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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dat Tran. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dat Tran, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dat Tran. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dat Tran, often where they are interviewed.

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#31 - Dat Tran: Demystifying AI - Was ist eigentlich diese Künstliche Intelligenz?

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"In Code we trust", das ist das Motto der AS ideas, einer Unit von Axel Springer, die sich um innovative IT Lösungen für die unterschiedlichsten Produkte kümmert.
Dat Tran ist hier Head of Artificial Intelligence und treibt dieses Spezialthema federführend bei Axel Springer voran. Damit auch andere KollegInnen von seinem Know-How profitieren, gibt er sein Expertenwissen als sogenannter "Peer Trainer" weiter.
Im mindsnack erzählt er uns, wie Axel Springers bereits heute schon Künstliche Intelligenz einsetzt, worauf wir uns in Zukunft gefasst machen können und was die Teilnehmer beim Besuch seines Trainings "Product Management for AI" lernen können.

0:00-3:49 So hat Dat AI zu Axel Springer gebracht
3:50-6:09 AS Ideas Engineering - die Speerspitze der Innovation bei Axel Springer
6:10-9-39 Wie weit ist Axel Springer im Bereich Innovation & Technologie?
9:40-12:44 Unterschied AI und ML (Machine Learning)
12:45-16:19 In diesen Bereichen arbeitet Axel Springer bereits mit AI
16:20-17:34 Darum ist ML im Recruiting gefährlich
17:35-22:17 Forschung: Das hat AI mit Psychologie zu tun
22:18-22:39 Strong AI vs. Weak AI
22:40-26:59 Ein Blick in die Zukunft: Wie AI Logistik, Journalismus und Medizin beeinflusst
27:00-30:59 Bekommen Maschinen einen zu großen Einfluss auf die Menschheit?
31:00-36:11 Das Peer2Peer Learning Programm: Wie aus Experten Trainer werden
36:12-41:49 "Product Management for AI" - Das lernt man im Training von Dat
41:50-46:20 So lernt Dat und das möchte er noch lernen

Buchempfehlung: Daniel Kahneman – Schnelles Denken, langsames Denken
Jan 30 2020 · 46mins
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E50 Dat Tran, Head of AI at Axel Springer

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Today's guest on the show is Dat Tran, Head of AI at Axel Springer in Berlin. Dat is an experienced technology and business leader with a strong passion for building up high performance, cross-functional and self-managed balanced teams from scratch.

He is currently the Head of AI at Axel Springer Ideas Engineering, the innovation unit of Axel Springer which is the largest digital publishing house in Europe. The AI unit delivers end-to-end machine learning projects and conducts state-of-the-art AI research. His goal is to make AI more accessible within Axel Springer and hence drive innovations within the group.

In the show, Dat with tell you about:

How he created a personal brand on social media

Why he chose a career in AI and Data Science

Building a successful data science team

Creating a collaborative culture to scale the business

Benefits that Applied AI and Data Science bring to customers

Challenges he has needed to overcome throughout his career

Oct 17 2019 · 28mins

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Dat Tran - Head of A.I at Axel Springer

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Dat Tran is very active on social media and a strong open source contributor and currently is the Head of A.I at Axel Springer. 

Aug 01 2019 · 1hr 10mins
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Episode #22: Exploring Computer Vision and Data Engineering with Dat Tran

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How do computer vision techniques work in an industry setting? How does an organization use data engineering to scale up its operations?

These are questions every aspiring data scientist must be aware of. Dat Tran, Head of Data Science at idealo internet GmbH, is the perfect person to shed light on these questions. Read more about this podcast: https://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2019/04/datahack-radio-exploring-computer-vision-data-engineering-podcast-dat-tran
Apr 25 2019 · 46mins

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Finding and hiring data science rock stars - Dat Tran

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Dat is the Head of Data Science at Idealo Internet.

Dat can build data teams as well as data systems. He believes creating a well-balanced team of individuals is crucial to the success of any data science project. Dat has a passion for finding candidates willing to learn with a ‘can do’ attitude. On today’s show, Dat shares his recipe for creating the perfect data team.

Show Notes:

0.30 The cultural difference between Germany and the UK.

3.32 Raising capital for your startup

5.25 Where did Dat’s interest in technology develop?

6.36 What skills suite a data science career?

8.47 Hiring data professionals

11.08 Tackling misconceptions around data science

12.11 Attracting the right talent to data science

15.24 Hiring a well-balanced data science team

16.45 Dealing with the frustrations around hiring

17.37 Core attributes that make a great data scientist

20.13 Collaborating with other teams as a data scientist

22.17 Moving into management
Jun 07 2018 · 26mins
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Ep.13 Spidermen, Phil Spidermin, From the Sand, & The Lost Boy (feat: Dat Tran)

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In this episode we welcome our special guest, Billy and Ryan pitch a "web"-series, and Jason takes a page from the Bible.
Mar 14 2016 · 38mins