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Ep.32 W/ Chef Kelsey Murphy - WINNER OF MASTERCHEF SEASON 11!


Kelsey Murphy is the season 11 champion of MasterChef, not only did she juggle work and being on the show but is also a mother of 3 kids! She managed to balance all of that and claim the title of MasterChef! Wanna hear her story and how she quit her full time job to focus on cooking full time? It's all available here!


29 Mar 2022

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Real Talk with Kelsey Murphy about Life & Running a Coaching Business - Behind the Scenes Chats

The Cathy Heller Podcast

What are the simple structures and methods to be an amazing and profitable coach? Cathy and her friend, life and business coach Kelsey Murphy nerd out about what it takes to build a business that supports the expansive lifestyle you desire, how to get over the big fear of charging and receiving payment, and how to help yourself and others get out of the scarcity mentality.- Follow Kelsey Murphy @kelseymurphyLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 15mins

8 Mar 2022

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How to Get Your First Coaching Clients & Grow Your Business with Podcasting - Kelsey Murphy

The Cathy Heller Podcast

How do you launch a coaching business and get your first clients? Kelsey Murphy, life and business coach, B School mentor, and podcaster returns to the show to share her advice on how to price your coaching services, use podcasting to scale any business, and come back home to what makes you truly happy.- Come join our Free 3 day Podcasting Bootcamp! https://cathyheller.com/bootcamp- Want more content from Cathy? Sign up for the Insiders Club for weekly minisodes + exclusive videos from Cathy https://cathyheller.com/insider- Get more of Kelsey at https://www.kelseymurphy.com/- Follow Kelsey on Instagram @kelseymurphy- Listen to Kelsey's Whiskey and Work Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts- Thanks Cove! Get 50% off your first month + Free 2 day shipping at Withcove.com/dreamjobLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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16 Sep 2021

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[WORK] Ep.188 Tips to Create Work-Life Balance w/ Kelsey Murphy

You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

Get your own copy of Ashley’s new book You Turn at youturnbook.com! Do you spend more time at work than you would like? This week Ash talks to Kelsey Murphy a business and life coach and the founder of Whisky and Work Community to discuss work-life balance.     The average employee works five extra hours of work a week. This added time adds up and can cause strain on your work-life imbalance. It may feel like life is a “this or that” mentality even though you want it all. Kelsey shares how to prioritize your life, no longer feel stuck, and what actions you can take to feel in flow with your career. If you struggle to take action, this episode is for you! Kelsey and Ash walk through very specific actions you can take today to create momentum, build a mindset of action and understand where to shift your focus in order to thrive. It IS possible to create balance in your life, and here is where you can start. In This Episode, You’ll Learn: What the ideal work-life balance can look like for you. How to find quality time with your kids while you work. How to find passion in your life and create a career path you love. The value of following your curiosity. Where You Can Find Kelsey Murphy: https://www.kelseymurphy.com/ Listen to her Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/whiskey-work-podcast/id1436358396?mt=2 ORGANIFI Want to upgrade your health? Visit organifi.com/youturn and enter code YOUTURN to get 20% off at check out!  Here are some of Ash’s favorite goodies to put in your next coffee, tea, water or smoothie: ✨Pure Powder: Lion’s Main extract, aloe vera and ginger extract are just a few of the superfoods packed into this powder to improve your mental clarity and overall brain health. 🥬Green Powder: Packed with spirulina, chlorella, and ashwagandha, to increase your immunity and aid your digestive tract. 🍦Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder: A soy-free, dairy-free, 100% vegan protein that tastes like a milkshake and yet is packed with amino acids and MCT’s to speed up metabolism, quench cravings and improve recovery. 🌟Gold powder-  A yummy anti-inflammatory superfood powder packed with reishi mushrooms, turmeric, cinnamon and magnesium to support restful relaxation and recovery. SOUL CBD Here is something just for you to sleep more deeply, reduce stress and heal anxiety. Visit ashleystahl.com/soul and use the code YOUTURN at checkout for 15% off your order! Soul CBD products are all organically farmed, gluten-free, and have absolutely NO THC in them. It’s solely clean CBD to help you calm your stress or anxiety so that you can sleep well and be the best you possible! Here are a few of my personal favorites: 🍊Orange Cream Gummies Try one gummy each evening to treat your little sweet tooth and experience improved sleep quality.  💧CBD Oil Droppers  Enjoy the support from these oil drops to get your body back into better homeostasis. This little oil dropper is perfect to throw into your purse if you are on the go, or want to add a little extra to your cocktail or water glass.  💊CBD DREAM Capsules These capsules are great to have if you are traveling for work or joy and are ready to get a good night’s sleep. Each capsule has 25mg of pure CBD AND 2.5mg of melatonin to lull you off into a peaceful sleep cycle. SANEBOX  Tired of digging through your inbox to find the emails you actually want to read? Sign up for Sanebox at  https://www.sanebox.com/youturn It is time to feel sane when you open your mail! Click on this exclusive link to automatically get a $25 credit applied to your account AND get a 14-day FREE trial.


14 Jul 2021

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Boundaries You Need to Set to Maintain a Work-Life Balance Feat. Kelsey Murphy

Help Me Work Online, Esther!

In this episode, I chat with business and life coach Kelsey Murphy, all about how to maintain boundaries in your personal and work life as we go through seasons of change. We break it down for you with some step-by-step tips and tricks you can use in your life starting today. And we also share some tools to help you with any short and long-term biz goals you have!


28 Jun 2021

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Marketing from a Place of Passion with Kelsey Murphy

All The Write Marketing

Subscribe: iTunes I  Spotify I Google Play Music I In this episode on All the WRITE Marketing, Maria Dismondy talks with Kelsey Murphy a Business and Life Coach, about how to use your passion and your why to help you market and sell your product.  Kelsey Murphy is a Business & Life Coach that believes we do our best when we’re at our best, that everyone is passionate about something, and that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. She is on a mission to help entrepreneurs build a life of fulfilment, success and great relationships. Kelsey shares that marketing may not always our best skillset but we can use the passion and love for what we do to help fuel our marketing efforts. She goes over her three part framework that she uses to communicate her message in a fun and authentic way.      In this episode, you will learn: How to sell and market when it’s not your skillset.  How to come to marketing from a place of passion.  3 Part framework of Know, Feel and Do. If you enjoyed today’s show don’t forget to subscribe and join us every week on Tuesdays for a new episode where listeners will hear from experts offering advice, tips and tricks on how to market and grow your small business in today’s industry.  Find out more about Kelsey Murphy here: Website: www.kelseymurphy.com Grab your 30 Day Passion Planner Here! Tune in to Kelsey Murphy’s Work and Whiskey Podcast About Maria DismondyMaria Dismondy is a former educator and publisher at Cardinal Rule Press, located in Southeast Michigan. Maria is the host of the podcast All the Write Marketing, interviewing bibliophiles about marketing books and connecting with readers. Keywords: marketing, picture books, author, writer, illustrator, bookseller, library, librarian, bookstore, publisher, publish, children's books, social media, visibility, readers, children


22 Jun 2021

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096. How to Actually Take Action When Your Gut Tells You to Move on with Kelsey Murphy

Zimmerman Podcast

Welcome to Zimmerman Podcast Episode 96. Guess who’s back? It’s Kelsey Murphy!Kelsey is a present mom, a boundaried businesswoman, and an incredible career and life coach to women everywhere. If you listened to episode 64 (https://www.zimmermanpodcast.com/show-notes/how-to-build-a-business-around-authentic-connection-with-kelsey-murphy), you know that Kelsey and I are total soul sisters and I could not be more excited to share MORE of Kelsey and her wisdom with you today. I somehow love this episode even more than the last one if that’s possible. Kelsey is sharing why being a mom and working isn’t an either-or scenario, how to let your yeses be yeses and your nos be HELL NOS, and what it looks like to turn a side-hustle into a full-time business. Episode 96 Topics:- How to know when it’s time to quit that “dream job” that’s turned into a nightmare- Why burning out isn’t failing… just a learning opportunity - Why action is the best teacher- How dissatisfaction and frustration in life and work can be a version of preparation for your future- How to trust yourself and know when it’s time to leave a job-- and set parameters for taking actionEpisode 96 Product Picks: A Winning WebsiteWant to know the first step to booking more clients? You’ve got to have a website!And not just any website, but a site built to book! If you’re just starting your business, you’re probably wondering how you can share about your work, gain clients, and start making money. The answer to all of these is your website. When I first started my business, I didn’t have the money to pay a professional brand expert to create the brand you see here today. But I didn’t have to. I used the resources I had to invest in my business and create a brand that would attract the type of client I wanted to work with, supported by a website that was built to transform searching brides into life-long clients. If you want a simple guide on how to create a site that books without having to invest thousands in a branding expert before you’re ready, you need A Winning Website! To learn more, go to zimmermanpodcast.com/website Know Your Numbers: Annual Planning for Your Best Year If you want to build a great business or live a good life, you’ve gotta plan for it! If you want to become the person you need to be to build the business of your dreams, that takes intention and purpose. Every year, I take a whole month to reevaluate the past 12 months and figure out what worked, what didn’t, and how I can create a life I love for the following year. I teach you my exact planning process in my program Know Your Numbers: Annual Planning for Your Best Year. If you want a free training to get some tips on planning your best year yet, go to zimmermanpodcast.com/knowyournumbers

1hr 13mins

25 May 2021

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How to Build a Coaching Business & Get Your Clients the Result They Want - Kelsey Murphy

The Cathy Heller Podcast

What does it take to become a business & life coach? Kelsey Murphy, business, career and life coach, speaker, writer, and B-School mentor wanted to help people get a transformation - but also run a business that wouldn't lead to burnout. She shares how to get your first clients, how to set your prices, how many certifications you should get, and how to extract your clients' inner wisdom so they can walk towards the result they truly desire.- Watch the videos of these episodes on YouTube http://youtube.com/c/CathyHeller/- Follow Kelsey on Instagram @kelseymurphy- More of Kelsey at https://www.kelseymurphy.com/- Listen to Kelsey's Whiskey & Work Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!- Thanks Athletic Greens! Get a free year supply of Vitamin D + 5 free travel packs at Athleticgreens.com/dreamjob- Thanks Indeed! Get a free $75 sponsored job credit at Indeed.com/dreamjob- Thanks Upstart! Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments at Upstart.com/dreamjob- Thanks June's Journey! Download June's Journey free on the Apple App Store or Google Play.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoicesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 22mins

17 May 2021

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053: The Secrets to Fast Podcast Growth with Kelsey Murphy

Success with Soul

If you have a podcast or are thinking about starting one soon, but are wondering about HOW to actually grow your podcast listeners and get engagement, today’s episode is for you! Podcasting is an incredible way to build the know, like and trust factor with your audience, and really get to connect with them in a deep and meaningful way. Once someone finds a podcast they like, they often binge it and become a loyal fan. That’s exactly what happened with our guest today, who grew her podcast to a top 20 spot and 100,000 downloads in less than a year–AND has two children at home. Mind blown! Today, she’s sharing her secrets with us, and proving how you don’t have to choose between a successful career and spending time with your family. My guest today, Kelsey Murphy, is a Business & Life Coach working with Fortune 500 companies, like Facebook and Twitter, industry thought leaders like Marie Forleo and her B-Schoolers, as well as celebrity nutritionists, coaches, and other brilliant humans creating meaningful businesses and lives. She’s been featured in places like Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, LiveStrong, Living Healthy, LaurenConrad.com and more. When Kelsey’s not coaching you can find her hosting the Whiskey & Work podcast giving her wise (and sometimes comical) advice on navigating the waters of business, life, and relationships. But on her other card, it might say snowboarder, eater, dreamer and fresh-air-addict. What you’ll learn in this episode: How Kelsey grew her podcast to over 100,000 downloads in her FIRST year! What assets to give your podcast guests to make it super easy for them to share with their audience Tips for how to pitch yourself to be a guest on other podcasts The importance of the ‘deeper vs. wider’ mentality How to have a successful business AND be present with your kids Subscribe and Review Thanks so much for joining me this week. If you liked what you heard, please leave an honest review for The Success with Soul Podcast on Apple Podcasts so we can improve and better serve you in the future. Plus, you could be featured on a future episode during our listener spotlights. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They do matter in the rankings of the show, and I read each and every one of them. And finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts to get automatic updates. My goal for this podcast is to inspire those who seek flexibility and freedom in their lives by making something happen with holistic, soulful, step-by-step strategies from me and other experts. Links + Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Brand spanking new to online business? I’ve got a free video series that I want to invite you to called How to Start your Blog from Scratch the Right Way. Watch it here! Imagine how your life would change if you could work with your body and its cycles – not against it? That’s why I created my Mindful Planning Printables, to help you tune into your body, hone in on the work you truly love, prioritize your most pressing tasks (and let the rest go!). Go here to get your copy and start learning how to flow WITH your life, instead of against it. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown Visit Kelsey’s website here and follow her on Instagram @kelseymurphy, plus get her free step-by-step guide to planning your business here Follow me on Instagram @katekordsmeier and @rootandrevel More Ways to Enjoy Success with Soul Download a transcript of this episode Download on Apple Podcasts Email me new episodes Don’t forget to join our free Success With Soul Facebook community for follow-up conversations about the podcast episodes and where I also often go live to answer your burning questions. Hangout with like-minded bloggers and heart-centered online business owners exchanging priceless feedback, encouragement, and other golden insights from the trenches. EPISODE CREDITS: Produced by Danny Ozment at https://emeraldcitypro.com

1hr 6mins

15 Apr 2021

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How to Find Passion in Your Work with Kelsey Murphy

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Jesse chats with professional coach and business strategist Kelsey Murphy about how she left a high profile -- yet unsatisfying -- corporate job to travel the world with her husband. During their travels Kelsey realized she had a gift for coaching and helping others put their visions and dreams into practice. Today she runs a successful coaching business doing just that. Kelsey puts a lot of emphasis on her client's values, examining them through a very practical lens. What would you like to see or do first thing when you wake up in the morning? What kind of space do you imagine yourself working in? These are a couple of the questions Kelsey might ask. Once you understand your values in clear, tangible terms, then you can focus your attention on the important tasks that will bring you closer to your vision. Learn more about Kelsey: https://www.kelseymurphy.com/careerandlifecoaching Whisky & Work Podcast: https://www.kelseymurphy.com/podcast Sign up for a free 34-day trial of YNAB at www.youneedabudget.com


24 Feb 2021