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The Most Hated Book of the Bible: Leviticus with Dr. Paul Copan

Theology on Air

Leviticus is an oft-skipped book of the Bible that details a sacrificial system that has been fulfilled with the death and resurrection of Christ. And yet, it does contain moral content that still applies. Dr. Paul Copan, author of "Is God a Moral Monster", joins us to talk about this surprisingly interesting and relevant book. 

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20 Apr 2021

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Professor Paul Copan- What is Truth?

Changing the Narrative

On today’s episode I interview professor Paul Copan about truth. What is truth? Can we make up truth or is it absolute? Are all religions true or is there only one God? and much more. Check out Paul Copans book “True for you but not for me” and other books below. www.paulcopan.com If you like what I do and want to contribute to my work click below. https://www.subscribestar.com/changing-the-narrative


20 Mar 2021

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The “Tragic” Vision of Conservatism vs. The “Utopian” Vision of Progressivism with Dr. Paul Copan


Dr. Paul Copan joins us for a special interview. Links from the Show Watch this episode on YouTube Paul Copan’s Books on Amazon Follow Paul Copan on Twitter Paul Copan on Facebook Show Sponsor Learn more about Impact 360 Institute and their apologetic videos and resources for students and young adults. Purchase an online course and use the promo code FREEMIND to get $25 off! Visit: impact360.org Freemind Patreon Support Freemind with a monthly donation on our Patreon page and gain access to bonus episodes, interviews, and more! Visit patreon.com/freemindfm to join today. Social Media Links Seth and Nirva's Website Seth and Nirva on YouTube Seth and Nirva on Instagram Seth and Nirva on Twitter Stephen Robles on Instagram Stephen Robles on Twitter Apologetics and Philosophy Resources Reasonable Faith J.P. Moreland Website Ravi Zacharias Ministries Stand To Reason Impact 360 Institute Science & Religion Reasonable Faith Discovery Institute John Lennox Reasons To Believe Answers In Genesis BioLogos Politics and Culture Os Guiness Prager U Discovery Institute Wayne Grudem Eric Metaxas LGBTQ Joe Dallas Christopher Yuan Can You Be Gay and Christian? By Dr. Michael Brown Outlasting The Gay Revolution By Dr. Michael Brown Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill Special Guest: Paul Copan.Support Freemind

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26 Oct 2020

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The Secret of Contentment (Dr. Paul Copan)

Lake Osborne Presbyterian Church

The Secret of Contentment (Dr. Paul Copan) by pastoradam


16 Oct 2020

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Ep 49 - Is God an Immoral Monster? Discussing Controversial Topics Within the Bible (Interview: Paul Copan)

C4C Apologetics

Today I had the honor of interviewing Paul Copan on a very sensitive and heavy topic; the skeptics claim that the God of the Bible is wicked and immoral. I ask Paul Copan the below questions in this video. I pray this interview will enlighten you, allow you to understand on to stand on the morality and love of God, and for those skeptics, I pray the interview opens your eyes to remove the bias and copy-and-paste arguments that many times are used. Remember, context is key...along with Covenantal understanding!1) Slavery: Is God calling slaves property or slave owners? Is God allowing slave owners to beat their slaves, without repercussion, as lon as they don't die? (Exodus 21:20-21)2) Rape: Why would God command a rape victim to marry the rapist? (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)3) Intentional Lying: If God is against lying and intentional deception, how can God justly send a "lying spirit" out to King Ahab" (1 Kings 22:20-22)4) Pedophilia: Is there a difference between the Western pedophilia push today and the belief, that in the first century, and earlier, many males were married to teenage girls?5) Murder: Did God command two bears to maul-to-death kids? (2 Kings 2:23-24)6) Human Sacrifice: Did Japhtheh kill his daughter via human sacrifice? (Judges 11:30-31)7) Genocide: Did God command the genocide of the Amalekites, to include infants? (1 Samuel 15:3)8) Child Sacrifice: How do you explain God's command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? (Genesis 22)9) Bashing Babies Against Rocks: Does God really bless someone who bashes babies against rocks? (Psalm 137:9)10) Abortions/Miscarriages: Did God truly cause miscarriages in the womb? (Numbers 5:20-28, Hosea 9:14)Paul Copan Ministry:http://www.paulcopan.com/Open Door Baptist Church:https://odbaptist.com/C4C Apologetics Website:https://odbaptist.com/pages/c4c-apologeticsFinancially Support C4C Apologetics Ministry:https://odbaptist.com/give

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14 Sep 2020

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72. Paul Copan: God in the Old Testament (Slavery, Violence, and More)

Adherent Apologetics

Paul Copan is a Christian theologian, analytic philosopher, apologist, and author. He is currently a professor at the Palm Beach Atlantic University and holds the endowed Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics. In this interview, I talk with Dr. Copan about understanding God in the Old Testament. Dr. Copan's Website: http://www.paulcopan.com/ Support (thank you): https://www.patreon.com/AdherentApologetics


10 Sep 2020

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Does the Bible Condone Slavery? – Dr. Paul Copan

Cross Examined with Dr. Frank Turek

Join Dr. Frank Turek as he discusses challenging topics, takes calls from listeners, and interviews dynamic Christian apologists.


5 Sep 2020

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The Nerdy Apologist Podcast- C3 Conference Session 2 w/ Paul Copan

The Nerdy Apologist Podcast

Second session of the C3 Conference that we had the wonderful privilege of hosting. We interviewed apologist Paul Copan on the question, "Is God a moral monster?". We hope you enjoy the interview!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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21 Jan 2020

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24 - Is God a Moral Monster w/ Paul Copan


We hit on all kinds of big questions on this episode with our friend Dr. Paul Copan. Did God command genocide of the Canaanites? Is the Mosaic Law sexist? Does it promote slavery? Why does it say we can beat our slave? Why were people with deformities excluded from corporate worship? How about the cruciform hermeneutic? Has God changed since the Old Testament times?

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28 Oct 2019

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2.22 Truth does not care about our feelings: Interview with Paul Copan, PhD

Logically Faithful

This week I have the honor of interviewing Paul Copan.    Paul is married to Jacqueline, together they have six children. In his spare time Paul is a Christian theologian, analytic philosopher, apologist, and author of multiple books and articles. He is currently a professor at the Palm Beach Atlantic University and holds the endowed Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy …

1hr 9mins

8 Sep 2019