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Mental Resilience, Cognitive Canaries & High-Stakes Decision Making with Retired Poker Pro Chris Sparks

Curious Humans with Jonny Miller

Chris Sparks is a one-of-a-kind human; he's a retired professional poker pro who was once ranked one of the top 20 players in the world.But in recent years, he has applied himself to coaching and running workshops on decision-making, systems thinking, and peak performance. And as you'll hear in this conversation, he is not only brilliant but also wise. Before we hit record, I said to Chris let's record a masterclass in mindset for staying calm and making good decisions in high-stress environments ~ and he didn't really disappoint.Our conversation ranged from talking about tools he used to stay calm or shift his state during high-stakes poker games and how he eliminated mental distractions in critical moments. He shared some meta-principles that he learnt through poker but applies to life more broadly—as well as how his approach and philosophy around productivity have shifted over the years.I deeply enjoyed this conversation with Chris, and I have a sense that you will too. I'll also mention that Chris has what he calls a 'performance assessment', which I've linked in the show notes ~ that provides a series of excellent questions to reflect on.🔗 LINKS📝 Take the Forcing Function Self-Assessment💬  Find Chris on Twitter @SparksRemarks🎙️  Listen to Chris' Podcast👨‍🎓  Signup for Chris' Feb 2023 course on 'Team Performance Training'🫁 Episode Sponsor // NSMThis episode of Curious Humans is brought to by the one and only 'Nervous System Mastery' ~ which is my flagship 5-week Bootcamp designed to equip you with evidence-backed Protocols to Cultivate Greater Agency Over Your Physical, Mental & Emotional State. The 2022 cohort will be running this November ~ and applications are now officially open until midnight on October 28th. My sense is that if this conversation resonates with you, then you'd likely be a great fit for our upcoming cohort.This NSM curriculum represents my attempt to distil everything that I've learnt in recent years about how to create the conditions for our nervous system's flourishing & previous students have shared how partaking not only improved their sleep and quality of relationships but also tap into deeper states of joy, clarity and confidence in their lives.We've already had over 250 applications, and places will be limited ~ so if you're intrigued at all, you can find more details and apply to join this year's cohort over at nsmastery.com

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7 Oct 2022

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#134 Chris Sparks, Author of Experiment Without Limits: My Favorite Books, Tools, Habits and More | 20 Minute Playbook

Outlier Academy | Iconic Founders, Investors, Authors, and Thinkers

In Episode #134, we deconstruct Chris Sparks's peak performance playbook—from his favorite book to the tiny habit that's had the biggest impact on his life. Chris Sparks is the author of Experiment Without Limits. We cover applying game theory to life, maintaining systems, and the self-signaling effect.“I think it really all comes down to trusting the process that accomplishing anything just takes a lot of time and iterative effort.” – Chris SparksEPISODE GUIDE (LINKS, QUOTES, NOTES, AND BOOKS MENTIONED)https://www.danielscrivner.com/notes/chris-sparks-playbook/ FULL TEXT TRANSCRIPThttps://www.danielscrivner.com/notes/chris-sparks-playbook-transcript/ CHAPTERSIn this episode, we deconstruct Chris Sparks’s peak performance playbook—from his favorite book to the tiny habit that's had the biggest impact on his life. In it we cover: (00:00:00) – Introduction (00:03:15) – Applying game theory to life (00:05:52) – Focusing on your thought process rather than the result (00:10:12) – Deciding the game you want to play (00:15:05) – Maintaining systems and avoiding habit debt (00:19:39) – Optimizing for your top value (00:31:05) – The self-signaling effect (00:33:43) – Looking for superpowers in others (00:45:56) – Trust the process and stay in the game ABOUT CHRIS SPARKSChris began his career as a high stakes poker player and became one of the Top 20 Online Poker Players in the world. To achieve that, he studied elite performers across disciplines and started optimizing every area of his life. Which led Chris to found Forcing Function and begin working with the world’s best founders, investors, executives, poker players, and even artists, to optimize their own performance and move more quickly toward their goals.If you're ready to become an elite performer, consider applying for Chris Sparks's group coaching program, Team Performance Training. In Team Performance Training, Chris will teach you how to optimize your productivity, increase your personal leverage, and show up as your best self every day. There are fifteen spots available in Cohort 4 with applications open until the 27th of September.Learn more at teamperformancetraining.com.💌 FREE NEWSLETTERhttps://www.outlieracademy.com/newsletter🎙 LISTEN ONiTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/outlier-academy/id1523851182Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/58edVNgqaPNaCSGSxM6pef?si=88f37a5d20434775Overcast: https://overcast.fm/itunes1523851182ABOUT OUTLIER ACADEMYLearn timeless lessons on work and life from iconic founders, world-renown investors, and bestselling authors. Outlier Academy is the forever school for those chasing greatness. Past guests include Gokul Rajaram of DoorDash, Scott Belsky of Benchmark and Adobe, Joey Krug of Pantera Capital, Mark Sisson of Primal Kitchen, Luke Gromen of The Forest for the Trees, and Brian Scudamore of 1-800-GOT-JUNK.Website: https://www.outlieracademy.comTwitter: https://www.twitter.com/outlieracademyABOUT DANIEL SCRIVNEROutlier Academy is hosted by Daniel Scrivner. Over the last 15 years, Daniel has led design teams at Square and Apple, turned around a $3M+ ARR SaaS business, and invested in more than 100 companies. He launched Outlier Academy in 2020 to learn from the world’s best founders, investors, authors, and peak performance experts.Website: https://www.danielscrivner.comTwitter: https://www.twitter.com/danielscrivner


16 Sep 2022

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105: Chris Sparks | Poker All The Way Down, Poker's Black Friday, High-Stakes Poker & Thinking Probabilistically

Curious Worldview Podcast

🎙️: https://atlasgeographica.com/chris-sparks/🍻☕: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ryanhoggThe following is a conversation with Chris Sparks, one of the OG’s of online poker. Chris has been ranked in the top 20 online cash players in the world, and is now, in addition to many other things, the founder of Forcing Function, which teaches elite poker frameworks to investors and executives in meaningful companies.Chris is also the host of the Forcing Function Hour Podcast which explores the frameworks he teaches at Forcing Function with an eclectic mix of different high performers.Newsletter 📋 🔑 - https://atlasgeographica.com/subscribe📷 Instagram & Twitter 🐦 -----Time Stamps With John Perkins00:00 – Introduction.01:45 – Craziest & Degenerate Side Betting Chris Has Seen?25:10 – Thinking Probabilisticly.43:00 – Nassim Taleb.54:10 – Poker’s Black Friday Explained.1:02:21 – Chinese Proverbs & Serendipity.1:12:14 – Has Poker Overoptimisation Driven Away Poker’s Great Personalities?1:16:13 – Dynamics Of The Private Game & Private Games In Austin.1:24:12 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.1:27:45 – Afterthoughts & Ambition For The Podcast.-----Links To Chris Sparks● Performance Assessment: https://www.forcingfunction.com/assessment● Peak Performance Workbook http://www.experimentwithoutlimits.com● Forcing Function Hour Podcast: http://www.forcingfunctionhour.com● Group Coaching Program: https://www.teamperformancetraining.com● Review Workshop: https://www.reviewandrevision.com● Media Appearances: https://www.forcingfunction.com/appearances● Articles: https://www.forcingfunction.com/articles● Twitter: https://twitter.com/SparksRemarks

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8 Sep 2022

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World Poker Champion On The Science Of Decision Making - Chris Sparks

Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal

Chris Sparks is a retired professional poker player, recently ranked in the top 20 online cash game players in the world. He’s also the Founder of Forcing Function where he teaches elite poker frameworks to a select group of twelve investors and executives in meaningful companies, and the author of Experiment Without Limits, a comprehensive workbook for achieving peak performance and leads workshops on decision-making, systems thinking, and performance architecture to organisations and investment teams. In the conversation we talk about what we can learn from the world of poker around high performance and how systems thinking and decision making is crucial for success. Enjoy!(00:00) Intro (02:17) Being a professional poker player(06:00) The 'Red Queen' Effect(08:18) The psychological advantage and self-deception(13:04) Online vs real life poker(20:16) Relativistic skills(25:24) Having a mindset of abundance (32:27) Applying lessons from poker to your life(50:15) Understanding other peoples' problems better than our own(54:21) Experiment Without Limits (01:02:14) The power of objectivity (01:18:25) Perfectionistic tendencies(01:25:00) Deciding your priorities (01:28:22) Being a performance coach (01:42:31) Realising everything is a choice (01:47:40) The status quo bias and forcing functions(01:58:27) Chris' Free Performance Assessment 🔗 CONNECT WITH CHRIS  💻 Website 🎙Forcing Function Hour Podcast 🐦 Twitter 📸 Instagram🔗 CONNECT WITH ALI💌  Sign up to my weekly email newsletter🎥 YouTube Channel💻 Website📸  Instagram🐦  Twitter👥 Linkedin 📚 RESOURCES MENTIONEDForcing Function Performance Assessment - https://www.forcingfunction.com/assessmentPeak Performance Workbook (free download) - http://www.experimentwithoutlimits.comForcing Function Hour Podcast - http://www.forcingfunctionhour.comGroup Coaching Program (Cohort 4 launches Sept) - https://www.teamperformancetraining.comForcing Function Performance Library - https://www.forcingfunction.com/libraryDeep Dive with Noah Kagan - https://youtu.be/B4rVZW1YJB0Deep Dive with Grace Beverley - https://youtu.be/7_hNRR6K6z4Find the show notes and the transcript on the website: https://aliabdaal.com/podcast/Sponsored by ShortformThis episode is kindly brought to you by Shortform, the world's best provider of guides for non-fiction books. Shortform gives you comprehensive coverage of thousands of books, the key ideas, clearly and simply explained, plus smart commentary and analysis. It’s like your smartest friend teaching you about a book. Go to https://shortform.com/deepdive to get 20% off the annual premium subscription.Sponsored by ShopifyThis episode is kindly brought to you by Shopify. Shopify offers an easy to use, all-in-one commerce platform for anyone -regardless of technical ability and experience - to start, grow, and manage a business. Shopify lets you sell online, in-person and on all major social platforms and it’s what I’m using to sell my essentali stationary as well as upcoming digital and physical products. To give Shopify a try, go to https://shopify.com/aliabdaal.Leave a reviewIf you enjoy listening to the podcast, please do leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts - even one line helps! You can also Tweet @AliAbdaal with any feedback, thoughts from the lessons you've learnt from the episodes and we can thank you personally for tuning in 🙏Check out the episode on the Deep Dive YouTube Channel.See privacy policy at https://transistor.fm/privacy🔔 Sign up to the Part-Time YouTuber Crash Course: https://aliabdaal.com/part-time-youtuber-crash-course/?utm_source=deep_dive&utm_medium=podcast&utm_campaign=default_campaign_mid_roll

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1 Sep 2022

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#120: “I Only Won 52% of Hands!” Becoming A World Class Poker Player, With Chris Sparks

My Home Vitality

TO FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR:  ► For links to MORE RESOURCES AND OTHER BONUSES, go to: https://www.myhomevitality.com/i-only-won-52-of-hands-becoming-a-world-class-poker-player-with-chris-sparks-120/ ► For the most important skills you should have been taught in school: https://www.myhomevitality.com/shop/ ► To ask questions: https://bit.ly/2n2M4ay CONNECT WITH US:  Website: https://www.myhomevitality.com/ YouTube: https://bit.ly/2n2M4ay FB, Insta and Twitter: @myhomevitality Email: info@myhomevitality.com

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19 Aug 2022

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#213 Chris Sparks: High Stakes Online Poker OG

Chasing Poker Greatness

Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is OG high stakes online poker crusher Chris Sparks, and it’s one of those conversations that I live for.I don’t exactly know how Chris, a man whose network of friends includes a who’s who of poker royalty (Including nosebleed live destroyer of worlds, Garrett Adelstein), managed to slip underneath my radar for so long, but I am so grateful I got a chance to right that wrong.In my defense… While Chris still battles in both the digital and live arenas, these days he spends most of his energy outside of poker in the startup space, where he focuses on streamlining systems & processes so that these businesses can efficiently maximize their resources (Gee, I wonder where he first started learning & developing those skills?).If you’d like to dive deeper into what Chris is up to these days, you should check out his home base on the world wide web forcingfunction.com which includes an incredible & forever relevant poker article titled: Play to Win: Meta-Skills in High Stakes PokerWith that said, in today’s conversation with Chris Sparks you’re going to learn:All about Chris’s journey through the world of online poker.The hard-won poker lessons he regularly applies to his daily life.Lessons he’s learned in the world of startups that you can apply to your poker game.And much, MUCH more!Now, without any further ado, I bring to you high performance & leadership wizard… The one and only Chris Sparks.


27 Apr 2022

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#434 - Chris Sparks - The Mindset Rules Of A Poker Professional

Modern Wisdom

Chris Sparks is the former #4 online poker player on the planet, a productivity coach and an investor. Having a high performance mindset is something everyone wants. Being able to achieve without stress or anxiety, maximising output whilst minimising suffering. As someone who coaches both himself and some of the world's brightest on getting more out of their game, Chris has learned a lot about balancing growth, goals and internal peace. Expect to learn what it feels like to play in an invite-only Bitcoin Poker Tournament, how Chris evens out his hard-charging nature to become more at ease, whether the outcomes you get in life are impacted by how neurotic you are, my theory around the Anxiety Cost of delayed actions, how to balance intuition with cognition and much more... Sponsors: Join the Modern Wisdom Community to connect with me & other listeners - https://modernwisdom.locals.com/ Get 83% discount & 3 months free from Surfshark VPN at https://surfshark.deals/MODERNWISDOM (use code MODERNWISDOM) Get perfect teeth 70% cheaper than other invisible aligners from DW Aligners at http://dwaligners.co.uk/modernwisdom Extra Stuff: Check out Chris' website - https://www.forcingfunction.com/ Follow Chris on Twitter - https://twitter.com/SparksRemarks Get my free Reading List of 100 books to read before you die → https://chriswillx.com/books/ To support me on Patreon (thank you): https://www.patreon.com/modernwisdom - Get in touch. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chriswillx Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/chriswillx YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/modernwisdompodcast Email: https://chriswillx.com/contact/ 

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12 Feb 2022

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In Conversation with Chris Sparks

Three Valleys Radio

Former Yeovil Town defender Chris Sparks talks to Adi Hopper Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


3 Feb 2022

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Chris Sparks: Performance and Productivity Comes Down to Focus

Leaders Of Consulting

Chris Sparks talks about what he’s learned over the years around building a better service business & how his experience as a professional poker player helped with his business, the Forcing Function. We also hear about his approach to lead generation, what he means by sales purgatory, and his transition to helping groups and teams.Mentioned on the episode:Team Performance TrainingExperiment Without LimitsForcing Function Hour PodcastConnect with Chris on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.Chris Sparks Official WebsiteForcing Function Official Website


19 Jan 2022

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#265 Chris Sparks - Poker is a Sandbox for Understanding Human Behavior

What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

Chris Sparks is a professional poker player and peak performance expert who coaches executives on high performance and decision making. Chris is exceptional at teaching people how to think like a poker player which is applicable to everyone no matter what domain you’re performing in. This is a fascinating and wide ranging conversation covering strategy, mindsets, pursuing mastery and high performance.  Episode Transcript Watch on YouTube Subscribe to my Newsletter Connect with us! Whatgotyouthere NuSkool Snacks Healthy Protein Bars https://nuskoolsnacks.com/

1hr 27mins

3 Oct 2021