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Episode 016: Making and Breaking Habits with Charles Duhigg

The Decision Education Podcast

How can we make our unintentional habits work in our favor? Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, and New York Times best-selling author, joins your host, Dr. Joe Sweeney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Decision Education, to talk about the power of looking beyond binary choices, evaluating our own thinking, understanding our own “habit loops,” and building the most powerful habits of all - the ones that help us think more deeply. Charles also shares revealing insights into the most common mistakes we all make - it’s not the ill-advised actions that cost us most dearly, but the missed opportunities that we fail to even see.


11 May 2022

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What The Heck Happened To SPACs — With Charles Duhigg

Big Technology Podcast

Charles Duhigg is a Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter and the author of Smarter Faster Better and The Power of Habit. He joins Big Technology Podcast to discuss what's happened with SPACs — special purpose acquisition companies — that seemed ready to revolutionize the IPO process just last year but have now fallen out of favor. Duhigg explains SPACs' rise, their decline, and what the financial world will look like once they settle into place. We also spend the first ten minutes discussing Elon Musk's Twitter bid and whether he's flying a bit too close to the sun.Come chat with about this episode with me here on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6922620355924647936/You can find Duhigg's story here: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/06/07/the-pied-piper-of-spacs


20 Apr 2022

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Charles Duhigg ON: How to Hack Your Brain to Change Any Habit Effortlessly & the Secret to Making Better Decisions

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Do you want to meditate daily with me? Go to go.calm.com/onpurpose to get 40% off a Calm Premium Membership. Experience the Daily Jay. Only on CalmJay Shetty sits down with Charles Duhigg to talk about forming habits, how to think more deeply, and our overall well-being. Habits are deeply ingrained in us, we do them unconsciously and automatically. This is why many people find it difficult to drop negative habits and form positive ones. It is difficult and would often require strong willpower and clear motivation. Yes, it’s difficult but never impossible.Charles Duhigg, journalist, a New York times bestselling author. He wrote the Power of Habit and Smarter, Faster, Better, which talk about productivity habits, and the science behind it. He joined the New York Times as a staff writer in 2006 and was part of the team that won the 2013 Pulitzer prize in explanatory journalism for the iEconomy, a series that examines the global economy through the lens of Apple. Want to be a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach? Get the Digital Guide and Workbook from Jay Shetty https://jayshettypurpose.com/fb-getting-started-as-a-life-coach-podcast/What We Discuss:00:00 Intro02:37 Interest in human behavior05:14 Judgment, guilt, and criticism10:08 The golden rule of habit change16:51 Developing habits often need external reward20:13 We retain negative memory stronger than the positive ones25:17 What are implementation intentions?28:03 How to make it easier to take the first step?35:25 Slow down and make deliberate choices43:38 When does being productive become a bad thing?48:40 Why a sense of well-being is more meaningful56:28 What matters is what we do on average everyday01:00:28 How to make To-Do lists work01:07:25 Allow yourself to think more deeply01:10:06 Charles on Final FiveEpisode ResourcesCharles Duhigg | LinkedInCharles Duhigg | TwitterCharles Duhigg | FacebookCharles Duhigg | Website

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11 Apr 2022

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How to Use To-Do Lists to Be More Productive with Charles Duhigg

The EntreLeadership Podcast

Join us as our host, George Kamel, talks to Charles Duhigg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and the bestselling author of Smarter Faster Better and The Power of Habit. Charles explains his process for writing a successful to-do list and how this method can help you focus on your priorities and accomplish your goals. Later in the episode, George sits down with Kassidy Slamer, the senior director of service operations at Ramsey Solutions, to talk about how to find efficiencies on your team to be more productive. You’ll also learn Kassidy’s tips for helping your team get quick wins. You’ll learn: A tip to get more done on your to-do list If your to-do list is killing your goals How to stop people from stealing your time How to boost your team’s efficiency Support our sponsors: BELAY: https://bit.ly/351P9AE Hite Digital: https://bit.ly/HiteDigital NetSuite: https://bit.ly/NetSuiteEntre Exodus 90: https://bit.ly/Exodus90Entre Kyro Digital: https://bit.ly/KyroDigital Links mentioned in this episode: The EntreLeadership Podcast: https://bit.ly/TheEntreLeadershipPodcast Charles Duhigg’s website: https://bit.ly/3CPczGF Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg: https://amzn.to/3hZCUYH The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg: https://amzn.to/3w7qJBg Zendesk: https://bit.ly/37q4oov Download the EntreLeadership Goal Tracker: https://bit.ly/3pYdmQb Share your feedback with Tim, our producer: https://bit.ly/3bJOSmi Learn more about EntreLeadership Events: EntreLeadership Summit: https://bit.ly/EntreLeadershipSummit EntreLeadership Master Series: https://bit.ly/EntreLeadershipMasterSeries Learn more about EntreLeadership Coaching: Elite: https://bit.ly/EntreLeadershipElite Advisory Groups: https://bit.ly/EntreLeadershipAdvisoryGroups Executive Coaching: https://bit.ly/EntreLeadershipExecutiveCoaching Workshops: https://bit.ly/EntreLeadershipWorkshops Weekly Report Tool: https://bit.ly/WeeklyReportTool Listen to all the Ramsey Network podcasts anytime, anywhere in our app. Download the Ramsey Network app: https://apple.co/3eN8jNq


21 Mar 2022

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Use Science To Control Your Habits w/ Charles Duhigg


How often are you exhausted by being busy all the time, but not ever feeling very productive?  Do you get frustrated that you’re not closer to living the life you dreamed of?If so, get ready to download some KNOWLEDGE that’s going to CHANGE how you live. One of the ways your brain is REMARKABLE is that it is always searching for ways to conserve energy by being more EFFICIENT.  And one of the most important ways it does this is by steering you toward what you already know.And what you already know are your HABITS.The science behind HABITS and PRODUCTIVITY is a fascinating topic.  Once you understand how habits are formed, you can apply this knowledge to your life and create MASSIVE POSITIVE CHANGES.This week, I’m excited to discuss exactly how you can do that with one of the TOP EXPERTS in this field.  CHARLES DUHIGG is a Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter and the author of “Smarter Faster Better,” about the science of productivity, and “The Power of Habit,” about the science of habit formation in our lives, companies, and societies.  He’s also a veteran journalist who has written for the New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine and is a frequent contributor the shows such as This American Life, N.P.R., The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, and Frontline.He’s spent years studying the NEUROLOGICAL UNDERPINNINGS of habits and productivity, looking closely at HOW HABITS ARE FORMED, the importance of CUES, the psychology of NEAR MISSES (Hint: pay close attention to what Charles has to say about gambling in Las Vegas), and why it’s important to create and enjoy REWARDS when you engage in positive habits.If you’re a business owner, top executive, or leader of any kind, you’ll want to hear Charles’s take on how KEYSTONE HABITS can change an organization.  As you can already figure out, the right organizational habits can not only lead to huge increases in positive work culture and your BOTTOM LINE, but they can often spell the difference between whether a business ultimately succeeds or fails as well.In practical terms, Charles will also tell you HOW TO CREATE NEW HABITS, engage in the practice of DIRECTED FOCUS, and why STARTING SMALL is one of the keys to making sure new habits stay locked in.If you’re concerned about efficiency in your life (as you should be!), Charles Duhigg is going to teach you how to SAVE TIME AND MONEY, be more PRODUCTIVE, and GAIN CONTROL so you can lead a HAPPIER and more BLISSFUL life.And that’s a HABIT we should all strive for…


8 Mar 2022

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Change your habits, change your life!: Book Insights on The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Book Insights Podcast

*Good habits, as moral codes and religion have taught us since time immemorial, create a good life, but it is only in the last 30 years that neurology and psychology have developed habit formation and self-discipline into a science.  *The Power of Habit was one of the first books to bring this emerging science to a popular audience, and it makes for fascinating reading.  *Considering various examples, from Olympic swimmers to high-flying CEOs, individuals to organizations and societies, Duhigg reveals how changing habits can change fortunes and transform lives. Theme 1: Individual Habits - 0:29 Theme 2: How Habits Work - 7:50 Theme 3: Organizational Habits - 14:40 Like what you hear? Be sure to like & subscribe to support this podcast! Also leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the episode. You can also get a free weekly email about the Book Insight of the week. Subscribe at memod.com/insights Want quick save-able, share-able bullet points on this book? Check out the Memo: https://memod.com/WorkingOnWellness/how-do-habits-work-120 HEAR THE FULL INTERVIEWS MENTIONED IN TODAYS' EPISODE HERE: Duhigg, C. (2019). The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg at TEDxTeachersCollege. [online] YouTube. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMbsGBlpP30&feature=youtu.be&t=188 [Accessed 19 Mar. 2019]. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO BOOK INSIGHTS. READY FOR MORE LEARNING? Get unlimited access to our entire collection of Book Insights on over 100 nonfiction bestsellers with a subscription at http://memod.com/insights Full Title: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business Year of Publication: 2014 Book Author: Charles Duhigg To purchase the complete edition of this book click here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007EJSMC8/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_DCPJ5QESGAASW5HXZR88 Book Insight Writer: Dinsa Sachan Editor: Tom Butler-Bowden Producer: Gabe Mara Production Manager: Karin Richey Curator: Tom Butler-Bowden Narrator: Kristi Burns


26 Jan 2022

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Episode 540: Happy New Year!-CHARLES DUHIGG, THE POWER OF HABIT (2012)

Free Forum with Terrence McNally

Hello, this is Terrence McNally.  As we begin the new year, declaring resolutions and setting goals, here’s  my 2012 conversation with Charles Duhigg about the ideas in his book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. We also talk about his 2012 NYT Investigative series re Apple's Labor Practices.


14 Jan 2022

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EPISODE 635 - Charles Duhigg // An Intentional and Productive Life

Catalyst Podcast

In this episode of the Catalyst Podcast, Brad Lomenick sits down with journalist and habit guru Charles Duhigg for a wide-ranging conversation covering calling, the great resignation, the importance of curiosity in life and relationships, and much, much more. Listen in as Charles encourages us to be intentional about our habits to live productively and fulfill the calling that God has for us. Keep up with Charles:  Instagram: @charlesduhigg Facebook: Charles Duhigg Twitter: @cduhigg Website: https://charlesduhigg.com


13 Jan 2022

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#146: Creating Powerful Habits with Charles Duhigg

Young and Profiting with Hala Taha

Ever wonder how our brain creates habits?Today, we are talking with the Habit master, Charles Duhigg! Charles is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, a best-selling author, a former New York Times Reporter, and current a writer for the New Yorker Magazine. His book The Power of Habit, was on the NYT Bestseller list for over 3 years and has inspired a generation to create stronger habits in their lives. He is also the host of the How To! Podcast. His other book, Smarter Better Faster is also a NYT bestseller.He is the founding host of the How To! podcast with Slate and the recipient of the George Polk award, the Investigative Reporters and Editors Medal, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, and other honors. Charles speaks to a wide variety of audiences on topics ranging from how habits emerge and change within lives and companies to how idea brokers generate creativity.In this episode, we hear about Charles’s childhood and his journey to becoming a writer. We’ll discuss Charles’ time as a reporter in Iraq and how his time there put him on the path to studying habits. We’ll also hear break down the key components to creating habits, and how a place like McDonalds can unknowingly affect our habits! If you want to learn critical skills to create meaningful habits, keep listening!Sponsored by - Jordan Harbinger - Check out jordanharbinger.com/start for some episode recommendationsProse - Go to Prose.com/yap for your FREE in-depth hair consultation and 15% off.AthleticGreens - Visit athleticgreens.com/YAP and get FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase.Shopify - Go to shopify.com/profiting, for a FREE fourteen-day trial and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of featuresSocial Media:Follow YAP on IG: www.instagram.com/youngandprofitingReach out to Hala directly at Hala@YoungandProfiting.comFollow Hala on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/htaha/Follow Hala on Instagram: www.instagram.com/yapwithhalaFollow Hala on Clubhouse: @halatahaCheck out our website to meet the team, view show notes and transcripts: www.youngandprofiting.comTimestamps:00:47- Charles’ Childhood and Journey Into Writing01:26 - The Power of Habit Origin01:57 - Working in Iraq5:39 - Habits in the Military6:05 - What is A Habit7:05 - Anatomy of the Brain9:00 - Difference Between Memory and Habit9:30 - Components of A Habit16:30 - Cravings and How They Relate to Habits18:00 - Mcdonalds And Cravings21:20 - Supermarkets and Habits24:24 - Social Media and Habit Loops27:51 - How To Change A Habit32:03 - Keystone Habits35:51 - Charles’ Secret to Profiting in LifeMentioned In The Episode: The Power of Habit- https://charlesduhigg.com/the-power-of-habit/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


20 Dec 2021

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067 | The Power of Habit Author Charles Duhigg + 12 Productivity Books to Read

H3 Leadership with Brad Lomenick

New York Times bestselling author, Charles Duhigg, is our guest. Charles is the author of The Power of Habit and Smarter, Faster, Better. He's a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for The New Yorker and a popular speaker. We discuss The Power of Habit, his to do list, why curiosity is key and much more. Plus, the 5 Things from the Internet segment and 12 Productivity Books to Read. Make sure to check out http://h3leadership.com to access the list and all the show notes. Thanks again to our partners for this episode: Impact Leadership Conference—grow as a leader for FREE by attending the Impact Leadership Conference, hosted by Highlands College in Birmingham, AL. http://impactleader.com/h3. Happening Wednesday, December 8th, 2021. Learn from leadership expert John Maxwell, Chris Hodges and more. Register today to attend FREE of charge at http://impactleader.com/h3. And World Vision—Sign up for the FREE Soul CARE series at http://worldvision.org/h3, now with a new segment called Right Side Up Soul Care, a free practical resource in which Danielle Strickland and leaders in the global Church share how they have learned to practice their faith and feed their soul through difficult circumstances. Sign up at http://worldvision.org/h3.


3 Nov 2021