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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lorcan Finnegan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lorcan Finnegan, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lorcan Finnegan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lorcan Finnegan, often where they are interviewed.

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Vivarium directed by Lorcan Finnegan

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Welcome to Shroom Land. This week we’ll be visiting suburbia hell in the sci-fi/horror film Vivarium, directed by Lorcan Finnegan.

EXPLICIT content. Listen at your own risk. This gets a little horrifying and pretty weird. It’s exactly what you’re looking for with our podcast.

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Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for our episode music:

Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Act Two by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4472-tenebrous-brothers-carnival---act-two

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Nov 11 2020 · 54mins
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Vivarium with director Lorcan Finnegan

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Screenwriter Stuart Wright talks with director Lorcan Finnegan about the Kafkaesque sci-fi VIVARIUM.

VIVARIUM - OUT NOW on DVD & all good VOD platforms

Starring: Imogen Poots, Jesse Eisenberg and Jonathan Aris

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Jun 03 2020 · 35mins

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Interview with Director, Lorcan Finnegan, from Commercials to Features

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May 28 2020 · 30mins
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April on EH-FM: Tiger King, Moffie, Ema and Vivarium interview with Lorcan Finnegan

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For Cinetopia's April EH-FM broadcast, Amanda Rogers (Co-Founder of  Cinetopia) and Jim Ross (Managing Editor of TAKE ONE Magazine) are joined by Carys Evans and Betty Stojnic to review Moffie, Ema, Vivarium, and docu-series Tiger King, in addition to making their monthly short film recommendations (films recommended are linked below!). Jim also speaks with Lorcan Finnegan, the director of Vivarium, about the making of the film.

12:03 - Tiger King

44:40 - Moffie

59:45 - Ema

1:15:44 - Vivarium

1:29:16 - Vivarium interview with Lorcan Finnegan

2:04:50 - Short Recommendations for Short Films


Short film recommendations for March:

Carys - Nigel - Dir: Natasza Cetner - https://www.shortoftheweek.com/2020/02/17/nigel/

Betty - Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe - Dir: Les Blank - https://www.criterionchannel.com/werner-herzog-eats-his-shoe

Jim - Urban Isolation - Dir: Russell Houghten - https://vimeo.com/91085172

Amanda - Oor Wally - Dir: Martin Lennon

Apr 21 2020 · 2hr 11mins

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SYS Podcast Episode: 325 With Director Lorcan Finnegan

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Read 'SYS Podcast Episode: 325 With Director Lorcan Finnegan' at http://www.SellingYourScreenplay.com.

This week Ashley Scott Meyers talks with film director Lorcan Finnegan. He talks about how he got his start directing commercials then transitioned into feature films. They also go into detail about his latest movie Vivarium (2019). Lorcan Finnegan is the director of Vivarium […]
Apr 20 2020 · 29mins
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Lorcan Finnegan, Director & Garret Shanley, Writer of Vivarium

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In this Film Ireland podcast, Paul Farren talks to director Lorcan Finnegan and writer Garret Shanley about their film Vivarium, which is available on digital from 27th March.

During their search for the perfect home, Gemma (Imogen Poots) and Tom (Jesse Eisenberg) find themselves trapped in a mysterious labyrinth-like suburban neighbourhood named Yonder. All attempts to escape end in failure, culminating in the discovery of a baby on the pavement outside house number 9 with the instructions ‘raise the child and be released’ .

Listen to the podcast as Lorcan and Garret take us inside number nine...

Mar 27 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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The SinCast crew sit down to discuss the upcoming sci-fi thriller VIVARIUM with director Lorcan Finnegan! Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots star in this wild story about a couple that gets more than they bargained for after going house hunting. 

Check out VIVARIUM on digital release on MARCH 27!

We'll be back next Monday for a new episode of SinCast, and keep in touch! Tweet us @cinemasins, comment on SoundCloud, (https://soundcloud.com/cinemasin); subscribe to the subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/CinemaSins) and email us at cinemasinssincast@gmail.com.

Mar 25 2020 · 26mins
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Episode 47 – Lorcan Finnegan

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NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Lorcan Finnegan about his second feature, “Vivarium.” A satirical sci-fi horror in the mode of the sci-horror of the 1970s which dissects the dark heart of suburban conformity. In the interview (interview begins at 1:53), we talk to Lorcan about the inspirations behind the project, the long journey […]
Mar 16 2020 · 49mins
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Q&A with Lorcan Finnegan, director of 'Without Name' at the IFI

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Following a screening of Without Name at the IFI, director Lorcan Finnegan took part in a Q&A with Mark Sheridan to talk about his supernatural eco-horror film.
May 12 2017 · 39mins