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EP 38 James Krieger Financial Planning, Investing, And The Risks Of Crypto

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

James Krieger returns to share practical financial advice for fitness professionals. We wade heavily into the risks and problems with the rise of Crypo in our industry. James details his success with, and approach to trading and the traps to avoid. We talk about how get rich quick mentality ties into the same mentality about losing weight and getting in shape fast. Check out this episode and James's work to learn more about how to develop a long term sustainable approach to your finances. We also talk about how to approach pivoting away from a full time fitness career as your career progresses. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefitnessdevil/support


25 May 2021

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Interview with James Krieger on Volume & Volume Cycling for Hypertrophy

The Beauty and The Geek

In this episode, Layne interviews James Krieger, someone we consider to be at the forefront of evidence-based nutrition and training recommendations. He has a master's degree in nutrition and a second master's degree in exercise physiology. He has published research in journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the Journal of Applied Physiology. He runs weightology.net and has his own research review (that we are subscribed to). He is also a professional day trader and co-founder of FitProFinancial, which specifically helps fitness pros manage their finances. Layne and James go DEEP into the latest science on training for hypertrophy as well as fat loss. They discuss the role of volume and new concepts such as volume cycling. This episode is one of my (Layne) personal favorites and it actually made me adjust my training based on some of the ideas that were discussed. You definitely do not want to miss this one! You can find James on Instagram @james.krieger, his website, https://weightology.net, and you can find out more about FitProFinancial at https://fitprofinancial.com Get our new nutrition coaching app, Carbon Diet Coach, for iOS and Android to get custom nutrition coaching for less than $10/month: https://joincarbon.com Get our books on how to lose fat: https://www.biolaynestore.com Take my online course "The Science of Nutrition": https://cleanhealth.edu.au/product/science-of-nutrition Get custom workouts by us for $12.99/month: https://www.biolayne.com/members/workout-builder Find Layne and Holly on Instagram @biolayne and @hollytbaxter ---- Post-production by Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd) and David Margittai (inpostmedia.com) © 2021, Biolayne LLC. All rights reserved.

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20 May 2021

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EP123: How to Succeed with Your Diet Long Term & the Coaches Guide to Financial Health w/ James Krieger

Vigor Life Podcast

Vigor Life Podcast · EP123: How to Succeed with Your Diet & A Coaches Guide to Financial Health w/ James Krieger James Krieger is a scientist, trainer, bodybuilder, and author of the Weightology Research Review. He has a master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Florida and another in exercise science from Washington State. James also started Fit Pro Financial to help coaches develop financial health and learn how to manage and invest money so that it works for them. I catch up with James to talk about the principles that help anyone succeed with nutrition long-term. We also break down some myths that have become obstacles for people to simplify and win when it comes to their diet. In the second part of the podcast, we dive into financial habits for coaches and how to be “financially healthy”, touching on principles, mindsets, as well as specific strategies to help you build your bank account and security. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN Why most people who try to lose weight succeed, they just didn’t succeed at keeping it off (a bigger obstacle for most). The number 1 predictor of weight loss is dietary adherence – it’s by far the most important thing (and most difficult since our brains are wired to work against us). Why the Western-style diet overrides your signals of appetite regulation and makes you want to eat more food (without realizing it) and how to avoid that minefield. Why there is no “best diet” and the question that will help you determine which nutrition approach to go with. Why introducing as many barriers as possible can be a good strategy for weight/fat loss. The reason “working for your food” is a key strategy in success. 5 powerful strategies/rules for your daily nutrition that help clients achieve sustainable results. Why tracking your food even for a short period of time can be helpful for awareness (and what to do if you don’t want to track). A template I use with clients that have been successful at getting results without tracking calories. The reason less variety is a GOOD thing for nutrition success (and some studies on buffets that confirm why a lot of choices is detrimental). The reason exercise is SO important when it comes to maintaining weight loss (the scientific data is overwhelming on this). Why you MUST have a plan to not fall back into your old habits when you’re transitioning into “weight maintenance.” What is reverse dieting and why its more of a mental trick than it is a physiological adaptation that “protects your metabolism.” How being unfit and obese affects your decision-making and mental outlook in the world (and why strength training is a keystone habit). Why the financial habits of the average American are NOT good, and just like nutrition, is a skillset you must build. We dive into what and how. How James made money, lost it all, and then rebuilt it back up with rules and structure and what you can learn from it (and why being a day trader is the hardest “easy money” you’ll make). 2 BIG lessons when it comes to investing and trading. 3 out of 4 Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency (when the goal should be 6-12 months – we’ve learned that with COVID). Don’t buy s@*t you don’t need (filter it and factor in needs vs wants). My rules for whether to buy something or not and when to put it into investments (and what categorizes investments). James’ 4 principles to live by to be financially healthy. And much, much more… LINKS AND RESOURCES Weightology: https://weightology.net/ Fit Pro Financial: https://fitprofinancial.com/ James Krieger Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/james.krieger/ Vigor Life Podcast (iTunes): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/vigor-life-podcast/id1180256583?mt=2 Luka Hocevar YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ29YcBh-g6onRujX3wD_XA?view_as=subscriber Luka Hocevar Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lukahocevar/ Thanks so much for joining me this week. Have some feedback that you’d like to share? Leave me a review on iTunes.

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26 Feb 2021

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#271-James Krieger: "Fitness Science Explained"

Revolutionary You!

James Krieger returns for his 4th appearance on the show this week. Check out Episodes #67, #79 and #159 for more of his insight. This week, we discuss his new book, co-authored with Michael Matthews: "Fitness Science Explained". In this episode, James and I dive into what you should consider when you're trying to understand fitness and nutrition studies, how journalism can impact what you see both positively and negatively and how you can interpret studies better for yourself and your goals. Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.  To learn more about the work of James Krieger, to subscribe to his monthly research review and to purchase your copy of the new book:  www.weightology.net www.facebook.com/james.krieger1 www.instagram.com/james.krieger To learn more about your host:  www.jasonleenaarts.com www.revfittherapy.com www.facebook.com/jason.leenaarts www.instagram.com/jasonleenaarts You can also like our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/revolutionaryou To purchase my new book, "A Revolution A Day":  www.amzn.to/2R9Larx 


17 Sep 2020

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The Great Weight Vest Experiment w/ "Dr" James Krieger

The Pump

Last year Eric Lee Salazar enlisted the help of (honorary Dr.) James Krieger in pursuit of his eventual IFBB pro card. Eric had an idea, "what if I wear a weighted vest all day long? Think it will make prep easier?" In this episode we talk with James about the limited research and the potential mechanisms to the results that followed. This is a topic that is so fascinating and the potential downstream effects are really mind blowing. What really determines our weight? The answer might lie in our bones. :30 Introducing "Dr" James Krieger 3:00 The inception of the weighted vest experiment 5:00 Rodent gravitostat research 10:00 Energy flux 13:00 Why upping cardio isn't always the answer 18:00 Move more 22:00 Potential for osteopenia research? 24:00 Potential mechanisms 29:00 Real world applications 36:45 How impactful are metabolic adaptations? Are diet breaks needed? 44:00 Soft skills in coaching 48:00 James's infamous physical assault on Dr Mike Israetel 53:00 Psychology of the vest 60:00 Outcome vs mechanism https://weightology.net/

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22 Jun 2020

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Episode 5 with James Krieger: NEAT, Fat loss & the Metabolism

The Build with Bickle Podcast

Today's guest is non-other than James Krieger. In this episode, James and I talk about Non-exercise associated thermogenesis (NEAT), its within the metabolism and fat loss.  James Links: Website: https://weightology.net/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/james.krieger/ Thank you for listening to the podcast. Make sure you subscribe and leave a 5-star review. If you’re interested in working with me or for more helpful information, head over to one of the links below: Apply for coaching: APPLY Website: www.buildwithbickle.com Instagram: ian_bickle_coach Free Ebook and Recipes: HERE I’d hugely appreciate if you could share it with your friends, family, work colleagues or anyone that you feel would find this podcast helpful. Share by taking a screenshot and share it on your Instagram story or newsfeed and tag me (ian_bickle_coach) Thanks again


19 Jun 2020

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Pro Tips to Live a Dynamic Lifestyle Series Episode #27 with James Krieger

Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast

Episode #27 with James Krieger on our New Series Pro Tips to Live a Dynamic Lifestyle. In This Episode You Will Learn: James’s TOP tips to get through this pandemic His POWERFUL thoughts on how coaches can still serve their clients and be a leader more than ever His advice on how he would REBUILD his business if it were completely wiped out James’s PROVEN strategies on how people can still stay in shape during the pandemic If you’re looking to learn some of James’s tips so you can thrive in your lifestyle during this pandemic …then Tune in Let me know what you think of it and please help us share this episode. Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/chrisandericmartinez/ and see the full Show Notes to this episode here https://www.liveadynamiclifestyle.com/ Follow James on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/james.krieger/ Checkout his website here https://weightology.net/about-james/ PS: ARE YOU READY TO ADAPT AS A FIT PRO? Are You Looking to Add Online Training to Your In-Person Training Business! If You Want to Learn the Secrets to Create More Income, Influence, Impact, And Independence… Then Get On The Waitlist For Our New Book “Rise Of The Fit Pros” and Grab Your Free Gifts here https://www.riseofthefitpros.com/waitlist32903626


26 May 2020

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James Krieger on How Many Sets You Should Be Doing (and Why)

Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews

“How many sets should I do?” “When should I add more volume and how?” These are questions I get all the time, and especially lately. That’s because some recent studies have shown that basically, the more you do in the gym, the more you grow. Some studies suggest that doing as many as 40 sets per muscle group per week results in more growth than doing 20 sets. Is that really true though? And if so, how many sets should you be doing every week for optimal growth? Should we just do as many sets as possible? And on the opposite side of the coin, is there a minimum amount of volume we can get away with? To help answer these questions, I invited James Krieger back onto the podcast. Not only is he a published scientist and researcher, but he’s an accomplished writer who’s published a humongous treatise on training volume on his blog Weightology. His work is a legitimate “bible” on training volume that’s examined just about every study you’d be able to find on this hot topic. In this episode, James enlightens us on … - The different methods of counting volume and which one’s best - How many sets beginners should do and how that changes as you get more advanced - Whether you can “resensitize” your muscles to volume increases - If you should “cycle” your volume - How to specialize certain muscle groups - And a lot more! So, if you want practical guidelines on how much volume you should do for optimal training, and how to keep making gains, and breach plateaus, listen to this episode. 7:02 - What is volume? 8:56 - Why do you prefer number of hard sets over total reps? 10:13 - How much volume should I be shooting for, for each of the major muscle groups? 14:23 - Why do you have to up the stimulus from intermediate to advance weightlifting? 20:02 - At what point should you consider doing more, how far can you take it, and why? 26:37 - How would you approach focusing on one major muscle group? 36:16 - With the studies that showed growth with lower volumes, were those with experienced weight lifters? 37:22 - Is there a point where volume doesn’t become a stimulus anymore? 45:11 - What are your thoughts on direct versus indirect volume? 49:42 - Where can people find you and your work? --- Mentioned on The Show: James Krieger's Website: https://weightology.net/ Shop Legion Supplements Here: https://legionathletics.com/shop/ --- Want to get my best advice on how to gain muscle and strength and lose fat faster? Sign up for my free newsletter! Click here: https://www.legionathletics.com/signup/


4 May 2020

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The Science of Body Metamorphosis ft. James Krieger

The Michael Caz Podcast

James Krieger is a man of many hats. As a Scientist, Researcher, Coach, and Entrepreneur, one might consider him a jack of all trades. James owns Weightology, an online platform designed to help educate you on best scientific practices for build lean muscle mass and burning excess body-fat. In today’s episode James shares his story on how he transitioned from Computer Science to Exercise Science. We also discuss, diet wars, achieving full body metamorphosis, and the idea of “thinking about what you’re thinking”.  This episode is full of tips that will help you find adherence to your diet, taking control of your environment, and how to transform the way you think about things. Topics: 07:10 - Intro 16:50 - Computer Science to Exercise Science 21:48 - Weightology 23:00 - Adherence & Success 32:40 - Control your environment for diet adherence 36:00 - Diet wars 53:00 - Thinking about your thinking 62:20 - Habits & exercises for thinking clearly Links: weightology.net Instagram Twitter Books: How We Know What Isn’t So - Thomas Gilovich The Hungry Brain - Stephan Guyenet Science As A Candle In The Dark- Carl Sagan Case Closed - Gerald Posner Reviews: If you love this podcast please click HERE to leave me a review. It energizes me to keep doing these as well as pushes us higher in the rankings. Thank you all for the support. Follow us on Instagram @brute.strength.

1hr 9mins

20 Apr 2020

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James Krieger | Muscle Gain

The Fitness Gentleman's Podcast

I talk to James Krieger about training for muscle growth. Sets, reps and frequency of training all covered plus the outcomes of James' own research on himself.


13 Mar 2020