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Dr. Barbara Eaton - Leadership Through Growth. Business Coach and Founder of the 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp

Today's Conversations on Leadership

Dr. Barbara Eaton has made it her mission to help other chiropractors grow their practices. Dr. Eaton shares what she believes are the three primary responsibilities all leaders have with Life University Vice President of University Advancement and Enrollment Dr. Gilles LaMarche in this episode of "Today's Conversations on Leadership."


30 Jun 2021

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Master Your Mindset With Dr. Barbara Eaton

Get Your Head On Straight!

Are you overwhelmed by your fears, preventing you from moving forward towards your goals? Dr. Barbara Eaton is an expert at inviting you to shift and master your mindset. In this episode, you will have an incredible opportunity to hear how she coaches. Dr. Barbara explains that taking one day at a time, not being afraid to ask for help, and staying consistent are excellent ways to master your mindset. If you want to gain essential insights on how to approach your thoughts in a different, more productive way, then this episode is for you. Be inspired by the captivating energy and golden heart of Dr. Barbara!Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Get Your Head On Straight movement today:WellConnectedChiro.comDr. Liz Hoefer FacebookDr. Liz Hoefer LinkedInWell Connected Chiropractic Facebook


25 Mar 2021

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Episode 15 with Dr Barbara Eaton who is a longtime advocate for parents to choose the health of their children over less than safe and healthy other choices.

Adjusting to Life, Babies and Pediatric Chiropractic

We talk about the innate power of the body to heal itself and know what is being injected into your children first.


11 Jan 2021

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Survival Constraints With Dr. Barbara Eaton

Expect Miracles Podcast

The human mind has a penchant for negative thoughts. Much like in a subluxation, these thoughts cause blockages and survival constraints that keep us from achieving our dream practice and our ideal lifestyle. Whether you’re a chiropractor or not, this conversation between Dr. Kevin Pecca and his awesome guest is going to resonate with you. Joining him on this episode is Dr. Barbara Eaton, an Alaska-based chiropractor and chiropractic business coach who is on a mission to create badass chiropractors who are instinctively successful through her 56-day Chiropractic Bootcamp. Tapping into her own story of struggle and perseverance, Dr. Barbara serves up the lessons about mindset, alignment and success that she learned in the course of her personal journey in the practice. Join in for this uplifting moment of enlightenment and inspiration.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join Expect Miracles community today:drkevinpecca.comMontclair Upper Cervical Chiropractic FacebookDr. Kevin Pecca InstagramEmail Dr. Kevin Pecca


23 Nov 2020

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Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Providers in Trauma Care - Barbara Eaton, Katie Lidard & Jen Miller

Tiger Country: The Trauma Podcast

Dr. DuBose talks with Mss. Eaton, Lidard and Miller about nurse practitioners, their place in trauma care, and how, together with attendings and residents, NPs and advanced practice providers in general can form cohesive and effective teams. The subject is too often neglected, and we as surgeons end up working alongside and depending upon professionals whose journey and expertise we don't really understand. Hopefully, this episode will help rectify that. 


31 May 2020

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S5E1: Interview with Dr. Barbara Eaton

Legendary Chiropractor Podcast

What you'll learn about in this episode:▪️The Ripple Effect- How it is instrumental to radically move the needle in practice🙏BIG thanks to all of our show sponsors! Claim your goodies here: bit.ly/SponsorGoodies🔥For more: bit.ly/AllLegendaryContent

1hr 1min

11 May 2020

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Barbara Eaton: Be Obsessed or Be Average [PODCAST]

Mile High Chiro Podcast

Barbara Eaton: Be Obsessed or Be Average [PODCAST] Hey, there’s absolutely nothing average about Dr. Barbara Eaton.  She’s obsessed with success, impact and making a difference in the lives around her while having fun.In this episode, we talked about: You’re definitely want to take notes as you listen to this podcast because Barbara brings some extremely valuable content.  On this episode you’ll learn more about: • Chiropractic pediatrics• Giving more to your tribe• Balancing intense drive with rest and recuperation• Knowing yourself• And MUCH, MUCH more!Barbara will be one of over 25 tremendous speakers at Mile High 2020 Vision in Denver, August 20th – 23 rd. It will be the first time she has spoken at Mile High, and you’re going to love her! If you haven’t registered yourself and your team for Mile High yet, do it today at www.milehighchiroregistration.com and save. Your investment will never be lower than it is right now! Enjoy this podcast, keep changing spines, lives, and minds and rise up to Mile High 2020 Vision in August!Check out Dr. Barbara Eaton’s part pediatric boot camp at The Pediatric Boot Camp and check out her tribe, her 56-day chiro boot camp tribe at this link.Check out this week’s podcast here: Download as MP3 by Right clicking here and choosing “save as”


22 Jan 2020

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EP 039: Dr. Barbara Eaton: Creating a Lasting Impact

The Chiro Inspired Podcast

Here's a bit of Dr. Eaton's bio from her website which you can head to to learn more about her: "About me…the first thing to know is that I am very blessed and forever grateful for the life I’ve been given!  I thank God every single day for His endless blessings in my life including being raised in, literally, the “perfect” home and being the beneficiary of unconditional love, support, praise, and acceptance throughout my entire life.  I realize that I am in a very exclusive “club” because of my upbringing, which is why I LOVE showering others with love, support, praise, and acceptance.  I have been given so much that I want to share it with each and every person that God brings into my life." Read more: https://drbarbaraeaton.com/about/


25 Nov 2019

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S3E11: Interview with Dr. Barbara Eaton

Legendary Chiropractor Podcast

Join them, engage with them, and share with your corner of this amazing virtual world as they dive DEEP into:▪️How To Identify Ruts So You Can Avoid Them🔥For more: bit.ly/AllLegendaryContent


18 Nov 2019

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Barbara Eaton: Your Life Won’t Outgrow Your Mindset[Podcast]

Mile High Chiro Podcast

Barbara Eaton: Your Life Won’t Outgrow YourMindset[Podcast]Dr. Barbara Eaton says, “You look like the kind of person whowants the very best.  That’s why you chose to become a chiropractor!   You want to reach your potential and helpother people reach their potential. Well, there’s another whole level for you!  Barbara Eaton opened her practice, and within 90 days she was serving 180 visits a week!  Now she mentors chiropractors and students from around the world.  Barbara helps her practice members make the most important investment in their lives, investing in themselves. She helps them reach another level of health and well-being. You don’t want to be a generic chiropractor, because  generic chiropractors receive the lowest amount of compensation for their care.  Make yourself extraordinary by learning how to access your upper gears and then help your practice members get to their upper gears.Listen to the podcast: Download as MP3 by Right clicking here and choosing “save as” Enjoy this Mile High podcast with Dr. Barbara Eaton. And here’s something else exciting for you; You can hear Dr. Barbara speak atMile High 2020 Vision in Denver, August 20th – 23rd.. This will be her first time speaking at Mile High, and it’s going to besomething truly special.  You don’t want tomiss it!  So, if you haven’t alreadydone so, reserve seats for yourself and your team now at www.milehighchiroregistration.com.When you register before 11:59 PM on October 1st,you’ll already be saving $250.  When youuse savings code “Podcast”, you’ll save an additional $50 off yourregistration!  It doesn’t get any betterthan that!Looking forward to seeing you and your team on higher groundin 2020!


26 Sep 2019