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S2 Ep35: You wanna have sex again so we can stop watching this movie with Myles Weber 🎬

Dating Games - The Modern Relationships Podcast

This week Myles Weber is here chatting parenting, marriage, shoelaces & ironic homophobia… Join our Subsription on Apple Podcasts for ad free episodes + bonus content Check out our award winning mental health podcast HERE Find Bobby on Twitter or Instagram


31 Mar 2022

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Ep. 59 ”Reincarnated and it Feels So Good” with MYLES WEBER

Kristin Knows Blank

Todays topic REINCARNATION About the guest: Myles Weber is a Comedian on the rise. In addition to being on MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever Told, his Dry Bar Comedy Special was voted 8th best on Dry Bar in 2021. He has also been apart of some of the biggest Comedy Competitions and Festivals in the United States. He took first place in the 40th Annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition. (Past competitors include Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Sinbad, Ellen Degeneres, Patton Oswalt, and Dane Cook.) Weber was the second youngest to win the competition and one of only two comics to ever sweep the whole thing. He has also faired well in festivals, being among the "Best of The Fest" groups at the Burbank Comedy Festival, San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival (2x) and Big Pine Comedy Festival.  www.mylesweber.com Follow Host Kristin Key www.kristinkey.com Like Follow and Subscribe to the Kristin Knows Blank Podcast LEAVE A REVIEW or COMMENT Support this show by joining Kristin Key's Patreon www.patreon.com/kristinkeycomedy


14 Mar 2022

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Ep. 47 ”Secrets of the Ancient Pyramids” with Myles Weber

Kristin Knows Blank

Myles Weber is a nationally touring comedian seen on MTV, Dry Bar Comedy, and winner of the San Fransisco International Comedy Competition. He also knows a lot about ANCIENT PYRAMIDS and other woo woo.  Support Kristin Knows Blank by joining the Kristin Key Comedy Patreon www.patreon.com/kristinkeycomedy Like, follow, subscribe, and please leave a comment or review!


20 Sep 2021

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The Box Officer: Shang-Chi & Comedian Myles Weber Interview

The Box Officer Podcast

Is the latest Marvel Movie worth your time and money? Derek reviews Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in theaters now. Plus we interview Myles Weber, a past winner of the SF Comedy Company Competition. This year, Myles is the host. The first round is this Saturday at the Orinda Theater. Past winners include Dana Carvey, Sinbad, Ellen DeGeneres and Robin Williams.


3 Sep 2021

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#93 - Professional Kid Wrestler w/ Myles Weber

Fck This Place: The Jobs Podcast

Comedian Myles Weber (Drybar Comedy, MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever) has literally cleaned up poop for a living, and that wasn't even his worst job. He's been behind the counter at a Nor-Cal famous hot dog stand, charged watches for parking, wrestled kids he never wanted to, and given up a cushy state job just to keep his dream alive. Meanwhile, the pandemic had other plans...Nick and Chase discover a job opportunity in a business that everyone needs but makes NO money, and a Craigslist gig that could be the last road trip you'll ever take.  We’re not like those other guys...It's the Fuck This Place podcast! _________________________________________________________________________________________ Myles’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mylesweberjoker/ Myles’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/mylesweberjoker Myles’s website: https://mylesweber.com/ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Our Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/fuckthisplacepod/ Our Twitter-https://twitter.com/fckthisplacepod Our Youtube-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNGWlaHVqQO9-q37UpPdh8A _________________________________________________________________________________________ Find a weird craigslist post? Question about your job? Call/Text us at: 470-BAD-JOBS // 470-223-5627 Share the pod: https://linktr.ee/FckThisPlace About Fck This Place: The Jobs Podcast Nightmare Bosses! Creepy Craigslists! Ungodly Hours! Nick Aragon and Chase McNeill bring you the best of the worst jobs every Tuesday.

1hr 11mins

22 Jun 2021

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Episode 40 - Myles Weber

The Die Laughing Podcast

On this episode, Morty and Skip chat with Las Vegas comedian Myles Weber.  We chat about his Dry bar Comedy special, how he prepared in advance for filming, choosing words wisely, Submitting material for Dry Bar, Mental Health issues in the entertainment industry, his start in comedy, doing comedy in San Francisco and Sacramento, the return of comedy in unique rooms, supporting comedians when they bomb, his move to Las Vegas, getting involved in the Las Vegas comedy scene, competing and winning the 2015 San Francisco International Comedy Competition and being branded as a "crowd work" comic. 

1hr 27mins

10 May 2021

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Ep. 42: "Not Thaat Mark Wahlberg" (Temptation Island Season 1) w/ Special Guest Myles Weber

The Trash

This week we watched Temptation Island w/ Comedian and Trash Meme creator/connoisseur, Myles Weber!Listen as Sarah, Nate and Myles Chop it up about:- Chelsea Bearce is gonna kick Nate's ass- Sia autism movie scores lower than Cats (the butthole-less one)- Drake rap beefs- Celebrity Mystery babies- Chris D'Elia goes to court (Myles shares his experienc working with him)- Temptation Island- Mark Wahlberg impersonations (yeah, that Mark Wahlberg)Remember to Subscribe to our Podcast wherever you listen to it, if you haven’t. Feel free to leave a rating or review as well. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @trashy_podcast. Follow Myles Weber on Twitter and Instagram and Tik Tok @MylesWeberJoker. Check out Myles' new Comedy album Pug Life and other hilarious clips on www.mylesweber.comWe Love you…Stay Trashy! Support the show

1hr 3mins

8 Mar 2021

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Ep. 17: Ghost Buster w/ Myles Weber

Home Skool w/ Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis

This week Andrew and Cory are joined by the one and only Myles Weber...well, there are probably other Myles Webers but the only comedian. That we know of. Anyway, he gives Andrew insight on how to respond (or not respond) to people who ghost him. But first we joke about sniffing out COVID, counting, not counting, and great tits & swallows.  As always, check out the Patreon for the video. Patreon.com/homeskool. Andrew: @andrewjrivers Cory: @corymichaeliscomedy Myles: @mylesweberjoker --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cory-michaelis/support

1hr 25mins

16 Nov 2020

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Bachelorette Recap with Myles Weber!

Totally Off Topic

The TOTs Gals are PUMPED for Tayshia AND a very special guest host: Myles Weber Myles’ new Dry Bar Comedy special just dropped (download the app to see it) and check out his upcoming special with fellow comedian Chelsea Bearce. Episode 5 is finally ALL ABOUT Tayshia...except for that one segment where Clare swears on her dad’s grave (again) that she and Dale did not communicate prior to filming.  Anyways the TOTs Gals and Myles aren’t sold on this new pack of dudes, Spencer especially seems suspect and kind of a jerk!  The whole crew dives in on the Splash Ball date, roses to Spencer (aka Lax Bro) and Eazy (aka Easy on the Eyes) and so much more!Katie K thought the horseback riding date was kinda lame, but it’s the best they can do in these pandemic times.  As a Superfan, Myles offered great input into just how involved the producers are in the show, listen to hear how he thinks the rest of the season will go down. Hillary thinks one of the guys looks like a toe and fears that Blake (aka Block Head) may be going home.  Mary rocks it as the host this week and tune in to hear how everyone answered her final question: “Who do you think will win?”Follow Myles Weber on Instagram @mylesweberjoker and check out his new Dry Bar Comedy Special https://www.drybarcomedy.com/mylesw  *make sure you download the app*To see Myles live click here to check out his website for ticket info #myleshighclubTo Watch the Totally Off Topic of YouTube click here BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!


13 Nov 2020

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#110 Myles Weber - Letting Go

Random Thoughts

Robert Omoto sits with stand-up comedian Myles Weber (winner of the 40th Annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition) to talk about his ridiculous experience with America's Got Talent, a heckler clip that went viral, his YouTube show "Street Comic," and his experience using psychedelics to deal with anxiety. Follow him and check out some of his videos below! Twitter: @mylesweberjoker @bobbyomoto Instagram: @mylesweberjoker @bobbyomoto YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mylesweberjoker YouTube show "Street Comic": https://youtu.be/9S9aIV5cjHM Heckler Video: https://youtu.be/Ohk9OE4NPqQ

1hr 25mins

22 Jan 2019