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The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success - Outside Sales Talk with Wayne Breitbarth

Outside Sales Talk

Wayne is the founder of Power Formula LLC and an industry leader in LinkedIn training and marketing. He has shared his expertise with more than 100,000 professionals through private business consulting, dynamic presentations to global audiences, and his book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search. In this episode, Wayne discusses how salespeople can leverage LinkedIn to their advantage - finding prospects and maintaining relationships. Here are some of the topics covered in this episode: Utilizing filters and keywords to gain traction Posting appropriate content Leveraging connections to find untapped referrals  Crafting that first message to a new prospect About the Guest: Before focusing on LinkedIn full time, Wayne has had 35+ years of experience as a business owner and manager. Through diverse, real-life experiences, Wayne now understands how social media can benefit individuals and businesses - he is excited to share his knowledge with others. As a nationally recognized LinkedIn consultant, Wayne has helped people in various fields, industries, and stages of the corporate ladder understand how to use LinkedIn in order to maximize its full potential. Website: powerformula.net LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/waynebreitbarth/ Listen to more episodes of the Outside Sales Talk here and watch the video here!  Start Selling More Today with Badger Maps - The #1 Route Planner for Field Sales See Badger in Action: https://www.badgermapping.com/outside-sales-talk-listener/ If you love the Outside Sales Talk podcast, you’ll also love Badger’s newsletters!  Our 95,000+ subscribers stay at the top of their game with actionable tips from top sales experts. Are you in? Subscribe to Badger Maps’ newsletters now!  https://www.badgermapping.com/newsletters/?utm_source=podcast&utm_medium=ostdescription&utm_campaign=newsletterlp


7 Jul 2021

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Power Formula for LinkedIn Success with Wayne Breitbarth #372 

Sales Babble Podcast

Power Formula for LinkedIn Success with Wayne Breitbarth #372  This is a production of  “Habanero Media” .


11 May 2021

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Wayne Breitbarth - The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success (G0217)

Exit Coach Radio

Wayne Breitbarth is the Founder and CEO of Power Formula, a company that helps businesses and individuals maximize their efforts on LinkedIn. Website: www.powerformula.net


9 May 2021

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LinkedIn Expert Wayne Breitbarth

Totally Hyped - The Small Business Marketing Podcast

Here are a few important things Wayne said..."...if their profile is sparse and you're saying, well, I'll just send them a connection request. Listen, this dude doesn't know his password! You are wasting your time, but LinkedIn was still helpful because it gave you the information, right??"Probably the biggest mistake is not having your profile have clarity for your target audience. In other words, it still looks like the last time you were changing your job.""Let's start with the company page it. Should you have one? Is it important? The answer to that is yes. You should have one. It is important. If you have a LinkedIn company page, it'll be a page one Google entry." 


9 Feb 2021

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240: All things LinkedIn - with Wayne Breitbarth

Social Capital

Meet Wayne Breitbarth I'm still, as in three years ago, helping folks, organizations, companies understand how to use LinkedIn better. I know the site is confusing. It has a ton of power. And that's where, you know if it was easy, people would need me but it's not. It's complex. It's confusing. The objectives for people change so they don't know how to use it. And so I'm still in that space of helping people understand how to take the world's largest database, which now has almost 700 million and put it to use for them. Are there new rules to how you use LinkedIn now or are businesses jumping on board? Because everyone's online now, what do you see happening? So it's interesting because I do think there is more recognition of virtual tools like LinkedIn. Because virtual is something that like sales teams, especially sales teams have been at home, not able to go to networking, not able to go visit customers. And so they've had to find a way to stay in contact with their existing customers. Start some new prospecting balls rolling and I've got more business owners since COVID hit reaching out to me from years ago when they saw me speak way back in the day and say I think it's finally time for my sales guys to understand this crazy thing. And even me, I should understand this better. So those kinds of openings are happening. So what are some of your top tips or some of the top trends you're seeing specific for companies? I think especially when it comes to COVID that posting and sharing updates about what your company is up to and things going on has been hotter than ever. That people are now getting more comfortable with the posting process and starting to understand that there is an algorithm and that they have to play, let's call it or work the algorithm. I think that's something that people are learning or have learned. They've also learned the importance of having a better profile and company page than they probably did because they're getting more views. People are viewing profiles, because it's something you can do online. And so I think that improving profiles, improving company pages and understanding what a good post is seems to be the focus of a lot of the conversations that I’ve been having. Is there a framework or a formula for what creates a good post? Yeah, there is, and it boils down to understanding the algorithm. And how much organic reach LinkedIn is going to give you. So it's as simple as this. There are several things you can post you can post a document, you can post a link, you can post a video, you can post a text only. Here's the way LinkedIn looks like the algorithm is working currently, they do like polls because they're brand new. Whenever something is new on LinkedIn, they give it more organic reach. They like videos. And I don't mean videos that go to YouTube or Vimeo as they do not like those. But organically uploaded videos perform well. Documents perform well. Links perform the least well, text only will actually perform better than a link and it boils down to this. LinkedIn does not want you sending their users off site, if you can avoid it. Now, that being said people like you and I, we like to get people to visit our website. And so that's the lowest organic reach that you're going to get that being said, do you still do it, you bet you do it, we still do it. But what you want to try to do, in all these cases, especially if you're going to do a link to a website, or a blog post, or something like that, is you got to work on getting your engagement up. And that typically means this that you need to get some folks in your organization or if you're a real small company, some friends, too, that are going to engage in your posts, especially in the first hour. What about the company pages? What I'm seeing right now on LinkedIn is very heavy with the individual posting content and not so much content coming from company pages. The personal page post is going to do about four times better if it's exact same content. And the reason that is, Lori, is because LinkedIn has a way for you to pay money to basically boost a company page post. So they give it very little organic reach. Because there is a way to write LinkedIn a check on a personal profile, you can’t boost that at all. And that's why you don't see many of them. What are some best practices you have around making InMail connections from a new business standpoint? What people have to recognize is, if I'm connecting with you, as somebody in my target audience, and you accept my connection request, and then you think that 30 minutes later, you should pop out a really long sales pitch message, then that's a terrible marketing technique. You need to share some nice content when you thank the person for connecting. I see a lot of people doing the sponsored or the just the paid ads. And I think there's a lot of opportunity to be maximizing that right now on LinkedIn. What are you seeing from a paid ad side of things on LinkedIn right now? So paid ads can work. They're very pricey. I mean, LinkedIn is in the range of, you know, $5, $6, $7 a click for a paid ad. For most small businesses, that's a tough budget. If you have a product that delivers you enough gross profit for a lifetime customer, then you probably could put together a decent budget for that. That's why I think still the best play Lori is to connect with people that are in your target audience. Come up with some nice content, working with a company, like yours, to develop a nice white paper and some nice blog posts and get those things in their inbox as a direct message. When you have those new pieces of content, always reminding people you're available when it's time, their time for this kind of consultation. That's the right strategy. Let's talk a little bit more about your business. Who do you primarily work with Wayne? Small to mid-size business owners and their sales teams are probably my sweetest spot where I help them understand, usually via webinar or zoom events and show them how to use LinkedIn to find clients, communicate, do a bunch of techniques we just talked about. That’s one of my segments. Another segment I do is, I do one-on-one consultations with individuals. And those could range from job seekers, to business owners, to salespeople, any of the above. I also work at universities, for how to help students use LinkedIn to find jobs, but also how their alumni relations and development and foundations use LinkedIn to go out and find alums, to sponsor events and to be involved in the campaigns and those kinds of things. Those are pretty much the segments that I serve. How can you be a resource to your network and mine? I would say that number one way is for people to get to my website, which is www.PowerFormula.net, or find me on LinkedIn. And on both those pages, you will find tons of free LinkedIn stuff. I write a blog every week. I do videos, I do webinars that sometimes are free, sometimes are paid, where you can come to a workshop and buy a seat to that virtual workshop. Do you have any tips or resources to share with our listeners? There's a brand-new feature on your LinkedIn profile called Featured. So it's a feature called Featured. Don't miss that. You can put now in a high visibility spot way up near the top of your profile, links to your website, uploaded documents, and it shows up sort of like a carousel, almost like a sliding billboard. Wonderful tool and it's the first time on LinkedIn that these pieces of media that we could put on our profile, click right through to a website. But to get to your featured section, if you don't have it, go up to your add profile selection button, hit the down arrow, I think it's the second or third item says Featured and then just pick what you want to feature and you can move your feature items around, put them in the right order. Just great tool. If we could remove all barriers and constraints, what projects would you do or take on? This could be personal or professional. Yeah, I guess I think about it this way. I’ve got a book out there. That's a best seller. That I would call it a LinkedIn one-on-one through about intermediate LinkedIn. It's really a foundational book for everybody. If I could take on a project and had the energy to write a book, another LinkedIn book, but specifically for the business development space, I think I would like to do that. But my hesitancy always with books these days is with LinkedIn changing all the time, we’d have to continue to update the book. But I think that's a project that I would like to take on someday. How to connect with Wayne: Website: https://www.powerformula.net/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/waynebreitbarth/


29 Jul 2020

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012 - LINKEDIN SMART: Wayne Breitbarth


Wayne Breitbarth is a LinkedIn Trainer, Speaker & Consultant, as well as Author of a best-selling book POWER FORMULA FOR LINKEDIN SUCCESS. He was one of the first authors on the subject and keeps helping people drive business from LinkedIn.


13 Jul 2020

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Episode 50: Wayne Breitbarth - May 23, 2020

Faith Marketplace Radio

What are the best FREE LinkedIn features most people haven’t discovered? On this podcast of Faith Marketplace Radio, we get the answer to this question and many more from our guest, Wayne Breitbarth, consultant, speaker and author of the book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success.


23 May 2020

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Tips and Tricks for Consultants leveraging LinkedIn to get clients! Wayne Breitbarth

The UnCaged™ Entrepreneur Heather Havenwood

Tips and Tricks for Consultants leveraging LinkedIn to get clients! Wayne BreitbarthHey Boss!This is a GOOD interview! Wayne, is the expert that I go to help to me with my LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is my NUMBER 1 Social Media Platform that I focus on a daily basis! This jam packed interview is full of great insights, tips and tricks! While you are at it, make sure you are connected to me, Heather Havenwood, on LinkedIn. Enjoy!Insights with Influencers!Be the BOSS!Heather HavenwoodHeatherHavenwood.comBIO:Wayne Breitbarth is the CEO of Power Formula LLC. He is an experienced businessman, speaker, and author and an internationally recognized industry leader in LinkedIn training, marketing, and consulting. Wayne has shared his expertise with more than 100,000 business professionals through private business consulting, dynamic presentations to worldwide audiences, and his critically acclaimed book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success (now in its third edition). He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Wired, and American Express Open Forum and seen on NBC and Fox Business. Wayne works with companies to develop a comprehensive strategy for using LinkedIn to increase sales, raise brand awareness, recruit employees and reduce recruiting fees, and discover new markets for products and services. He shares his proven five-step process for LinkedIn results with individuals through his online course Explode Your Revenues Using LinkedIn. He is a CPA, received an accounting degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and an MBA from Marquette University, and has received recognition for his public service in the Milwaukee community, where he resides with his wife of 35 years. 


11 May 2020

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Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein – 1/3/2016 – J.J. Montanaro, Jacob Meister , Wayne Breitbarth and Henry Goodelman

Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein

Join Shalom Klein on his weekly radio show, Get Down To Business with guests: J.J. Montanaro Jacob Meister Wayne Breitbarth Henry Goodelman


24 Mar 2020

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#23 | Great Job Seeking, Business and Career Advice from LinkedIn Expert, Wayne Breitbarth

All Things College and Career

If you are looking for tips on how to best utilize LinkedIn to get a job, market your business/increase sales or find qualified employees, then today's podcast is for you!  We interview Wayne Breitbarth, the CEO of Power Formula, LLC.  He is the author of the book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success (now in its fourth edition).  Wayne has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Wired, American Express Open Forum, and seen on NBC and Fox Business.  He is an internationally recognized industry leader in LinkedIn training, marketing and consulting. He is also an experienced businessman and speaker.  Wayne has shared his expertise with more than 100,000 business professionals through dynamic presentations to worldwide audiences, private business consulting, and through his critically acclaimed book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success.This podcast is packed full of great advice/tips for LinkedIn users.  We hope you enjoy our conversation with Wayne as much as we did!Join Our Podcast Email List!Follow Our Podcast:Website: Listen To Our Podcast HereYouTube ChannelTwitterLinkedInFacebookInstagramAll Things College and CareerMeg's LinkedInBobbie's LinkedInMusic Production: Lena Keller: lena.m.keller@gmail.comTechnical Production: Richard BarnettShow Notes:Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedInThe University of Wisconsin - WhitewaterMarquette UniversityKilling Eve


1 Sep 2019