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Hunting and the Future of Waterfowling with John Devney, VP of U.S. Policy for Delta Waterfowl and Drone Jack Pifer, Drone Pilot! for

America’s Land Auctioneer

Kevin Pifer, America’s Land Auctioneer, reports skyrocketing increases in farmland values according to reports from the Federal Reserve Districts in Chicago, Kansas City and Minneapolis.  The recent soaring price increases in farmland are the largest increases since 2013. America’s Land Auctioneer, is joined this week by John Devney, Vice President of U.S. Policy for Delta Waterfowl.  An avid sportsmen and hunter, John brings a unique perspective to his role at Delta.  John has been fortunate to survey a diverse landscape, which allows him to have a broad view of Delta’s value and how to communicate it. This week we are also joined by Jack Pifer, Drone Pilot for Pifer’s Auction & Realty and Pifer’s Land Management.  An avid hunter and sportsmen, Jack provides his unique insight into this year’s prospects for waterfowl, pheasant and deer hunting.Follow Kevin at www.americalandauctioneer.com and on Instagram & Facebook.To get a free consultation or inquire about Pifer’s Land Management please visit https://www.pifers.com/


27 Aug 2021

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Episode #476: John Devney

The Big Honker Podcast

Jeff Stanfield & Andy Shaver are joined by Senior VP of Delta Waterfowl, John Devney. The guys discuss the impact the drought in the Dakota's and the Prairie Pothole region of Canada will have on this falls duck migration, what waterfowl birds to do adapt when drought hits their nesting grounds, why the specklebelly population seems to increase every year, and how waterfowl hunters can make the most of their time in the decoy spreads this hunting season.

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26 Aug 2021

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Duck Updates, Delta Waterfowl's John Devney

Duck Season Somewhere

During a recent visit to Mississippi, Delta Waterfowl John Devney and Ramsey Russell discussed need-to-know duck topics. How dry is the Prairie Pothole Region, what will ducks do, how exactly might it affect waterfowl reproduction, and why isn't Plan B Alaska nesting as productive?  What's the backstory on North Dakota's new e-posting rulings, what prompted it, and how'd Delta Waterfowl bring common sense to the table? What ever became of Maryland's HB 0911 that would have marginalized boat hunters on Susquehanna Flats? Due to covid-related Canadian border closures, waterfowl population surveys and banding activities have been cancelled for the 2nd consecutive year. Will hunting be like writing checks without knowing our account balance?  And finally, why might a 3-pintail daily bag limit make sense? Super informative episode. Subscribe, rate and review Duck Season Somewhere podcast. Share your favorite episodes with friends! Business inquiries and comments contact Ramsey Russell ramsey@getducks.com Podcast Sponsors: BOSS Shotshells Benelli Shotguns Kanati Waterfowl Taxidermy GunDog Outdoors Mojo Outdoors Tom Beckbe GetDucks USHuntList It's duck season somewhere for 365 days per year. Follow Ramsey Russell's worldwide duck hunting adventures as he chases them year-long: Instagram @ramseyrussellgetducks YouTube @GetDucks Facebook @GetDucks.com

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17 Jun 2021

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2: State of Waterfowl with John Devney and Ed Penny-Part 2

State of Waterfowl

Xpress Boats State of Waterfowl presents the second of a Two Part series featuring Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl...together!


23 Nov 2020

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2: State of Waterfowl with John Devney and Ed Penny-Part 1

State of Waterfowl

The conversation continues as our panel of waterfowl experts discuss the State of Waterfowl with John Devney from Delta Waterfowl and Ed Penny from Ducks Unlimited.

1hr 6mins

19 Nov 2020

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Delta Waterfowl - E3: John Devney

Outdoor Country Talk

If you are a duck hunter, this is an episode you will enjoy. This episode we have Delta Waterfowl’s John Devney. We spend almost an hour talking with John about migration, prairie conditions, impacts of US citizens likely not hunting Canada this year, and the signing of the Great American Outdoors Act. What are some things that Delta Waterfowl does for us when it comes to waterfowl policy (rules & regulations)? John discusses this also. Basically, if you are like us,  a duck hunter that cares about duck hunting and everything that comes along with it, this is an episode that you will listen to from beginning to end. 


12 Sep 2020

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Fan Outdoors: Tackle Terry, John Devney, Rob Drieslein

FAN Outdoors

Billy and Bob are joined by Tackle Terry Tuma, as well as well as John Devney of Delta Waterfowl, and later by friend of the show, Rob Drieslein of Outdoor News to talk about the protection of the natural treasure that is the BWCAW.

1hr 29mins

31 Jul 2020

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Ep. 5 Hunter Advocacy with John Devney

Delta Waterfowl Podcast

In this episode of The Duck Hunters Podcast Joel sits down with Delta Waterfowl's Senior Vice President John Devney to get the inside scoop on how Delta works in the world of Hunter Advocacy. 


9 Jul 2020

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John Devney, Delta Waterfowl

Duck Season Somewhere

It's late-May, the Dakota prairies are in great shape, and already there are bright yellow, little mallard and pintail fuzzballs on the scene, preparing for the flight south this fall. John Devney of Delta Waterfowl is an avid duck hunter, a natural born communicator. He and Ramsey talk about favorite North American duck species (it'll probably surprise you) and favorite places to duck hunt in the US. Low on the water and coming in hot like decoying ringnecks, their conversation dives into lots of interesting waterfowl hunting topics. What's going on with specklebellies in the Deep South as compared to the Pacific Flyway?  What's happening with pintails - they're probably shooting too many in Mexico, right?! And what about all of today's many modern hardcore hunters traveling to Canada - that's certainly impacting the fall flight, huh?  Federal stimulus dollars galore are being spent to mitigate coronavirus, but how will the 2020 Pandemic affect waterfowl conservation efforts, such as banding and censusing? All of that and more in today's episode of Duck Season Somewhere.  Related Links: Delta Waterfowl Episode Sponsors: BOSS Shotshells GetDucks.com USHuntList.com Follow Ramsey Russell's duck hunting adventures across 6 continents: Instagram @ramseyrussellgetducks Youtube @GetDucks Facebook @GetDucks

1hr 19mins

31 May 2020

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Ep. 24. John Devney - SVP, Delta Waterfowl Foundation

No Limits

John DevneySVP, Delta Waterfowl FoundationMy guest today is John Devney, Senior Vice President of Delta Waterfowl. John and I have been friends now for over 15 years and he has a wealth of knowledge on the challenges surrounding duck production and duck hunting. Today we talk about John’s background growing up hunting and fishing in Minnesota and how he came to work at Delta. We talk about the unique value proposition that Delta brings to the conservation and hunting conversations. Everything from balancing duck production with farming in the prairie pothole region to CRP and WRP programs here in the US, the Alternate Land Use program in Canada,  the farm bill and other legislative initiatives. We also talk about Delta’s long leveraged use of predator management as a conservation tool, where it is deployed, why and the results of predator management. We discuss Delta’s First Hunt initiative and how that initiative is aimed at hunter recruitment of all ages, not only our youth but anyone who has never hunted ducks or geese, Delta’s First Hunt initiative is making great strides in increasing the number of waterfowl hunters and that conversation actually brought us to a very interesting cross roads because for those of us that hunt increasingly crowded public ground, it would seem that hunter recruitment is NOT a problem, in fact it would appear to be just the opposite. In fact there is another issue in play and that is public access, so John and I discuss how decreasing levels of public access compounds and impacts the hunter recruitment issue, really interesting perspective and look at that whole equation. We then talk about the overall conditions across the PPR and what impact the flooding conditions across the Midwest may have on duck production this year. John has been a great friend of mine for a long time and we, as waterfowlers, are truly fortunate to have John and Delta working on policies that impact the future of ducks and the future of duck hunting.WebsiteFacebookInstagram

17 Jun 2019