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Pandemic Power Hour: Look On The Bright Side with Josiah Jenkins

Poppin' Bottles

Former guest Josiah Jenkins ($8 Game Show) helps us fight cabin fever by having a shot of Barley Pop for an hour. We keep it light, make the best out of what's going on, and rename the show the JJR Vanity Project. We're donating to Direct Relief to help others deal with Covid-19 and if you can brighten someone's day please do. We're all in this together.  

1hr 24mins

9 Apr 2020

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Barley Pop Power Hour with Josiah Jenkins

Poppin' Bottles

Josiah Jenkins, host of The $8 Game Show, stops by for games and 60 shots of ice cold Barley Pop. He shares his Power Hour memories and we each take a turn at hosting some games on this very special crossover episode. Hashtag NotRob tears down walls and Josh fears the turtle. Hopefully brought to you by The Pasta Bowl!

1hr 27mins

30 May 2019

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Pimm's No. 1 Cup with Josiah Jenkins

Poppin' Bottles

Former Chicagoan and fellow podcast host Josiah Jenkins invites us to try a tickle of Pimm's, his homemade gin, and pickle back shots. He accidentally gives us a million dollar idea and shares his travels thru time. Rob dreams of taking a ferry to a very special town and Josh gets to give his first letter grade. Daddy... Whatcha Jinkins? Collins Glass 3 oz Pimm's No. 1 1.5 oz Elderflower Syrup 1/2 cup of Frozen Blueberries Juice of 1/2 Lemon Top with Prosecco Aka Jenkins Jammer, Rugby Refresher, Skol Juice, West Coast Whimsy, or Jo Jo Juice Joshing-a-Rob Rocks Glass 1.5 oz Pimm's No. 1 1 oz Simple Syrup 3 oz Lime Juice Top with Club Soda


27 Sep 2018

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Josiah Jenkins: The Host with the Most (Money?)

The 8 Dollar Game Show!

After a little summer break, we're back with the only contestant who might possibly lose his own game show - Josiah Jenkins! Special Guest host Rob Grabowski has Josiah make a hash of hashtags, lay down the laws, and prove once and for all that anyone can achieve their dreams - no matter how mythical they are. Our theme music was composed by Eric Braband. Thanks for listening! We'll be back to more or less biweekly episodes from here!


25 Jul 2018

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60. Where Are Our Alien Friends? The Fermi Paradox with Josiah Jenkins

Dumb Nerds: Comedians Talking About Smart Topics They're Too Dumb For

Aliens. What do you think? Are they out there? The Fermi Paradox raises a very puzzling belief that there should be and yet we have no evidence. The Fermi Paradox was named after physicist Enrico Fermi and he theorizes that based on all the billions of stars in the galaxy, trillions in the universe, there must exist planets similar to Earth that contains life and yet we have no proof there is. All we have heard out there is silence. So does this silence mean we’re all alone? Or have Earthlings and other alien species not evolved enough to possess the ability to properly communicate with each other? Guest Josiah Jenkins (The 8 Dollar Game Show podcast) and Cassi Jerkins discuss the many different theories that explore the Fermi Paradox. Enjoy!  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


27 Mar 2018

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Talking Remakes with Josiah Jenkins and Rob Grabowski

The Nerdologues Present: Talking Games

Flintstones and Jetsons, British Office and American Office, Talking Games and Remake -- truly the great crossovers in media history. This week, the hosts of Remake: The Podcast join us for a LIVE EPISODE that sees us turn a classic film into a hit game and vice versa. Get ready for some Jaleel White Birdman action and collect enough points to earn your wings as we discuss It's a Wonderful Life and Sonic the Hedgehog!Remake: The Podcast is great and you can find it here!Thanks to Cards Against Humanity for sponsoring (and hosting) this meeting of the minds, and thanks as always to the Chicago Podcast Coop!

1hr 3mins

23 Jun 2015

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Episode 52: Josiah Jenkins


Improvisor and Podcaster Josiah Jenkins exercises his right to remain hilarious as we talk Hanna Barbera cartoons, TV shows that overstayed their welcomes, people (still) paying for AOL and touring a prison. Also, he was a filthy telemarketer, but don't hold that against him. The PopFury Podcast has moved! Please visit us on our new website at PopFuryPodcast.com! SHOW NOTES: 0:00 Intro 0:55 Sammy wonders who Josiah is related to and it leads to a deep dive into Hannah Barbera cartoons like Wacky Races and Laff-A-Lympics.  In related animated news, Brad Bird will be doing The Incredibles 2. 6:30 Josiah is a lawyer and explains how court proceedings really work. Sammy doubts Josiah was a good law student. Josiah wishes he could use a fake name on Facebook. 13:25 Olympus Has Fallen has an upcoming sequel: London Has Fallen. 16:00 NBC has thrown in the towel on sitcoms. Josiah defends The Slap, is digging Brooklyn Nine-Nine and identifies with Michael from Arrested Development (according to Sammy). 27:00 We ponder what TV shows that may have gone on too long. Growing up, Josiah wasn't allowed to watch Friends or Seinfeld. 33:00 A Chinese amusement park has a cremation simulator. 37:25 Congressional Representatives are holding fundraisers at a Taylor Swift concert. Josiah used to be a telemarketer in high school. 43:55 2.1 Million people still pay AOL for dial-up internet. Josiah suspects his mom thought he was gay. 52:00 A chlamydia outbreak has hit a school with abstinence-only sex ed curriculum. 55:10 A man smuggled heroin in his foreskin. This reminds Josiah of the time he toured a prison and he shares his experiences and thoughts. 1:01.25 Parents, who waived their Miranda rights, admitted they used cocaine and marijuana to bargain with their kids to do chores. Josiah breaks down exactly why you shouldn't talk to cops and asking for an attorney. 1:06:40 Outro

1hr 8mins

11 May 2015

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Talking Sports with Josiah Jenkins!

The Nerdologues Present: Talking Games

Get ready to bro out over some sweet sports talk this episode with our guest Josiah Jenkins of The Remake Podcast fame. But don't get too worried... this episode focuses on the dynasty of Josiah's epic NBA 2K14 run. Plus we ask him the same question he asks his podcast guests every episode! Thanks to our sponsor for the episode, Basecamp. And thanks to the Chicago Podcast Coop for the support!


17 Mar 2015

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Episode 90 - MBSing with Josiah Jenkins - Law

The Nerdologues Present: MBSing

Josiah Jenkins is a FOR REAL lawyer while simultaneously being an improviser! And he came to talk some for real law talk with me. It makes me anxious to think about having to take such a definitive stance on things that don't have clear sides, so that coupled with the amount of time cases can take make me not envy the position Josiah enjoys and thrives in. Josiah specifically works in employment law (discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, etc.), and it's totally fascinating to hear about and think about the ins and outs of this side of civil law. At the top we discuss our shared experiences as podcast hosts, so check out Josiah's show The Remake!

1hr 25mins

25 Feb 2015