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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joseph Antoun. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joseph Antoun, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joseph Antoun. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joseph Antoun, often where they are interviewed.

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065 The Healthy-Aging Diet that Works Like Fasting w/ Dr. Joseph Antoun

Health Mysteries Solved
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The Case: 

  • Mindy is 40 but feels like she’s 50. 
  • She often feels achy, tired, struggles to lose weight and thinks she looks older than her age.
  • She didn’t have excessive sun exposure or any genetic history that would explain her premature aging. 

The Investigation

When I met Mindy, I noticed right away that she was not eating well and so this was my first clue that nutrients and healthy eating were going to be a big part of solving her health mystery but Mindy wanted more. She didn’t just want to stop the premature aging she wanted to reverse it. 

Dr. Joseph Antoun is the CEO & Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra which is a nutra-tech company focusing on providing people with knowledge to live to 110 and beyond. I knew he was the best person to discuss Mindy’s case with. He is at the forefront of a push to change our current healthcare system of ‘sick care’ to a more proactive approach.

Healthy-aging and Fasting

Scientists have been researching the connection between fasting and aging for decades. Much of this research comes out of the Longevity Institute at the University of  Southern California. What they’ve discovered is that aging happens on a cellular level. When the cells are given fuel (like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) it accelerates the aging process of the cells. The more we fuel the cells, the faster they age. But, the cells also need fuel to survive. So, the best way to slow the process is to allow the cells to take ‘pit stops’ with intermittent fasting. 

How Long Should You Fast?

Dr. Antoun shares the benefits of intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting. Using his analogy of pit stops, he explains that these shorter periods of fasting can help slow the aging process of the cells. However, he points out that longer periods of fasting (several days) creates a different cellular reaction. In these longer periods of fasting, the cells become stressed which moves them into a state of autophagy or self-cleaning & self-improving. The discovery of this reaction was so significant, it won the researchers the Nobel  Prize in medicine in 2016. 

Prolonged fasting enables major cellular restructuring which contributes to healthy aging. This is because cells can deal with short term fasting by accessing stored fat, protein and carbohydrates. When those stores run out, the cells have to restructure and optimize. Prolonged fasts typically last from 3 - 5 days but these longer fast should be done in a clinic under supervision. 

What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet? 

Fasting-Mimicking is a system developed by the University of Southern California that allows you to eat specific foods in the right ratios and still be considered fasting, essentially mimicking a fast. This enables people to get all the benefits of fasting without the starvation, losing essential nutrients or needing medical supervision.  The food is specially designed so that the cells don’t recognize it as food. 

The diet itself is plant-based, it’s high in good fats (ketoline fats or mid-chain fats) and low in protein and carbs. In the right combination, these nutrients are enough to feed the body and vital organs but just right for your cells to still be able to restructure. Dr. Antoun and his colleagues developed a program that people can follow at home called the ProLon 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet Kit and it can’t be simpler. It comes with all the food you need for the 5 days and completely takes any guesswork out because everything is included. This carefully formulated nutrition program nourishes the body with plant-based proteins, fiber rich carbs and healthy fats, and goes undetected by cellular food sensing paths to keep your body in fasting mode.

For healthy people interested in supporting their longevity, Dr. Antoun suggests doing a prolonged fast 2-3 times per year. 

What is Intermittent Fasting or Intermittent Dieting?

This has been the most popular diets for the past two years but Dr. Antoun points out that it’s not really new; it’s how we are supposed to eat. This is the practice of eating our food during a 12-hour period (usually the day) and then not eating for 12-hours (overnight). Dr. Antoun calls this circadian fasting. The body needs a rhythm and our modern lives can interrupt that rhythm. Circadian fasting reinforces that natural rhythm. 

The 12-hours of not-eating gives the body time to use the fuel that was gathered in the 12-hours of eating. If the body does not get that time of fasting, it accelerates the use of that fuel which speeds up the aging process. 

Is 16-hours of Fasting Too Long? 

You might hear people talking about fasting for 16 hours and only eating during an 8-hour window. Dr. Antoun says that this is really only ideal for people with health conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, or prediabetic people who need to lose weight quickly. But for those who are not obese or in need of fast weight loss, this is typically not necessary. He also says that the 16 hours is not enough time for the cells to rejuvenate so you are not getting those benefits. Also, the 16:8 is not always sustainable whereas the 12:12 is natural.

Diet and Longevity

Aside from intermittent fasting, Dr. Antoun points to research that shows the pescatarian diet is the best for promoting long life. The pescatarian diet is primarily plant-based with protein coming in the form of fish or seafood 2-3 times per week. Other studies have found longevity zones where the diet is more ‘flexitarian’ meaning the diet is primarily plant-based but meat is used for flavoring and not as the primary ingredient in a meal.  

Mystery Solved

The first step for Mindy was to add more veggies, good fats and antioxidant rich foods into her diet while reducing processed foods and her overall meat intake. She started intermittent fasting for 4 weeks and then did the fasting-mimicking diet.

She lost 9 pounds in the first month and her energy skyrocketed. The aches felt better as well.

Next Steps

We then did some micronutrient and organic acid testing and saw she was quite deficient in many vitamins and minerals and had too many free radicals. We supported her antioxidant status with Glutathione, Vitamin C and a special annatto form of Vitamin E (more potent than regular vitamin E). 

About 8 weeks after we started, she felt significantly better and was ready to do the Prolon 5 Day Fasting Mimicking Diet. The first 2 days were pretty easy. The 3rd day was a bit tougher as she felt a bit hungry. She really started to feel the benefits by the 4th day. 

Happy Ending

Mindy’s wrinkles didn’t disappear but they felt less deep and her skin was glowing. Overall, she also felt super clear headed and she was down 5 more pounds when she was done. She plans to do another prolonged fast in a few months to maintain her health and vitality. 

Eliminating Health Mysteries

For Mindy we were able to reset her accelerated aging and help her feel her own age again. Could this be the missing clue for you or someone in your life? 


Resources mentioned

Thanks to my guest Dr. Joseph Antoun. You can connect with him and learn more about prolonged fasting through fasting-mimicking here. Or, you can connect with him on Facebook or Twitter

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Jun 25 2020



Dr Joseph Antoun

Evolve with Pete Evans
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Dr. Antoun is CEO and Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra. He is also a member of the Forbes Business Development Council. Before taking on these titles, Dr. Antoun was the CEO of Health Systems Reform, a boutique consultancy aimed at improving public health through reforming health systems, strengthening healthcare management and improving healthcare delivery.

Dr. Antoun has completed his studies in Public Policy at Harvard University, in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, and Doctorate in Medicine and Masters’ in Medical and Biological Sciences from Saint Joseph University.

To find out more about Dr. Antoun, please visit

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Apr 01 2020



Longevity & The Fasting Mimicking Diet with Dr. Joseph Antoun

The Alex Manos Podcast
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In todays episode I speak with Dr. Joeseph Antoun. As CEO of L-Nutra, Dr. Antoun works with one of the leading global researchers in the area of longevity – Professor Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Center at USC. Together they provide education and products to support a lifestyle that extends healthspan (years of healthy living). We discuss the science behind the Fasting Mimicking Diet, and what other lifestyle factors may influence longevity and healthspan.

Mar 13 2020



Joseph Antoun: Fasting and biological age

Live Long and Master Aging
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The ticking clock is often used as a metaphor for life. But is a tick-tock approach to the advancing years an accurate way to measure the aging process? Dr. Joseph Antoun, a physician and CEO of the nutrition technology company, L-Nutra, believes a “biological aging score” is the best way accurately to assess our state of health. He says the human body has the potential to age more slowly than its chronological age, and health care should be based on a better understanding of how well our bodies are performing, from the inside. L-Nutra, based in Los Angeles, is a company founded by the longevity scientist, Dr. Valter Longo, to develop and market a fasting mimicking diet. In this LLAMA podcast interview, with Peter Bowes, Dr. Antoun explains the philosophy and science behind a dietary intervention that is designed to promote longevity.

Check out our website at

In this interview we cover:

  • Why aging is the biggest risk factor for the deadliest diseases of old age.
  • Changing the medical paradigm to move away from pills and treatments post-disease onset.
  • Engaging with new technology and science to keep people healthy.
  • Investing more in disease prevention. 
  • Partnering with Dr. Valter Longo, director of the USC Longevity Institute, to develop the fasting mimicking diet (FMD).
  • Living healthier, longer and perhaps changing the world through dietary changes. 
  • What does L-Nutra stand for? 
  • The value of the prolonged fast and what happens to the body over 5 days of dietary restriction. 
  • The difference between a fasting mimicking diet and a total water fast. 
  • Weight loss, the short-term ticket, and the 5-day plan.
  • Why the FMD is focussed on the long-term ticket - longevity and health span.
  • Why the word ‘diet' may be misleading.
  • Learning from the mass production and use of a product based on fasting.  
  • The emotional impact of the FMD.
  • Measuring the impact of a dietary intervention on a person’s potential to age better. 
  • The value of a biological aging score as a unit of measurement for healthcare.
  • Why Americans are living shorter lives, contrary to the popular belief that people are surviving for longer.

The Live Long and Master Aging podcast shares ideas but does not offer medical advice.  If you have health concerns of any kind, or you are considering adopting a new diet or exercise regime, you should consult your doctor.  

Feb 25 2020



Dr. Joseph Antoun on Fasting, Fat Loss, and More! - Ep. 232

The AllAroundJoe Fitness Podcast
Episode artwork
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Dr. Joseph Antoun is an anomaly in the health industry. He is a doctor that has gone the way of business, and works for a company that is all about fasting for health and longevity (same thing). If you want to live longer or quickly lose body fat, gain muscle, or just be healthier, this is where you want to be.

Jan 16 2020

1hr 3mins


5 Day Fast Mimicking Diet with Dr. Joseph Antoun

Proven Health Alternatives
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Dr. Joseph Antoun is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra, the leading Nutrition for Longevity Company. In this episode we dive into the science as to why the fast mimicking diet works.

May 02 2019



Redefining Medicine with special guest Dr. Joseph Antoun

Redefining Medicine
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Today's episode on Redefining Medicine features Joseph Antoun, MD. As CEO & Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra—the leading Nutri-Technology company, and developer of innovative Fasting Mimicking Diets—Dr. Antoun has been a lifelong proponent of improving public health through health policy reform & health system management. In creating a strategy that emphasizes ‘health care’ as opposed to ‘sick care,’ Dr. Antoun’s work focuses on a platform and technology that enables people to live healthier, longer lives. Through learning about the importance of the aging process in optimizing wellness, Dr. Antoun came across the powerful concept of intermittent fasting, and its capability in delaying the biological markers of aging: leading to the development of L-Nutra with Dr. Valter Longo. While Dr. Antoun’s extensive education has spanned some of the most renowned, illustrious institutions in the country including Johns Hopkins and Harvard, listen to him discuss how he ultimately discovered the critical importance of the main drivers of health: including food & nutrition, sleep hygiene, consistent exercise, and stress levels.

Jan 22 2019



#4 - Dr. Joseph Antoun

Diet Doctor Podcast
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Could fasting be the true fountain of youth? Looking at the science, it may just be. In this episode, Dr. Joseph Antoun walks us through the science and practical implications of using five-day intermittent fasts as a means for stem cell regeneration, autophagy, and longevity. As CEO of L-Nutra, Joseph is on the cutting edge of bringing the best of longevity research to the masses. Fasting may not be right for everyone, but after listening to Dr. Joseph Antoun you will come away with solid practical tips on how to make it work for you, and how to maximize your health benefits.

Oct 09 2018



Fasting Mimicking Diets, Biological Aging and Longevity – EP02: Joseph Antoun (L-Nutra)

Hyper Wellbeing
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Read the transcript

Chronological age constitutes the central risk factor for major pathologies that limit healthspan, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.

However reaching an old age does not necessarily though result in a higher degree of age-related disability. In other words there is great heterogeneity in the health outcomes of elders. This is evidenced by long-lived individuals from families expressing extraordinary longevity and with a lower prevalence of age-related diseases. They show “youthful” profiles for many metabolic and immune-related parameters and are considered “decelerated” or “healthy agers”.

The rate of aging is malleable, and poor health in late life is not inevitable. Contrary to the previously held belief that increased risk of diseases and disability with advancing age results from inevitable, as well as genetically determined intrinsic aging processes, more recent studies indicate that many of the usual aging attributes are due to lifestyle and other modifiable factors.

Organ systems throughout the body for example, show age-dependent declines in integrity even among young healthy people in their 20s and 30s. Targeting aging in younger, still healthy individuals should allow earlier intervention and damage avoidance. By the time chronic diseases are diagnosed, much damage is done and undoing it is difficult. It also stands to offset the economic burdens of a skyrocketing aging population blighted by multiple chronic conditions.

Today biomedicine takes on conditions one at a time (e.g. Alzheimer’s), rather than attempting to stall incremental cellular damage and changes (caused by unhealthy aging) that lead to multiple conditions. Economic incentives in both biomedical research and healthcare reward treating diseases in isolation more than promoting true health.

For the past three decades reliable indicators of biological age, rather than chronological age, along with determinants of healthy aging, has been pursued. (Chronological age refers to the actual amount of time you’ve been alive. Biological age is therefore a truer measure of age than date of birth. Chronological age does not change, regardless of how healthy a lifestyle).

Only recently has there been success in quantification of biological age. Complimentary, findings that aging can be delayed in mammals have raised the credibility of prolonging human healthspan.

The target to identify aging biomarkers was to improve upon chronological age as a predictive risk factor and to enable earlier, proactive interventions; particularly lifestyle changes (additions, subtractions, modifications).

Methods to quantify biological processes of aging are now showing promise. Biological aging measures are designed to capture subtle, organism-wide shifts in physiological integrity. To be truly useful, such measures need to be able to tell exactly where a person is in their total lifespan (therefore must be predictive of the rate of aging).

While life expectancy has increased remarkably over the last two centuries worldwide (due to hygiene, antibiotics etc.), healthspan is not keeping pace because current disease treatment often decreases mortality without preventing or reversing the decline in overall health. People are now sicker longer, often coping with multiple chronic diseases simultaneously. Thus, there is an urgent need to extend healthspan

Human lifespan variation is mainly determined by environmental factors (with food choices and patterns being primary), whereas the genetic contribution is 25-30% and expected to be polygenic. Therefore personalized diets and fasting strategies offer promise in optimizing human healthspan and lifespan.

In this second episode, Joseph Antoun, Chairman of the Board and CEO of L-Nutra Incorporated, shares his personal mission to grow the concept of biological aging. He describes his vision that by quantifying biological age and by pushing for its widespread adoption, new lucrative and transformative markets will be created. Namely aging, healthspan and longevity markets.

These markets will ultimately tilt healthcare in the direction “true health” rather than disease diagnosis and treatment of symptoms (that are themselves the primarily manifestation of aging), health pro-activity rather than reactivity and passivity.

True health encapsulates health aging. He alludes that healthy aging can be achieved by slowing down the rate of biological aging. Biological age “deceleration” he states increases healthspan. And when healthspan increases, lifespan also does. He states that when you can quantify that a technology or product slows (or even reverses) biological aging, you can then put a price on it, you can seek insurance reimbursement for example, you can influence government policymaking and markets naturally spring forth.

He introduces the concept of Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMDs), focusing on his company’s FMD offering ProLon®. He considers this the best example of a technology today that can slow (or even reverse) the speed of aging, thereby considering it to have the potential to prevent, intercept and reverse age related diseases.

He shares his view that eating too frequently (I.e. not fasting) and unhealthy food choices are the primary drivers of accelerated aging, and therefore early onset of age-related disease. As such our food consumption patterns and food choices could be the main intervention to improve our healthspan and longevity.

He laments that although food is such an important determinant of health, the food market is presently driven “by moneymakers, by marketing, by misconcepts, and by no science”. He claims however that the food and nutrition market is poised for innovation.

He closes out the interview by stating that L-Nutra is working on quantifying biological age, labeling it the “aging score” and that it’s due out October, 2018. He makes clear that he’d like to see easy access to the score, as well as directionality (acceleration or deceleration of aging) via the smartphone. He said that you only want to measure biological age occasionally, but directionality every couple of weeks to assess the efficacy of your lifestyle choices.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMDs) and the ProLon product from L-Nutra
  • Quantification of biological age and how it will enable the creation of new markets
  • Quantification of aging acceleration and deceleration
  • Food choices and biological aging
  • Fasting and biological aging
  • Caloric-restriction and biological aging
  • Healthspan vs lifespan, longevity vs biological aging
  • Need for healthcare to focus on biological aging instead of diseases of aging
  • Need for healthcare to become actual health care and enabling this by creating a market for aging, healthspan and longevity
  • Governments and insurance will need to change policy to reimburse proven diet and nutrition lifestyle changes (“food-as-medicine”)
  • The tragedy of healthcare system being reactive rather than proactive
  • Aging, healthspan and longevity are not recognized tracks by the FDA
  • The food market and the nutrition market is poised for innovation
  • Food the most important determinant of health but market is presently driven by moneymakers, marketing, misconcepts, and by lack of science
  • Physicians are not trained to see healthy people, nor how to keep people healthier, longer
  • For prevention, biological age should be focus as well as the lifestyle factors that impact the speed of aging
  • Curing age-related diseases such as cancer would not even have a great impact on longevity
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Aug 27 2018

1hr 14mins


How Dr. Joseph Antoun is Waging a War on Aging, with L-Nutra CEO Dr. Joseph Antoun

Awesome Office: Lead. Create. Inspire.
Episode artwork
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When you get to know Dr. Joseph Antoun, you quickly realize that he’s deeply curious about the world in which we live.

In fact, he’s a renaissance man of sorts. Dr. Antoun Holds a Master’s in Health Care Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, a Master’s in Public Health from Johns Hopkins, and an MD and MS from St. Joseph University. On top of that, he holds four separate executive positions at places like the Health Systems Reform, the University of Chicago, the Journal of Health Systems Reform at the academic side, and the Global Healthspan Policy Institute. (I’m exhausted just typing that.)

But we were most interested in L-Nutra, the company for which he serves as CEO, and that’s poised to be the single most disruptive nutrition company in the 21st century.

It all comes down to the science of fasting. According to Dr. Antoun and his fellow researchers, fasting could hold the key to preventing many of the chronic illnesses that occur later in life. In fact, Dr. Antoun contends that it’s no coincidence that these conditions occur in our golden years. It turns out, most are actually symptoms of aging itself.

The key discovery is that when we fast, our bodies go into a protective, regenerative state, effectively reverse the process of aging, and therefore helping prevent and delay the onset of age-related chronic illnesses.  

Building on these findings, Dr. Antoun and L-Nutra have developed a product called Prolon, meal kits that don’t register as food to the body. Prolon causes the body to enter a regenerative fasting mode, while still providing proper nourishment.

We dive into this and a whole lot more, including Dr. Antoun’s upbringing, his views on leadership, and why creating positive change means finding alignment in both the public and private sectors. Needless to say, this was a fascinating, illuminating conversation.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Antoun explains the science behind fasting, and how it has the potential to prevent chronic age-related illnesses.
  • Dr. Antoun explains why our healthcare system is broken - and why “sick care” might be a more accurate name for it.
  • Dr. Antoun explains the term “health span,” and why increasing our health span - not our lifespan -  should be the goal.
  • Dr. Antoun makes the point that age related diseases come in series, and they might be better thought of as symptoms of aging rather than as illnesses in their own right.
  • Dr. Antoun explains how they developed Prolon, how it works, and why it has the potential to disrupt healthcare as we know it.
  • Dr. Antoun talks about his upbringing in Lebanon during the Palestinian occupation, and how years of struggle and hardship shaped his personality and forged his formidable drive.
  • Dr. Antoun recalls his early days as a cardiologist, and how he actually lost patients simply because they couldn’t afford healthcare.
  • Dr. Antoun explains how his journey from medicine to public policy to business is actually part of a three-pronged strategy to affect change.
  • Dr. Antoun explains his role in the war against aging, and why there has to be alignment between the public and private sectors.
  • Dr. Antoun explains how he is able to hold so many executive leadership positions, and shares his number one leadership trait.


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