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The Power Seven: Memory w/ Justin Gary

The Covenant Cast

Huge board states, compounding static effects, unlimited stacked triggers - some games can get to a point where simply operating the rules is difficult and making meaningful decisions feels impossible. We've brought in Justin Gary (Ascension, SolForge, Magic PT) to unpack the benefits and drawbacks of certain mechanics as they relate to the memory tax, and whether or not modern game design should include them.


3 Jun 2022

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193: Introducing SolForge Fusion ft. Justin Gary (CEO)

The Covenant Cast

We're so happy to be able to share this interview with Justin Gary, CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment, about the recently announced and funded "hybrid deck game" - SolForge Fusion. We're adding it to our curated selection of titles, and this kind of conversation with Justin is a big reason for that. Join us as we dig into Justin's vision for SolForge Fusion, how it evolved from the SolForge digital game, and why it's worth playing.

1hr 5mins

16 Feb 2022

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Booster Pack Throwback — 11 — Justin Gary Returns! ( VS System CCG / the new SOLFORGE FUSION / World of Warcraft Minis & TCG )

The Booster Pack Network

[[ Originally released as "The Booster Pack". This show has since been retitled "Booster Pack Throwback" ]]After barely scratching the surface in our previous episode, Justin Gary returns for another visit to The Booster Pack. This time we go deep on the CCG that started his game design career: VS System!If you were a player of original VS System or even simply curious about what goes into designing a trading card game, this episode has a ton of behind-the-scenes stories. We talk about VS's legendary R&D team, their ever-changing design philosophy & even a really cool product that never quite came to be.From there we briefly discuss Justin's influence on the World of Warcraft TCG & his WoW collectible miniatures game before jumping forward to talk about his latest project: SolForge Fusion.SolForge Fusion is the physical reworking of the digital CCG Justin created with Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield. This time SolForge uses algorithmically printed, combinable decks to deliver an entirely new type of card game experience. Check out the episode to hear more about its revolutionary design.Stay up to date with SolForge Fusion viastoneblade.com/solforgeJustin Gary's game design podcast, book & course:thinklikeagamedesigner.comJoin the Stoneblade community on twitch:twitch.tv/stonebladeFind CCG History:facebook.com/CCGHistorytwitter.com/CCGHistoryyoutube.com/CCGHistory[Music Credit: The Crypts — Rockin' Roman]

1hr 52mins

28 Jul 2021

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A Conversation With: Justin Gary

The Quackalope Podcast - Board Games

Devon invites Justin Gary—designer of the popular Ascension deckbuilding game and CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment to sit down and have a conversation!In this session, we talked about Justin’s journey from student of law to master of games. His path toward design was unique given his professional success as a Magic: The Gathering player that pivoted toward a career in design and entrepreneurship. While he still is pumping out content for Ascension (including an upcoming miniatures game to celebrate the original game’s ten-year anniversary), some of Justin’s most intriguing work actually involves his masterclass course of Think Like A Game Designer. He’s guiding designers-to-be through all of the obstacles he encountered along the way and provides accessibility, accountability, and reality to the design dreams of those who take the class.Sit down with us on the banks of the board game pond and let’s have a conversation.Learn more about the masterclass here.Learn more about Justin Gary here.Who should we bring to the table next? Let us know in the comments!-Time Stamps- 2:17 - A Magical Start 5:36 - Facing Failure and Uncertainty 10:24 - A Shared Design Process 13:36 - Collaboration in Design 16:47 - Think Like A Game Designer 24:01 - There is No “Creative” Person 28:19 - Looking Back on Ascension 35:07 - Ten Years 37:38 - A Committed Community of Creators 42:27 - SolForge FusionSupport the show (http://patreon.com/quackalope)


29 Jun 2021

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How to Design and Publish Games with Justin Gary

Board Game Design Lab

Justin Gary, designer of Ascension, talks about his personal process for designing and publishing games.Justin has designed and released a ton of hit games over the years and worked in lots of different segments of the gaming industry, so he has a ton of great tips and advice. The post How to Design and Publish Games with Justin Gary appeared first on Board Game Design Lab.

1hr 9mins

23 Jun 2021

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Booster Pack Throwback — 02 — Justin Gary (MTG, VS System, SolForge, Ascension)

The Booster Pack Network

[[ Originally released as "The Booster Pack". This show has since been retitled "Booster Pack Throwback" ]]Welcome to The Booster Pack — a show that covers TCG / CCG games & their history.Our very second episode we talk to the CEO of Stoneblade Entertainment, Justin Gary.Justin got started in the games industry as a professional player on the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour. After several trophies & giant checks, he moved onto game design at Upper Deck Entertainment where he helped to create games like the VS System (Marvel/DC) & the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game & World of Warcraft Miniatures Game.Justin then left Upper Deck & founded Gary Games (later Stoneblade Entertainment). Shortly after that they released one of the most successful deck-building games in the hobby today: Ascension.In this episode, Rands chats with Justin about his time on the MTG Pro Tour, the need for positive games communities & his exciting new project to bring a classic digital card game to the tabletop.Gary will return in the coming months, so be sure to subscribe to be notified of that episode & the many more in between.Follow us or give feedback:Find us @ https://www.facebook.com/CCGhistory/Find us @ twitter.com/CCGHistoryYouTube: CCGHistorymusic credit:The Crypts - Rockin' Roman


15 Mar 2021

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How to Have Your Best Year: Choosing Goals and Quality Questions with Justin Gary

Never Normal

In this episode we discuss:Reviewing 2020 and setting goals for 2021What do you do with goals you set for 2020 but couldn't accomplish?How Justin conducts past year reviews (and why it takes him a lot less time than it used to)"Aggressive but achievable" goalsWhat it means and what to do if you have a goal that just doesn't get doneWhy you should beware of chasing "Laser pointer goals"How to make difficult things like going to the gym more fun. The lesson from reading Neil Strauss's interviews with hundreds of rock stars and other celebrities, and how it changes the goals you should set. “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.” — Zen KōanUnveiling your next goal or the next "layer of your karma"Combatting "shiny object syndrome"Justin's superpower "Rule of 3" for goal setting My "master goal" that makes all of my other goals possibleHow to build an audience. My goals for 2021 - Creating value for others and creating consistentlyHow to use Leading indicators instead of Lagging indicators when setting goalsReplacing SMART goals with a PACTDesigning your ideal dayHow to actually get the benefit from self improvement books and lecturesA Great Question Can Change Your Life - Get One in Your Inbox Every DayQuality Questions (https://qualityquestions.co/)Closing the year in gratitudeLinks to People, Articles, and Books Mentioned in this Episode:Tim Ferriss - Forget New Year's Resolutions and Conduct a 'Past Year Review' Instead (https://tim.blog/2018/12/28/past-year-review/)Everyone Loves you When You're Dead (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007MAU4SO/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1)Chris Bailey (https://alifeofproductivity.com/)Billy Broas (https://www.billybroas.com/)James Clear's 3-2-1 Newsletter (https://jamesclear.com/3-2-1)SMART goals are not so smart: make a PACT instead by Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Ness Labs (https://nesslabs.com/smart-goals-pact)Quality Questions (https://qualityquestions.co/)


5 Jan 2021

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Justin Gary Makes Games for a Living

Never Normal

Justin Gary is an award-winning game designer, author, and speaker. He started his career in gaming at the age of seventeen when he won the Magic: The Gathering US National Championships. He went on to play Magic professionally for several years, winning a Grand Prix, Pro Tour, and World Championship along the way.Justin dropped out of NYU Law School to pursue an opportunity as a game designer. He went on to lead-design the DC Comics: Infinite Crisis set and create the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game. Justin left his job as a game designer to start his own company.In 2010, he created the smash hit deck-building game Ascension. Justin’s latest project, Ascension Tactics just raised nearly half a million dollars of pre-orders on kickstarter, more than triple the original goal. In this episode we talk about:What Justin learned from playing Magic professionally and the biggest distinction between those who succeeded as professional gamers and those who didn't (9:40)How Justin found the courage to quit in the middle of law school and pursue his passion instead (19:40)How you can tell if you are on the right path in your own life, or just following someone else’s plan (22:30)The key to happiness that most people get backwards (40:30)How to get started as a game designer (44:45) -- like most of what we discussed in this episode, these principles apply to any creative work (art, starting a business, writing, etc). Books Mentioned:Open by Andre AgassiThe War of Art by Steven PressfieldA Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative by Roger VonOechLinks:JustinGary.com - Justin’s main websiteThink Like A Game Designer - Justin’s book and podcast (look out for the online course coming soon)@Justin_Gary on Twitter


25 Aug 2020

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Designing Games in a Series with Justin Gary

Board Game Design Lab

Justin Gary, designer of Ascension, discusses what goes into both designing and publishing games that continue to have new content. We talk about content creation, different types of expansions, reinventing the fun for a game, and more. The post Designing Games in a Series with Justin Gary appeared first on Board Game Design Lab.

1hr 13mins

8 Jul 2020

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RDTN Episode 202: Justin Gary, Ascension Tactics, Cosmic Encounter Duels, Rise of the Empire

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Gaming Podcast

Tony McRee00:00 Intro01:56 Expiration is a suggestion05:12 Switch Talk09:06 Ravensburger – Jungle Cruise13:35 Stick’em22:32 D&D Online25:28 Metallic Dice Games – RDTN 10% Off Code32:45 Justin Gary – Ascension Tactics55:00 Ascension Tactics […] The post RDTN Episode 202: Justin Gary, Ascension Tactics, Cosmic Encounter Duels, Rise of the Empire first appeared on Rolling Dice & Taking Names.

2hr 30mins

7 Jul 2020