better than Yesterday with Ryan Hartley | A Podcast for Heart Centred Leaders

In this episode I am joined by a man after my own heart. Joe Ferraro is the host of the 1% better podcast.Even though Joe is teacher, what you'll hear from the richness of this interview is that Joe remains very much a student and this shows in his learnings around self awareness, personal development and leadership. We talk about what it means to be 1% better and how closely that ethos aligns with being ABTY. We discuss how taking imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. We talk about leadership and culture and how great leaders ask the simple question of "what do you guys need from me?". Joe and I also bond in our admiration from James Clear - author of Atomic Habits - a book that perfectly describe what we represent.I think you will really enjoy this conversation. Please let me know if that's the case. Do share it with someone you feel needs to hear it!My favourite quote Joe shared was from Pria Parker - "every time we are together is a chance to practice a world we wish existed". How amazing is that. ABTY, that's what we strive to do. Create the world we wish existed, for ourselves and others. Much loveRyan Connect with Joe:Instagram: @FerraroonairWebsite: https://www.onepercentbetterproject.com/Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-one-percent-better-podcast/id1254121785Resources mentioned:Mindset by Dr. Carol DweckMastering the Moment by Tim PollardDrive by Dan PinkAtomic Habits by James Clear


4 Mar 2020