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Episode 27: Ellie Sanazaro- Teaching our kids about inclusion of people with disabilities

Why is Everyone Yelling?

In 2016, Ellie’s world was forever changed when her daughter was born without the chromosomal disorder doctors had told her to expect. When her second daughter was 6 months old, Ellie and her husband began the adoption process to adopt a child with Down syndrome. A little while later, they adopted their son, Finn, who has Down syndrome. Ellie now has written the children’s book, Image Bearer which is a Christian children’s book that celebrates differences and spreads the message that every child is an image bearer. The characters in the book are inspired by children with disabilities that Ellie has gotten to know. In this episode, Ellie talks about the adoption process, what life is like with Finn and her two daughters, teaching kids about people with disabilities, and so much more! Photo credit: @sweetsmilesbysarahmichelle What we talked about: 3:10- Ellie’s book Image Bearer and the inspiration behind it 5:00- Ellie’s first pregnancy 8:25- What came next after finding out her daughter didn’t have the extra challenges that they thought she would 9:10- The different feelings that she had during her pregnancy after finding out that her daughter was supposed to be born with special needs 11:40- The process of adopting her son Finn, a baby with Down syndrome 22:15- Meeting Finn’s birth parents 23:45- The experience of being in the NICU with Finn after he was born 26:50- What life is like with Finn and her two girls now 28:50- The biggest surprise of raising a child with Down syndrome 33:30- Finn’s sleeping schedule 36:35- Teaching your kids about people with disabilities 39:15- Thoughts on the friendships that Finn will form 43:50- Who the characters in the book are based on 45:30- The self-publishing process for her book 47:15- End of podcast questions Connect with Ellie: Ellie on Instagram Finn on Instagram Image Bearer Book Website When Charley Met Emma Awesomely Emma The Able Fables Connect with Us: Why is Everyone Yelling? on Instagram Join our Facebook Group Sponsors: BEAM Use code “Lindsey15” for 15% off your order


30 Mar 2021

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An Unexpected Journey to Adopting a Child With Special Needs with Ellie Sanazaro

Gotcha Mama

When Ellie and her husband received unexpected prenatal test results, it changed everything for their family. Doctors told the Sanazaros that their baby girl would be born with a genetic condition - the test detected an extra chromosome. With no history of genetic conditions, Ellie and her husband were shocked. But prayerfully went through the whole pregnancy preparing their hearts and home to receive a child with special needs. When Rosalie was born, follow-up testing revealed that there was nothing atypical. The test that claimed to be 99% accurate had been WRONG. But that happy birth was just the beginning of Ellie's story. She and her husband continued to feel like God had been preparing them to be parents to a child with special needs. And that's the path that led Ellie and her husband Scott to Down Syndrome adoption. A little over one year ago, Finn joined her family with the help of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network.  Ellie shares her amazing journey to adopt Finn and all about her passion for raising inclusive children that led to writing the Image Bearer children's book. We talk about: Her pregnancy story with her first child where she received incorrect and shocking prenatal test results and what that was like for her and her husband Why she and her husband decided to adopt a baby with Down Syndrome and the process they went through How she, her husband, and their two girls prepared to welcome a child with disabilities into their family Why she felt called to write Image Bearer children’s book How parents can help their children celebrate other children who are made “wonderfully different” and be more inclusive Connect with Ellie: Imagebearerbook.com https://www.instagram.com/imagebearerbook https://www.instagram.com/mr.finncredible For show notes and resources mentioned: http://www.gotchamama.com GOTCHA MAMA INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/gotchamama/ GOTCHA MAMA FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/gotchamama/


9 Mar 2021

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Ellie Sanazaro: Choosing to Be a Special Needs Mom

Worth Your Time

In the latest episode of the "Worth Your Time" podcast, I speak with Ellie Sanazaro, the author of a new children's book, Image Bearer Book. When Ellie was pregnant with her first child, she was told her baby had a chromosomal abnormality similar to Down Syndrome. She and her husband prepared to welcome a baby with special needs. After Rosalie was born, they found out the prenatal tests has been wrong. And yet, Ellie felt God had prepared her heart to be a mom to s child with special needs. Within a few years, she had had another baby and adopted a little boy with Down Syndrome named Finn (who is adorable!). This beautiful story led her to write this book, featuring children with all kinds of special needs. Don't miss Ellie's story here -- and be sure to pre-order her book now (I immediately bought 2 copies!). It has such an important, special message we can all teach our children! Connect with Ellie & Finn: Instagram for Finn Instagram for Image Bearer book Facebook Buy the Book! Recent Episodes:  Kaitlyn Schiess: Faith and Politics -- How to Do Them Well Jennifer Maggio: Single Moms and the Church Rachel Welcher: The Damage of Purity Culture


28 Jan 2021

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184 || God is Good Even When You Don't Understand His Ways || Ellie Sanazaro

The Devoted Dreamers Podcast

God’s plans are often different from ours. This was true for Ellie Sanazaro when her world was forever changed after her daughter was born without the chromosomal disorder doctors had told her to expect. God used this event to change Ellie's heart and lead her down the path of adopting a baby with Down syndrome. Ellie is now passionate about spreading the message that EVERY child is an Image Bearer.  Ellie shares in this episode about the heart change she and her husband went through after receiving devastating news about their expected first child who was born in 2016. God used this as a season of pruning and refining and led them first to Finn and second to become advocates for the value of all human life and every child born wonderfully different. Ellie’s first book, Image Bearer, is intended to spark conversation in families with and without kids born with visible differences in order that we all might gain a perspective of value and worth aligned with that of our Creator. You’ll hear Ellie share about: the value she’s found in collaborating with others on her dream, how God redeems and restores us following difficult times and then uses those very things for our good and His glory, and how our worth comes not from our abilities or our successes but from God who has made us in His image. Looking for the show notes? You’ll find them right here: https://www.merrittonsa.com/podcast/184 NEXT STEP: GET CONNECTED WITH THE COMMUNITY Join the Devoted Dreamers Podcast Facebook Group for passionate Christian women with a dream. It’s a place to gather with other like-minded Christian women who are taking next steps toward their God-shaped dreams. Because none of us were meant to do this alone! BECOME A DEVOTED DREAMERS PATRON: Listener support makes this show possible! Click here to learn more about how you can get involved!  LEAVE A REVIEW: On Apple Podcasts/iTunes or Stitcher Subscribe on Apple Podcasts * Subscribe on Android


20 Jan 2021

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Session 2 - Women's Gathering: Deeply Rooted - Ellie Sanazaro - (09/14/2019)

Jubilee STL

Session 2 - Women's Gathering: Deeply Rooted - Ellie Sanazaro - (09/14/2019) by Jubilee Church


18 Sep 2019

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A Vision for Supporting Children with Special Needs - Bryan Mowrey & Ellie Sanazaro - (08/18/2019)

Jubilee STL

A Vision for Supporting Children with Special Needs - Bryan Mowrey & Ellie Sanazaro - (08/18/2019) by Jubilee Church


20 Aug 2019