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Leveraging YouTube to Show Up for your Audience with Graham Cochrane

Law Chat with Girija

Our guest today shares with us a variety of experiences right from his love of music to his walking in the wilderness period to now being a successful entrepreneur. Episode Introduction:  Graham Cochrane walks us through his journey of failing to be successful at what he was passionate about and yet ending up building the creative career of his dreams. Episode Summary:  This episode is a testament to the wonders that can be done in one’s life if only they start working smart instead of working hard. This episode helps you become strategic about using social media tools, reducing your work hours while increasing your income and making time for the things that actually matter. Main Takeaways: Entrepreneurship is an avenue to be creative. Entrepreneurs should be leveraging YouTube as a toll for being discovered. How to convert people from your YouTube Channel to your Email List: Don’t mention the fact that you want them to join your email list, this creates a feeling of being spammed by your emails and people tend not to sign up. Instead, offer them a free resource that gets delivered to their email as they sign up for it. This way they are entering the email relationship where you establish yourself as an expert right at the beginning.  Mention the link to the resource in your YouTube video, enter it on top of your video description, place a card on the video with the link and link it to the end screen so that it is easy to access for your audience. As a content creator, one should be very strong and clear about their opinions. As an entrepreneur, the number one thing you should seek is maximum eyes on your business.  Emails are an essential part of running a strategic business. Take at least one day a week to relax and spend time with your loved ones instead of working. Your client doesn’t care how many hours you spend working on their project, they are concerned with the results so work a creative way to spend less time while driving in more results. Graham Cochrane’s top tips for someone who’s looking to start their business: It’s never too late to do what you want to do. Rise above the noise and give people what they want, that is, clear instructions.  Just start.  Fun Facts About Graham Cochrane: Graham’s favorite book is The Go-Giver by Bob Burg. Graham’s faith and his wife are the anchors that get him through the tough times. Find Graham Cochrane: Website: https://www.grahamcochrane.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GrahamCochrane/featured Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-graham-cochrane-show/id1461762316 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegrahamcochrane LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cochranegc/ Get the visual experience, watch the videocast for the episode here: https://youtu.be/9JhIL2nie7E Connect With Girija: Website: https://www.gbplaw.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gbplaw/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GBPLaw/ Get Ready To Use Contact Templates At: https://yourcontractbuddy.com/

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8 Apr 2021

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Graham Cochrane - Focusing on Your Most Essential Work

How They Get Stuff Done

“If you only have two hours a day and you need to get paid, is posting to Instagram Stories really gonna put money in your bank account?”Graham Cochrane is an entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTuber, and business coach. In 2009, after getting laid off twice in one year, he started to teach people how to record professional-sounding music from home. That business, the Recording Revolution, took off and today the Recording Revolution YouTube channel has 600,000 subscribers.Teaching people online transformed Graham’s life. So, a few years, ago he decided to teach others how to follow his path. For this second business, Graham runs a YouTube channel as well as a podcast, The Graham Cochrane Show. I’m a big fan of Graham’s podcast and you should check that out even if you’re not super into online business—he often shares fantastic productivity techniques.Graham and I discuss: Eliminating tasks for which you can’t prove that they matter What to do if you want to work less (but are worried about what might happen if you do) Why you should think like an entrepreneur (even if you work in corporate) Why Graham believes in time blocking and how he uses that technique And much more. Enjoy the show!Find Graham: GrahamCochrane.com Graham’s podcast, The Graham Cochrane Show Graham’s business on recording music at home: the Recording Revolution @thegrahamcochrane on Instagram Also mentioned: Tim Ferriss’s bestselling book, The 4-Hour Workweek


1 Mar 2021

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013-generating passive income, with Graham Cochrane

Born to Fly Podcast

Graham Cochrane is an expert on building businesses that generate passive income. He is the founder of The Recording Revolution and Graham Cochrane.com. Both business are content-based and provide a passive income. Are you interested in building an online business? Then Graham has some amazing insights to share in this episode.We talk about:Passive income from a Christian perspectiveThe incredible story of how Graham lost everything-felt like a complete failure-to building The Recording Revolution with 1M revenue a yearA really simple hack for posting content to get started with your online content businessHow the business model of content-based business worksIf content businesses are still relevant? (Isn’t it too late to jump in?)One of the best platforms you can use for an online content-driven businessTwo questions Graham addresses:Is it possible to start a business with little to no money?Is it possible to start a business with little time on your hands?Tools Graham mentions:PaypalSquarespaceMailchimpConvertkitEjunkyKajabiThe free 45-minute workshop on getting started with passive income.


5 Feb 2021

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Run A Seven Figure Business With A Five Hour Week With Graham Cochrane

Aiko Hemingway

Graham Cochrane is a business coach, YouTuber, host of the Graham Cochrane Show podcast, and founder of The Recording Revolution, a once no name blog turned 7 figure business that requires less than 5 hours a week of work. He lives in Tampa Florida with his wife, two daughters, and a girl bunny named Ella. Graham's websites www.grahamcochrane.com www.recordingrevolution.com Show notes: Narrow down your niche and learn about your audience Be clear about who you do not serve Pay others in order to expand your business and work less ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out Aiko Hemingway's Websites (in Japanese) www.hatsuonkyosei.com www.aikohemingway.com


17 Oct 2020

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Meet Graham Cochrane

The Call to Mastery with Jordan Raynor

Watch the first lesson of this new course for free at jordanraynor.com/knowledge


9 Oct 2020

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Graham Cochrane: Founder of The Recording Revolution- How to Build Your Brand and Think Bigger

Kingdom REI : For Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs and Investors

Building a business What and how to create relevant content in today's saturated market How to stand out with your contentCreating evergreen content than can stand the test of timeWhy content is the one activity you cannot outsource as you grow your company  Graham Cochrane is a business coach, YouTuber, host of the Graham Cochrane Show podcast, and founder of The Recording Revolution, a once no name blog turned 7 figure business that requires less than 5 hours a week of work. He lives in Tampa Florida with his wife, two daughters, and a girl bunny named Ella. Join the Kingdom Capitalists Mastermind for faith-driven investors! Learn more at Oneconnectionaway.com


10 Aug 2020

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Ep 02: Earn 7-Figures with Music Products | Interview with Graham Cochrane (Recording Revolution)

Become A Game Composer

Today we're chatting with Graham Cochrane, creator of the Recording Revolution (7-figure/yr business) & a personal coaching brand (multiple 6-figure/yr business), about how to earn passive income, how to build wealth, how to spend wealth, and the mindset & responsibilities of being a multi-millionaire musician. I believe that this chat is going to be unbelievably valuable for you. Buckle up & let's go! ✅ Download my free guide 25 Questions Every Composer Asks ($17 value!): https://www.stevenmelin.com/25questions


15 Jul 2020

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TMB #91- Graham Cochrane (Recording Revolution)

The Mixing Board

The Recording Revolutions very own Graham Cochrane joins the show to speak with Brynner about his start in recording, developing a sound and his YouTube channel that has helped millions around the world. Graham outlines his journey in music and how the Recording Revolution came about.

1hr 9mins

30 Jun 2020

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Episode 21: Make More of What Matters & Work Less with Graham Cochrane

Make More Music

Welcome back to Make More Music, the podcast that connects people to music & one another. Today we chat with Graham Cochrane - business coach, YouTuber, podcaster, blogger, and audio engineer. He shares his musical backstory and how he grew a no-name blog he started in the 2008 recession to 7 figure business that requires less than 5 hours a week to run. Graham is such an inspiring chat that will equip you to grow your brand, or inspire you to start one! Check out Graham's website Get Graham's free business jumpstart & workshop Follow Graham on instagram, Follow his podcast on YouTube or your favorite podcatcher Improve your music with The Recording Revolution Support the show: For free: It helps a ton if you leave a rating and review on your podcast player! Also, text this episode to a friend/family member/coworker/stranger/etc. You can use this link Subscribe / Watch on YouTube Donate to directly support the show Get your MMM Merch Follow us on instagram @make.more.music Subscribe here & join the mailing list Email us makemoremusicpodcast@gmail.com & nominate a guest here Give more grace. Share more love. Make. More. Music.Support Make More Music


1 Jun 2020

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#155: Graham Cochrane - The Recording Revolution

Music Production Podcast

Graham Cochrane is the founder of The Recording Revolution, whose YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers. For over ten years, Graham's tutorials have shown musicians how to record great music at home with affordable gear. Graham also helps entrepreneurs build their online businesses.  Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play or Spotify; watch on YouTube Show Notes: The Recording Revolution - Graham's site helping musicians "create radio-worthy songs from your home or bedroom studio." YouTube - A wealth of home recording video tutorials from Graham. GrahamCochrane.com - Learn about online business from Graham. Save 25% on Ableton Live Packs at My Store with the code: PODCAST Thank you for listening. Please consider giving the Music Production Podcast a review on your favorite podcast provider. And don’t forget to visit my site BrianFunk.com for music production tutorials, videos, and sound packs. Brian Funk


26 Feb 2020