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Stewart Friedman: How to be a Better Parent

The Sydcast

Summary of the Show With Father's Day (and Mother's Day) just recently celebrated, it seems a good time to talk about parents and their unwavering role as leaders in the household. That's right, leaders. My friend Professor Stewart Friedman has spent a good part of his career advising leaders on life, and in his most recent book, Parents Who Lead, he connects the dots between parenting and leadership. It’s a fabulous idea, immediately practical and meaningful for so many of us. Stewart and I discuss what parents do and how they can do it even better, why striving for work-life balance is the wrong goal, and what practical exercises couples can do to be happier individuals, and parents.Syd FinkelsteinSyd Finkelstein is the Steven Roth Professor of Management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He holds a Masters degree from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. Professor Finkelstein has published 25 books and 90 articles, including the bestsellers Why Smart Executives Fail and Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent, which LinkedIn Chairman Reid Hoffman calls the “leadership guide for the Networked Age.” He is also a Fellow of the Academy of Management, a consultant and speaker to leading companies around the world, and a top 25 on the global Thinkers 50 list of top management gurus. Professor Finkelstein’s research and consulting work often relies on in-depth and personal interviews with hundreds of people, an experience that led him to create and host his own podcast, The Sydcast, to uncover and share the stories of all sorts of fascinating people in business, sports, entertainment, politics, academia, and everyday life. Stewart FriedmanProfessor Stewart Friedman is a podcast host, program leader, and author of the book Total Leadership as well as Co-author of the book Parents Who Lead, a new publication. Stewart has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and has presented doctorial work within the area of Organizational Psychology. Stewart spent some years of his academic career working at The Wharton School where he developed the Wharton Work/Life Project which was an initiative that collected data from students and alumni in hopes of uncovering the intersection between career and life interests. In 1999, Dr. Friedman took his academic findings to the corporate world where he worked at helping organizational leaders to better integrate home life with work life. While working at Ford Motor Company Friedman was the senior executive for leadership development, there he created Total Leadership which is a program to help leaders develop not only qualities for work but also everyday home life. In the latest publication, Parents Who Lead, Dr. Friedman, and his co-author translate their experiences and research findings into helping parents who are leaders within the household- although that may not be how they see it. Insights from the episode: Information on how leadership can help people to become better parents not only for their own kids but for communities as a whole. Details on tactics that can be implemented to improve partner relationships such as activities that ask people to write a leadership vision statement.Advice for people wanting to be successful while raising kids - Work-Life Integration. How to create a sense of harmony, consistent with your values and living the life you want to live. Advice for parents working from home with kids who are now homeschooled during COVID-19. Information on the importance of creating boundaries for the family as well as creating boundaries for employer-employee relationships. Strategies for managing and maximizing time both for work-life and parenting. Quotes from the show: On creating a work-life balance and why Stewart Friedman prefers to use the term ‘work-life integration’. - “The idea of balance is faulty and impossible” - Stewart FriedmanOn creating a work-life balance and why Stewart Friedman prefers to use the term ‘work-life integration’. - “The problem with the balance metaphor is that it assumes win-lose. For one part of your life to be successful the other has to sacrifice”. - Stewart FriedmanOn creating a work-life balance and why Stewart Friedman prefers to use the term ‘work-life integration’. - “You can’t have everything all at once but you can find creative ways to integrate all the things you want “ Stewart Friedman On leadership “Social comparison is such a powerful mechanism for motivation -for- almost anything in life” - Syd Finkelstein On leadership and social comparison - “Social comparison is a losing game -unless you are the miracle one person who wins all the time- but you cannot ignore it at the same time.” - Syd Finkelstein On Parenting during COVID-19 and being honest when speaking with children “That’s a recipe for psychological disaster to pretend that it’s not real” - Stewart FriedmanOn COVID-19 “Don’t be afraid to be afraid” - Stewart FriedmanOn setting boundaries “You have to speak up. You are in control of your own life” - Syd Finkelstein On managing and maximizing time - “If you tell me how people are spending their time, I can tell you how they are living their life” - Syd Finkelstein Stay Connected:Syd FinkelsteinWebsite: http://thesydcast.comLinkedIn: Sydney FinkelsteinTwitter: @sydfinkelsteinFacebook: The SydcastInstagram: The Sydcast Stewart Friedman Website: Total LeadershipPodcast: Work and LifeLinkedin- Stew FriedmanSubscribe to our podcast + download each episode on Stitcher, iTunes, and Spotify.This episode was produced and managed by Podcast Laundry (www.podcastlaundry.com)


22 Jun 2020

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Stewart Friedman: Be a Better Leader And Have a Richer Life

Lead From the Heart

What percentage of people would say they’ve ever had a really great boss? In an ideal world, most of us could recall a long list of past and present managers who fit the bill. But we know highly caring & supportive managers remain rare in most workplaces. As evidenced by consistently low employee engagement scores around […] The post Stewart Friedman: Be a Better Leader And Have a Richer Life appeared first on Mark C. Crowley.


8 May 2020

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Parenting Through the New Norm: Tips for Connecting with Your Kids During Stressful Times – Dr. Stewart Friedman : 685

Bulletproof Radio

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is a leading voice for change in social and corporate policy to bring greater harmony between work and the rest of life—especially for parents.Stewart Friedman currently is an organizational psychologist and professor of management practice at the Wharton School. He’s an award-winning professor and bestselling author who founded Wharton’s Leadership Program and its Work/Life Integration Project nearly 30 years ago. Flexibility is a big part of that integration, and the timing couldn’t be better. The realities of working at home—with kids—is settling in for many familiesA simple acknowledgement of “I'm a human being beyond the work exchange that we're doing right now, and so are you, so let's deal with that,” is necessary, Stew says. “We're being forced to do that now and I think that that's helping everybody. It does require, as I say, some adjustment and flexibility, but I think if you negotiate it just a bit up front it makes everything a lot easier.”In his new book, “Parents Who Lead: The Leadership Approach You Need to Parent with Purpose, Fuel Your Career, and Create a Richer Life,” parents learn how to apply leadership principles to their parenting style and drive values in ways that benefits the whole family. In our discussion, Stew gives great tips on how parents can uplevel their parenting game, especially during this time when coronavirus is forcing so many of you to make changes to your home and family life.“Parents who lead are those who have a sense of what matters to them and they're figuring out, just as we all are, each day a new way to take a step in a direction that's closer and closer to that world that they see as a better tomorrow for them and the people that they care about,” Stew says.Enjoy the show! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


8 Apr 2020

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Parenting with Leadership with Stewart Friedman and Alyssa Westring

The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast)

What’s the difference between managing your family and leading them? Do you know your values as a family and your vision of how it should operate? If the answer is no, don’t worry. You’re pretty much just like everyone else. We often have learned to be leaders in our work and our community, but rarely do we use these skills when we come home with our kids. With packed schedules and hectic days, it’s all we can do to make it to bedtime, but today we’re going to talk about how leading your family brings you closer together, makes decisions easier, and opens up new possibilities in other areas of your life. Today we have Stewart Friedman and Alyssa Westring on the show. They are organizational psychologists and the authors of Parents Who Lead: The Leadership Approach You Need to Parent with Purpose, Fuel Your Career, and Create a Richer Life. They’re going to give us the skillset we need to lead our families and plan and prioritize our lives around what truly matters to us. This show will totally change the way you look at your role as a father. Don’t miss this chance to create the family life you always dreamed of! For the show notes and exclusive links mentioned in this episode go to gooddadproject.com/260. Join the Free Dad Edge Facebook Group at gooddadproject.com/group. Apply for The Dad Edge Alliance at gooddadproject.com/alliance. Follow us on Instagram at @thedadedge!


6 Apr 2020

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356: Stewart Friedman - How To Parent With Purpose & Fuel Your Career

The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk

The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk Text LEARNERS to 44222 for details Full show notes can be found at www.LearningLeader.com 356: Stewart Friedman - How To Parent With Purpose & Fuel Your Career Notes: Sustaining excellence = "they take seriously the idea that it's not just about work. It's about life." --> Know what you care about... "It takes courage to look inside yourself." Ask yourself, "What am I here to do?"  For Stew, "I'm here to help people grow as leaders and make an impact on the world." What Stew learned from his time as a cab driver: Patience... Everyone is unique. You see how people treat others.  "It created a love of geography." There is a lot of perspective to be gained from working in the service industry. Stew was hired to run the leadership development program at Ford It was important to connect with everyone around him "Be respectful of all people you interact." Humbled -- "I realized I knew nothing when I went to Ford." "I get up there and devise what the next 10 years will look like... And talked about myself the whole time. A key leader pulled me aside and said, 'What the F are you doing?'" Be WHOLE - It's about you as a whole person both at work and at home. "Firms that fully embrace the needs and interests of the whole person will win today's competition for the best talent." "Leading is about mobilizing people toward valued goals." Learn how to talk with others and show them that you truly value you... LISTEN "Ryan, you're one of the most important people to me in my life..." What does the team need from the leader? values, vision, an understanding of the stakeholders The leadership leap: You must care about people Understand the specific priorities Ask, "What am I missing?" Total Leadership: Projection - "If you had control, what would you be doing?" "What's distinctive about you?" Get clarity on what you care about right now Identify the most important people in your life Be innovative -- Constantly experimenting Create 4 way wins: Business Family Community Personal Take initiative - "What's a win for your company? Your boss?" "At the individual level, you need to examine what you truly value, share this with key stakeholders in various life domains both to get feedback and support, and then to experiment with new ways of doing things so that - over the arc of a life - you can achieve harmony and have more of what it is that you uniquely want out of life." Work life integration is a more useful term than work life balance. "Balance is the wrong metaphor." The four elements, where do you devote your attention? Do an assessment - Take 100 points... Divy up how important each of the following are based on your actions: Work Home Community Self Do you find yourself saying, "I'm not paying enough attention to the things that matter to me." "It's like a jazz quartet. Four people paying attention to each other, improvise, respond, make something beautiful over time." "The only failure is the failure to learn from conscious and deliberate efforts to make things better, even if those attempts fall short of the mark." Writing Parents Who Lead -  Crafting a collective vision. "What does our life look like?" The question to ask: "How do you be you?" "The courageous ones are able to bring that question forward..."

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15 Mar 2020

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Stewart Friedman on the Urgency of Leadership in Parenting

Elevate with Robert Glazer

Stew Friedman has focused much of his career on studying work/life integration and advocating for a better environment for working parents. He is the founding director of the Wharton Leadership Program at University of Pennsylvania, a best selling author, and an award-winning professor who inspires “rock star adoration from his students,” according to the New York Times.  His latest book, Parents Who Lead, shares how working parents can balance their responsibilities and build a better future for themselves and their children. Stew joined host Robert Glazer on the Elevate Podcast to talk about his research into working parents, why this issue is so urgent, and ways that parents can excel personally and professionally.


10 Mar 2020

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Parents Who Lead with Wharton Professor Dr. Stewart Friedman. Ep 136

Best of Both Worlds Podcast

Laura and Sarah open with some discussion of their current reading lives -- recent good books, to-be-read lists, and more. Then, they welcome Dr. Stewart Friedman, Wharton Business School Professor and co-author (along with Alyssa Westring) of Parents Who Lead: The Leadership Approach You Need to Parent with Purpose, Fuel Your Career, and Create a Richer Life. Dr. Friedman talks about work/life integration (rather than balance) and the change he has seen (and helped bring on!) throughout his career. In the Q&A, a listener writes in her frustration with mid-day PTA meetings as a working parent. Capital One Walmart Rewards Card: Get 5% back at Walmart online, 2% back at Walmart stores (plus restaurants + travel!), and 1% everywhere else Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


10 Mar 2020

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435: 40.00 Stewart Friedman - The full conversation - WORK LIFE INTEGRATION

Play to Potential Podcast

GUEST Stewart D. Friedman is a professor at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and the founding director of the Wharton Leadership Program and Wharton’s Work/Life Integration Project. He has been on the Wharton faculty since 1984 and became the Management Department's first Practice Professor in recognition of his work within the fields of Leadership Development, Human Resources and Work–Life Integration on the application theory and research on the real challenges facing organizations. In our conversation, we spoke about how Dr. Friedman thinks about 4 domains - Self, Work, Home and Community and how we can harmonise across the four domains by going after what he calls “4 way wins”. He also talks about positive spill-over effects from one domain to another and urges us not to see these choices as trade-offs but as porous elements with osmosis across them. He goes on to talk about how we can craft experiments and interface with the various stakeholders to create a life that in line with what we care about and what matters to us. Published in Feb 2019. HOST Deepak is a Leadership Advisor and an Executive Coach. He works with leaders to improve their effectiveness and in helping them make better decisions specifically around organizational and career transitions. He currently runs Transition Insight (www.transitioninsight.com) and works with leaders to handle phases of transition thoughtfully. He has worked as an Operations Consultant with KPMG in UK, Strategy Consultant with McKinsey in the US and as a Leadership Consultant with EgonZehnder (a Swiss Leadership Advisory firm) where he helped companies recruit CEOs, CXOs and Board Members and worked on Leadership Development. Deepak is a certified CEO Coach and is an alumnus of IIT Madras, IIM Ahmedabad and London Business School. His detailed profile can be found at https://in.linkedin.com/in/djayaraman OTHER GUESTS 1.Vijay Amritraj 2.Amish Tripathi 3.Raghu Raman 4.Papa CJ 5.Kartik Hosanagar 6.Ravi Venkatesan 7.Abhijit Bhaduri 8.Viren Rasquinha 9.Prakash Iyer 10.Avnish Bajaj 11.Nandan Nilekani 12.Atul Kasbekar 13.Karthik Reddy 14.Pramath Sinha 15.Vedika Bhandarkar 16.Vinita Bali 17.Zia Mody 18.Rama Bijapurkar 19.Dheeraj Pandey 20.Anu Madgavkar 21.Vishy Anand 22. Meher Pudumjee 23.KV Shridhar (Pops) 24.Suresh Naraynan 25.Devdutt Pattanaik 26.Jay Panda 27.Amit Chandra 28.Chandramouli Venkatesan 29.Roopa Kudva 30.Vinay Sitapati 31.Neera Nundy. 32.Deepa Malik 33.Bombay Jayashri. 34.Arun Maira 35.Ambi Parameswaran 36.OP Bhaat 37.Indranil Chakraborty 38.Tarun Khanna 39. Ramachandra Guha DISCLAIMER All content and opinions expressed in the podcast are that of the guests and are not necessarily the opinions of Deepak Jayaraman and Transition Insight Private Limited. Views expressed in comments to blog are the personal opinions of the author of the comment. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Company or the author of the blog. Participants are responsible for the content of their comments and all comments that are posted are in the public domain. The Company reserves the right to monitor, edit, and/or publish any submitted comments. Not all comments may be published. Any third-party comments published are third party information and The Company takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability. The Company reserves the right, but is not obligated to monitor and delete any comments or postings at any time without notice.

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13 Feb 2019

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Stewart Friedman, Practice Professor of Management, The Wharton School

HR Leaders

Episode #33 - We are joined by Stewart Friedman, Practice Professor of Management, The Wharton School. Watch the video footage from the podcast here: http://bit.ly/HRDLeadersPodcast.Stew’s Wharton Faculty Page Work/Life Integration Project Total Leadership Work and Life PodcastSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


20 Nov 2017