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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kilian Jornet. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kilian Jornet, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kilian Jornet. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kilian Jornet, often where they are interviewed.

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An Interview with Champion Ultrarunner and Mountaineer Kilian Jornet

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He’s won some of the most prestigious ultra marathons in the world and holds the fastest known time for the ascent and descent of Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Denali and Everest.  On this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, Brad and Steve ask runner and mountaineer Kilian Jornet about what drives him and how his motivation has changed over his 10+ year career.  Jornet also shares strategies for pushing through low points, his relationship with risk and how he defines success and failure.

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Aug 12 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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#100 - Kilian Jornet | Chronology Of Significant Activities [ENGLISH]

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Which achievements in the history of alpinism, running, climbing and skimo has had a significant impact on the way we practice our sport? Join one of the people that has had the biggest impacts as he breaks down the spreadsheet he calls "Chronology of sigificant activities" - starting from the year 663 when En no Ozunu climbs Mt Fuji in Japan.

For a richer experience with photos and video watch the video version of this interview on Youtube.

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May 24 2020 · 1hr 48mins

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Après-Hour 5: Kilian Jornet

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You know all about his athletic achievements, but what does Kilian Jornet think about pressure and expectations? What is it like to be alone on Everest? And why does he believe it's important to make time to be outside? Listen to the answer to these questions in the 5th edition of the Salomon Après-Hour Podcast.

Apr 09 2020 · 48mins
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The Adventure Podcast Episode 68: Adventure Badass Kilian Jornet

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On this week's episod we induct ultrarunner, ski mountaineer, alpinist, and all-around outstianding athlete Kilian Jornet into our pantheon of adventure badasses. Dave and Kraig breakdown the reasons why he is worthy of that lable, but first they share updates from the mountaineering season in Pakistan, updates from the Tour de France, and an epic polar journey undertaken by an Arctic fox. In our gear segement, Kraig shares his thoughts on two solar panels for keeping your tech charged in the otudoors, while Dave takes a look at a great sleeping bag for kids from Big Agnes.

Jul 09 2019 · 1hr 39mins

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#66 Pushing Your Limits and Discovering Yourself with Kilian Jornet

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When was the last time you were completely alone?  Not alone by modern standards, but truly alone - with no mobile phone or outside influences providing information to your brain. Can you think of a time? Global icon, prolific mountain runner and guest on this week’s episode, Kilian Jornet believes that it is only when you take away the storm of information, that you can discover what your true priorities are. And for him, the mountains are the tool to do just that. Not only do they allow him to explore the beauty of nature, they allow him to discover himself. He explains that by pushing his body to its limits, all the masks that he wears in everyday life are removed and he is able to find out who he really is.

Kilian and I discuss the benefits of solitude, failure and visualisation. We delve into Kilian’s amazing feat of climbing Everest twice in one week and talk about how immersing oneself in a challenging situation can be a form of mediation. Finally, Kilian shares some brilliant tips to help us all connect with ourselves and live our best lives.  I found Kilian’s single-minded drive to live the life he wants to live truly inspiring – I hope this conversation inspires you too. 

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Jun 12 2019 · 1hr 15mins
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FKTOY Europe Awards, Part 2, with Kilian Jornet - #25

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FKTs of the Year in Europe...what an inspiring list! Kilian Jornet was the #1 men's FKT of the Year in Europe for his effort on the Bob Graham Round. Hear from Kilian himself in this new episode.
Mar 15 2019 · 57mins
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56: Finding Your Limits- Kilian Jornet

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This week we speak to world champion ultrarunner and skimountaineer, Kilian Jornet. We discuss how and why he attempts these feats, the fastest known times for ascent and descent of of the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Denali, and Mount Everest, and what goes through his mind in times of adversity.

We discuss his attributes- how is he able to recover so quickly from challenging events and races, and how he learns about physiology of athletes in an effort to improve his performance.

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Nov 19 2018 · 49mins
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Episode 159 - Kilian Jornet Bob Graham Round Special

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Episode 159 of Talk Ultra is a Bob Graham Round special with a full and in-depth interview with Kilian Jornet. In addition, we bring you two interviews with Paul Aitken and Steve Birkinshaw who helped pace Kilian, amongst others, on this record breaking FKT.

Jul 13 2018 · 1hr 29mins
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Episode 148 - Kilian Jornet

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Episode 148 is a Kilian Jornet Special - It is in-depth and discusses the whole #SOML Summits of My Life project and we talk about Kilian's approach and ethos in regard to his adventures, in particular Everest. The interview is not about trying to prove what Kilian has achieved! This is about providing a voice and hopefully in that process, many aspects will be made clear.

Dec 15 2017 · 2hr 47mins
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Episode 43 - Kilian Jornet, Krupicka, Grant, Bragg, Bosio, Picas

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We have an extended and in-depth interview with Kilian Jornet about his Matterhorn Summit record. We have a selection of audio from the TNFUTMB – Rory Bosio, Anton Krupicka, Joe Grant, Nuria Picas and Jez Bragg. We speak to Jo Meek who placed 2nd lady at MDS and what the future holds for her. We have Talk Training, the News a blog, smiles and miles with Emelie Forsberg and of course, Mr Speedgoat.

Sep 06 2013 · 4hr 4mins