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Episode #23: Do Something Different with Antony Lo

Pelvic Health and Fitness Podcast

In this episode, we get the exciting opportunity to chat with one of our mentors Antony Lo (aka The Physio Detective).Antony Lo is a physiotherapist from Australia and runs The Physio Detective service and My PT Education. He has been working at the junction of Musculoskeletal, Sports Rehab and Performance, and Women’s Health for his whole career. He has experience participating and coaching a range of sports and has been a consultant for a number of different types of elite sports athletes of all ages. He is privileged to teach health and fitness professionals around the world in person and online, in addition to his clinical work. Antony has a wife and 3 beautiful children in (what he says) the best city in the world – Sydney, Australia!We’re so thankful for Antony for sharing his passion and wisdom with us. We touch on a lot of topics in this episode including:🔹What initially got Antony into physiotherapy and pelvic health🔹How he became the Physio Detective🔹How Antony’s approach as a physiotherapist has changed over time🔹Why it’s important for clinicians to learn to “do something different” with their clients🔹The importance of language choice when working with clients🔹The most important considerations when working with a postpartum client🔹Why he’s so passionate about helping clients with diastasis🔹Why it’s important to ask clients “what do you want to do?”🔹The importance of minimizing fear when communicating a prolapse diagnosisWe’re excited for you to listen to this episode and hope you get as much out of this conversation as we did.Reach and learn from Antony here:InstagramWebsiteBook with AntonyThe Physio Detective Consult SeriesAntony Lo CoursesThe Women’s Health Podcast


11 Apr 2022

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MoSt #21: Finding Hope in your Diagnosis with Antony Lo

Mom Strength

Come and join this conversation with Antony Lo, as we discuss how to navigate through postpartum, return to exercise and your fitness goals. Antony shares his expertise and approach in helping people lift heavy weights and navigate back to their fitness goals postpartum. Antony explores the importance of strength training, highlighting the benefits and surprising results (you’re probably stronger than you think!).We discuss:- Progressing physically and mentally through postpartum-Finding hope in a prolapse/diastasis diagnosis (it’s more common than you think)- The consequences of comparing yourself to other Moms- Dangers of fear mongering in fitness/health industry- Strength and aesthetic goals in postpartumAntony’s BioAntony Lo aka The Physio Detective is a Physiotherapist who works at the junction of Ortho, sports and pelvic health. He has a passion for helping health and fitness professionals as well as the general public who struggle to return to their moderate to high intensity activity goals whilst managing pelvic health, diastasis, and ortho/sports conditions. He is from Sydney, Australia but works and teaches around the world.Links/ResourcesCheck out Antony’s courses: www.mypteducation.comFind Antony on Instagram and FacebookEmail: antony@thephysiodetective.comConnect with Surabhi:Find Surabhi on Instagram or Facebook @thepassionatephysioWebsite: https://www.thepassionatephysio.ca/

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21 Mar 2022

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Misinformation Series - John Flagg & Antony Lo

The Knowledge Exchange Podcast

How can clinicians handle misinformation, knowing the possible harms it can cause?We had an informal chat with John Flagg (@rebuild_stronger) and Antony Lo (@physiodetective) on:How to respond and react to misinformation in the clinic and on social mediaThe value of our engagement and choices when interacting with social media postsBeing flexible with different viewpoints, and framing questions in a compassionate wayUseful tips when interacting with both clients and clinicians who have different beliefs

3 Feb 2022

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123: Resources for self development and reflective thinking with Antony Lo

Engler og Hormoner

We are rounding up the talk about diastasis recti with insights from Physiodetective Antony Lo on how we can develop our clinical skills, life skills and be aware in the communication with others to build understanding and confidence. Resources: www.diastasis.info


21 Oct 2021

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122: Diastasis recti and clinical practice with Antony Lo: The Physiodetective

Engler og Hormoner

This month we’re nerding up upon DRA. Diastasis recti abdominis. The Australian physiotherapist Antony Lo aka @Physiodetective have created a major engagement online in the #diastasisproject. What can we do about diastasis recti when the evidence is lacking? In the #diastasisproject clinicians and researchers are sharing experiences, thoughts and challenge eachother to evolve in clinical practice managing diastasis recti. In this episode Antony shares his thoughts and experience about diastasis recti, communication and how he challenge the way we think about exercise in this patient population. Let us ask why we are doing what we are doing!https://www.diastasis.info

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19 Oct 2021

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35. Empowering Postpartum Pilates Practice, with Antony Lo

Pilates Elephants

Renowned Physiotherapist Antony Lo Joins Us On This Episode Of Pilates Elephants To Dive Into Postpartum Pilates And How He Helps Movement Professionals Understand The Research And Practical Principles Of Working With Postpartum Women So They Can Confidently Support Their Clients. We Zoom In On The Importance Of Mindset And How We Can Give Students The Information That They Need, And Empower Them To Make Decisions For Themselves. Our Discussion Also Covers Antony’s Experience With Diastasis Rectus, His Philosophy On Pushing Exercise Boundaries And Keeping Clients Safe. What You Will Learn:Antony’s interest in postpartum Pilates and how he helps fitness professionals to safely support clientsThe biggest myths and misconceptions that people commonly sort of hold onto in the area of postpartum Pilates exerciseWhy you should be a knowledgeable exercise consultant rather than an all-knowing guruHow to guide students to self-efficacy and the ability to decide what goes on in their lifeWhy we shouldn’t disempower postpartum clients and instead teach them to find their boundariesPostpartum Pilates: Empowering Personal DecisionsAntony Lo joins us on the podcast to share how he helps health and fitness professionals to understand the evidence and principles to move forward with confidence in supporting their students. He explains why his philosophy is trying to break down the hierarchy that assumes that a movement professional has all the answers, and concentrates more on giving people the information that they need and empowering them to make decisions for themselves around postpartum Pilates.  Goal-Based MotivationWe dive into why goal-based motivation helps people to move forward and why it can take a mindset shift for Pilates instructors to let go of their anxiety around treating postpartum women. When you start to see women as strong, resilient, and capable instead of weak and fragile then it’s simple to understand why a diastasis recti doesn’t spell the end of exercising. Empowering women to move at their own pace and to listen to their bodies helps you support their postpartum Pilates journey confidently.Experience Before Knowledge Experience before knowledge is one of Antony’s mantras and his teaching focuses on trying to give people an experience before we start dropping knowledge on them. We zoom in on confirmation bias and how preloading students with research can color the interaction as they unconsciously tell what you want to hear rather than their true experience. After all, as a Pilates teacher, we should be a trusted consultant. Not a guru, but a guide.Resources mentioned in the episode:Read Raph's book: Strengthen the Person, Not Just the Body Part hereWomen with diastasis recti do not have more back pain, pelvic girdle pain or pelvic floor issues than women without diastisis recti here and the evidence is weak hereRegular abdominal strengthening including crunches, is at least as effective as special core stability exercises for women with diastasis recti herePressure in your abdominal cavity increases when you breathe in hereThere is no gold standard for exercise treatment of diastasis recti but general abdominal strengthening both during and after pregnancy is the best we've got hereAbout Antony Lo:Antony Lo is The Physio Detective and owner of My PT Education. He has been working at the junction ofMusculoskeletal, Sports Rehab and Performance, and Women’s Health for his whole career. He has experience participating and coaching a range of sports and has been a consultant for a number of different types of elite sports athletes of all ages and various sports.Antony’s passion is working in a way that combines his experience in coaching, education, and being a Physiotherapist, combining the knowledge from the fields of Physiotherapy, Strength and Conditioning, Business, Psychology, and the Arts and Sciences to provide a practical, realistic, holistic model of care balancing the biopsychosocial model of healthcare with the best of historical assessment and management approaches.He is privileged to teach health and fitness professionals around the world in person and online in addition to his clinical work. Antony has a wife and 3 beautiful children in the best city in the world – Sydney, Australia!How to Connect with Anthony Lo:Website: physiodetective.com Facebook: fb.me/physiodetectiveInstagram: instagram.com/physiodetectivePodcast: womenshealthpodcast.comAbout Raphael and Cloe:Raphael Bender, CEO, Breathe EducationRaph believes everyone deserves the opportunity to transform into a better version of themselves. His main strength as a teacher and movement professional is the ability to distill complex research findings into a simple, science-based approach to help people move fearlessly, thoughtlessly, and painlessly. He LOVES running, weights, cycling, and Contrology.Raph holds a Masters’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation), a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy, and STOTT PILATES full certification.Cloe Bunter, Training Manager, Breathe EducationWith 8+ years in the industry, both teaching Pilates and nurturing new instructors, Cloe is passionate about empowering new and seasoned instructors to think critically and move fearlessly. Empowered instructors empower their clients, and in turn, change lives. She finds great joy in building connections with clients, students, colleagues, and the broader movement and rehab community.  Co-hosting the Pilates Elephants Podcast, with Raphael Bender, has provided an incredible platform to bust common Pilates, movement, and rehab myths whilst creating a worldwide community of critical thinkers who are elevating health literacy.Cloe is fascinated by movement in general, and its ability to enhance our lives, at any age. Her own movement practice includes Contrology/Pilates, running, weights, and kettlebells. Close has a Diploma of Clinical Pilates, Cert IV in Pilates, and Cert IV in Training and Assessing.How to Connect with Raphael and Cloe:You can find Breathe Education online hereYou can find Cloe Bunter on Instagram here: @cloebunterpilatesYou can find Raphael Bender on Instagram here: @the_raphaelbender--------------------------------Online resources:Do a Masterclass with usRead more about the Diploma of Clinical PilatesThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacyAdBarker - https://adbarker.com/privacy

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16 May 2021

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Talking Rethinking How We Look At Pre & Postnatal Fitness with Antony Lo

The Limitless Pregnancy

In our final episode of our January fitness series we are joined by Antony Lo, APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Antony works with pre and postnatal patients as well as educating fitness trainers in the pre and postnatal field. We talk about how the industry has created an environment of limiting beliefs and fear-based movement, and discuss the grassroots movement to empower women (and their trainers!) to take charge of their wellness journey. You can connect with Antony here: www.physiodetective.com www.fb.me/physiodetective www.Instagram.com/physiodetective www.twitter.com/physiodetective www.youtube.com/physiodetective

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26 Jan 2021

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Episode 1 - Antony Lo

Beyond The Comfort Zone

Our inaugural episode! Exciting things are ahead.  Our first guest is Antony Lo, the Physio Detective, is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and an educator who has been in the health and fitness industry and helping people for almost 25 years. In this episode we discuss about the what's lacking in fitness education, how hurtful the language we use can be, as well as the various models ( BPS and PSB ) used to teach fitness education and how we can draw parallels between then as well as bridge the gap that separates them.  Enjoy the show! Antony Lo can be contacted via the different channels below:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/physiodetective/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/antonylo Website: https://mypteducation.com/


3 Oct 2020

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189 - “It’s All About the Patient”: Antony Lo on His Clinical Ethos and Transparent Leadership

Grow Your Clinic

Antony Lo, also known as The Physio Detective, has become one of the most well-known physiotherapists here in Australia – trusted by Crossfit and elite athletes alike. Antony has over 20 years of clinical experience, but it’s not just his expert standing that sets him apart from other practitioners in his field; it’s also because of his transparency and how he finds solutions for his clients.In this episode, Antony talks about putting your client’s goals above everything else and how he trains new practitioners to find solutions to their patients’ problems. He also talks about how we can cultivate a culture of learning, openness, and collaboration within our own practice.Check out the full episode for more tips!SHOW NOTESRapid-fire Questions[0:03:53.1]  Things that are in Antony’s reading/learning list[0:04:27.9]  People who inspire Antony[0:05:16.5]  Antony’s childhood aspirations[0:06:11.3]  Motto that you live by“If you keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, that’s just insanity.” (Albert Einstein)“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t want to work hard.” (Albert Einstein)“Change the meaning, change the feeling.”Clinical Ethos[0:07:20.7]  General ethos when approaching private practice[0:11:16.6]  Training practitioners to become critical thinkersCultivating a Culture of Learning and Transparent Leadership[0:14:40.7]  How to cultivate a culture of learning and openness in your clinic[0:18:07.4]  How to encourage collaboration and improve teamwork in your team, feedback system[0:22:43.5]  The problem with “The Guru” model[0:29:12.3]  Action Steps for clinic owners[0:31:24.2]  Connect with AntonyQUOTES“It’s not about me – it’s about the person.”“To practice owners who have a team, you have to demonstrate that you’re okay about being wrong.”MENTIONSSwitch: How to Change When Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath (book)CONNECT WITH ANTONYThe Physio Detective (site)Antony Lo MasterclassLinkedInInstagramTwitterIf you like this episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast, please don't forget to like, share, comment, and give us your ratings on iTunes and Stitcher.We appreciate your support and feedback!


10 Sep 2020

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171: Pelvic Health & Movement Goals with Antony Lo

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast 171: Pelvic Health & Movement Goals with Antony Lo Description: When people are experiencing pelvic health issues, they may be told to give up exercise or that certain movements are not appropriate or suitable for them to do. However, exercise may be important to clients beyond pelvic health issues, and there may be social and emotional impacts that restricting access to their usual exercise regime might have. This episode features a section of the interview with guest expert for the Pelvic Health Professionals membership site, Anthony Lo, which explores this topic. Antony Lo is a physiotherapist from Australia who runs The Physio Detective, and has been in practice for over 21 years. His specialty is Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and he is a certified CrossFit Trainer and Football Coach/Consultant, who has been involved with treating CrossFit athletes for 7 years. Through his participation in CrossFit and his work as a Physiotherapist, he has developed a model of treatment that provides a realistic, holistic model of care. Pelvic health and movement and exercise are the focus of this episode. Anthony shares his approach to treating clients with pelvic health issues who want to get back into movement and exercise, as well as how he helps people he's working 1:1 with as a physiotherapist. He also has some tips to help clients make necessary changes, and how we can empower them to continue their exercises outside their sessions with us. Shannon and Anthony also discuss why it’s important to have the connections to refer clients to the right professionals who can help them in a more specific and personalized way. * This episode features a section of an interview from the Pelvic Health Professionals Membership site.  If you would like access to the full interview, doors are open from now till June 12 2020 for the membership site where you can access this interview and others with other guest experts. Key Takeaways: [5:32] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode - Anthony. [6:59] What does Anthony do and who does he do it for? [8:12] Anthony shares his thoughts on how people with pelvic health concerns should approach movement and exercise. [13:31] Shannon and Anthony discuss some options when helping a client who has certain symptoms of a pelvic health issue. [17:29] What are some considerations to keep in mind for someone getting back to the gym postpartum? [21:29] How does Anthony think about approaching clients with very specific concerns e.g. someone with pelvic health issues who wants to get back into running? [28:01] What is Anthony's advice for dealing with clients who don't do their "homework"? [34:31] What was your key takeaway? [34:59] Shannon explains a little more about how calls are set up in the Pelvic Health Professionals membership. Links: Anthony Lo, The Physio Detective CrossFit Pelvic Health Podcast Yoga for Pelvic Health Teacher Training Gratitude to our Sponsor Schedulicity and Pelvic Health Professionals Quotes from this episode: "When we think of pelvic health, why are we only thinking about the pelvis?" - Antony "My default answer will be 'Yes, you can go back to the gym. But it's going to look different to what you might expect straight away.'" - Antony "If you want them to have a sustainable, long-term result, where you keep them safe and healthy and happy, then learn how to ask questions so that they can come up with those answers." - Antony "It really isn't about us. It's about helping other people achieve their goals." - Antony


1 Jun 2020