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Episode 38: Eric Anderson vs. 'Godzilla vs. Kong'

The Monster Island Film Vault

Hello, kaiju lovers! Finally, the “Kong Quest” comes to an end! After months of delays due to avoiding competition and COVID-19, Godzilla vs. Kong has been released. It’s not a fever dream—it’s real! Nate is joined by his friend, Nerd Chapel founder Eric Anderson, to discuss the epic rematch nearly 60 years in the making. They host a special premiere for the Legendary film at the newly opened Denham Theater, an event that’s been delayed and rescheduled as often as the film’s release. A cavalcade of special guests attends, including the little Iwi deaf girl Jia. She is the youngest of “Kong’s Queens,” all the surviving ladies who have captivated the Eighth Wonder over the years. Nate and Eric dive deep into the deceptively simple movie, discussing Kong’s “hero’s journey,” the Jules Verne-ian/Edgar Rice Burroughs-ian world-building, and its theme of mankind trying to control forces greater than themselves. You’ll also hear them compare the movie to Conan the Barbarian, Die Hard, and The Lord of the Rings. The Toku Topic isn’t about the content of the movie itself but a debate raging around it: movie theaters vs. streaming services. Which do you prefer to see a movie for the first time? Afterward, Nate and company hear that Kong had too much to drink at the after-party and has gone on a drunken rampage. MIFV’s intrepid producer, Jimmy From NASA, volunteers to handle the situation the best way he knows how: Mechani-Kong Mk. 2. That goes about as well as you’d expect, so Nate and Eric recruit one of “Kong’s Queens” for help so beauty can save the beast for once. Prologue and Epilogue written by Nathan Marchand with Eric Anderson. Music:-“Here We Go” by Chris Classic-“Pensacola, Florida (Godzilla Theme” by Junkie XL-“Skull Island (Kong Theme)” by Junkie XL-“A New Language” by Junkie XL-“Main Title” by Moscow Symphony Orchestra, composed by Max Steiner Sound effects sourced from Freesound.org (including some by InspectorJ). We’d like to give a shout-out to our MIFV MAX patrons Travis Alexander and Michael Hamilton (co-hosts of Kaiju Weekly); Danny DiManna (author/creator of the Godzilla Novelization Project); Eli Harris (elizilla13); Chris Cooke (host of One Cross Radio); Bex from Redeemed Otaku; and Damon Noyes! Thanks for your support! You, too, can join MIFV MAX on Patreon to get this and other perks starting at only $3 a month! Check out Nerd Chapel and the 42 devotional books! This episode is approved by the Monster Island Board of Directors. Timestamps:Intro/Prologue: 0:00-11:40Entertaining Info Dump: 11:40-22:24Toku Talk: 22:24-1:46:55Ad: 1:46:55-1:47:47Toku Topic: 1:47:47-2:14:12Housekeeping & Outro: 2:14:12-2:23:16Epilogue: 2:23:16-end Podcast Social Media:Twitter Facebook Instagram Follow Jimmy on Twitter: @NasaJimmyFollow the Monster Island Board of Directors on Twitter: @MonsterIslaBODFollow the Raymund Martin and the MIFV Legal Team on Twitter: @MIFV_LegalTeamFollow Crystal Lady Jessica on Twitter: @CystalLadyJes1 www.MonsterIslandFilmVault.com #JimmyFromNASALives       #MonsterIslandFilmVault © 2021 Moonlighting Ninjas Media Bibliography/Further Reading: Bloom, David. “Insights: Could The Streaming Services Killing Movie Theaters Save Them Instead?” Bradshaw, Paul. “Streaming services have saved cinemas, but now they’re kicking them while they’re down” (NME) Burtch, Gordon; Cho, Daegon; Liang, Yangfan; and Smith, Michael D. “Will Movie Theaters Survive When Audiences Can Stream New Releases?” (Harvard Business Review) Deckelmeier, Joe. “Adam Wingard Interview: Godzilla vs. Kong” (Screenrant) Doyne, Shannon. “In the Age of Digital Streaming, Are Movie Theaters Still Relevant?” (The New York Times) Garnett, Christina. “A testament to the user experience: movie theaters vs streaming” “Godzilla vs. Kong” (Wikipedia) “Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)” (Wikizilla) Patches, Matt. “Godzilla vs. Kong is more of an Avengers: Endgame than a Monsterverse finale” (Polygon) “Preference for watching a movie for the first time at a theater instead of via a streaming service in the United States from November 2018 to June 2020” (Statista) Richwine, Lisa. “Cinema vs. streaming: the battle over when and where you can see movies” (Reuters) Whitten, Sarah. “Movie theater owners are frustrated about streaming, but their survival depends on studios” (CNBC)

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14 Apr 2021

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How Airbrake Brings Developers Advantageous Visibility | Eric Anderson

JavaScript Jam

Learn how the recent acquirement from Logic Monitoring expands the tools that developers can use to get context and visibility where they really need. You'll also get insight into how a team of 10 specializes in 30 different languages and how Airbrake optimizes for cost, considering the massive amount of data ingest. BONUS: Listen to Anderson's take on the Kubernetes vs. Serverless debate (being someone who helped build Oracle's Kubernetes engine!).


25 Mar 2021

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Interview with Eric Anderson, Executive Director of the Maricopa County Association of Goverments

Moving Arizona

In this episode the Executive Director of the Maricopa County Association of Governments (MAG), Eric Anderson, shares his expertise on the evolution of transportation investment in the Valley. From the first freeway bill, Proposition 300, to our current funding bill Proposition 400, and looking forward to what's next with Proposition 400E, our infrastructure has been evolving along with the needs of our community. That community continues to grow, with no slowing in sight, and the investment necessary to ensure mobility also has to grow. This presents a number of challenges as the needs and wants of MAG member agencies far out pace available resources.Eric and his team are leading the charge to craft the next Regional Transportation Plan, Momentum.  They're also continuing to raise the question of indexing the gas tax and exploring ways to ensure that all users of our transportation system, even electric vehicle owners, are doing their part.


11 Mar 2021

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COFFEE WITH THE PLAYHOUSE Ft. Eric Anderson, Storm Lever and Anjanette Maraya-Ramey

La Jolla Playhouse Presents

Watch the full video episode here: https://youtu.be/c_X7Hd1Dj9sTo jump straight into the interview, skip to 04:30.COFFEE WITH THE PLAYHOUSE LIVE | It's been almost a year since the Playhouse went dark due to the pandemic. The musical Fly was on the Weiss Stage at that time and had just officially opened its run when the production, to everyone's deep regret, had to close.Listen in as Christopher Ashley catches up with two of Fly's leads: Storm Lever, who was our "Wendy," dazzled as "Duckling Donna" in the Playhouse-born Broadway musical SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical and was a cast member of another Playhouse show, Freaky Friday; and Eric Anderson, who starred as "Hook" and is a stage and screen actor who has appeared in Broadway's Pretty Woman, Waitress and Kinky Boots as well as TV/film including The Greatest Showman and The Good Wife.We'll also be talking with Anjanette Maraya-Ramey, founder and CEO of Chula Vista-based Maraya Performing Arts and choreographer behind the upcoming Digital WOW dance film with spoken word, Towards Belonging.Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more behind-the-scenes videos, interviews and more!FOLLOW USFacebook: @LaJollaPlayhouse https://facebook.com/LaJollaPlayhouse/Instagram: @LaJollaPlayhouse https://instagram.com/LaJollaPlayhouse/Twitter: @LJPlayhouse https://twitter.com/LJPlayhouseWebsite: https://lajollaplayhouse.org/#StormLever #EricAnderson #AnjanetteMarayaRamey #LaJollaPlayhouse #FLY #TheGreatestShowman #Broadway #ChristopherAshley


5 Mar 2021

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NSP:149 Eric Anderson | Urchin Barrens, Great White Sharks and Dirty Water

Noob Spearo Podcast | Spearfishing Tips, Stories and Interviews

Interview with Eric Anderson Mad chat with Eric Anderson focusing on important spearfishing issues in Central California and further afield. Urchin Barrens feature as well as the benefits of having a long term buddy, Great White Sharks, tourniquets, central California diving and species, sketchy shore dives and kelp forests and more. This one was a long time coming and it was an honour to finally have a long chat with Eric. Enjoy! Listen in and subscribe on iOS or Android Important Times 04:00 Eric Anderson Introduction and Background 07:00 Sheep Head Fish Facts 09:00 Abalone | The Gateway Drug to the Spearfishing World 12:45 Urchin Barren Discussion What is an Urchin Barren? How does an abundance of Sea Urchins effect kelp? What factors have been identified as potential causes? warming ocean climate, sea urchin abundance triggers overgrazing, decrease in predation (bony reef fish that predate on them, Lobster numbers,  Where does this phenomena occur? NE Pacific in the 1960–1970s, Norwegian coast in the 1970s, NW Atlantic in the 1970–1980s [], and Tasmania in the 2000s What are the wider implications for the areas affected? 23:50 Aiden Brown triggered a story about filleting fish on the boat 26:15 How Eric’s Spearfishing Life Began 30:00 Benefits of having a Longterm Spearfishing Buddy 38:40 Tourniquets and Sharks | 44:50 Night Diving and Shit Viz 53:30 Aiden asks about the importance of diving with a float line 58:20 Shore Diving vs Boat Diving 62:30 Shark Shield Discussion 67:00 Scary Moment | Lessons Learned 77:00 Funniest Moment out spearing 81:00 Spearo Q&A Connect With Eric Anderson & Links Mentioned Noob Spearo Partners and Discount Codes . Use the code NOOBSPEARO save $20 on every purchase over $200 at checkout – Flat shipping rate, especially in AUS! – Use the code NOOB10 to save 10% off anything store-wide. Free Shipping on USA orders over $99 | Simple, Effective, Dependable Wooden Spearguns. Use the Code NOOB to save $30 on any speargun:) Use the code NOOBSPEARO to save $25 on the full Penetrator Spearfishing Fin Range . 28-day Freediving Transformation (CODE: NOOB28 for 15% off) | Equalization Masterclass – Roadmap to Frenzel | Free Courses | Freediving Safety Course | How to Take a 25-30% Bigger Breath! | The 5 minute Freediver | Break the 10 Meter Barrier – Use the code NOOBSPEARO to save $ | ‘Spearo Dad’ | ‘Girls with Gills’ | ‘Jobfish Tribute’ Subscribe to the best spearfishing magazine in the world. International subscription available! . Listen to 99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing

1hr 30mins

19 Feb 2021

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063: Problem-Solving Using Design with Cara Weber and Eric Anderson

Make My People Better

Have you ever thought of your office space as a tool for reaching your company goals?  Cara Weber, Co-founder and Partner at DELV Design, and Eric Anderson, Principal at DELV,  are firm believers in design thinking and the power architecture has to influence people’s behavior. In this episode you’ll hear them discuss how constructing a building can solve seemingly unrelated problems. Offices can be unique, but they should also be steeped in meaning and intention.


28 Jan 2021

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Episode 47 - Interview with Eric Anderson, Float Spa Owner and Endurance Athlete

Age Grouper For Life Podcast

In this episode, Colin and Elliot interview Eric Anderson. He is the founder of The Ocean Lab, a premier float center and infrared sauna wellness center in Austin, Texas. An expert in the science and application of float therapy, he designed The Lab to be the antidote to the stress and anxiety of the corporate life he left behind. Eric is obsessed with helping people unlock their full potential, combining floating, infrared sauna, and ice baths for maximum impact.Outside of his float business, Eric enjoys all different kinds of endurance and fitness related activities. He just completed a 100K race on a track. In this podcast, we also discuss Eric’s take on his high fat diet and strength training regiment. Enjoy!


26 Jan 2021

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Eric Anderson

Talking 306 Podcast

Eric Anderson is the host of YXE Underground, an original Saskatoon podcast that profiles people doing great things in Saskatoon but are flying under the radar. Eric sits down with host Dale Richardson to discuss his life and career, including growing up in Swift Current; the challenges he encountered working as a teacher in small town Saskatchewan; making the jump to a career in journalism and working at CBC Saskatchewan and CBC Saskatoon; his decision to move away from journalism and working at his day job at Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatoon; why he decided to start the YXE Underground podcast; the technical challenges of podcasting; how he has evolved as a podcaster; how we can grow the podcasting industry in Saskatchewan; and much more. Follow YXE Underground on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Talking 306 Podcast is sponsored by Path Cowork, and is a proud member of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. Visit the new website for the Talking 306 Podcast.

1hr 31mins

12 Jan 2021

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Spearfactor #21: Eric Anderson Central California Diving

SpearFactor Spearfishing Podcast

In this episode of Spearfactor, I speak with Eric Anderson from Central California. Eric shares how his experiences in the Marine Corp has contributed to being a better dive buddy and spearfisherman. We continue on to discuss the diving conditions in Central California as well as the targeted species in his area. Additionally, Eric shares insights to the differences in diving in Northern California vs. Central California. The gear used up in these regions are very specific to diving in holes for lingcod and around rocks for rockfish. These area are known for tough conditions and big sharks. Eric shares one encounter with a curious white shark while diving at the channel islands. This episode gives us an in-depth look to the dive culture in Central California. Check out Eric’s Instagram at @eric_janderson NOTES: Background  2:50-5:10 How the Marine Corp helped his diving 05:10-07:05 Gear Prep  07:05-08:55 Spearfishing in Central California 08:55-13:50 Targeted Fish (lingcod, rockfish) 13:50-18:30 Gear for Central California  18:30-22:05 Tips for diving in low visiability 22:05-25:30 Diving in Central vs Northern California 25:30-28:15 State of the kelp forest and science 28:15-35:20 Future plans and goals 35:20-44:05 White shark story & having a tourniquet with you. 44:05-51:55 Seasons in Central California 51:55-55:30 Closing 55:30-End Sponsors for this podcast included: Akason Cameras 15% off https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1583785&u=2550967&m=89945&urllink=&afftrack= Kimera spearfishing Promo: SpearFactor for 5% off. Los Bigotes Apparel Hotrod Spearguns Promo: spearfactor for 10% off. OneDrop Spearfishing Did you enjoy this?  If so, please share this podcast with your friends!  Thanks for listening and be sure to follow SpearFactor at: Follow Spearfactor: Instagram @the_spearfactor, Facebook Spearfactor Group, YouTube, and Reddit. If you would like to support the show?  Go to the supporter page at https://www.patreon.com/the_spearfactor  Your donation helps keep the show going with editing and production cost.  Until next time, I hope you land the fish of a lifetime! LEARN MORE SpearFactor is all about sharing information about spearfishing to enhance your experience in the ocean. If you are a new spearo, please checkout www.spearfactor.com for more information on targeted fish types and spearing. SOCIAL MEDIA Podcast: https://www.Spearfactor.com/podcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_spearfactor Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpearFactor #spearfishing #spearfishingpodcast #spearfactor #onedropspearfishing


5 Nov 2020

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Episode #1: Eric Anderson - Float Therapy, Sensory Deprivation, Biohacking, and Low Carb Endurance

Thinking Health with Chris Irvin

Sensory deprivation or float tank therapy is a practice that is increasing in popularity due to its many health benefits and practical applications.  Eric Anderson is the owner of The Ocean Lab in Austin, Texas which is a float therapy facility offering the best and most unique float tanks that I've seen.  Eric is an expert in the science and application of float therapy and shares his knowledge with us in this episode. Eric is also an endurance athlete who has made incredible gains in his athletic performance with the help of a low-carb approach which we also touch on in this episode. 

1hr 26mins

15 Oct 2020