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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John Primer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John Primer, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John Primer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John Primer, often where they are interviewed.

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#519-CKN Greg Nagy, Misty Blues Band Eric Hughes John Primer & Bob Corritore

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We will chat with Greg about the last 5 years and his upcoming album. With the pandemic, the release has been delayed but he has released “My Andrea”, his love song to his partner.


Gina Coleman returns to discuss the new album, Weed ‘Em & Reap and all else going on in their world.


Eric and the band have released Postcard From Beale Street. 10 originals done the Eric Hughes way…fun, bluesy and rockin’. We’ll chat with Eric and find out how the pandemic impacted the album release and his touring.


Bob is returning for his 5th visit and will be bringing John along for the first time.  They have released The Gypsy Woman Told Me and the three of us will talk about this album and their years long collaborations.

HURRICANE RUTH – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Will be rescueduled soon
Jun 02 2020 · 2hr 20mins
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LIVE from the Midnight Circus Featuring John Primer

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Making a Scene Presents the PODCAST of LIVE from the Midnight Circus Featuring John Primer

This is the Voice of Indie Blues, the future of the blues. Artists who embrace the diversity of the blues that always has and still is being created from it's roots. These artists understand the blues is a living art form that is driven by innovation and creativity. These are the Indie Blues Artists!

LeRoux,One Of Those Days,One Of Those Days

LeRoux,Nothing Left To Lose,One Of Those Days

The Nighthawks,Baby It's Time,Tryin' To Get To You

The Nighthawks,Don't Worry Baby,Tryin' To Get To You

Gerald McClendon,I Think About You,Can't Nobody Stop Me Now

Gerald McClendon,It's Over Now,Can't Nobody Stop Me Now

Crystal Shawanda,New Orleans Is Sinking,Church House Blues

Vintage Dixon,Spider In My Stew,The Real McCoy

Eric Hughes Band,09 Waiting For That Day,Postcard From Beale Street

Tony Holiday,She Knocks Me Out,Tony Holiday

Scott Ellison,Coming Down From Loving You,Skyline Drive

Jose Ramirez,As You Can See,Here I Come

Mick Hayes,07_Political Funk,

Ruthie Foster Big Band,Might Not Be Right,Live at The Paramount

John Primer and Bob Corritore,Gambling Blues,The Gypsy Woman Told Me

John Primer and Bob Corritore,I Got The Same Old Blues,The Gypsy Woman Told Me

www.makingascene.org,John Primer,

John Primer and Bob Corritore,Walking The Back Streets And Crying,The Gypsy Woman Told Me

John Primer and Bob Corritore,Ain't Gonna Be No Cuttin' Loose,The Gypsy Woman Told Me

Backtrack Blues Band,"Best Friend's Grave (Joy, Joy, Joy)",Your Baby Has Left

Backtrack Blues Band,Times is Hard,Your Baby Has Left

Evelyn Rubio,What A Way to Go,Crossing Borders

David Booker,He's Got a Way with Women,"Hobos & Mojos, Vol 2"

Eliza Neals,Black Crow Moan (feat. Joe Louis Walker),Black Crow Moan

Linsey Alexander,Going Back To My Old Time Used To Be,Live at Rosa's

Gravel and Grace,SUNDAY AFTERNOON,Bringing the Blues

Zakiya Hooker,Love The Pain Away,Legacy

Johnny Burgin,Two Telephones,No Border Blues

Misty Blues,Treat Me Like I Want,Weed ‘Em & Reap

Jay Willie & James Montgomery,I'm Yours And I'm Hers,Cadillac Walk

Rusty Ends and Hillbilly Hoodoo,Midnight Angels,The Last of the Boogie Men

Rusty Ends and Hillbilly Hoodoo,I Forgot to Say I Love You,The Last of the Boogie Men

Lisa Mills,11 I'll Always Love You,The Triangle

Andrew Alli,Good Things,Hard Workin Man

Jim Diamond Revue,Dog House,Friends & Family

8 Ball Aitken,03 Murderers Bar,Master

May 30 2020 · 2hr 59mins

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John Primer is Making a Scene

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Making a Scene Presents an Interview with John Primer

John Primer has undisputedly helped build the sound and style of Chicago blues as we know it today. The echos of tradition bellowing from the birthplaces he played such as: Maxwell Street, Theresa's, Checkerboard and Rosa's Lounges, pulse from every chord in his fingers today. John Primer is a Chicago Blues Living Legend.

John's father died tragically in Mississippi when he was young. When his mother found work in Chicago, John soon followed, bringing the sounds and spirit of Mississippi with him in 1963. He then fell for the music of both the city's west and south sides. Fronting his first band, The Maintainers, he was asked to join and eventually lead the house band at the world famous Theresa’s Lounge in 1974. Over the next seven years, John would play with such blues originators as: Sammy Lawhorn, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Smokey Smothers, Lonnie Brooks and many others shaping the foundations of the Chicago blues to come.

May 30 2020 · 45mins
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John Primer and Bob Corritore. With Blues

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If you like B B King you will love these Chicago Bluesmen. This album THE GYPSY WOMAN TOLD ME will scratch your itch for Blues. So don't hesitate listen today to the music you will still be listening to in the future
Apr 15 2020 · 43mins

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Episode 426: John Primer

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Coming to you from the Iron City of Pittsburgh, in the 426th episode of the Iron City Rocks Podcast
we talk to John Primer
Iron City Rocks brings you the best in Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Blues Music from Pittsburgh
Check us out at:
www.ironcityrocks.com www.facebook.com/ironcityrocks www.twitter.com/ironcityrocks www.instagram.com/ironcityrocks
Nov 17 2019 · 36mins
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WSG John Primer

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Episode 4 with Special Guest, Blues Legend John Primer.  John Primer played at the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks and we had an opportunity to chat with him about his days playing with Muddy Waters, Magic Slim, Willie Dixon, The Rolling Stones, and Derek Trucks.

Jun 07 2019 · 59mins
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Mike & Mike, Bobby Messano, CKNM John Nemeth, CKNM Bob Corritore & John Primer

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SHOW # 375


Monster Mike and Mike Ledbetter have been on the Blues scene for years and have shared the stage a few times  Now these two powerhouses have come together to release Right Place, Right Time, a brilliant new album.  Had a fun time talking to these two gents who just LOVE what they do and have decided to take this next journey together.
BOBBY MESSANO – Segment Begins At The 50:13 Mark

Bobby has been sharing his blues styling’s for years.  We talked about his journey from Northern NJ to playing with Stevie Winwood, Lou Gramm and so many others while releasing 8 albums of his own.

Segment Begins At The 1:33:30 Mark

John returns to The Couch after an extended absence.  We found out about his last 4 years, both professionally and personally while we explored the music on the album, Feelin’ Freaky.


Segment Begins At The 2:18:00 Mark

Bob Corritore returned to The Couch, this time with John Primer.  The two released their second album, Ain’t Nothing You Can Do in late April and we talked about John’s beginnings, how the two met and the fun they’ve had recording together.
Jun 06 2017 · 2hr 58mins
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Woodsongs 837: Celebration of Muddy Waters with John Primer, Bob Margolin and Paul Oscher

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MUDDY WATERS is an American Icon. The whole story of the blues can be heard, felt, and learned in his life. Country blues were Muddy�s roots and remained at his core, but through the force of his artistry he transformed them. With electricity, volume, the weaving of bass and guitar lines with piano, harmonica and drums, he created the ensemble sound and subsequently the template for future Rock and Pop groups including the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. His music�s raw power and energy, plus his attitude and magnetism�Muddy was the prototype for the iconic Rock�n Roll star�are still the major ingredients that inspire the popular music we listen to today.

MUDDY WATERS?100 is a tribute album to Muddy�s music and legacy on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Larry Skoller, the album includes 15 newly recorded tracks featuring Muddy Waters Band alumni and many of today�s most preeminent American blues and roots artists This WoodSongs Special Event Broadcast will be celebrating the music and legacy of Muddy Waters and feature two of the artists on this historic Grammy nominated release plus another legendary blues musician.

Performing on this broadcast:
JOHN PRIMER is recognized as one of today�s most crucial keepers of the Chicago blues flame. He broke through playing with the great Willie Dixon, spent more than a decade alongside Magic Slim, and has released 15 albums of his own. In between Willie Dixon and Magic Slim, though, was the event that changed his life. Muddy Waters asked John to join his band, a gig which John faithfully remained with until Muddy�s death in 1983. John has since then felt a genuine responsibility to carry on Muddy�s legacy�Muddy�s sound, his songs and his spirit�a responsibility that John takes very seriously. In fact, John handles most of the lead vocals and guitar playing on Muddy Waters 100.

BOB MARGOLIN is a multi-award winning guitar player/songwriter/singer/producer. Inspired by Chuck Berry, he started playing guitar at age 15 and immediately started performing in local rock and blues bands. Margolin was hired by Muddy Waters in 1973 and toured the world and jammed with many great blues and rock musicians, “but the biggest thrill was playing Muddy�s Blues with him.� Muddy brought Margolin with him to special shows and recordings including the Grammy Award-winning �Muddy Waters Woodstock Album� and The Band�s �Last Waltz� concert. Since leaving Muddy�s band in 1980, Margolin started his own band, won several BMA�s, produced albums for numerous artists including Muddy�s son Big Bill Morganfield, played on several Grammy-winning records, began a second career as a music writer, and produced and consulted on reissues of Muddy Waters� recordings for the Blue Sky Label for Sony/Legacy. His latest solo release is �My Road� and appears as a special guest on Muddy Waters 100.

PAUL OSCHER is an award-winning blues singer, songwriter, recording artist, and multi-instrumentalist, (harmonica, guitar, piano, melodica, and bass harp). He first came to national attention as Muddy Waters� harmonica player from 1967-1972 following in the footsteps of Little Walter, Junior Wells,James Cotton, andBig Walter Horton. Paul was was the first white musician in the world to become a full-time member of a black blues band of this stature. Paul is currently in the process of writing a book about his life�s experience in the blues and has won multiple BMA�s as a solo artists.

WoodSongs Kids: Patrick Long & Connor Stith perform is a highly renowned blues band in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area called Mo� Pie. The band has performed at the youth showcase at the International Blues Challenge on Beale Street several times. Patrick is 16 and from Clarksville, Tennessee and Connor is 17 from Bowling Green, Kentucky.
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Aug 11 2016 · 1hr 20mins
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1 John Primer

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1st John Primer
Jul 26 2009 ·