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Gartner’s Mike Ramsey on AVs Navigating 'The Trough Of Disillusionment' (Episode 55)

Shift: A podcast about mobility

Senior analyst Mike Ramsey discusses his consulting firm’s latest transportation-tech Hype Cycle report, realistic timelines for widespread self-driving vehicle deployments, the prospect of air taxis, and the new Jim Farley era at Ford.


17 Aug 2020

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The Analytics of Ethical Protest Response (w/ Mike Ramsey)

The Analytics of Dynasty Podcast

I bring on a special guest, my friend and former Chief of Security Forces.  We discussed the ethics of refusing an unlawful order, protecting constitutional rights, and more.We will be back to football next week.  In the meantime, head over to patreon.com/analyticsofdynasty to become a Dynasty Patron ($10/month) and get a daily podcast. 


5 Jun 2020

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6143 - Mike Ramsey

The Minnesota Wild Hockey PONDcast

Tom Reid talks to the former 1980 Olympian, Gopher and Wild asst coach


26 Feb 2020

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From Lesbian Moms to LDS Mission: Mike Ramsey

Everyday Saints

Mike and Valerie talk about what it was like being raised first by a single mother, then by two mothers in an LDS world.  Also raised heavily on anti-LDS propaganda due to his mother's disenchantment with the church, Mike still ended up serving an LDS mission, getting married in the temple and now has a successful entrepreneurial career and family.  

1hr 11mins

18 Nov 2019

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Episode 197: Mike Ramsey, Active LDS, Author

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler

My friend Mike Ramsey, married father of 4, joins us to talk about his new book published by Cedar Fort called ‘My Dad’s a Muslim, My Mom’s a Lesbian, and I’m a Latter-day Saint’. You can purchase the book at: https://mikeramsey.org/book-my-dads-a-muslim-my-moms-a-lesbian-and-im-a-latter-day-saint/. It will also be purchased as Deseret Book, Seagull Book or Amazon. Mike shares growing up without a father in his life and a lesbian mother. Mike became active in the Church, served a mission, and along with his life Hilary, are raising a family. Mike shares staying close to his mother Janet and her life partner Tina. It’s a beautiful love story of navigating complicated family dynamics to keep the family circle together. If you have LGBTQ people in your life, would like to minister to them, or are LGBTQ, I encourage you to read Mike’s book. Wonderful insights and gospel principals.

1hr 36mins

12 Nov 2019

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Little Toe & Frankie 7 - 24 - 19 With Mike Ramsey Live at Broad Street Burger Co.

The Little Toe and Frankie Show

We had a fantastic show last night with Mike Ramsey Live at Broad Street Burger Co. Mike is a great guitarist and vocalist and he is also a fine writer of original material. His songs tell stories that captivate the audience. Be sure and go see Mike August 2, 2019 at the Visulite Theatre in Charlotte the event link is here https://www.visulite.com/showDetails.cfm?showID=3052 we also want to thank Broad Street Burger Company for hosting us every 4th Wednesday of the month be sure and check out their awesome menu and beer selection.

1hr 32mins

25 Jul 2019

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DORK - Rachel and Mike Ramsey


This time around my DORK guests are Rachel and Mike Ramsey! Yes the Mike Ramsey of "Miracle on Ice" 1980 Gold Medal fame Mike Ramsey & my buddy & fellow K102 Personality Rachel Ramsey! We talk about clogs and powder-blue suits, Avril Lavigne t-shirt & skinny tie looks, Bobby Orr autographs, White House Championship visits, Game of Thrones ridiculousness and overall DORKINESS!


6 May 2019

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Being the Child of a Gay Parent in Latter-day Saint Culture | An Interview with Mike Ramsey

Leading Saints Podcast

Mike Ramsey lives in Burley, Idaho, with his wife and four children (ages two to nine years). He is president of Nifty Marketing, an internet marketing company, an author and speaker, and currently serves in his stake young men presidency. He was raised in a single-parent home with a lesbian mother, and his experience coming to terms with his his mother’s sexuality has taught him tools that other leaders can use to better connect with and support the youth they lead.Highlights8:00 Mike's mother’s struggles with the Church, dating his father, and acknowledging her same-gender attraction11:30 How Mike finally connected with his father14:30 His experience as a youth, learning about and dealing with his mother’s same-sex attraction18:00 His mother’s struggles with religion and living in a spiritual but inactive home21:00 Why he moved to his grandparents’ home, struggling with shame, and not knowing how to handle his mother’s sexuality23:10 How he started going to church with his grandparents and friends25:25 Wanting to belong: it’s hard to be different and no one was willing to talk about Mike’s experience growing up with a gay parent. Leaders need to be willing to talk with youth about what they are experiencing, and just listening. It’s not about the answer, but about the conversation.29:15 Most youth want to learn how to live their lives and need leaders to open the door for conversation by sharing their own genuine life experiences. Youth need to hear the vulnerable experiences about how adults struggled as they were growing up. Shame is eliminated when we talk openly about our own lives.34:45 The cultural experience in the Church where no one is willing to talk about mistakes or transgressions they have experienced, and how that creates shame. This is changing as the Church is embracing transparency, but the transparency of sharing difficult life experiences hasn’t yet been embraced by everyone.38:05 Example of Alma the Younger and how approaching the Atonement that way facilitates trust between leaders and youth39:10 Trusting the bishop: Kurt’s experience as a bishop with a young man who only went to see him because his mom told him to40:30 Building trust as a bishop42:00 How youth leaders can help youth who are afraid to open up to their bishop43:40 Mike’s mission experience and creating connections of trust with his mission president, who was open and willing to love his missionaries. Experiencing sanctification through the Holy Ghost when he was finally able to connect to a leader who was willing to be vulnerable and accepting.50:50 Finally coming to terms with his shame and struggles about his mom’s sexuality, her difficult choices, and finally accepting who she is55:45 We are all broken in big and little ways, and fall short of the perfection of God. Asking questions, listening, and seeing people through the Savior’s eyes can help us be accepting of each other.

1hr 1min

25 Nov 2018

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2018 Trends In Cutting Tools and the Manufacturing Industry with Mike Ramsey of Kennametal

MAKING CHIPS Podcast for Manufacturing Leaders with Jason Zenger & Jim Carr

This episode, recorded live at a recent conference, consists of a conversation between Jim and Jason and their guest, Mike Ramsey, Global Vice President of The Industrial Diversified Market Unit at Kennametal. Kennametal is a global manufacturer of cutting tools, mills, drills, taps, and more, so Jason and Jim thought it would be great to ask Mike about the newest cutting tool advances and his perspective on the future of manufacturing. Mike shares insight into the newest cutting tool technology, the power of automation, the need for a new generation of skilled metal workers, and more, so don’t miss it. Connect with us:www.MakingChips.com/contact PCD use in manufacturing PCD tools (polycrystalline diamond) are one of the items Mike Ramsey pointed to as an example of cutting tool innovations that are making a huge difference in the manufacturing industry. Many people think of PCD as being used only for finish machining, but some PCD cutting tools are now durable enough to be used in a much wider range of applications. Mike points to the more common use of aluminum in the automotive and aircraft industries as examples of what has caused PDC tools to be improved and to become more useful. Mike mentions a handful of other cutting tool innovations in this episode as well, so don’t miss it. Carbon Reinforced Polymer Fibers make new styles of cutting tools a necessity Carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a material that is growing in popularity and being applied in a wider and wider range of applications. Its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance make it ideal for automotive and aerospace uses. But CFRP is not exactly friendly to many cutting or drilling tools. It can cause the tool geometry to wear down in a matter of minutes. That requires cutting tool manufacturers like Kennametal to go back to the drawing board to come up with cutting tool solutions that don’t have the same disadvantages. In this conversation, Mike Ramsey explains some of the newer tools available and why it’s important for manufacturers to make the switch as soon as possible. Today PVD coatings on various cutting tools enable many advantages One of the major costs of any manufacturing operation is the replacement of tools. Therefore, manufacturers do everything they can to extend the life and usability of the tools they purchase. One of the enhancements to tool technology mentioned by Jim and Jason’s guest, Mike Ramsey is the implementation of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). Coating appropriate tools in this manner can bring about increased performance, improved productivity, reduced wear and friction, and more. Get the inside story on PVD coatings and discover if they may be of benefit to you, on this episode of Making Chips. How Mike Ramsey and Kennametal stay ahead of the competition Every manufacturer is looking for ways to be more competitive and superior to their competitors. Jim and Jason asked Mike Ramsey what he’s seen successful manufacturers do that those who are unsuccessful do not do, as well as what should be done to stay ahead of the competition. In answer to the first question, Mike says those who are not afraid to implement automation are the ones who are succeeding. And in order to stay ahead of the competition, Mike advises manufacturers to be aware of what’s going on in the metallurgical end of the market (What are the materials being cut?), listen to your customers in order to better understand and meet their needs, understand where the market is going, and know what’s being developed in the machine tool industry. That’s the information that will enable you to know what you need to do to supply customer needs and stay ahead of your competition. Here’s The Good Stuff! [0:08] The MFG introduction to Jason and Jim at their live podcast recording [5:22] The increasing growth of the manufacturing industry [9:07] Introducing Mike Ramsey of Kennametal [10:28] The latest trends in cutting tools [14:17] Cutting tool advances and the leap frog with machine tools [17:20] What’s happening in other parts of the world that the U.S. should consider [18:52] The biggest challenges Kennametal faces in the future: demographics [20:18] How Mike and Kennametal stay ahead of the trends [21:25] The difference between manufacturers who are growing and those that are not [23:08] Advice for a successful career in the manufacturing business [26:31] What are you doing to automate and bring up the next generation? Tools & Takeaways Kennametal The IMTS Website This Week’s Superstar Guest Mike Ramsey - Global Vice President of The Industrial Diversified Market Unit at Kennametal Connect With MakingChips www.MakingChips.com On Facebook On LinkedIn On Instagram On Twitter On YouTube Subscribe to Making Chips on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, or Spotify


15 Mar 2018

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ParrishFletcher 1980: Miracle On Ice Special W/Neal Broten & Mike Ramsey

The Spirit of Hockey

HOLY BUCKETS......not one, but TWO members of the 1980 Miracle On Ice team, Neal Broten & Mike Ramsey, join the podcast to share their experiences in the greatest moment in sports history as well as prepping Fletcher for the Miracle On Ice Fantasy Camp, coming up in March.


31 Jan 2018