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Dancing Through The Pain of A Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Samantha Harris

All Talk Oncology Podcast

Tune in to All Talk Oncology as we interview Celebrity Guest Ms. Samantha Harris, a 2x Emmy award winner. You may have seen her on Dancing With the Stars, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, and the Academy Awards. She was also a co-host on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? She was named the Survivor of the Year by Susie Coleman.⁠ This is going to be another empowering and insightful conversation that you do not want to miss!⁠ You can visit our following platforms:  Website: alltalkoncology.com, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube


18 Oct 2021

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Episode 86: 8 Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Health and Prevent and Fight Cancer with Samantha Harris

The Functional Gynecologist

If you want some easy action steps to take control of your health or prevent and fight cancer, (or other chronic diseases), you are going to want to listen to today's episode! My guest on today's episode is such a beautiful human, she's just fabulous! You're gonna love her as much as I do. She has a beautiful story and she is on a mission to create healthy women in this world. On this podcast, we are going to talk about...Samantha’s journey from cancer diagnosis to health.How functional medicine and mindset can help you to prevent and fight cancer or other serious health condition.The eight easy ways to take control of your health.Clean beauty and where to find clean beauty productsAbout Samantha HarrisLet me just talk about her really quickly before we dive in because you probably know Samantha Harris from TV. She was the co-host of Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight. She's an Emmy Award-winning TV host and journalist. She's a best-selling author of a book (we're going to talk about today). She's a certified health coach and fitness trainer, nutrition advocate, and promoter of healthy living. She had stage two invasive breast cancer at 40 and went on a quest to figure out why this happened to her and how to heal. She decided to share what she learned by writing a book called “Your Healthiest Healthy, 8 Easy Ways to Take Control, Help Prevent and Fight Cancer, and Live a Longer, Cleaner, Happier Life.Resources Mentioned:  Samantha’s BookGotta Make LemonadeEnvironmental Working GroupCrunchi Make-upBeautycounter Make-upRMS BeautyIlia BeautyGet at least $100 off of one of Samantha’s Retreat and free consultation when you DM her on Instagram @SamanthaHarrisTV and mention that you heard her on The Functional Gynecologist PodcastWhere to connect with SamanthaSamantha’s Website: https://samantha-harris.com/E-newsletter Sign-up: https://samantha-harris.com/sign-up/Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SamanthaHarrisTVInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/samanthaharristv/Additional ResourcesDon’t forget to sign up for my free resource! The Functional Gynecologist's Guide to Balancing your Hormones: https://lcvjtpc8.pages.infusionsoft.net/Dr. Tabatha's Website: https://www.drtabatha.com/Dr. Tabatha's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrTabathaDr. Tabatha's IG: https://www.instagram.com/thegutsygynecologist/Dr. Tabatha's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheFunctionalGynecologistRemember to Subscribe to this podcast wherever you listen so you don't miss an episode and take time to lea


15 Sep 2021

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#30 Life Of A Model: Samantha Harris, Vogue Cover Model & MUCH More

Fit For Life with Anjuli

Such a pleasure to have Sam on the podcast today! She was just 13 when she was a finalist in the Top 6 for Girlfriend Model Search Competition which kicked off her modelling career. She was on the Vogue cover at 19 as the second Indigenous woman to do so. But she is so much more than that, including being an ambassador of World Vision, Barnados (a charity to help keep children safe from abuse and neglect), WWF (protecting wildlife in Australia and worldwide), the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. Always striving to make other people's lives better where possible! LOVE it. We covered a few things.. How did you get into modelling? How did your parents feel about it? What is a day in the life like during peak season for modelling? What has been the highlight of your modelling career? What is the hardest thing about being a model? Has modelling/the fashion industry impacted your mental health? Has modelling positively or negatively impacted your view of yourself? + MORE  Follow Sam on IG @sam_harris Work with me at fitwithanjuli.com Follow me at @anjuli_fitforlife & let me know if you have any future podcast ideas.


30 Aug 2021

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167: Your healthiest healthy with Samantha Harris

Home | Energy | Design

In this episode, I sit down with Dancing with the Stars host, Samantha Harris to talk about receiving the big C diagnosis. What does it mean to get cancer? How does your life change? What do you do about it? Well, if you're Samantha, you flip the script and write a book about it. Today we will talk about her journey, how she persevered and how she has taken this experience to helps thousands with her new book and online community, Your Healthiest Healthy. 


21 May 2021

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Ep. 223: Emmy award winning host of DWTS fame, Samantha Harris' Second Shot

Second Shot with Heath Oakes and Jenny Anchondo

Samantha Harris was at the top of her game -- hosting national TV shows, and 'looking' like the picture of health. Then, at 40, she was floored by a cancer diagnosis. Come to find out... it wasn't that her nutrition or exercise were lacking. BUT - she found that some of the products she put on and around her body were toxic. Let us know what you think of the interview! Post a comment or review of the podcast and tag us -- we will re post you! Find the Your Healthiest Healthy Book here; https://amzn.to/3oAqYPDConnect with Samantha here: https://samantha-harris.com/Join the Second Shot community here; www.facebook.com/groups/secondshot Follow us on IG here; www.instagram.com/secondshotpodcast


20 May 2021

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Our New Co-Host (with Special Guest Samantha Harris)

Just Meaningful Plastic: A DWTS Retrospective

On a Very Special JMP, journalist-TV host-overall busy woman Samantha Harris stops by for a quick chat!  She's ready to talk about her surprising history with the show, balancing her time with hosting and everything else in her life (and we mean EVERYTHING else), her camaraderie with Emmy-winner Tom Bergeron, and of course her jive.  It is a whirlwind, and also a delight.  We know you'll enjoy it, even if your regular podcast hosts aren't professional question-askers like Samantha Harris. Follow us on Twitter @JMPPod or on Facebook at Just Meaningful Plastic Podcast art: Kat Fey Music: "Mister Capone" by Alex Khaskin --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


18 May 2021

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What The Func?!

Laura and Clayton chat with Samantha Harris, host of Dancing With The Stars and health aficionado. After years of burning the candle at both ends, Samantha was faced with an unexpected cancer diagnosis that sent her on her true path of healing. She opens up about her own health journey and her passion for helping others. On What The Health?!: Infrared, white and blue! What The Func?! is produced by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Visit our sponsor Naturepedic! Check out their luxurious organic mattresses and use code WHATTHEFUNC15 for 15% off all products! Follow @samanthaharristv Instagram: @whatthefunc Twitter: @whatthefuncpod Facebook: @whatthefuncpodcast


12 Apr 2021

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Samantha Harris - Emmy Award Winning TV Host & Cancer survivor/THRIVER!

The Art Of w/ David Nurse

Samantha Harris - Emmy Award Winning TV Host & Cancer survivor/THRIVER! ---- Samantha Harris is one of the most positive, full of life, and infectious energy of anyone I have ever been around! And from the outside, it shouldn't be like that.  Sam had her dream job, the job she always wanted growing up as a BIG TIME TV Host - Entertainment Tonight, Dancing with the Stars, even won an Emmy!  But it was all taken away from her with the word we never want to hear... Cancer...  Instead of letting cancer define who she was, she turned it on it's head and said 'I am THRIVING through this, not just surviving!'  And THRIVE she did!  Now an author, motivational speaker, health/wellness coach, and just an AMAZING inspiration to so many!!  -------- SPONSOR PALEOVALLEY Nutrient Dense Paleo Products - Eat Healthy at Home or on the Go! Shop Online Now. Eat Well And Live Vibrant With Nutrient-Rich, Organic Superfoods. Shop Now! Nutrient-Rich Snacks. 100% Money Back Guarantee. All Things Paleo. High Quality. What makes our Beef Sticks the Healthiest? 100% Grass Fed and Finished Sourced from U.S. family farmers that use rotational grazing practices Whole 30, Keto, Paleo approved Organic Spices Contains Probiotics for Gut Health Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free, Sugar Free Contains No ECA (which is highly inflammatory)! Get your super tasty health on here:https://paleovalley.com/ Code:  Pivot15  (15% off everything!) ----------- SOMAVEDIC: Somavedic is a device that can reliably mitigate the unwanted influences of EMF / 5G radiation, geopathic stress, psychosomatic zones, water crosses or Curry and Hartmann lines. It can perfectly harmonize the body and the environment we live in or spend most of the day.  It’s designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from minerals. These include primarily semi-precious and precious stones in a special configuration, which form the core of Somavedic.  LEARN MORE HERE: Somavedic https://somavedic.com/?ref=DQy0L For 10% off enter the code: DAVIDNURSE ----------- Chili Sleep Welcome to the BEST night of sleep, EVERY night!!! Wellness isn’t all about having the perfect diet or the best trainers. It’s about recovering + adding to your overall health with sufficient quality sleep. Cooling in the middle of the night not only keeps you sleeping but can also up to double your deep sleep. You pay more for cooling your home in six months than you do for a chili pad or ooler that can last for a long long time! Honestly the biggest difference maker I ever made in optimizing my sleep to the MAX! For 20% off the Chili Pad: For 15% off the Ooler Click the link below!! https://trk.chilitechnology.com/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=1624&url_id=2 ----------- LMNT DrinkLMNT.com/DavidNurse  Popular electrolyte drinks on the market have low amounts of electrolytes and miss the mark on the “optimal ratio”. LMNT Recharge gives you more electrolytes in the ideal ratio. 1000 mgSODIUM 200 mgPOTASSIUM 60 mgMAGNESIUM WITHOUT THE DODGY STUFF What we DON’T consume is just as important as what we DO consume. No Sugar No Gluten No Fillers No Artificial Ingredients Paleo & Keto Friendly ------ CONTINUED GROWTH Join the 1% Newsletter at www.davidnurse.com for 1% weekly improvement emails!  Contact David for in-depth personal coaching at info@davidnurse.com MY BEST SELLING BOOK PIVOT & GO! https://www.amazon.com/Pivot-Go-Blueprint-Redefine-Achieve/dp/1645431118 My PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BREAKTHROUGH COACHING TEAM https://david-nurse-inc.mykajabi.com/be-the-breakthrough ————-


19 Mar 2021

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How to Live a Happier, Healthier Life with Samantha Harris

The Egg Whisperer Show

I'm so excited to be interviewing Samantha Harris on The Egg Whisperer Show. Samantha is an Emmy-winning TV host, and the author of the bestselling book Your Healthiest Healthy: 8 Ways to Take Control, Help Prevent and Fight Cancer, and Live a Longer, Cleaner, Happier Life. She is also a certified health coach and trainer, cancer survivor and thriver. She is a proud mom of two, and an unstoppable optimist dedicated to being your cheerleader and guide toward your healthiest healthy life! You may know her from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight. She is also a national ambassador for both Susan G. Komen and the American Cancer Society. She is now empowering women to ignite sustainable lifestyle changes with her just launched wellness membership group called Your Healthiest Healthy: Community. I am thrilled to have her on the show. Read the full show notes on Dr. Aimee's website Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fertility tips! Join Egg Whisperer School Subscribe to the newsletter to get updates Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh is one of America’s most well known fertility doctors. Her success rate at baby-making is what gives future parents hope when all hope is lost. She pioneered the TUSHY Method and BALLS Method to decrease your time to pregnancy. Learn more about the TUSHY Method and find a wealth of fertility resources at www.draimee.org.


9 Mar 2021

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Talking to Your Doctor with Samantha Harris (Rebroadcast)

Real Pink

Talking openly with your doctor is one of the best ways to feel good about your breast cancer treatment decisions. But, sometimes, talking with a doctor can be overwhelming, confusing and create more questions than answers. This week, we are resharing the first episode of Real Pink. Samantha Harris joins the show to help us learn how to ask the right questions, ensure that we have the right support, and help us develop a really good relationship with our doctor. Special Guest: Samantha Harris.


11 Jan 2021