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TLCN 093 Tara Linney Keys Girls Into Coding

TLC Ninja Teachers

Much of the gender equity problem in today's workforce has its roots in education. Tara Linney explains why and how we need to give girls more opportunities to learn coding if we are going to solve the problem. For more information, visit her episode on our website at https://go.tlc.ninja/linney.


15 Jan 2020

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Episode 31: In AWE of Tara Linney--Independence Series

In AWE Podcast

Tara Linney’s independent spirit has led her to a variety of learning communities in the US and internationally. Notably, she has been a third grade classroom teacher and then a technology coach and coordinator in both the DC area and Philadelphia and North Carolina. Most recently, she has served as a leader in tech in schools in Singapore and Paris. She earned her undergrad in Florida and her masters in PA. Tara is an international speaker and author of “Code Equity: Keying Girls Into Coding.” She is a passionate learner and innovator.  In this episode, we learn about Tara’s experiences serving schools locally and internationally and what prompted her to write “Code Equity”. Her story teaches us how embracing diversity and inclusivity has the power to change the world. It is a great honor to amplify for you, Tara Linney’s Independence story.  Connect with Tara: Tara on Twitter https://taralinney.com/ Code Equity: Keying Girls into Coding--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/inawepodcast/message


15 Jul 2019

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Episode #75: Start with the Why: Purpose-Based Learning with Tara Linney

Rethinking Learning Podcast

Episode #75 is with Tara Linney who is currently working as an EdTech Coach in Paris, France. She has a passion for advocacy and equity which is what led her to write the book “Code Equity: Keying Girls into Coding.” She is also a leader in Global Collaboration projects. Don't miss her journey.


27 May 2019

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060: Code Equity with Tara Linney

Living On The Edge of Chaos

PODCAST OVERVIEW In this episode I get a wonderful opportunity to connect with Tara Linney who is the author of Code Equity, a book about how to get more females and minorities involved in STEM, coding, and Computer Science in education. She is an international educator and coach who has been able to teach in many countries to expand her work and message. Tara is amazing. We talk about the issues facing females and minorities and ways to help make the transition easier in our classrooms. A great conversation that will leave you with new thoughts and ideas to use in your own setting. Even more importantly, be sure to check out her book as she has so many great ideas and tools. CHECK OUT THE SHOW AND EPISODES ON ITUNES The show is now on Spotify! The show is also now on Google Play The show is also now on Stitcher Join the Full Stack Learner Slack Community Topics We Explore How did Tara get involved in education after starting in the non-profit sector? How did she find herself traveling the world doing various educational jobs in several countries? The issues of not following directions by coloring a cow red! How did Tara get involved in coding and STEM and the journey to support more females into these fields? Techniques to help bridge the gap in inequity in our classrooms How do we get more visual examples of leaders besides middle class white males? We can't even talk about Coding for ALL, however we cannot even talk about all when we don't have equity(and most people confuse this for equality). How do we get people to see the importance of computer science in schools? Show Notes & Quotes Don't create teams based on gender. Create teams based on student personality type instead. When it comes to Paired Programming don't leave it up to chance. Strategize the work partners of boys and girls. "People hire people who are like them." We need to mix our students up to see potential in others who are not like them. "It's hard to imagine something we don't see" Sheryl Sandberg "Do we want to give people what they need to be successful or do we want to treat everyone the same?" Why you should be checking your high school courses for CS and STEM and you don't see females, then it is time to look back at services in elementary and middle school. Technovation Challenge for Females Be mindful of our thoughts and actions as educators and reflect on how we can impact our students. Find Tara Online Twitter: https://twitter.com/taralinney Code Equity Book Website


28 Aug 2018

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ep. 005 - "Code Equity" w/ Tara Linney

A Seat At The Table

Tara Linney is an award-winning Innovative Educational Technology Coach, recognized for her work in teaching computer programming, global collaborations in education, and educational coaching. As a Coach, Linney has guided educators on developing interdisciplinary learning opportunities, allowing their student to leverage prior knowledge in the learning of new concepts. Part of Linney’s recent work includes integrating Sustainable Development Goals into education, finding places of overlap within the C3 Framework, NGSS, and Common Core State Standards; using ISTE Student Standards to support the “how” in the learning process. She is currently based in Singapore, working at the Singapore American School, and this summer, she’ll be moving to Paris to work at the American School of Paris. Linney is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Code Equity: Keying Girls Into Coding”, available on May 30th, 2018.  Purchase the book here: wileyb.me/codeequitybook Each episode invites a guest to take a seat at the virtual table to have a conversation about their area of expertise. It also grants viewers and listeners an opportunity to have a seat at the table where they would not normally be able to sit to learn and grow. The show themes center around education, technology & entrepreneurship. 🔴 Reserve your seat at the table by subscribing to the show: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a-seat-at-the-table-w-wiley-brazier/id1360751318 Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Ixw6vp5mtofloaur7ek2syu6wva Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/wiley-brazier-v/a-seat-at-the-table-w-wiley-brazier?refid=stpr YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/myPD247 ✅ Share this videocast video: wileyb.me/asattvideocast ✅ Connect online: http://www.ASeatAtTheTable.info 👥 Connect with the host, Wiley Brazier, V: http://www.WileyBrazier.com http://www.twitter.com/WileyBrazier http://www.linkedin.com/in/WileyBrazier http://www.instagram.com/WileyBrazier http://www.pscp.tv/WileyBrazier http://www.google.com/+WileyBrazierV http://www.pinterest.com/WileyBrazier Wiley@WileyBrazier.com


17 Jun 2018

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Episode 9: Tara Linney Part 1

The Teacher's Journey

In part 1 of her Teacher's Journey, Tara shares the beginnings of her journey working for a non-profit before jumping into teaching. While looking for a good fit, she shares where she's been, things she has learned, and talks about how she developed a passion for Coding, Technology Integration, and gender equity in educational technology.


22 May 2018

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The One With Tara Linney Where She Tells About Teaching Students Around The World

StoriesInEdu's podcast

Whether teaching in Singapore, Chicago, or preparing to teach next year in France, Tara Linney shares her unique experiences educating the students of the world. She explains how the curricula are similar, but the students are a wonderful diversity of cultures and traditions. Josh and Mandy lead the discussion of where Tara has been and how she got there. Plus a lightening round with a Game of Stories card on unique presentation techniques. tinyurl.com/ppdstories


9 Feb 2018

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ISTE Interview with Ignite Speaker Tara Linney

The A+ EdTech Coaching Podcast

In this episode, I was able to discuss how Tara Linney and thr rest of her school's coaching team was able to create opprotunitys for students to be more creative during their technology time.


28 Jun 2017

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Tara Linney Shares Collaborative Techniques for Bringing Coding into the Elementary Classroom | Education Vanguard # 44

The Education Vangaurd

Coding is the new literacy!  Sometimes I want to shout that from the rooftops until everybody hears it and jumps onto the movement dropping everything they are doing now to focus on bringing daily coding into the classroom.Guess what?  My yelling and screaming ain’t gonna make it happen. ;-)  Instead, today’s guest Tara Linney of Singapore American School, has an alternative to bringing coding to the classroom. As an elementary technology coach, Tara chose to look for opportunities within the existing math curriculum for coding opportunities. One of the areas that jumped out quickly for her was geometry. Tara shares her ideas with us today, including a study she is conducting on the efficacy of her efforts.Tara is also the 21st Century Learning Innovative Educational Coaching award recipient this year. Go Tara!Connect with Tara Twitter:  @techteachert Website: http://www.taralinney.comBioTara is an EdTech Coach at Singapore American School. She is a Google Certified Innovator and Certified Trainer with a passion for incorporating technology-infused opportunities in pedagogically meaningful and impactful ways.I listened to the needs of the teachers on my grade level and designed technology lessons to meet those needs.”


8 Feb 2016