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Empty Nesting as an Adult Child — with Leighann Lord

Club Sandwich Podcast

For more than five years, comic, author and actress Leighann Lord served as her parents’ caregiver, dealing with medical appointments, paperwork, bills as well as their two-family home. In this episode, Leighann shares the ups and downs of going from “we” to “me” with her parents’ passing as well as the impact the experience has had on her life and her comedy.Club Sandwich is part of the Firstly Podcast Network. Visit us at Firstly.com.Opinions expressed on Club Sandwich are those of the host and guests and do not necessarily reflect those of Firstly(sm) or its parent company. Episode LinksLeighann Lord: Very Funny LadyDry Bar Comedy Special


23 Aug 2021

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The Comical Heathen S2 E7:Leighann Lord

The Comical Heathen Podcast

Show Notes Nerd. Comedian. Science communicator.  Star Trek fan.  And a theatre kid??  Finally getting to interview Leighann Lord was a fantastic and fun moment for me.  We discuss her background in theatre and her experiences in comedy.  She has her recent Dry Bar special and, oh, not to mention, she is the 2019 recipient of the Humanist Arts Award.  She had a lot to say about approaching comedy like a thinking person (she also had a lot to say about Star Trek, but I'm going to have to save that part of our conversation for a future episode!).  This might be too much nerdy science in one place -- except there is no such thing as too much nerdy science!!-- But I asked Brian Malow Science Comedian to join in as today's guest co-host.  He has appeared on the Comical Heathen before (see link below) and so I knew he'd be a perfect comic to add some commentary.  Also, with my rant about anti-vaxxer legislation in Ohio, he had thoughts to add about science literacy!  There was a journey to today's episode, one that involved me meeting Ian Harris, who then introduced me to the comedy of both Leighann and Brian.  Ian gets mentioned waaaay more than necessary for an episode of my podcast that he's not even in!! LOL... Enjoy! Lieghann's website:  http://www.veryfunnylady.com/ Leighann on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/LeighannLord Leighann's Dry Bar Special:  https://store.drybarcomedy.com/pages/leighannl Brian Malow on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/sciencecomedian Brian Malow on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sciencecomedian Brian Malow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sciencecomedian/ Brian Mallow interview from Season1 Episode 15:  https://comicalheathen.podbean.com/e/the-comical-heathen-episode-15-brian-malow/ "Legislators align with anti-vaxxers" by Jake Zuckerman, Norwalk Reflector 9 April 2021. "'Just a theory': 7 Misused Science Words" by Tia Ghose, Scientific American 2 April 2013 Get a Comical Heathen coffee mug at Jerry's merch shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JerryJaffeComedyShop?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=624456037 Email us:  comicalheathen@gmail.com This is an ad-free and independently produced podcast.  Please consider donating via this link (to our other podcast):  https://www.goldstarclassroom.com/

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2 May 2021

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Episode 110: George Floyd Trial with Leighann Lord & Dwayne Gill

Critical AND Thinking with Ty Barnett and Ian Harris

Ian and Ty do a deep dive on the George Floyd trial including if there is any possibility this ends horribly.

1hr 29mins

13 Apr 2021

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Episode 53: WUPHF 2.0 (feat. Leighann Lord)

Leighton Night with Brian Wecht

On this banger of an ep, we're joined by comedian, author, and speaker Leighann Lord (@LeighannLord) for a lively discussion about the nuances of language on the internet, the hot button topics in the skeptic community, Tinder scammers, and lots of Star Trek. You'll enjoy this one. You can find Leighann's work (and DryBar special!) at veryfunnylady.com.Follow us on Twitter at @leightonnight and on Instagram at @leighton_night. You can find Brian on Twitter/Instagram at @bwecht, and Leighton at @graylish (Twitter)/@buttchamps (Instagram).

1hr 26mins

26 Feb 2021

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Episode 59: Leighann Lord

Behind The Bits with Scott Curtis

Leighann Lord has been performing comedy in all parts of the globe for 25 years. She also has the distinction of being and actor, author, & keynote speaker. Leighann graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Baruch College with a degree in Creative Writing & Journalism. From there, she chose to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. She has received the NYC Black Comedy Award for “Most Thought-Provoking Black Female Comics” and for two consecutive years, Leighann was Harlem Week’s official comedian. The only other comedian to achieve that honor was Richard Pryor.You’ve heard Leighann Lord on Sirius Radio, Girls Night Out on Lifetime, & Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. Get all the info on Lieghann Lord here:http://www.veryfunnylady.com/I talked about Quantum Week Podcast at the start of the episode. Chris & his partner, Matt do a great job talking about the top movies, music, & news from a particular week. This is a great show and highly recommended. Check out on all the apps and here:https://quantum-week.com/If you'd like to support the show and get some cool perks, check out our Patreon page:https://www.patreon.com/btbpcLook for new stuff for Patrons soon!Head over to the Behind the Bits website for extra content:https://www.thebtbpc.com/Get on our mailing list for news about future guests and more great content:https://www.thebtbpc.com/p/mailing-list/

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16 Feb 2021

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371 Leighann Lord, stocks 101, 15-Year Performance

The Phil Ferguson Show

Interview with Leighann Lord. She is an author, comedian and A Very Funny Lady. Investing Skeptically: 15-year Performance, Stocks 101

1hr 51mins

11 Feb 2021

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S.3 Ep.2 - Leighann Lord Loves Her Parents

Jason's Failed Podcast

Jason talks with comedian Leighton Lord about losing parents to Alzheimers and finding ways to process it. Check out her new DryBar special Find her info at VeryFunnyLady.com


31 Jan 2021

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SC 6 HA HA AHHH with Leighann Lord

Some Kind of Comedian

Leighann Lord took to time to chat with us about her comedic journey, which includes stand-up comedian, author, writer, award-winner, and radio/TV co-host of the Emmy-nominated StarTalk with Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson. She has performed for U.S. troops in the Middle East and has appeared on HBO, Lifetime, Comedy Central, and The View. 04:57 | Terry-Ann Introducing, Leighann Lord: Winner 2019 Humanist Arts Award, Stand-up Comedian, Writer, Performer on ABC, NBC, Lifetime, VH1, HBO, and Comedy Central, Former Co-host StarTalk Radio with Neil de Grasse Tyson, and Author of Dict Jokes and Real Women Do It Standing Up. 06:00 | Terry-Ann/Leighann How does someone get a Humanist Award? 07:44 | Terry-Ann/Leighann The Lack of Self-Awareness. The book! 08:22 | Terry-Ann/Leighann “DICT JOKES” based on the premise that words would be more fun if they meant what they sound like. 14:53 | Terry-Ann At what point do you decide you have a big enough arsenal? How do you navigate the journey? 17:53 | Terry-Ann/Leighann On virtual comedy – what’s working, what’s not, and how do we adapt? New avenues to deliver funny. 21:30 | Leighann What I recommend you do when you’re having a down day. 26:36 | Terry-Ann/Leighann People With Parents PODCAST – the role reversal that happens between adult children and aging parents. Telling the difficult stories, the ups and downs, the dark & light sides of eldercare. 30:28 | Terry-Ann/Leighann Hanging In There on YouTube | What can Star Trek’s Voyager YEAR OF HELL teach us? 33:51 | Terry-Ann/Leighann TODAY’S QUESTION: from Gregory Stock, Ph.D.’s, The Book of Questions 1987 ed. TAZ asks “When has your life dramatically changed as the result of some seeming random external influence? And how much do you feel in control of the course of your life?” Leighann Lord Website: www.VeryFunnyLady.com YouTube: Leighann Lord - https://www.youtube.com/user/LeighannLord Twitter: @LeighannLord - https://twitter.com/LeighannLord Bookings Email: LeighannLord@gmail.com or Call: 347.871.8768 Podcast: People With Parents - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/people-with-parents-podcast/id1135645307 Terry-Ann Zander TAZ Comedy Hotline: 201-874-5971 Facebook: @Terry-Ann Zander - https://www.facebook.com/terryann.zander Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - https://twitter.com/TerriLWalters LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - https://www.linkedin.com/in/terrilwalters/ Email: Terri@MoonfishProduction.com Some Kind of Comedian Website: https://www.somekindofcomedian.com/podcast Facebook: @SomeKindofComedian - https://www.facebook.com/SomeKindofComedian/ Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: http://www.moonfishproduction.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/moonfish-production-ltd-/ Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - https://www.facebook.com/MoonfishCreative/ Email: info@MoonfishProduction.com


2 Oct 2020

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"Very Funny Lady" Special Episode with Leighann Lord

The Free Thought Prophet

A hilarious episode with the very funny Leighann Lord. Leighann joins John and Seamus in reviewing the events that have occurred so far in the dumpster fire that is 2020

2hr 1min

22 Sep 2020

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Episode 145: Leighann Lord and the 90-Year-Old Surfer

Broccoli and Ice Cream

Leighann Lord! A delightful comedy powerhouse! So funny and nice! From ABC, NBC, Lifetime, VH-1, HBO, Comedy Central, and more! Former co-host of StarTalk Radio,with Neil de Grasse Tyson. Recipient of the 2019 Humanist Arts Award. Author of humor books including Dict Jokes and Real Women Do it Standing Up. AAAAAAND, a wonderful podcast guest! So stop reading! Listen! (Keep reading if you want, too. You're in charge of you.)


15 Aug 2020