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How to Safely Continue Weight Training With an Injury [ft. Tony Gentilcore] FPF Show E:42

The Fitness Pain Free Show

FPF Mini Course with "7 Reasons Why People Get Hurt in the Gym and What to do About It." - https://fitnesspainfree.com/programs/fpf-certification-presale-page/   In today's episode we go over How to Safely Continue Weight Training With an Injury [ft. Tony Gentilcore]   Show Notes: - Relevant Articles and References - https://fitnesspainfree.com/2022/07/how-to-safely-continue-weight-training-with-an-injury-ft-tony-gentilcore-fpf-show-episode-42/ ***** Welcome to the Fitness Pain Free Show!  This is where we help coaches and physical therapists like YOU get your patients out of pain back to training Want to support me?  Head over to Fitnesspainfree.com, click on Programs and sign up for the FPF "Insiders" Online Library where you can ask questions I'll answer for future episodes! ***** 🧠 WANT TO LEARN MORE? Head over to fitnesspainfree.com and sign up for the newsletter.  I'll keep you learning and growing on a weekly basis! ***** 👋 FOLLOW ME ONLINE: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fitnesspain... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FitnessPainF... Blog Articles: https://fitnesspainfree.com/articles/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZnOYeXgLB4bs5-LQFGyEw


15 Jul 2022

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#27 - Tony Gentilcore, World Renowned Sports Performance Coach

Becoming Ronin

In today’s episode, we are honored to talk shop with Tony Gentilcore. Tony starts out discussing his beginnings as a Co-Founder of Cressey Sports Performance. He lets us in on some of the differences between training professional athletes and gen. pop clients, as well as, his unique 'collective' business model. He also gives some sage advice on how to avoid burnout and lean into your hobbies. Finally, in true Ronin fashion, Smitty and OB fire off some rapid fire questions to learn a little more about Tony's life as a Dad and his philosophy about living a simple life. *For a full list of show notes, timestamps & important links from this episode visit: Becoming Ronin Podcast TIMESTAMPS [0:00] Intro [6:00] The Trainable Menu for Injuries [17:00] How Tony got his start in the fitness industry [29:00] Tony’s Unique Business Model [33:30] The Difference Between Professional Athletes’ Programs vs. General Population [45:00] Setting Boundaries [50:00] Diversify Beyond Social Media [51:50] Rapid Fire Questions EXTRAS: Tony Gentilcore | Main Website Tony Gentilcore | Instagram Order LMNT! (The Cleanest Sports Drink on the Market) The Cold Plunge (Get $150 off the premier cold plunge tank)

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8 Jul 2022

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122. Standing Out From The Crowd - An Interview with Tony Gentilcore

Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast

My interview with Tony Gentilcore is one of the most well-rounded ones I’ve had on the show. We covered so many important topics I wasn’t sure what to call it.  Here are just some of the things we discussed.  Tony has managed to create a great following and he did it the right way.  He’s humble to say that he had good “luck” but we know that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  I like the way he simplifies the process of creating content and connect with his audience (hint: he drops 90s hip hop references).  The content creation section of the interview was worth the listen alone but we also dove into some other useful topics.  We talked about how Tony is a co-founder of Cressey Performance and how he used his time there to not only get lots of experience but build his own brand. This is an important topic both from the standpoint of being a coach AND being a business owner as it’s difficult to manage the balance of supporting coaches to reach their potential while protecting your business.  Of course we talked about the money side of things too, everything from having a system to ensure cash flow as well as the importance of multiple revenue streams. Enjoy the show and as always, thanks for tuning in! By the way, be sure to connect with me on Instagram! Listen and grow! Billy  Here are some important links. Fitness Profits Book a 15 Minute Q&A With Billy www.tonygentilcore.com Contact Billy directly about possibly doing coaching with him, visit https://yourfitnessmoneycoach.com/coaching-with-me/ and fill out the form. Listen/Subscribe to the show here: My podcast page Your Fitness Money Coach Itunes Stitcher Spotify IHeart Google You can also search for the Your Fitness Money Coach podcast on major podcast apps.

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5 Jul 2022

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Tony Gentilcore | The LivingFit Show

The Living.Fit Show

Tony Gentilcore joins Aaron Guyett for today's LivingFit Show. Tony is one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance, which really should have been called "Cressilcore Sports Performance" because that sounds like an awesome castle where a wizard lives (and plays sports).He's no longer coaching there, but his legacy remains. Tony's Techno Tuesdays will live on forever.When he’s not picking things up and putting them down himself, he trains people at his studio, CORE, located in Boston, MA. He also contributes to the top fitness magazines and websites around, and sets up a camera in his garage to record his lightsaber skills.He lives in Boston. With his wife, Lisa, and son, Julian. And cat, Dagny.Watch: https://youtu.be/PGBXL0db7lQ


23 May 2022

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Tony Gentilcore: Catching up with Tony G

50% Facts with Silent Mike & Jim McD

Tony Gentilcore is a personal trainer & strength and conditioning coach located in Boston, MA. He's a co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance where he worked as coach from 2007-2015. He now owns and operates his own gym in Brookline, MA called CORE Collective where he helps regular people re-connect with their inner athlete. His writing has been featured on reputable publications such as T-Nation.com, the PTDC, and Men's Health. In addition, he's the co-author of The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint and eats a disgusting amount of cheese on a weekly basis. Tony and Jim met in the early 2000s on the T-nation forums…and of course in person. Neither had any idea at the time that they’d someday be reaching audiences around the world with training and fitness information. Mike read many of Tony’s articles when he began to study lifting. We had a great opportunity to both catch up and compare notes on the current state of coaching. Have a question for us? Hit us up on social media (or our discord) and use the hashtag #onegoodquestion. If we pick your question for a Friday show, you’ll get a prize from 3sb.co! Join our Discord for free! https://discord.com/invite/XVvJ5eNzdq Check out our gym (Third Street Barbell) at ThirdStreetBarbell.com and subscribe for updates about our apparel line at 3sb.co! Local memberships and international fresh fits! Get early access to our NEXT DROP! Check out our brand new podcast website: 50percentfacts.com Hosted by Mike Farr (@silentmikke) and Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd). Produced by Jim McDonald Production assistance by Sam McDonald. Theme by Aaron Moore. Branding by Joseph Manzo (@jmanzo523)


20 Apr 2022

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#012 - Tony Gentilcore - Opening & Running a Top Class Studio Gym

James Rafferty Radio

On this episode of the podcast, I had the pleasure of welcoming Tony Gentilcore.   Tony is a Boston-based personal trainer, online coach, educator & writer among his many achievements.   Tony runs CORE, a small studio gym (soon to be expanded at the time of publishing) in Boston but also travels around the world providing workshops for coaches and fitness enthusiasts.   Tony was the co-founder of Cressy Sports Performance and is held in super high regard in the industry, so to get him on to talk about what it takes to open and run a top-class studio gym was a big win for the podcast.   It was a pleasure to host him and the episode went by in a blink.   Enjoy the episode, and as always,  give it a share on your socials! #JamesRaffertyRadio

1hr 11mins

1 Apr 2022

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Ep 94 Tony Gentilcore Fitness Business

Project Fitness with Chris Fudge

In this episode, Chris is joined by industry veteran and an early inspiration, Tony Gentilcore. Chris and Tony have a great discussion regarding the beginning of each of their careers and how the landscape has changed. Tony quickly hits the meat and potatoes from a business perspective if you work in the industry.  This is a great episode for anyone who is a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach or even an entrepreneur. In this episode: coaching business sport social media writing Tony is also one of the co-founders of Cressey Performance, located in Hudson, MA, where he works with a wide variety of clientele ranging from Major League baseball players to high school athletes (and everything in between). Tony is a regular contributor to Testosterone Magazine (T-nation.com), Livestrong.com, as well as Men’s Health Magazine. "If you like this episode, please leave us a review. Go to RateThisPodcast.com/projectfitness and follow the simple instructions.”=== Connect with Tony Click Below: website: www.tonygentilcore.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/tonygentilcorefanpage IG: www.instagram.com/tonygentilcore/   Use Code EPSEN for a discount off books, courses, coaching from the websites Connect with Fudge Click Below: Instagram:   @cthefudge Facebook:   Chris Fudge email: chris@projectfitness.ca


27 Feb 2022

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23. Tony Gentilcore: UK Tour, Tacos & 600lb Deadlifts

The Grumpy Metalheads Podcast/ The Heavy Metal Strength Coach Podcast

Tony Gentilcore joins us on The Heavy Metal Strength Coach Podcast today. Tony is among the best coaches in the world, and he brings his 'Coaching Competency Workshop' to northern England in Spring 2022. We use this episode to discuss that, we discuss assessment protocols, meeting clients where they are, and, of course, 600lb deadlifts. You can find the relevant links below to sign up for the workshop. I'll be at the Leeds event. I hope I see you there too. Show notes & Topics: EDM/90's hip hop Luke Worthington Sarah Moorman Implexus Gym Leeds Coaching up the squat and deadlift. COACHED: RAISE THE BAR CONFERENCE Dan John Dr. Lisa Lewis Brett Bartholomew Molly Galbraith Ali Gilbert Charlie Weingroff John Berardi Mike Robertson FMS Brett Jones Dean Somerset "Leaning into asymmetry" Tony & Dean's Even More Complete Hip And Shoulder Blueprint Cressey Sports Performance Where did the coaching competency workshop come from? Keeping the assessment protocol simple. How busting his Achilles was used as an opportunity to show others 'the way.' Self-determination theory. Crossfit and the concept of relatedness. Being an extraverted introvert. Coach Greg Robins Use your initial questionnaire to break the ice with a new client. Deep diving into upper and lower limb assessments. Motor control and strength. BENCH PRESS. The trainable menu Links Workshops London HERE/Leeds HERE Tony's blog Website Instagram Into & Outro music by THE INFERNAL SEA Buy their merch See Them Live Listen to them HERE SHARE THEM FAR AND WIDE.


18 Feb 2022

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Tony Gentilcore - Coaching For Introverts & Prepping For Life's Dumpster Fires

Future of Fitness

Tony Gentilcore is one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance, which really should have been called “Cressilcore Sports Performance” because that sounds like an awesome castle where a wizard lives (and plays sports). When he’s not picking things up and putting them down, he trains top-level athletes and clients in Boston, MA, contributes to the top fitness magazines and websites around, and sets up a camera in his garage to record his lightsaber skills. Share and subscribe: www.futureoffitness.co

1hr 6mins

26 Oct 2021

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Episode 190 - Tony Gentilcore on Complimenting Others and Non-Confrontational Introvert Things

The Lifestyle Chase

Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore on IG) is widely known in the greater fitness industry and is the kind of person who if you took away his social media, he’d still have a large following.  Some of that is to do with the volume of content he has produced, some of it is to do with the amount of presentations he’s done, and I’d be willing to bet, some of it is how he treats every interaction he has.  Granted nobody is absolutely flawless - and we talked about that. We talked about the importance of being yourself, being authentic and staying in your scope of practice.  This episode was honestly packed with takeaways - many people got shout outs and there were a lot of things we talked about that might change how you see a situation.  To learn more about Tony Gentilcore, I highly recommend you check out his website www.tonygentilcore.com . He’s another person where simply googling his name will give you an abundance of information and resources.  If you want to know more about your host, Chris Liddle, you can follow along @christianliddle on IG, or follow the show @thelifestylechase You can also head to www.invigoratetraining.com for more information.  Thanks for checking out the show, help the show grow by sharing it with new audiences on social media and heading to your favourite podcast platform to leave a rating and review wherever possible.  The Lifestyle Chase is published in both video (on YouTube) and audio. Subscribe to get notified about new episodes and thanks for being here! This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit chrisliddle.substack.com


6 Aug 2021