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Nintendo Switch Pro, Microsoft Mesh, Why Is It Called Stock and alot of laughter with Kevin Schmidt

Epic Arcade

One of our most chaotic episodes ever, what happens when you put three friends into a gaming podcast and talk anything but gaming? Kelvin and Afiq were joined by their friend Kevin Schmidt and they talked about Microsoft's latest mixed reality technology, the Microsoft Mesh, Nintendo Switch (Pro) version might be coming in the near future, they tried talking about Space Jam 2 but you'll have to find out what happened and finally, they also talked about Alien: Firestorm. Other things they talked about include - Cereal and masturbation, what wizards do in their free time, Marvel's multiverse, and more!


12 Mar 2021

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024: Kevin Schmidt - Finding Contentment In Work And Beyond

biz & life done well with Peter Wilson

My guest is Kevin Schmidt. We worked together at a "dot com" business in the late 90's. Kevin has always struck me as a man of contentment. Calm and focused, even when the world around was not. We recently reconnected via Instagram so I asked him for an interview. We cover a multitude of topics including contentment, meditation, gardening, the world of work, and poetry.Kevin's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kevineschmidt/ @kevineschmidtFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/certifiedhappinessengineer


1 Dec 2020

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DSP 061 | Mit Kevin Schmidt vom Power Performance Podcast

Dedicated Sports

In dieser Folge ist Kevin Schmidt vom Power Performance Podcast zu Gast! Er bietet selbst Online Coaching für Powerlifter an und hat zusätzlich einen eigenen Podcast.Wir reden über Online Coaching, das eigene Training als Coach und die Prioritätensetzung, die sich als Coach oftmals stark unterscheidet im Vergleich zu einem reinen Athleten. Auch das Thema Podcasting schneiden wir kurz an, da wir festgestellt haben, dass wir beide den Aufwand am Anfang unterschätzt haben.Wenn dir die Folge gefallen hat, freuen wir uns über eine 5 Sterne Bewertung! :)Folge dem Power Performance Podcast:https://open.spotify.com/show/3NXZaibWDIiaTmzXi3tVtXKevin Schmidt auf Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/kevinschmidt._/Dein DS Team


4 Feb 2020

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The Alberta Energy Sector with Iqbal Ali of Petro Staff Intl and Kevin Schmidt of Stride Management

Martinis with Scott

Scott, Iqbal Ali and Kevin Schmidt have a wide ranging discussion about the depressed Alberta, Canada, energy sector, the power of hustle and work ethic, lessons learned from running a business in a cyclical downturn and WEXIT.Learn more at https://www.sinclairrange.comFollow on Twitter @MartinisWScottFollow on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-sinclair-7b09

1hr 11mins

3 Dec 2019

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5. Food for Thought Summit: Jen & Kevin Schmidt - Creating Vegan Community

One Bite Vegan Food for Thought Summit

Learn more about the founders of One Bite Vegan – Kevin and Jen Schmidt – as they discuss their own journeys to veganism and how it inspired them to create the One Bite Vegan community.


13 Nov 2019

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Kevin Schmidt

The Great Scott Podcast


27 Aug 2019

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How to Document & Offload Processes with Kevin Schmidt

I Love Bookkeeping

Kevin has been hustling his entire life. Multiple streams of revenue have always been a focus for him and that has manifested into multiple businesses during his adult life. [6:00] Math had always been a favorite subject for Kevin, and he worked with his father in an accounting role during high school and college, but eventually wanted to do something different. He decided on teaching as a profession and did that for a few years while growing his side businesses at the same time. Bookkeeping was a natural fit as an additional source of revenue, so Kevin started looking for clients and now it’s his full-time gig. [10:40] Kevin discovered Bookkeeper Business Launch through a simple Google search and enrolled while still working full time. In the interim time since starting the course, Kevin has picked up 26 clients, some of which have multiple entities. [15:30] Kevin attributes his success to his hustler mentality, but he also believes that anyone that is looking for an additional source of income or a new career could be a good fit for Bookkeeper Business Launch. [17:05] Kevin’s goal is to find someone to work for him that can take some of the tasks off his hands so that he can focus on growing the business. The trouble is that each client seems to do things a little bit differently which can make it difficult to establish a process that someone else can take care of. [20:15] Kevin currently does not have a niche, which is one of the reasons he’s experiencing challenges. Niching down streamlines things when trying to establish processes since the clients are somewhat the same, but Kevin doesn’t plan on niching down at this time. [22:25] We always think people are our answer to feeling overwhelmed with work, but it really starts with processes. Start with the tasks that are pretty much always the same no matter the client and begin documenting those. They are the low hanging fruit for creating processes. [25:20] There will always be unique aspects to every client, but ideally that should only comprise a maximum of 20% of the total work. You have to identify the processes that are common among all clients and start with the easiest. They may only take a few minutes to do but over the course of a month and multiple clients it can add up to hours. [27:20] Once you complete the task audit, rank them in order of easiest to most difficult. Once you identify the activity that’s common to all clients ask yourself whether you can stop doing it, whether it can be improved, whether it can be automated, or if it can be outsourced. [29:30] Virtual assistants are the next step. Take one of those tasks and send them to your VA first, then once they’ve mastered that, go down the list and keep giving them more tasks to do. [31:20] To document your tasks, get a screen recording software and record and narrate yourself doing the task. Send the video file to Rev.com to get it transcribed. Now, you have multiple formats for someone to understand exactly what they need to do for a given task. [34:50] Don’t record your tasks as you want them to be, record them as they are. As you become more familiar with the tasks and get in the groove of someone else doing them, you can start to look at ways of improving those processes. [36:30] For unique clients, just refer to a client-specific process in the task. Unless those clients are large, the extra processes should be very small. The bulk of the training should be in the common processes among all clients. [40:00] Kevin’s first goal is to go through his clients’ common tasks and start making the recordings for them after figuring out the tasks that are the easiest to outsource. He’s also going to go through Outstanding Processes and Procedures to get a head start. Mentioned in this episode: Books by Schmidt


20 Aug 2019

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LAKE LIFE WKND 019 Kevin Schmidt is from Fergus Falls and after a couple trips to Alaska with his brother he decided to buy a fishing boat and start a business fishing Wild Salmon. For the past few years he together with his wife and two kids have been going to Alaska in June for a couple months to fish. Most of the catch is being sold to the local fish canning company but they bring a couple ton of salmon back to Lakes Country where they smoke it and sell to local restaurants and food co-ops. Listen to the full interview in our latest podcast recording and find more lake life stories on our daily updated website www.lakelifewknd.com #getoutandexplore #welovelakelife Sunrise Salmon was formed in 2014 by Kevin and Stephanie Schmidt of Fergus Falls, MN. They spend their time outside of the summer fishing season raising their four young daughters and spreading the love of wild salmon throughout Western MN and Eastern ND. Each summer they make the trek to Bristol Bay, Alaska to the town of Naknek. This is where they make fish camp every June-July for the annual sockeye salmon run. They are considered set netters, who target one of Alaska’s greatest gems- Kvichak River Reds. This is done with skiffs and a series of large nets and buoy systems on the edge of the bay. They feel extremely blessed to have been given this opportunity to live their summers marked by high & low tide, the barely setting sun and salt water on their faces. The 2019 season will be their twelfth season of fishing in Alaska.


8 May 2019

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387: Kevin Schmidt, PT: Bike Fitting & Physical Therapy

Healthy Wealthy & Smart

On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, I welcome Kevin Schmidt on the show to discuss cycling in physical therapy. Kevin Schmidt is a Physical Therapist and Clinical Bike Fitter in Portland, Oregon who founded his own niche bike-centric PT practice ‘Pedal PT’ in 2012. His office is a unique hybrid insurance/ cash-pay model which is 95%+ direct access, that sees the full gamut of Orthopedic musculoskeletal rehab clients, with a specialty in bike fit and solving complex cycling injuries. Pedal PT also is the first private practice in the country to be certified in both Sustainability practices and Bike Friendliness, and is active in the local cycling community, including their popular monthly ‘Free Coffee for Bicyclists’ events. In this episode, we discuss: -Kevin’s journey to becoming a bike-centric physical therapist -Why physical therapists are uniquely qualified for bike fitting -The benefits of franchising a cyclist physical therapy business model -Strategies to build mutual engagement and support from local businesses -And so much more! “This job is part PT, part wrench monkey.” “The physical therapist is the best person to perform bike fits.” “I estimate that roughly 70% of equipment that’s sold during bike fit these days is unnecessary for people to achieve pain free cycling.” “When we are talking about a franchise, we are selling a business model.” “The more that you give away, the more it comes back to you so much more.” “Don’t be afraid to put yourself into situations that make you nervous.” For more information on Kevin: Kevin Schmidt is a Physical Therapist and Clinical Bike Fitter in Portland, Oregon who founded his own niche bike-centric PT practice ‘Pedal PT’ in 2012. His office is a unique hybrid insurance/ cash-pay model which is 95%+ direct access, that sees the full gamut of Orthopedic musculoskeletal rehab clients, with a specialty in bike fit and solving complex cycling injuries. Pedal PT also is the first private practice in the country to be certified in both Sustainability practices and Bike Friendliness, and is active in the local cycling community, including their popular monthly ‘Free Coffee for Bicyclists’ events. At it's core, Pedal PT is value-driven company, and all employees are required to cycle to work year-round. Pedal PT's model of Bike Fitting is designed to be a collaborative approach with local bike shops vs competing with them. The office design was fully built-out with bike amenities, indoor bike parking, bike tools/equipment, bike fit station (with proprietary designed and built bike trainer), and changing rooms. As of June 1st, Kevin completed the final FDD paperwork to be able to Franchise this innovative model, and is now on a mission to build a community of Pedal PT “cycling healthcare revolutionaries” throughout the US to elevate the PT profession within the realm of treating cyclists, and create a united voice to address bike fit without being driven by bike industry. Resources discussed on this show: Pedal PT Website Pedal PT Facebook Pedal PT Twitter Pedal PT Instagram Kevin Schmidt Instagram Bike PT Website Bike Fit Website Specialized Website Franchise Pedal PT Email: kevin@pedalpt.com 2018 PPS Annual Conference: Bike Fitting roundtable with Erik Moen, PT Thanks for listening and subscribing to the podcast! Make sure to connect with me on twitter, instagram and facebook to stay updated on all of the latest! Show your support for the show by leaving a rating and review on iTunes! Have a great week and stay Healthy Wealthy and Smart! Xo Karen


8 Oct 2018

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EP 044: Investing in Your Community to Grow and Scale Your Niche Physical Therapy Clinic with Kevin Schmidt of PedalPT

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast | Build a Successful Physical Therapy Business Without Relying on Insurance

Have you ever considered niching down your clinic? Tune in today to find out how Kevin Schmidt, PT, MSPT, CMP, Bike PT  established Pedal PT, a practice geared towards cyclists. Kevin shares how he started his practice and some unique local marketing strategies he uses to reach out to the community. Plus, stay tuned to find out how Kevin is franchising his business. “As a bike niche practice...a lot of the people that we see initially as competition as business owners and clinic owners ultimately become your referral sources.” -Kevin Schmidt What do you want to hear from the CashPT Lunch Hour? Tell us here! 10x Your Marketing, 10X Your Action, 10X Your Thinking, 10X Your Income, and 10X Your Impact in 12 Months or Less with The CashPT Platinum Mastermind! Learn More Here! Time Stamps: 8:00 How Kevin got into bikes 11:20 Aches and pains that come with biking 16:20 How Kevin got the motivation to open his own practice 23:40 Kevin talks about his niche and authenticity 29:30 Kevin’s unique local marketing tactic-Free Coffee! 39:45 Do insurance companies pay for a bike fitting? 43:40 Pedal Pt’s relationship with other businesses 49:40 Cultivating Google reviews 52:00 Kevin’s next steps - Franchising! Resources: Cashptchecklist.com www.cashptmastermind.com Connect with Kevin: Facebook Instagram Email Pedal PT Connect with Aaron: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn

1hr 6mins

13 Sep 2018