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Dan Meyer, Sword Swallower

Listen Again with FLF

Witness a real-live miracle in this special video podcast featuring our guest and friend, America's Got Talent finalist and Sword-Swallower Dan Meyer. Dan has a message of hope to share that you do not want to miss. Listen again with us and enjoy the show! To see the video version, please tune in on Spotify. If you're listening for the first time or you have a prayer request, make sure to fill out an online connect card so we can pray for you and connect. Be blessed!


5 May 2022

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The Hope of Holy Week: Dan Meyer

Deeper Still

Suanne sits down with the senior pastor of Christ Church, Rev. Dr. Daniel Meyer, as he shares personally and profoundly some reflections on his own lenten journey, Holy Week and why the hope of the resurrection is still the brightest light for renewal in lives today.


11 Apr 2022

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Ep. 23: Dan Meyer @ Desmos- Helping every student learn math and love learning math

My Creative Classroom: Transforming Education

On this episode I chat with Dan Meyer (dan@desmos.com) from Desmos, which offers digital graphing/scientific calculators and online activities for free to educators to engage students in learning, discovering and exploring math. These tools go beyond the screen and provide students the opportunity to explore their brilliance by finding joy in math while being creative in their journey. We dive into their new curriculum that was created to support teachers in their journey in using these tools and so much more. We talk about how to use these tools in the classroom and their commitment to educators to keep these tools free. desmos.com/curriculum teacher.desmos.com learn.desmos.com


15 Feb 2021

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Failure to Disrupt Book Club with Dan Meyer

TeachLab with Justin Reich

For TeachLab’s sixth Failure to Disrupt Book Club episode we look back at Justin’s live conversation with regular Audrey Watters and special guest Dan Meyer, the chief academic officer at Desmos. Together they discuss the work of Desmos and the section of Justin’s book on the “Curse of the Familiar.”“From our perspective, for us, we are not trying to subvert the school day. We're not trying to get learning outside of the four walls of the classroom. We're not trying to upend schooling and turn everyone into home schoolers. I'm not judging those necessarily, but I'm just saying, we know what we're not trying to do, and we're actually really eager to use the four walls, we understand that there are things that are possible when a bunch of people are together in a room that is impossible during asynchronous experiences. There's this sometimes collective effervescence, it's why we used to go to movie theaters, or why sports are interesting to watch in person, versus on TV. It's that bubbly champagne like feeling when you're all together. So we know what we're trying to change and not trying to change.” - Dan Meyer In this episode we’ll talk about:Dan Meyer’s edtech story and teaching experienceSuccess of QuizletCurse of the FamiliarCombat vs. Co-opt schoolingDesmos’ approachCommunity in edtechCreating a low, welcoming floorThe business of edtechAssessment in online learning Resources and LinksCheck out Dan Meyer’s blog!Learn more about Desmos!Watch the full Book Club webinar here!Check out Justin Reich’s new book, Failure To Disrupt!Join our self-paced online edX course: Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices Transcripthttps://teachlabpodcast.simplecast.com/episodes/bookclub6/transcript Produced by Aimee Corrigan and Garrett BeazleyRecorded and mixed by Garrett Beazley Follow TeachLab:FacebookTwitterYouTube


22 Jan 2021

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A Conversation on Influence with Dan Meyer

Deeper Still

Suanne interviews senior pastor of Christ Church of Oak Brook, Dan Meyer. Dan talks about the women who have influenced his life and leadership, why naming the gifts we see in others is so important and how simply being present with others is sometimes the most powerful influence of all. 


26 Sep 2020

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School Of Laughs

Sword Swallower Dan Meyer grew up as a scared, shy, skinny, wimpy kid who was teased and beat up by the bullies. He convinced himself that someday he would perform superhuman feats, DO the IMPOSSIBLE, and change the world. And he did! Today Dan mixes danger, laughter, and swords to defy death with a smile. And as he does … he inspires audiences to do the impossible in their lives. I first found out about Dan when he contacted me about taking the online writing course this past spring. As we talked I could tell this guy had an incredible love for life and desire to constantly up his game. My kind of dude! Then I learned even more about his sword swallowing and his accomplishments. Dan has performed in 50 countries and was given the title of “World’s TOP Sword Swallower” by Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Dan holds 40 World Records, has appeared on the Today Show, the finals of America’s Got Talent, Italy’s Got Talent, France’s Got Talent, and Israel’s Got Talent. In 2007, Dan won the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard; and his viral TED Talk “Cutting through Fear” has been translated into over 80 languages as the “Most Translated TED Talk” in the world. Dan’s goal is to challenge others to think beyond the obvious, stretch beyond their limitations, dream bigger than they ever thought possible,​ and dare to do the impossible in their lives.​ Learn more about sword swallower Dan Meyer at www.CuttingEdgeInnertainment.com Specifically, we talk about: Establishing a life goal or Throme How Dan uses the rule of threes in structuring his show Focusing on serving the audience And much, much more! THANKS Thanks to our Patreon sponsor for this episode Lauren Aynsley. This podcast is a production of the Rik Roberts School of Laughs. (C)(P) 2020 All rights reserved. Learn more at www.SchoolofLauhgs.com.


15 Sep 2020

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Dan Meyer & Three Act Math

Making Math Moments That Matter

Today we speak with the creator of the 3-act math structure, Guinness Book of World Record holder, national speaker, and Chief Academic Officer at Desmos, Dan Meyer.  We get the dirt on Dan’s background as a student and early days as a teacher. He shares his insights on what lessons should look like, sound like and he lets us in on what a Chief Academic Officer really does.  Stick around and you learn the origin story of the 3-Act math structure and why you need to know about it; how to use what you value in math lessons to bring out wonder and perplexity; the good and bad of ed-tech: what makes a great tech tool while teaching remotely; and, tow being culturally aware humans can make us better teachers. What you’ll learn:  The origin story of the 3-Act math structure and why you need to know about it.  What we value in a math lesson and how to use wonder and perplexity to teach those values.  The good and bad of ed-tech: what makes a great tech tool while teaching remotely.  How being culturally aware humans can make us better teachers.  Resources:  Dan Meyer’s TED Talk: Math Class Needs A Makeover How To Make Math Moments in Your Class 3-Acts of a Mathematical Story Dan on Twitter: Dan’s Blog Hema Khodai’s TwitterCreate engagement while fuelling students sense making by using Make Math Moments ready-made lessons and units. Access our vast catalogue of lessons for elementary through high school math classes.Check the catalogue here --> https://makemathmoments.com/tasks/ Get a Customized Math Improvement Plan For Your District.Are you district leader for mathematics? Take the 12 minute assessment and you’ll get a free, customized improvement plan to shape and grow the 6 parts of any strong mathematics program.Take the assessment


10 Aug 2020

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S1 Ep10: Backbeat Conversations with Dan Meyer

Backbeat Conversations

Some fun talks about the music industry, being a producer, an engineer, and going to college for the music industry. Music: "Wallee" by Kaz Editor: Bri Autrey Sponsor: York Music Group

1hr 5mins

18 Jun 2020

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My New Math Therapist, Dan Meyer

No Such Thing: Education in the Digital Age

Dan Meyer taught high school math to students who didn't like high school math. He has advocated for better math instruction on CNN, Good Morning America, Everyday With Rachel Ray, and TED.com. He earned his doctorate from Stanford University in math education and is the Chief Academic Officer at Desmos where he explores the future of math textbooks. He speaks internationally and was named one of Tech & Learning's 30 Leaders of the Future. He lives in Mountain View, CA.Links from this episode:Dan Meyer: https://blog.mrmeyer.com/"Math Class Needs a Makeover" on TED, Dan Meyer: https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_meyer_math_class_needs_a_makeover?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshareDesmos: https://www.desmos.com/Rochelle Gutierrez: https://education.illinois.edu/faculty/rochelle-gutierrezZaretta Hammond: https://crtandthebrain.com/about/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Apr 2020

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Dan Meyer interview

Personalized Learning with Matt & Courtney

Matt and Courtney talk with Dan Meyer of Desmos.com in our critical thinking series. Dan is the Chief Academic Officer at desmos, and has been blogging at https://blog.mrmeyer.com/ for a very long time. Dan talks about personalized learning, proficiency, elementary level math, and much much more. Follow him on Twitter at @ddmeyer.


12 Dec 2019