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Kate O'Neill discusses the revised Audit Firm Governance Code 2022 with Claire Lindridge

FRC Podcasts

In this Episode, Kate O'Neill (Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Affairs) speaks to Claire Lindridge (Director of Audit Market Supervision) on the newly revised Audit Firm Corporate Governance Code and how it had been adapted to be more appropriate for the current climate.


25 Apr 2022

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Kate O'Neill- Strategic Optimism

The Human Voice with Bob Hutchins

Kate O'Neill is the CEO of KO Insights, also a Keynote speaker focused on the future of human experiences amid tech & other changes at scale. We talk about her new book, A Future So Bright, How Strategic Optimism and Meaningful Innovation Can Restore Our Humanity and Save The World.


28 Feb 2022

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A Future So Bright with Kate O'Neill

Highlights with Erin King

We’ve made it to 2022 and there is no better guest to kick off the podcast for this year than the strategic optimist herself, Kate O’Neill! Strategic optimism is exactly what we need right now, more than ever (especially in light of Omicron/Flurona/Deltacron and whatever other 97 variants of the virus continue to relentlessly hurl itself at the world!)  Kate O’Neill is widely known as the “Tech Humanist.” She’s been an innovator in technology for more than 25 years and is the author of several books including Tech Humanist, Pixels and Place, and her latest, A Future So Bright.  In today’s episode, Kate shares with us the incredible loss that inspired her to focus on the positive and find opportunity in every situation (especially some of the most horrific ones you could EVER imagine). The conversation flows in this thoughtful episode between Erin, a self-proclaimed “binary thinker”, and Kate, the “integrative thinker” who believes that one thing, many things, or nothing can all exist in the same space all at once. (I know, right? It’s good).  If you’ve been struggling with negative thought patterns, have been experiencing unwanted side effects from an inability to unplug from technology, or you just feel READY to commit to a brighter future, this one’s for you. In this episode you’ll learn how to:  Unlock strategic optimism as both a mindset and a model Discover exactly how to use hope to fight toxic positivity Harness the power of positivity even in some of the darkest seasons of life Think beyond “Dystopia versus Utopia“ Explore the idea that something can be both X and Y at the same time, instead of just one or the other – and learn about the piece of Kate’s identity that taught her this lesson Change that neurological path in your mind to begin to think more positively Identify the opportunity to embrace your brightest future Understand how to frame your message in a language that resonates with your audience Cultivate a meaningful relationship with technology Distinguish between Meaningful Work and Meaningful Jobs Embrace the mindset shift from work/life balance to blend  Master habituating change to survive  Analyze how the opposing forces of Technology and Humanity serve each other Tweetables: We think about the future as though it can only be understood in terms of dystopia or utopia. That’s an incredibly reductive way of thinking that removes our agency and empowerment from making decisions and harmfully disconnects us from the consequences of our decisions & actions. — @kateo on Twitter [0:01:53] I think we are disconnected from our hope because it feels shameful somehow. It feels like we’re not supposed to express our hope. And that relates to toxic positivity because we’ve disconnected the idea of optimism and hope that it takes to get the outcomes that we need. — @kateo on Twitter [0:04:15] We need to plan for and mitigate the worst possible scenario, but also think about the best-case scenarios. Embrace those opportunities fully and be ready for success when it comes our way. That primes us for the opportunity to embrace that bright future. — @kateo on Twitter [0:12:45] It’s about meeting them where they are and using the language that they speak. If people can’t relate to positive thinking, then we meet them where they are and use the language that they’ll understand and frame it more strategically in a way that’s going to resonate. — @kateo on Twitter [0:14:08] Change isn’t stopping anytime soon. So we have to get really good at it. It has to become one of our superpowers that we are very adaptable and resilient and that we are always ready to learn new things and set our minds in a better place. — @kateo on Twitter [0:28:51] What is the relationship between your work and your life? Whatever that relationship is for you, I think it’s a really important thing to just again, ask ourselves about the meaning and what matters in that question too. — @kateo on Twitter [0:29:39] What’s your version of kale and pizza at the same time? Let Kate know on Twitter @kateo! Links mentioned in today’s episode: A Future So Bright:How Strategic Optimism and Meaningful Innovation Can Restore Our Humanity and Save the World (2021) Tech Humanist: How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans (2018) Pixels and Place: Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces (2016) Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Surviving Autocracy by Masha Gessen Erin King Erin King on Twitter {"@context":"http:\/\/schema.org\/","@id":"https:\/\/erinking.com\/2022\/01\/17\/a-future-so-bright-with-kate-oneill\/#arve-youtube-dw_in2bruju6253bdc606add051749747","type":"VideoObject","embedURL":"https:\/\/www.youtube-nocookie.com\/embed\/dw_In2BRuJU?feature=oembed&iv_load_policy=3&modestbranding=1&rel=0&autohide=1&playsinline=0&autoplay=0","name":"A Future So Bright with Kate O'Neill"} The post A Future So Bright with Kate O’Neill appeared first on erinking.com.


17 Jan 2022

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Let Me Talk - Kate O'Neill


Kate ONeill is an actor, writer and aafta’s best assistant ! She is here today to talk about her beginnings in this industry as well as her short film Hangman which is the first project she has written and it’s a bloody good one!


6 Jan 2022

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"A Future so Bright by Kate O'Neill"

The Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff

Kate O'Neill helps leaders create meaningful human experiences in a tech-driven world and take responsibility for the future we all share. She is founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic advisory firm providing big-picture thinking on how business, humanity, and technology interact at scale, and committed to improving human experience amid exponential change. In this interview with Kate about her book A Future so Bright, we learn about "Strategic Optimism", how we can use Artificial Intelligence for good, how cities can help us get ready to lead, and how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals connect with Kate's work.I'm so honored to offer you the opportunity to learn from Kate. Take advantage of this opportunity by sharing this interview with your friends and business colleagues. And, be sure to check out Kate's website,  www.koinsights.com, so we can all agree with Kate about A Future so Bright: How Strategic Optimism and Meaningful Innovation Can Restore Humanity and Save The World.To learn more about your host, Marty Wolff, go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/martywolffceo/. You can also call or text me at 570 815-1626 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Sep 2021

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The Global Politics of Garbage - Dr. Kate O'Neill, UC Berkeley

The DemystifySci Podcast

Dr. Kate O'Neill has spent her career working on the geopolitics of waste, and she's here to tell Micky and Quinn about the future of garbage. She's thought about it all - from the touchy subject of international recycling treaties, to the challenge of disposing of the aftermath of natural disasters.    Help fund the podcast by picking up her book at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BMO37k Donate directly by becoming a Patron:  ªº¬˚∆≤≥≤≥ https://www.patreon.com/demystifysci ≤≥≤≥∆˚¬ºª   Check our main channel, @DemystifyingScience for in depth-investigations.  Join the mailing list http://eepurl.com/gRUCZL​ Kate O'Neill: https://ourenvironment.berkeley.edu/people/kate-o039neill PODCAST INFO:  Blog: http://demystifyingscience.com/blog Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3uhn7J1 Spotify: https://spoti.fi/39IDJBD RSS: https://anchor.fm/s/2be66934/podcast/rss Full episodes playlist: https://bit.ly/3sP1WgR Clips playlist: https://bit.ly/2OieYEG Donate: https://bit.ly/3wkPqaD Swag: https://bit.ly/2PXdC2y SOCIAL: Twitter: https://twitter.com/demystifysci Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/demystifyingscience Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/demystifysci/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/demystifying-science/support

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6 Sep 2021

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Starting with Success, with Kate O'Neill

This Real Estate Life: The Baird & Warner Lincoln Park Podcast

This week on This Real Estate Life, we interview one of our rising stars in the BWLP office, Kate O'Neill! Kate shares with us about her experience starting out as a new broker, how she set herself up for success in her early days, and how she plans to keep building momentum with her business. She also talks about her approach to creating successful social media content (she's a master!)Contact Kate O'Neill:📞: 262-442-2292📧: kate.oneill@bairdwarner.comFB: @katesrealestate1Insta: @kates.real.estateAbout Kate:Kate’s professional trajectory is the byproduct of a strong business acumen and a successful passion for the industry. From homeowner to landlord to broker, it is her continued independent success that fueled her passion for real estate and prompted her entry into the field. As a midwest native with a business degree from American University and over a decade of business management expertise, Kate’s first-hand knowledge and experience set her apart as an asset to both buyers and sellers. Let Kate share her know-how and unrivaled work ethic to help you achieve your real estate aspirations!


22 Jul 2021

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Kate O'Neill: Humanizing Tech


Have you ever wondered what it means to be a humanist in the age of technology? How can we put human values into a machine? How can we even know what those human values are? We asked Kate O’Neill, founder of KO Insights and author of the Tech Humanist, this question and found that there’s a lot to work with when it comes to understanding humans and what they might want their machines to do. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit artificiality.substack.com


21 Jun 2021

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How To Create Human Experiences Through Technology with Kate O'Neill

The Business of Hearing

Kate O’Neill has led innovations across technology, marketing, and operations for more than 20 years in companies from startups to Fortune 500s including Netflix, Toshiba America, Magazines.com and was founder & CEO of [meta]marketer, a first-of-its-kind analytics and digital strategy agency. Kate’s most recent book is Tech Humanist: How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans. She was interviewed by Phil about her book and her key ideas for how Inner Circle members can apply her philosophy of making tech work for you AND your patients. Highlights: “Human experiences thrive on meaning.” “Business really has the driving opportunity here to create a better world for humans.” “Think about what problem you’re solving for people. And really deeply think about that.” “We have the opportunity to put technology in place that really addresses human concerns at scale.” “The biggest obligation that we have is to find every possible way to align business incentives with human outcomes.” Find out more about Kate here: https://www.koinsights.com Buy “Tech Humanist” here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1719881561/ If you’d like to read the full highlights, check out this article on the Orange & Gray website: https://orange-gray.com/kate-oneill-advice-creating-human-experiences-through-technology/ Find out more about how “Inner Circle” members are transforming their hearing care practice with the help of the Orange & Gray team: https://orange-gray.com/inner-circle/

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23 Mar 2021

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Rerun S2I9 Kate O'Neill on Technology, Business and the Future

Changing Minds with Owen Fitzpatrick

In this RERUN I talked to Kate O'Neill, a very impressive tech expert and futurist! Definitely worth a listen. 


15 Mar 2021