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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rosie Yakob. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rosie Yakob, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rosie Yakob. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rosie Yakob, often where they are interviewed.

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How Are The Next 6 Months Going To Change For Ad People? With Rosie Yakob

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This week we are joined by special guest Rosie Yakob, co-founder of Genius Steals, to talk about the likely impact of the COVID crisis on our industry and our jobs. A chance to think of the coming months and beyond, from new ways of working to the stressful reckoning of a slowdown, and even some hopes for a bright future.
Mar 30 2020 · 28mins
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Faris and Rosie Yakob- Global Futures

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Global nomads since 2013, Faris and Rosie Yakob are a creative and strategic duo- who have served their time as creatives and strategic thinkers with the likes of MDC, McCann, and 360i. 

In a conversation that covers a lot of ground, we talk about a shrinking world- one that appears ever more similar, but how you need to dig deeper to unlock local differences, the rise of creativity as a response to the growth hacking plateau, tourism and the idea that the world is getting full because everyone wants to go to the same places, trashvertising, banks making money but making brands less interesting, brand safety, the future of the agency and buying avocados. 

Dec 16 2019 · 1hr 4mins

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Rosie Yakob: Working with Jay-Z & Steve Stoute, the concept behind Genius/Steals & Digital Nomad tips!

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Absolutely loved having Rosie Yakob as my wonderful guest for episode 21! Rosie is Co-Founder of the nomadic creative consultancy Genius Steals, along with her husband and partner Faris; whom I had on the show earlier on in the year.  Genius/Steals have helped  build strategies and consult iconic brands such as Gibson, Coca-Cola, Google, The Guardian and more; so you instantly know it's worth paying attention to this conversation.

Full-time nomad, strategist, speaker & incredible human being. Rosie began her career working with hip hop legends Jay-Z and Steve Stoute at their entertainment branding company, developing non-traditional ways for brand like Target, Wrigley and Samsung to connect with their fans. She was also lead strategist on the Cannes Grand Prix and Facebook Best in Show winning Oreo Daily Twist campaign during her time at 360i and has previously worked at Cake Group, as well as Saatchi & Saatchi. You can't even begin to understand how excited I was for this chat and how much I learnt from it!

Expect tips for digital nomad life, talk about working with hip hop legends Jay-Z & Steve Stoute, tips on how brands can give value and create culture, talk about the difference between copying and being inspired by and a whole load more stuff!! Have your notebooks ready!

You can find out more about Genius/Steals here: http://geniussteals.co

You can follow Rosie on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/rosieyakob/

You should most definitely sign up to the Genius/Steals newsletter here: http://geniussteals.co/subscribe

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Sep 26 2019 · 1hr 9mins
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Living Your Principles - Rosie Yakob, Cofounder

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Rosie Yakob runs the nomadic strategy and innovation consultancy Genius Steals. She moves around the world with her partner Faris doing strategy work and talks, and constantly contemplates their belief system and how to apply it to their lives outside of the New York agency world. We discuss their goals of working 20 hours per week, of not having an exit strategy, how they'd work on a project with very little time, the importance of creating space for yourself, and the value of patience.

You can find Rosie here https://twitter.com/rosieyakob and Genius Steals here http://geniussteals.co/

For more strategy talk:
1. Strategy newsletter: http://www.markpollard.net/email-newsletter/
2. Strategy drawings: http://www.instagram.com/markpollard
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New book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon.

Jul 23 2019 · 42mins

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Rosie Yakob

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Rosie Yakob is a co-founder of Genius Steals - a nomadic strategy and innovation consultancy. 

Together with her parter Faris they travel the globe, collating experiences from many different cultures and using that inventory to innovate and create for their clients all over the world.

Pinning down Rosie in her nomadic state was nigh on impossible, so in this episode Ralph interviews Rosie through some written questions. He added his questions in verbally after - so you don't get lost. 

Jan 21 2019 · 19mins
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S4E16 with Gareth Kay, Faris Yakob, & Rosie Yakob

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On this season finale of Real Famous, we have a conversation with Rosie Yakob, Faris Yakob, and Gareth Kay. Rosie was a Senior Social Strategist at Cake, led social strategy at Saatchi NY, and was also a Senior Strategist at 360i.  Faris was the Chief Innovation Officer at MDC Partners, the EVP, Chief Technology Strategist at McCann, and is the author of Paid Attention. Together, they are the brains behind the consultancy Genius Steals. Gareth was the head of planning at Modernista!, the Chief Strategy Officer of Goodby, and the founding partner of Zeus Jones SF. He is now a co-founder of Chapter SF. Enjoy!

Sep 13 2018 · 1hr 43mins
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Episode 4 - Rosie Yakob

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In this episode, I talk to the amazing @rosieyakob. Rosie is a strategist and together with husband Faris Yakob (@farisy) they form the company Genius Steals, a strategy and innovation consultancy. What makes Rosie’s story so unique is that she is a nomad. Rosie and Faris left their last permanent home in New York 5 years ago to travel the world, working with leading brands and agencies on various projects for just a few weeks at a time before jetting off to a new location, soaking up different cultures as they go. We talk about the various roles Rosie mastered as a young strategist, how to deal with people trying to rip you off and how she made the transition to a nomadic life on the road.
Aug 07 2018 · 52mins
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Finding The Work That’s In Your Heart with Faris and Rosie Yakob

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When Faris Yakob proposed to his wife Rosie, he also suggested they quit their jobs and travel the world. The result has been a 98 week journey of creating work that’s in their heart, and the formation of their business, Genius Steals. 

Episode Highlights

  • Doing the things that are interesting, fun and profitable 
  • Lessons in branding from working with Jay Z 
  • How being good at being you makes you irreplaceable
  • Learning how to find your superpowers and push edges
  • Lessons from the world of Maxim magazine
  • Applying creative constraints to do your best work 
  • A look at the reality of the technonomad life 
  • Using structure to manage uncertainty 
  • Identifying your beliefs to determine the work that’s close to your heart 


People gravitate towards people they’d want to hang out with 

With every life choice you have pros and cons 

The best partnerships are when you each feel like you’re getting the better end of the deal 

Don’t be good at things you don’t want to do 


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Feb 18 2015 · 53mins