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Episode 118: Programing and Exercise Selection with Kyle Dobbs of Compound Performance

Flex Diet Podcast

Intro to Kyle Dobbs and Compound PerformanceProgramming for strength and aerobicsUsing intensity and duration to drive output through the weekDr. Mike's weekly breakdownSquatting mechanics and recoveryTweak programming to your goals and ignore what other people sayThink about training that transfers to other goals in life like recreational sports or activitiesLooking at task demands and your abilities in relation to exercise selectionFind Kyle on IG: @compound_performance or www.compoundperformance.com.This podcast is brought to you by the Flex Diet Certification. It's opening again for the last time this year on Monday, October 18th until October 25th, 2021. For more information or to enroll, go to flexdiet.com. Look for a fast-action bonus if you register within the first few days. If you missed the window, sign up for the waitlist to be notified when it opens in 2022.


11 Oct 2021

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Fitness Rebels Radio

In this weeks drop of Fitness Rebels Radio we welcome back Kyle Dobbs from Compound Performance.We had a blast in our first podcast so we decided to throw down another...(cant believe its been nearly a year) and we discuss how he is becoming a master and the King of memes and how it's raising his profile quickly within the industry. Then we go into a general chat covering the industry with a couple of 'rants' thrown in for good measure.So go grab your favourite cup of coffee, grab your walking shoes or get comfy on the sofa and please enjoy this episode of Fitness Rebels Radio.If you enjoy the episode please share and tag nickd_rebelcoach.If you would like more info and to know what Fitness Rebels could do for you then please go to www.fitnessrebels.co.uk or follow @nickd_rebelcoach on insta.Peace! ✌️ 

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22 Sep 2021

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Kyle Dobbs on Using Principles Over Systems

The Coach's Playground

What is so disempowering for most is when you are so focused on the actual system, and you don't know how to look at things objectively.  When we are so set in our ways and rely heavily on what has been taught to us, we limit our creativity and stop ourselves from finding better ways to help clients feel better and empowered. Kyle Dobbs is the Founder and Owner of Compound Performance. He was formally a National Director of Services and Education, Training Director, District Manager, Facility Manager, and Coach based out of NYC. I've worked with clients in all training environments, from the general population to high-level athletes at the professional level. From a leadership perspective, He'd overseen teams and departments ranging from ten to fifteen hundred while also being a national education and hiring director.  More importantly, he is a husband and father. He's been married to his best friend Sarah, and he has two boys, Greyson and Hollis, and 12 puppies named Bowser. In this episode, Kyle shares how he walks away from something that's not serving him well anymore and takes up the next opportunity that comes his way getting him nearer to where he wants to be. He talks about how he helps clients feel empowered by digging up into the principles, understanding them, and creating his own system and solution that works far better than what he has been taught to do in most training and certifications he got. As for him, sticking to principles allows you to use tools and work around them to find the best strategy to tackle something and build the best solution to help your clients.  "The beauty about principles is, they encompass a lot of different environments and a lot of different realms. And, you know, ironically, my experience with systems is that the people who lean the hardest into the actual systems typically understand those systems the least. They can regurgitate the information to you. But in a real-life environment, they have a hard time applying these things to different contexts." - Kyle Dobbs  What you will learn from this episode: 04:20 - Talking about the injury he had to his journey into the fitness industry and putting up his own fitness gym 12:02 - Relating to 'not fitting into the mold.' 16:52 - Looking at a more objective lens where clients' movement is concerned 22:54 - Principles over beauty 27:14 - Why build your business model around your consumer 31:44 - Struggles in turning outcomes into income 35:23 - Validation versus growth mindset 36:09 - The need to go out and talk to real people rather than just stay inside the gym 43:14 - Stop talking and listen more 54:41 - Amazing lessons his sons taught him 59:15 - The realization that there are many ways to be successful and that differences have to be celebrated Connect with Kyle Dobbs: compoundperformance.com Connect with Gavin McHale: maverickcoachingacademy.ca LinkedIn Instagram

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8 Sep 2021

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EPISODE 12: Ft. Kyle Dobbs from Compound Performance

The ROBUR Podcast

In this episode, Kyle Dobbs from Compound Performance joined us to share his experiential wisdom of being in the fitness industry since before the Nokia 2810s.We gave Kyle a handful of broad questions and Kyle returned with the most impressive and contextualised responses.Grab a notepad and pen - when this guy speaks, we listen!Don't miss this episode!

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4 Jul 2021

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Ep 45: Kyle Dobbs- Training Breathing Based On Sport, HRV, Psychology Aspect of Training

Speed and Power Podcast

www.exxentric.com/speedandpower www.multidirectionalpower.com Kyle Dobbs is the founder and Owner of Compound Performance. Kyle not only trains people, but he also helps develop trainers by understanding systems, strategies and tactics for a more profitable business.  https://www.instagram.com/compoundperformance_/ 

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18 May 2021

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#054​: How To Thrive in the Fitness Industry Today ft. Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney | Daru Strong

The Daru Strong Podcast

Today on the Daru Strong Podcast we again welcome Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney. Kyle is the Founder and Owner of Compound Performance.  Formally a National Director of Services and Education, Training Director, District Manager, Facility Manager, and Coach based out of NYC. Matt not only coaches athletes but also serves as a mentor to a plethora of strength coaches around the globe through Compound Performance's mentorship program. Make sure you follow Kyle Dobbs 👉 https://www.instagram.com/compoundperformance_/Make sure you follow Matt Domney 👉 https://www.instagram.com/mattdomney/

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22 Apr 2021

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Episode 167 - Kyle Dobbs on Getting Outside Of The Echo Chamber and Constantly Learning

The Lifestyle Chase

This is Kyle Dobbs (@compoundperformance_) return to The Lifestyle Chase. He first appeared on the show back in June 2019 for Episode 51. This past year I enrolled in the quarterly mentorship offered by Kyle and Matt. As a sidenote, Matt Domney has also been on the show. Their business is https://www.compoundperformance.com/ Kyle takes great pride in being a family man and is someone who thrives off of facilitating strong people in his circle. He's been someone that's aligned with me countless times in what I would deem to be my core values. He takes the well being and quality of life of his diverse and talented community that he's built over the years incredibly seriously. He wants to form strong connections and learn about people who might not walk the same path he walked. He has been an excellent role model for me which is a big part of why I promote him so much on the show and asked for him to come back.  With all of that being said, I hope you give this episode a listen. If you're a trainer or coach, I highly recomend checking out the offerings of the Compound Performance Business. If you're anyone and everyone else, I genuinely think you'll get something valuable from this episode.  Thanks for listening to or watching The Lifestyle Chase! Please help the show grow by rating it, sharing it, and leaving a comment on your favourite platform.


23 Mar 2021

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245: Kyle Dobbs and David Grey on Mastering Rib Cage Dynamics for Powerful Running, Cutting, Mobility, and Total Human Performance

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Today’s show brings back guests Kyle Dobbs and David Grey for an epic meeting of two biomechanical minds.  I’ve learned a lot from both Kyle and David on and off of this podcast.  Both David and Kyle’s prior episodes have been in our all-time top-listened shows, and I’m excited to get them together for a show.Kyle Dobbs is the owner and founder of Compound Performance which offers online training, facility consulting and a personal trainer mentorship.  He a leading expert in integrating complex movement principles into physical training methods for multiple human disciplines.   David Grey is a biomechanics specialist based in Waterford, Ireland.  He is the creator of the “Lower Body Basics” programs, and has learned under a number of great mentors in the world of movement, S&C, gymnastics, mobility, martial arts, and biomechanics.One element of human performance I’m always looking to become better versed in is breathing, posture, pressure dynamics and how these elements impact our movement and performance potential.  From lifting, to running, to changing direction explosively, how we “stack” and align our pressure centers and body structures makes a big impact on how well we can perform those skills and be free of injury.On today’s podcast, Kyle and David go in depth on rib cage dynamics, breathing and pressure management in context of crawling and running.  We’ll also touch on posture, training the frontal plane, and finish with some talk on the feet, plantar fasciitis, and thoughts on coaching preferential foot pressures in movement.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster and Lost Empire Herbs.View more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.Head to www.lostempireherbs.com/justfly for 15% off of your purchase!Timestamps and Main Points6:05 How Kyle and David look to explain and sequence breathing work within the course of a session15:05  Ways to observe groups in crawling and locomotion exercises, and how to observe links between those movements and rib cage and breath action23:50 How Kyle and David address the reciprocal action of the ribs seen in locomotion in breathing and breath work32:35 What you might see in a crawl or squat that shows that an athlete is compressed, as well as compensation patterns that lead to stiff lumbar spine actions39:55 How a “ribs first” mentality is critical when it comes to posture and spinal alignment45:55 Discussing the frontal plane in athletic movement and how muscular strategy switches to respiratory strategy as one moves from lifting to sprinting to distance running55:25 Training the breath in various exercises outside of ground-based positions1:06:25 Advice and ideas on dealing with plantar fasciitis in athletes, as well as dynamics of calcaneal motion and how it fits with the rest of the kinetic chain1:15:25 Thoughts on preferential pressures on different portions of the foot for athletic movements“I will ask my clients to do a toe touch, squat, range of motion, and then we’ll try a positional breathing drill that makes sense in my mind, and if we re-test, it should be better… if it’s not better we are doing the wrong thing” Grey“Your body, from an autonomic position, is going to prioritize breathing over everything else” Dobbs“If you are already in an extended position, and posteriorly compressed in that position, then you don’t have any more extension to actually be able to leverage, so we talk about getting more of a neutral posture, more flexion so that you actually have a larger bandwidth to drive extension when needed” Dobbs“When you look at a 90/90 breathing position, you flip it over and put someone in a crawling position, and it’s basically a 90/90 with a reach up into the sky” Grey“If we can get the rib cage moving, and get people to feel their body and be aware of their body, the breathing can be the result of that sometimes” Grey

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11 Mar 2021

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Episode 58: Compound Performance (With Kyle Dobbs)

Lee Taft Performance Podcast

A homerun show! Kyle Dobbs is one of the best performance professionals and business mentors I have ever met. Coach Dobbs delivered so much impactful information into this episode - this is a multiple-time listen. He shares many topics - from the behavioral aspects of performance to the body's positions that cause a specific effect, and he even touched on how to better build a business. Truly an interview you cannot afford to miss! 


8 Feb 2021

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E202: Kyle Dobbs: Compound Performance


This week, Dr. Jordan Shallow welcomes Kyle Dobbs to RX’D Radio. Kyle is the founder of Compound Performance, out of NYC. A family man first, Kyle is also a leading strength coach and educator in the industry. He works with clients at all levels of training, and with coaches from all over the world. The men discuss Kyle’s business and online services -- primarily the limitations of and appropriate applications for online training. Kyle is currently the rehabilitation coach for the infamous (and RX’D Radio-famous guest), Phil Daru, and he discusses his work with Phil and provides some tidbits from their work that may be appropriate for general training. The conversation turns to technical evaluations of the ribcage and pelvis in both static and dynamic positions, and Kyle and Shallow discuss how training strategies should differ between clientele based on training age and sporting requirements. The two highlight the dangers of mobility without stability, and how the neurological and biomechanical systems function in stretching and stability exercises. You won't want to miss the brain gains in this episode, but you will likely want $1 for every time Shallow says, “squatty squats.” Kyle’s Media: Instagram: @compoundperformance_ Website: www.compoundperformance.com For other strength training, health, and injury prevention resources, check out our website, YouTube channel, and Instagram.  For more episodes, subscribe and tune in to our podcast. Also make sure to sign up to our mailing list at www.pre-script.com to get the first updates on new programming releases. You can also follow Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Jordan Jiunta on Instagram!

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27 Jan 2021