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12-20-20 "All You Need is Love" - Ben Steel

Evergreen Church

|All You Need is Love |Matthew 22:36-40 | Finding Your Story in God's Story. Ben Steel, Preaching. Char Forslund, Storyteller


26 Jan 2021

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#34 Ben Steel Speaks On Overcoming Rejection & The Entertainment Industry

It Ain't Weak To Speak with Sam Webb

Behind the glamour and excitement of the entertainment industry, there is an alarming dark place where many creative people find themselves.  Research shows that within the industry, anxiety symptoms are 10 times higher, depression 5 times higher and suicide rates are double the national average. International actor, film maker and mental health advocate, Ben Steel joins me today to discuss his own journey with mental health and the challenges that many creatives like him are facing. Sam and Ben discuss the audition process and how they deal with the constant rejection that goes hand in hand with being an actor.  They talk about the pressure put on creative people and how it’s so easy to take things personally and Ben shares what he has learned about how to deal with his emotions and feelings as they come up. For anyone interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, this episode is a must listen for you. Please rate and review the podcast if you enjoyed it. Much Love, SW. For the full show notes and to learn more, head to www.livin.org @livinorg @iambensteel #itaintweaktospeak. Join us on our Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/itaintweaktospeak/to share your story, breakthroughs, challenges, and to connect with other people to learn more about positive mental health.


6 Dec 2020

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09-20-20 - "God's Story, Our Story" - Ben Steel

Evergreen Church

God's Story, Our Story | Genesis 2-3Ben Steel, preaching.


21 Sep 2020

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06-28-20 "Wicked" - Ben Steel

Evergreen Church

Psalm 13 - "Wicked"Ben Steel, preaching.


9 Aug 2020

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Ben Steel – The Show Must Go On

The Music Real

In the Music Real E100, I talk with Australian Actor, Ben Steel, who is also the Director of the groundbreaking documentary The Show Must Go On which exposed the mental health challenges for so many people in the Entertainment Industry. I’ve been telling this story since March – giving people a platform to share their voice and story to create a big picture perspective on every single human that has been impacted in our industry through no fault of their own – big or small – front of house or behind the scenes. Ben’s story shines a spotlight on the people who give up so much to be a light in the lives of those they entertain. We hear about how lockdown impacted his plans for 2020 as he shares his strategies for healthy mental health during lockdown. https://themusicreal.com.au/2020/07/25/ben-steel-the-show-must-go-on


25 Jul 2020

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SOUND CHECK Episode 20: Ben Steel


Sound Check is a series of discussions about mental health and wellbeing in the music industry. Today we chat with Ben Steel; the filmmaker behind The Show Must Go On, a documentary exploring why there are so many arts and entertainment workers developing and struggling with anxiety, depression and substance abuse.    Available now via ABC iView: https://iview.abc.net.au/show/show-must-go-on


20 Jul 2020

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MAA #095: With Ben Steel

Mental As Anyone

Interview with Melbourne-based Actor and Filmmaker Ben Steel, who has worked in the entertainment industry his whole life, and most recently completed a 3.5 year journey of creating a brilliant documentary called The Show Must Go On. The documentary was released late last year and is a must-see about mental health and wellbeing in the entertainment industry. Catch it on ABC iView until 4 July 2020. Ben has also worked around the world both in front of and behind the camera, and has many directing and acting credits to his name. We discuss: the elevated statistics in regard to mental health challenges in the entertainment industry, Ben’s personal struggles with mental health, society's lapse in teaching psychological wellbeing, experiencing an identity crisis, the instability of freelance and contract work, unhelpful vs helpful coping strategies, pursuing happiness vs pursuing wholeness, the mind-shift that it can be in some ways a gift to experience depression, the importance of self-kindness, issues with external validation, the importance of being able to maintain perspective, taking control of the things that are in your control, the book Soul Shifts by Barbara De Angelis, the impact of the suicide of Ben’s acting mentor while making the documentary, the need to keep taking small steps and reach out for support, the book Living with a Creative Mind by Julie and Jeffrey Crabtree, reconnecting with surfing, the value in seeking or re-engaging with hobbies and interests, following your own personal take on meditation, the concept of minute meditations, Ben’s super power, and Ben’s message that you are not alone and there is help, support and love for you no matter who or where you are in your life, and that there will always be a way through.


18 Apr 2020

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S1 Ep 11 - Phil Haslam & Ben Steel

Band of Runners

Rob and Simon are joined by Simon's friends Ben and Phil.  Both runners and listeners of the podcast keen to give the boys their opinions on this ever increasingly successful running podcast.

1hr 16mins

29 Aug 2019

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06-23-19 "Blessed Assurance" - Elise & Ben Steel

Evergreen Church

Blessed Assurance | Revelation 21:1-6What is your story? What is your song? Perhaps that which defines us is greater than our present reality. Elise & Ben Steel, preaching.Sydel McKim, storyteller.


25 Jun 2019

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08-12-18 "A Clean Fight: How the Early Church Argued" - Ben Steel

Evergreen Church

A Clean Fight: How the Early Church Argued | Acts 15:1-29If you think there was some golden age of yester-year when Christians all got along then you're sorely mistaken. Acts 15 tells the story of the first major argument within the newly formed followers of Christ. This week we look at how the Church learned to disagree and compromise in a way that allowed the fellowship of believers to stay intact during a highly divisive time and how we can carry that same Sprit into our disagreements today.Ben Steel preaching.Daniel Gest, storyteller.


14 Aug 2018