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ITTV #9 - Xan Barksdale: Mr. Catching-101 talks all things Catching

Indiana Twins Baseball Podcast

In this episode of Indiana Twins TV (ITTV), Scott Haase is blown away by the amount of information Xan Barksdale, Mr. Catching-101, shares! If you haven't already, please subscribe! Xan played Division 1 baseball, 3 years in the Atlanta Brave organization, coached and is the catching coordinator for the USA National Teams. He started CatcherCON, a weekend clinic for the catching family out there that is looking to learn from the brightest minds in that field. Xan's YouTube page has had over 2 million views. When you type "catching drills" into YouTube, Catching-101 is the number one resource to use. We also discuss the newest product to the Catching-101 shop which is the throwing journal. Can't recommend this enough for the serious baseball player that is looking for a leg up in literally every category of the game from performance, to nutrition, to pain and especially recruiting.

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16 Nov 2020

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Developing the modern day Catcher - Xan Barksdale

Patrick Jones Baseball

I didn't forget about the guy behind the dish! So many times we forget about arguably the most important position player on the field, the catcher.The guy who takes control of the game and leads by example. In this episode, we bring on Xan Barksdale, the founder of catching-101.com. Xan is a former division 1 college baseball coach at Lousiville and East Tennessee State.After coaching college baseball for nine years he decided that in order to help more players he needed to take advantage of the internet and spread his wisdom though books DVD, Camps, and speaking engagements.He hosts a catching conference every year called Catcher Con in Nashville Tennessee. We go over technology and how it has helped evaluate catchers, pitch framing, blocking, drills, and the importance of the bullpen. Running catching-101.com and Catcher ConRecruiting a defensive first catcher.Technology has now allowed us to evaluate catchers.Receiving is #1, blocking and throwing would be #2 and #3Can't put a metric on pitch framing at younger levels. Trained eye.Some coaches like players to be raw behind the dish, can mold them.Coaching at Louisville and East Tennessee StateCoaching college baseball for 9 years.Why Xan decided to stop coaching at the college level.Can reach a lot more people onlineJoining USA BaseballConsulting with organizationsCatchers Conference in Nashville, TennesseeDo Catchers need to be the loudest player on the field?The importance of the bullpen. Coaches force catchers to be activeNo more than two pitches go buy before catcher speaksApplying 'feel' to work with pitchersDrills - keeping it simple. Should be focused on one specific thing See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


29 Jun 2020

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FIO Baseball with Xan Barksdale

Figure It Out Baseball

Tune into this podcast to listen to FIO Founder Jeff Stanek talk all things baseball with Xan Barksdale. Xan is a former college and professional baseball player and coach, author of Catching 101 and currently with USA Baseball!


17 May 2020

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52: Xan Barksdale REVEALS HIS SECRET How to succeed in business even when you are a new.

How To Keep More Money Podcast

Xan Barksdale is a professional baseball player and professional athletic trainer. Find out how he started his eCommerce and online fitness training without any previous experience or knowledge but just held on to one thing. His passion for baseball.  Reach out to Xan https://www.instagram.com/xanbarksdale/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to make $100k in 30days? Take the challenge --> https://orangeenergi.com/ofachallenge Free Summit with your favorite speakers coming up soon, register here: https://waymoregymclients.com/theshow Want to know how to get more customers? https://calendly.com/orangeenergimarketing/discovery-meeting --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/howtokeepmoremoney/message

1hr 8mins

8 May 2020

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Xan Barksdale: Building a Successful Baseball Business

The Secrets to Winning with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

My guest on this week's episode of The Secrets to Winning is Xan Barksdale, founder of Catching-101.com, the web’s top resource for those who suit up behind the dish. As a former pitcher, it was awesome to have a conversation with a catching guy as there is this seemingly automatic bond between pitcher and catcher. Throughout his career as a collegiate player (Ole Miss) and coach (Louisville), Barksdale has been a highly sought after speaker and clinician, speaking at some of the nation’s most well-attended baseball gatherings such as the ABCA National Convention, Pitch-A-Palooza and various youth baseball podcasts across the globe.


31 Jan 2020

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Episode #56 The Evolution of Strength Training and the Importance of Testing and Tracking Progress for Development with Xan Barksdale

Muscles and Management

*SHOW TIMESTAMPS FEATURED AT THE END*In this episode Gerry welcomes former Ole Miss Catcher and current Eastern Tennessee and USA Baseball Development Coach Xan Barksdale.To start, Xan provides some insight on his background and personal playing career, shedding some light on the college recruiting process and how Junior College can be a good avenue for those who are late to develop or need some time to seek further opportunities.From there, Gerry has Xan walk through his strength training experiences from his early career, all the way up to his time at Ole Miss with a veteran and respected strength coach. Things have changed greatly when it comes to the landscape, readily accessible information and application of programming in strength training and Xan's experiences show just that.To finish up, Gerry reads some of Xan's tweets regarding topics such as testing for strength and conditioning and the importance in determining athlete readiness, the need for tracking progress in strength training, sports and nutrition and why it is important to not think you always have all the answers. The two expand into deeper conversation on the tweets, giving some practical insight to help athletes and coaches.All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!Show Timestamps:9:00- Tweet of The Week12:52- Xan’s High School Training Experience16:15- Transition to College Training20:50- Xan’s Early Training Influences26:10- Xan’s Hitting Training34:27- Not Playing Division I is OK41:18- Xan’s College Training45:13- 1RM Testing?51:00- Xan’s Take on the Shift in Training Today52:30- Using Your BS Filter57:25- Xan’s Philosophies1:01:00- Discussing Xan’s Tweets1:09:35- Behavior Change & Throwing Journal1:15:30- Question Askers & Answer GiversSupport the show (http://www.challengerstrength.com)

1hr 20mins

22 Jan 2020

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Xan Barksdale- USA Baseball Coach, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Writer, and Fitness Freak


In Episode 21 of BachTalk I got to sit down with Xan Barksdale. This past summer, Xan was the Bullpen Coach for the USA Colligate National Team. He traveled to Chinese Taipei and Japan during this stint. Before USA Baseball, Xan was an Asst. Baseball Coach at the University of Louisville from 2006-2011. He was then an Asst. Baseball Coach at East Tennessee State University from 2011-2015. Xan is the owner of two businesses Xan Barksdale Baseball and Zeni Athletics. He wrote a book called Catching 101 which was a huge success and one of the first true catching books that was put onto the market. He has become a fitness freak. He has competed in bodybuilding competitions participating in the classic physique category. He also appeared in Men’s Health magazine to show his crazy fitness journey. Xan is a true “Renaissance man” and has been a big inspiration in my life. Please join me in hearing Xan’s story and “Always Remember Be Yourself”.

1hr 3mins

25 Nov 2019

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S3E33 // Nutrition, Physical Development & Champion’s Mindset in Pro Baseball w/ Xan Barksdale

The Performance Nutrition Podcast

In Season 3, Episode 33 Dr. Bubbs interviews baseball performance consultant Xan Barksdale. A baseball coach with Team USA and former professional baseball player, Xan shares his sporting background and how training and physical preparation has changed over the last 20 years. He also discusses the key role of off-season training in athletic development, how much is enough, and the potential pitfalls of early sport specialization. Xan also chats nutrition in baseball; current trends he’s seeing in athletes, how supplementation impacts baseball performance and navigating travel nutrition in young athletes. Finally, Xan discusses the importance of mindset in baseball and the evolution of baseball performance in the next 5-10 years.


28 Oct 2019

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YBE Top 8: How To Teach Catching (Part 1) with Xan Barksdale

The Youth Baseball Edge Podcast with Rob Tong: Coaching | Drills | Strategy

Re-airing the Top 10 most downloaded YBE sessions leading up to the May 30, 2017 return of YBE to new episodes from a multi-month hiatus, this episode featuring Xan Barksdale is the 8th most popular episode.  Originally episode #13, Xan Barksdale, founder of catching-101.com, breaks down how to teach catching to your youth catchers in part 1 of a two-part interview. This session originally aired Feb 9, 2016. Please let us (and others) know how you feel about the show by giving us an honest review & rating on iTunes!


5 Apr 2017

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Archives - Episode 7 - Catching up with Xan Barksdale

ABCA Podcast

The ABCA welcomes Xan Barksdale from Catching 101 to "Calls from the Clubhouse" to discuss aspects of development around the catching position. Topics described include the essentials of a great catcher, how to implement skill development for catchers in practice planning along with various drills and coaching cues to improve receiving, blocking and throwing. Barksdale also offers insight into developing winning relationships with umpires and direction for non-catching coaches to strengthen their knowledge of the position.


3 Aug 2016