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Jim Sexton lost his son Michael to Neuroblastoma in 1993 . Jim's response to that was to start the Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society non profit in 1994 along with his wife Dori to help make lives better for future patients of this Pediatric Cancer.

Help and Hope Happen Here

Jim and Dori Sexton's 3 year old son passed away from Neuroblastoma in 1993 after an intense 9 month treatment protocol. Disappointed by the lack of research that became apparent to Jim during his son's pediatric cancer fight, Jim and Dori started the Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society Non Profit in 1994.  Their non profit is now approaching 30 years of helping kids and their families deal with various aspects of Neuroblastoma.


1 Aug 2022

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Jim Sexton – How to Stay in Love: A Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Staying Together

Emotional Balance Sheet with Paul Fenner

How would you go about staying out of a divorce attorney's office? Find a great divorce attorney to listen to? Jim Sexton is an accomplished New York divorce attorney who has seen it all throughout his 20 plus year career focused on divorce law.  What makes Jim unique is that he took his life experience and work as a divorce attorney and created a book, How to Stay in Love: A Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Staying Together. Jim's experience has led him to believe that marriages and other committed relationships fail for two fundamental reasons.  One, you don't know what you want, and two, you can't express what you want.  This lack of communication with yourself and your partner is often the relationship killer. Throughout our discussion, Jim highlights actionable steps that you can take to help solidify your relationship, such as leaving your spouse/partner a little note of gratitude, a weekly win/fail walk, and a "hit send now" email.  The basis for these actions is all focused on the need to keep checking in with yourself and your spouse/partner. I agree with Jim that it's better to stay in love, stoke existing love, than to slowly fall out of love and try to find it again.  This is a process that you control and that the person you love controls.  How great is that? Please enjoy my conversation with Jim Sexton. For show notes and resources discussed in this episode, visit https://tammacapital.com/ep-61-jim-sexton-how-to-stay-in-love/. For more episodes, go to tammacapital.com/podcast. Follow Paul on Facebook and LinkedIn. And feel free to email Paul at pfenner@tammacapital.com with any feedback, questions, or ideas for future guests and topics.


10 Mar 2022

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How to Work with the Media with Jim Sexton of B.A.S.S.

Fishing Business Podcast

Digital advertising will account for 53% of ALL the advertising dollars spent in 2020. Worldwide, digital advertising will likely hit $336 billion. That’s a lot of zeroes. So it’s no wonder that everybody seems to be trying to figure out how to create more content. After all, content is necessary for digital advertising. If you don’t have digital content, you don’t have a place to run ads.Jim Sexton might be the foremost expert on digital content in the fishing industry. That's because he runs all of the digital platforms for B.A.S.S. which is the largest media platform in the bass fishing industry. Great information here and I've also put together a free resource for you to download that puts everything you will learn today together for you.  You can find the Fishing Business School's Guide to Working with the Media at https://www.fishingbusinessschool.com/sextonDownload this free guide and let us know what you think.

1hr 9mins

22 Jun 2020

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Episode 161 - Jim Sexton, Chad Morgenthaler and Mark Menendez

Bassmaster Radio

Episode 161 - Jim Sexton, Chad Morgenthaler and Mark Menendez

3 Apr 2020

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THURS., 1/30/20 - HOUR 1 - JIM SEXTON

The Lisa Wexler Show

Another GREAT show! This hour features a divorce lawyer, Jim Sexton, who shares his insight on marriages/divorce and the signs to look for!


30 Jan 2020

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430: 1/30/20 The Lisa Wexler Show - Divorce Lawyer Jim Sexton

WICC 600 AM and 107.3 FM


30 Jan 2020

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Speaking the Truth In Love - Jim Sexton

Lawson Road CoC Teaching


1 Dec 2019

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007: Social & Clinical Psychology with Dr. Jim Sexton


We got to interview Dr. Jim Sexton, who holds Ph.D.s in Clinical and Social Psychology. He's currently a professor at George Washington University's Psy.D. program and a practicing clinician. His answers lent insight into a wide range of topics within the fields of both his Ph.D.s, such as building rapport with clients, identifying subconscious biases in oneself as a clinician, and the hidden history of social psychology.  In our intro, we talked about mirror neurons. Here's a video of Dr. Giacomo Rizzolatti, one of the researchers who discovered the function of these neurons, talking about that discovery and how it came about. Here's an interesting TED Talk from Dr. Amy Cuddy about what body language we use to express feelings of power and how that can affect ourselves and those around us. Send us an email at hosts@pre-occupied.com! Follow us on Twitter @PreOccPodcast! Like us on Facebook! Visit us at pre-occupied.com!


25 Aug 2019

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150: Jim Sexton With Opendoor Answers Questions Agents Have Been Wanting To Know

The Weekly Closer Podcast

Jim Sexton with Opendoor stops by the studio to answer some questions agents have been dying to know. How does Opendoor work with other agents? What is the pay structure on deals / leads that are brought to you by other agents? How do they think Zillow Instant Offers will affect their business? How well would their model work in a down market? If my client enters an Opendoor house without me, does Opendoor try to convert them to their own client? These and many others on this episode.


28 Aug 2018

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Episode 18 - Jim Sexton, Realty One Group

The Real Estate Sessions

Jim Sexton, 2015 Arizona Association of REALTORS President, joins us on The Real Estate Sessions Podcast.  Jim has been in the industry since the mid 70's and his journey is interesting and complex.


1 Dec 2015