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9. Biet Simkin: A Rebel’s Guide to Enlightenment

Big Energy with Kassi Underwood

Kassi sits down with one of her besties, world-renowned meditation leader, musician, and bestselling author of DON’T JUST SIT THERE, Biet Simkin. They talk about rock bottom and recovery, daily practices for mental health and enlightenment, becoming famous and working with A-list celebrities, grief and heroin, motherhood and ambition, and more. It’s a juicy, wild, and mind-blowing conversation you don’t want to miss. Learn more about Biet and follow her on Instagram @guidedbybiet Follow Kassi on Instagram at @kassiunderwood or visit kassiunderwood.com Join Kassi’s 6-month group adventure, Money Metaphysics for Maverick Womxn! Visit kassiunderwood.com/mmmw


25 May 2021

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Biet Simkin Reveals How to Overcome the Adversity of Loss and Addiction

Inspired Evolution

In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Biet Simkin, a renowned meditation leader, speaker, musician, artist and author. She is the Founder of Center of the Cyclone, an immersive experience that weaves meditation, self inquiry, art, music and fashion, offering an explosive experience and the author of the best selling book “Don't just sit there”. If you would like to dive deep into her book and discover the forty-four laws of life that are the missing link between the desire to meditate and the motivation needed to maintain a regular meditation practice, process the emotional fallout of meditative experiences, and find spiritual fulfillment, please go to: https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/biet-simkin/Biet’s journey hasn’t always been easy. She humbly and openly shares her journey from losing several family members including her baby daughter, then struggling with drugs and heroin addiction, to pursuing a life as a spiritual leader. Amrit and Biet have a breathtaking and uplifting conversation that will offer you a unique, courageous approach to cultivating body love, healing your relationship with addictions, and stepping into a more aligned you.They dive deep into the beginning of being a meditation teacher and living a life devoted to the soul, the importance and the courage of surrender, about resisting surrender and the concept of opposite actions.Furthermore they converse about commonalities in people finding their own ways and the importance of coming into the open and addressing your story.In this chapter you will have access to techniques that will help you overcome the adversity of loss and addiction and become more resilient, and you will discover how to achieve bliss, no matter what life throws at you.You will master with a smile whatever you don’t want to do, discover how adversity becomes stepping stones to your success and deeply understand the transformative effects of releasing false stories and projections.If you would like to attend Biet Simkin’s first online event for a spiritual transformation on Saturday, January 30, 2021, please reserve here: https://www.bietsimkin.com/copy-of-press“The happiest moments in my life is when I can say what I truly am thinking”About Biet Simkin:Biet is the world-renowned meditation leader dubbed the “Lady Gaga of Meditation.”  As a musician, Biet weaves the world of pop culture and spirituality, teaching practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom. The teachings are featured in Biet’s best selling book, ‘Don’t Just Sit There!’ published by Simon & Schuster.Raised by a Shaman in New York City, Biet signed to Sony Records at the age of 19 as a singer/songwriter. Diving into a Rock & Roll lifestyle, Biet became a high profile DJ in the fashion and art scene in Manhattan. However, following a string of life changing events, including the sudden loss of her daughter, Biet turned to her lifetime study of meditation and launched the Guided By Biet event series. The meditation experience reached a contemporary audience in cultural spaces, including museums, hotels, and fashion shows. These groundbreaking events were scored by her own music and were the first time meditation was mixed with pop culture, creating the revolutionary new trend. Featured in Vogue, Forbes, ELLE, and TIME magazine, and as the resident meditation guru at The Sundance Film Festival, 1 Hotels, MoMA, and SoulCycle, Biet advises spiritual best practices for hotels and brands. Biet is best known for modernizing the spiritual path and has been called the "Meditation Guru for the next generation.” Tune In: Welcome Biet Simkin to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00)Beginning to live a life as a meditation teacher: (01:25)For more than thirty years, Biet has been devoted to her soul. Through meditation, a voice said she would become a famous and wealthy spiritual teacher which has pushed her to doing things she has never done before. Biet merges now her years of spirituality with a world of commerce. Dive in and hear how she does it! “I understand reality through my soul and through my heart”Diving into trust and surrender: (08:00) The rock & roller had an innate sensation to be seen and useful to the world but was covered by the numbing effect of drugs. It was through an act of divided attention seeing herself in third person, that she became aware that this kind of life was not going to work. She strongly believes that surrender is an act of divinity. “There is no way to get a sober without a surrender”Insights on resisting surrender: (16:19) All about spiritual awakening from opposite actions. Cave in and discover the importance of facing discomfort and find out why most people don't get there and don't encounter surrender. “Look at what you want to do and what actually requires effort”Diving deeper into the concept of opposite actions: (20:18)A conversation around contradictory thoughts: evil thoughts towards money and parallel thoughts about wanting to travel. Tap in and learn how Biet brings the spiritual into the material. Biet is compensated for what she loves doing the most.“I am actually 50% of what is going on”Commonalities in people finding their own ways: (25:52) Learn how to stop looking at suffering as a bad thing and see its benefits. Dive in and learn through music. “The solution to a tragedy is the way in which one views it”About Biet giving herself permission to stand up and stand out: (30:21)About coming into the open and addressing your story and learning how to be tolerant of life as it actually is.“My story is a gift to the world for people to feel safe with me”Openness and vulnerability in which it takes not to be a victim: (41:09)Dive in and discover her charming explanation using the characters from “Star Wars”“My happiest times come from when I am humble”What keeps Biet excited, happy and out of bed?: (44:54)Working on healing her relationship with food, working on secret techniques and so much more!The best way to connect with Biet: (46:28)Biet Simkin’s book:“Don't Just Sit There!: 44 Insights to Get Your Meditation Practice Off the Cushion and Into the Real World”: https://amz.run/4E7Z Mentioned resources: First Online Event for a spiritual transformation with Biet, Saturday, January 30, 2021:  https://www.bietsimkin.com/copy-of-press Access to Welcome earth 25 minute free meditation with Biet: https://www.bietsimkin.com/copy-of-speaking John Coltrane: : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Coltrane Connect with Biet Simkin:Website: https://www.bietsimkin.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/biet.simkin Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/centerofthecyclone/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/guidedbybiet/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/guidedbybiet?lang=en Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bietsimkin/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEEQjI-d88gD7PthjvO-tag Join the Inspired Evolution Community:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InspiredEvolution/    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/InspiredEvo/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/InspiredEvolution/Website: https://inspiredevolution.com/ Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/inspiredevolution. 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24 Jan 2021

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From Broke to Best Selling Author and Meditation Guru with Biet Simkin

The Truthiest Life

Biet was born broke, lost all her loved ones, and eventually went numb to survive. But being numb didn’t just block the pain, it blocked the joy. It was up to her to FEEL life again-- to make radical changes to not just change her world, but the world of everyone she would meet. Biet fused her passions of music and meditation together, redefining what it means to meditate and how we do it. She breaks down the Law of the 4th way, Divided Attention, and how to be here now, feeling it all in this rollercoaster of life.Guest info: @guidedbyBietBiet’s Best Selling Book, Don’t Just Sit there. Spirituality of Dirty Secrets: A Full Immersive Music Experience to dive deep into your psyche to understand your “secrets”. Get your ticket here: Code: LISA for $25 off.Check Biet out on Spotify!Instagram:The Truthiest Life on instagram @thetruthiestlifeHost @LisahayimTo support TTL, subscribe, follow, or share episodes with family and friends who could benefitIf you’re loving TTL, Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-truthiest-life/id1535516122?uo=2Guest submissions: e-mail your story to hello@truthiestlife.comEdited by Houston TilleyIntro Jingle by Alyssa Chase aka @findyoursails Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 9mins

15 Jan 2021

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Magic Inclined

This week, Biet Simkin, of Guided by Biet joins us for a beautiful conversation around: The power of prayer Co-creating with the divine Biet’s journey towards enlightenment The first time I met biet in person The different levels of trauma How to alchemize pain The attachment to ego Her house burning down Misconceptions of spiritual text Being rich in spirit The pain of losing a child The true meaning of surrender And so so so much more Buy Biet's best seeling book "Don't Just Sit There!"https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Just-Sit-There-Meditation/dp/1501193198 Grab virtual seats for Biet's event here:https://spiritualityofdirtysecrets.splashthat.com/ GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR THE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5fdbde71af6b8443a7c2c710 ▶▶▶ Please rate, commnet, and share this episode to share the magic, and join the Magic Inclined community to connect with magic humxns from all aroud the world: https://magicinclined.mn.co All music provided by www.lukesweeney.comLuke's spodify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0HUCUssIZ14hidQEb4IpwZ


23 Dec 2020

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How To Cope With Tragedy And Loss - Biet Simkin

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen

At some point in our lives, we all experience tragedy. It could be the loss of our loved ones, the end of a loving relationship, or getting sacked from a fulfilling job. In those lowest moments, we thought coming out of it was impossible but we somehow managed to get by. The world-renowned meditation leader, Biet Simkin is here to teach us how to turn these tragedies into fuel for a better life. Biet Simkin of GuidedByBiet is the world-renowned meditation leader dubbed the “David Bowie of Meditation.” As a musician, Biet weaves the world of pop culture and spirituality, teaching practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom. The teachings are featured in Biet’s best-selling book, ‘Don’t Just Sit There!’ published by Simon & Schuster. Featured in Vogue, Forbes, ELLE, and TIME magazine, and as the resident meditation guru at The Sundance Film Festival, 1 Hotel, MoMA, and SoulCycle, she advises spiritual best practices for hotels and brands. Biet is best known for modernizing the spiritual path and has been called the "Meditation Guru for the next generation.”  Listen out for: - Biet’s tragic personal loss story.  - The Divided Attention Method. - The Fourth Way Technique.  - The cycle of enlightenment. Bonus:                                                                  - Grab your own copy of Biet Simkin’s book here 👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/aUCoIDAe - Download the Mindvalley app today to access your FREE daily meditation by the world’s best teachers and join in on our next LIVE call 📱 The Mindvalley community is waiting for you. Access your FREE trial here 👉 https://mindvalley.onelink.me/s41R/411e772a Like this episode? Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcasting app. Share this with your friends on Instagram or Twitter.


30 Nov 2020

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BIET SIMKIN I Meditation + Breath Work Leader

Didn't See That Coming

Raised by a Shaman in New York City, Biet has spirituality in her blood but she turned away from it and into a life of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and loss. She speaks about the series of life changing events that eventually lead her back to become a world-renowned meditation leader and breath work teacher dubbed the “David Bowie of Meditation.”  She’s the co-founder of Club SODA, a sober-curious event series. Featured in Vogue, Forbes, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and TIME magazine. She’s also the author of an award-winning book, Don’t Just Sit There, 44 Insights to Get your meditation practice off the cushion and into the real world.In this episode, Biet candidly shares her story of hitting rock bottom and getting sober 11 years ago. She also explains how this process allowed her to harness her sexual energy and direct it into a successful creative career in meditation, music and writing. She shares insights from her book on how to apply mindfulness in the real world. There is a STRONG language warning for this episode and a few potentially triggering topics. Find out more about Biet Simkin and her work HERE, follow her on Instagram and get a copy of her book HERE. To find out more about Biet’s breath work, you can check out this video, HERE or this video of her with Russell Brand.Find us on Instagram @didntseethatcoming__ or at www.seekerloverdreamer.com/podcast.


25 Nov 2020

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Episode 49: Don't Just Sit There with Biet Simkin


Biet Simkin is the renowned meditation teacher dubbed "The David Bowie/Lady Gaga of Meditation." In this episode, you will understand why. She is rebellious and rock n roll, yet, very grounded in her recovery and spiritual practices.She beautifully shares about the deep losses of her mother, father and first born daughter. And Biet shares about her recovery journey from heroin and disordered eating/body image issues. Biet Simkin: https://www.bietsimkin.com/Biet's mindbodygreen online meditation program: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/wc/biet-simkin SHE RECOVERS Foundation: https://sherecovers.org/Get involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation: https://sherecovers.org/get-involved/


5 Nov 2020

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#153 Breathe Your Way To Freedom (with Biet Simkin)

Under The Skin with Russell Brand

This week’s guest on Under The Skin is my friend Biet Simkin! Biet is a very popular meditation and breath work teacher. She has new book out called, “Don’t Just Sit There: 44 Insights to Get Your Meditation Practice Off the Cushion and Into the Real World” (https://amzn.to/2HD7UgY ). In this podcast talk about some of the 4th Way techniques that she employs in he work, we do a breath work demonstration and discuss how to inspire people to live a spiritual life without adding to the “woo woo” and skepticism that people often feel when presented with these ideas. Biet was raised by a Shaman in New York City and signed to Sony Records at the age of 19 as a singer/songwriter. She became a high-profile DJ in the fashion and art scene in Manhattan. Following a string of life changing events she turned to her lifetime study of meditation and launched the ‘Guided By Biet’ event series. Instagram: @guidedbybiet Website: Guidedbybiet.com  


3 Oct 2020

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How To Be Your Own Guru - Biet Simkin

The Dharma Life Podcast

Biet Simkin, is a world renowned mediation teacher, author and singer. Hear her incredible life story from moving through being a heroin addict, losing her first child to now a place of peace serving others. Learn: How your personality and soul should get to make love Why you don’t need to put on a bindi to be enlightened. Why Spirituality should be fun! We all have pivotal moments in our life? Listen in and learn how Biet handled hers and why she is not finished being a student yet….My fyhe challenge starts 14th Sept. A free four day challenge showing you how to build your 5D life in alignment with your soul.https://aloise.life/fyhe/Find out more about Biet at https://www.bietsimkin.comBy accessing this Podcast, the listener acknowledges that the Dharma Life podcast makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information featured in this Podcast. The information, opinions, and recommendations presented in this Podcast are for general information only and any reliance on the information provided in this Podcast is done at your own risk. This Podcast should not be considered professional advice. The views expressed by guests are their own and their appearance on the program does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


21 Aug 2020

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Episode 57: Biet Simkin

Practice You with Elena Brower

On choosing conscious shocks, conscious suffering and crystallizing your commitment. The Fourth Way [1:30] The law of divided attention [8:28] The law of aim [12:20] The law of identification [15:12] The law of shocks [20:54] The law of three [27:05] The law of self-remembering [30:55] Unnecessary vs necessary suffering [33:06] Buffers. How much joy can you stand? [36:45] The law of death [41:39] The law of crystallization [46:50] Biet is the world-renowned meditation leader dubbed the "Lady Gaga of Meditation." As a musician, Biet weaves the world of pop culture and spirituality, teaching practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom. The teachings are featured in Biet’s best selling book, ‘Don’t Just Sit There!’ published by Simon & Schuster. RESOURCES Biet Simkin website Guided by Biet on Instagram Don't just sit there, Biet Simkin Biet Simkin music https://open.spotify.com/track/5WUQMoFM0zGfTmFfs3AoIL?si=4GaEP7muT_64_D7wUbAnLQ Views from the Real World - Gurdjieff Self Remembering - Red Hawk h The Overstory - Richard Powers Self-Remembering - Robert Earl Burton Hildegard non Bingen music The Lunar


20 Jun 2020