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What I've Learnt - Elliot Perlman


Passionate, witty, vulnerable, intelligent, and honest – critics describing the work of bestselling author Elliot Perlman.A born storyteller I recall many school lunchtimes and weekends - Ell writing, creating scripts, novels, and songs. As one of the only other writers I knew, I was inspired.It was while practicing law in 1994 that he won The Age short story competition for ‘The Reasons I Won’t Be Coming’, which became the titular story of his bestselling short story collection. In it explores complex worlds of lovers, poets, lawyers, immigrants, students, and murderers; the corporate betrayals, the lost opportunities, the hopes, the fears, and the vagaries of desire. It would jettison him into the global literary world and see him go on to write a further 4 bestselling novels, spend nine years as a New York-based writer and swap out his law career for his passion to become a fully-fledged successful published author.His debut novel, “Three Dollars” is a deft portrait of a man attempting to retain his humanity, his family, and his sense of humor in grim and pitiless times of downsizing, outsourcing, and privatizing. The big-screen adaptation – co-written by Perlman director by Robert Connolly, and starring David Wenham and Frances O’Connor – was awarded the 2005 Australian Film Industry Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.In SEVEN TYPES OF AMBIGUITY (2003)Following years of unrequited love, an out-of-work school teacher takes matters into his own hands, in a story of obsessive love in an age of obsessive materialism.THE STREET SWEEPERRecently released from prison, Lamont Williams, an African American janitor in a Manhattan hospital and father of a little girl he can’t locate, strikes up an unlikely friendship with an elderly patient, a Holocaust survivor who had been a prisoner in Auschwitz.As these two men try to survive in early 21st-century New York, history comes to life in ways neither of them could have predicted. Elliot is a wonderful mix of down to earth authentic Australian and fierce intellectual. As a teenager and an avid Carlton fan, he wrote an ode to his favorite Carlton player called “ I want to be like Stephen Silvagni” something we all ended up singing at recess, yet he’d create mixed tapes of the latest greatest bands and give you an extensive list, if not the actual books of his latest top ten books you must read. And well I did! His recent best selling novel “Maybe The Horse Will Talk” is an exemplification of this incisive, comical, timely, and engaging skill - Elliot has always had a talent for capturing the moment and tapping into the zeitgeist. Now optioned by Paramount Television his latest novel, THE HORSE WILL TALK is palpable and relatable. “I thought, let’s tell a story of adults in this incredibly precarious world of work where so many … people are subject to what gets called ‘work-family conflict’ – that situation where the demands of the world of work are incompatible with the demands of family and social bonds,” Perlman says.“You can’t properly satisfy both. And that’s the case whether you’re experiencing over-work in a competitive workplace or insufficient work and insufficient income in the ever-growing, ever-threatening sideshow that is the gig economy.”As one of my favorite people in the world I’m in awe of Elliot’s drive, determination, and courage - as a storyteller, he taps into the social fabric and psyche - always questioning and sensitively and empathetically carving his characters with the love and tenderness of a true artisan.

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6 Apr 2021

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221. Elliot Perlman: Catvinkle and the Missing Tulips

Words and Nerds: Authors, books and literature.

Elliot Perlman chats to Dani Vee. Elliot Perlman is the recipient of the Queensland Premier’s award for Advancing Public Debate and has been described by the Times Literary Supplement (UK) as ‘Australia’s outstanding social novelist’, by Le Nouvelle Observateur (France) as the ‘Zola d’Australie’ and by Lire (France) as ‘the classic of tomorrow’, one of the ‘50 most important writers in the world’.Catvinkle and the Missing Tulips, a novel for children and a sequel to The Adventures of Catvinkle, is scheduled for publication in October 2020.


21 Nov 2020

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Elliot Perlman

Stories Behind the Story with Better Reading

Award winning author Elliot Perlman talks about his life With Cheryl Akle, from his childhood to working in a corporate environment, the politics that shape his stories, including his latest book, Maybe The Horse Will Talk.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


19 Nov 2019

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Elliot Perlman interrogates the pain of work

The Book Show

Plus, Indonesian poet Norman Erikson Pasaribu and translator Tiffany Tsao, and bestselling "tragic romance" author Paullina Simons.


6 Oct 2019

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128. Elliot Perlman: Maybe The Horse Will Talk

Words and Nerds: Authors, books and literature.

What if the only way to keep your job was to antagonise your boss?‘I am absolutely terrified of losing a job I absolutely hate.’Stephen Maserov has problems. A onetime teacher, married to fellow teacher Eleanor, he has retrained and is now a second-year lawyer working at mega-firm Freely Savage Carter Blanche. Despite toiling around the clock to make budget, he’s in imminent danger of being downsized. And to make things worse, Eleanor, sick of single-parenting their two young children thanks to Stephen’s relentless work schedule, has asked him to move out. To keep the job he hates, pay the mortgage and salvage his marriage, he will have to do something strikingly daring, something he never thought himself capable of. But if he’s not careful, it might be the last job he ever has…Warm, dramatic, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, with the narrative pull of a thriller, Maybe the Horse Will Talk is a love story, a reflection on contemporary marriage, and on friendship. It is also an unflinching examination of sexual harassment in the workplace and an exposé of corporate corruption that taps directly into the pulse of our times.‘Australia’s outstanding social novelist’ (Times Literary Supplement), Elliot Perlman ‘...has many things working in his favor as a novelist: curiosity, erudition, daring and a gift for seducing readers into going along with him for the ride. He’ll get you where you want to go…’ (Washington Post)


5 Oct 2019

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Elliot Perlman: "I knew the rest of my life couldn't be like this."

The Booktopia Podcast

It was great to sit down with Elliot Perlman, the award-winning author of Three Dollars, The Reasons I Won’t Be Coming and Seven Types of Ambiguity. Published in over 20 countries, we aren’t alone in our excitement around his new book Maybe the Horse Will Talk, which is both warm and funny, dramatic and thrilling. Booktopia’s Ben and Olivia sat down with Elliot to chat about his new novel, the stress around unemployment and the workplace, his work as a lawyer, changing personalities and much more.

Books mentioned in this podcast: Maybe the Horse Will Talk by Elliot Perlman —> http://bit.ly/350WyvXHosts: Ben Hunter and Olivia FricotGuest: Elliot Perlman


4 Oct 2019

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78. Elliot Perlman: Three Dollars - A novel with a social conscience.

Words and Nerds: Authors, books and literature.

Elliot Perlman and Dani Vee chat in depth about his novel Three Dollars. Set in a time of significant economic, political and social change, they discuss the human impact and consequences of a society driven by wealth. Elliot provides an in-depth explanation of neoliberalism and the demise of a mixed market. We also chat about character development, empathy, kindness, depression and writing.An incredible second episode with highly acclaimed, award-winning Australian author Elliot Perlman.


15 Feb 2019

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60. Laura Stitzel: Elliot Perlman, dancing cats & Amsterdam (Part 2)

Words and Nerds: Authors, books and literature.

Laura Stitzel, illustrator, designer and author chats to Dani Vee about collaborating with Elliot Perlman, on his children's book The Adventures of Catvinkle.This episode is Part 2 of the creation of The Adventures of Catvinkle, in Part 1 Elliot Perlman chats about the writing process, the importance of empathy and literature. In Part 2, Laura takes us through the creative process of illustrating the book.A wonderful chat about drawing, Dalmations, dancing cats and Amsterdam.


3 Nov 2018

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59. Elliot Perlman: Literature, Amsterdam & open-heartedness (Part 1)

Words and Nerds: Authors, books and literature.

Award winning Australian author Elliot Perlman chats to Dani Vee about his new children's book The Adventures of Catvinkle, set in Amsterdam. We chat about his literary fiction for adults; 7 Types of Ambiguity & The Street Sweeper. Elliot discusses the writing process and how it differs from writing for children. We chat in depth about the impact literature has to change the world, the importance of empathy and standing up to racism, inequality, bullying and xenophobia. Literature has the power to change the world, and shaping young minds is important if we wish to move forward with compassion and understanding. We talk about our love of Amsterdam, backgammon and literature. A wonderful episode that is thought provoking with a lot of heart.


27 Oct 2018

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Elliot Perlman reads from The Street Sweeper

Bookhugger.co.uk » Audio

See larger image The Street Sweeper (Paperback) By (author) Elliot Perlman List Price: 14.99 GBP New From: 5.50 In Stock Used from: 2.65 In Stock On the crowded streets of New York City there are even more stories than there are people passing each other every day… only some of these stories survive to become history. Lamont Williams, recently released from prison and working as a hospital janitor, strikes up an unlikely friendship with a patient, an elderly Jewish Holocaust survivor who starts to tell him of his extraordinary past. Meanwhile Adam Zignelik, the son of a prominent Jewish civil rights lawyer, is facing a personal crisis: almost 40-years-old, his long-term relationship is faltering and his academic career has stalled. It’s only when one of his late father’s closest friends, the civil rights activist William McCray, suggests a promising research topic that the possibility of some kind of redemption arises. Dealing with memory, racism and the human capacity for guilt, resilience, heroism, and unexpected kindness, The Street Sweeper spans over fifty years, and ranges from New York to Melbourne, Chicago, Warsaw and Auschwitz, as these two very different paths – Adam’s and Lamont’s – lead to one greater story. Listen to extract 1Listen to extract 2

8 May 2012