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Murder of Ashley James; Michigan Ghost Stories

Michigan and other Mayhem

Jenn updates on the murder of Ashley James- her husband shot her claiming he thought she was an intruder. Ali tells you about ghost hunters and a missing town.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/michigan-and-other-mayhem/support


9 Sep 2022

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Ashley James joins us for Married At First Sight UK - Episode 5 (S7)

Recapped At First Sight

The final two couples of the experiment have got married and we've got the amazing Ashley James with us to recap all the love-ins, fall-outs, drama and much more! The ultimate podcast for Married At First Sight UK fans is here... welcome to Recapped At First Sight!With hosts Kat Shoob and former MAFS groom Bob Voysey we'll keep you up to date with all the love, fall outs, drama and secrets as the Married At First Sight UK brides and grooms try to make happy couples!Make sure you hit the follow button so you don't miss an episode!Follow us @RecappedPod on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and let us know your thoughts on the series.---A Create Podcast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


5 Sep 2022

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One Thing with Ashley James on navigating all the parenting advice

The Therapy Edit

In this episode of One Thing, Anna chats with Ashley James about how to filter out unhelpful and unsolicited advice. Ashley James is a mum of one, podcaster, presenter, DJ and Dating and Empowerment Coach. You can follow Ashley on Instagram at @ashleylouisejamesYou can listen to Ashley's podcast 'Mum's The Word' here https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/mums-the-word-the-parenting-podcast-with-ashley-james/id1579670515


8 Jul 2022

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Ashley James on big boobs, tabloid shame and not being Made in Chelsea

Dirty Mother Pukka with Anna Whitehouse

Presenter Ashley James joins us this week. She chats about being bullied into ditching her Geordie accent and why she's on a mission to stop the tabloids from shaming women's bodies.Original music by Matt J Brown.


30 Jun 2022

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Ep 118: Ashley James, The Heavy Metal, Glyphosate and EMF Connection

Health Hero Show: The official Chemical Free Body Lifestyle Podcast

Episode 118 - Wondering why you feel like crap? Do you have autoimmune issues that no doctor can help you with? Have you been struggling for years with a low quality of life and poor health? If so this episode may connect the dots for you and give you tangible solutions to turn your health around very quickly.  Ashley James had tremendous health issues so much her liver was protruding from her abdomen. She discovered that she had heavy metal toxicity and that when you have heavy metals in the body they work like microscopic conductors to EMFs. Unfortunately, even if you remove all the typical heavy metal culprits from your lifestyle there is an herbicide called “Glyphosate” that is in 74% of the rainwater today. It binds to heavy metals and literally is dragging them into our bodies. Bottom line, if we want optimal health and wake up and feel good, we have to have a lifestyle that will “Daily Detox” this stuff out of us. In this episode, we give you many powerful tools that both Ashley and I have used for ourselves and our clients to get us out of the heavy metal blues.  Thanks again for listening and if you like the show please like, share and subscribe! Love & Light -Coach Tim. To connect with Ashley go to: https://www.learntruehealth.com/ Tim’s Favorite, HIGHEST QUALITY Health Product Recommendations: Best Infrared Saunas & Healing Lamps: To Save $100 & learn CLICK HERE Water Purification/Restructuring System: Book FREE Consult CLICK HERE Best Home Air Purification Unit: Tim’s personal unit CLICK HERE Best Non Toxic Home Building Materials: CLICK HERE Best Toxic Free Skin Care: Use code “HealthHero” save 15% CLICK HERE Non-Toxic Cleaning Products: Save $25 with this link CLICK HERE  EMF & Radiation Blockers for Home & Vehicle: Save 5% CLICK HERE See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 25mins

30 May 2022

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Ashley James

How to Grow a Parent: The pregnancy, birth & postnatal podcast

Ashley is a Mummy, a Presenter, DJ, Dating & Empowerment Coach and a much loved Instagram Influencer. She also has her own podcast called Mum’s the word, The parenting Podcast, which I highly recommend listening to!Ashley and Tommy took a Mindful Birth course with me at around 35 weeks of pregnancy in the crazy year that was 2020 and it’s been wonderful seeing them grow and navigate life as a family.We cover:Becoming a mum during lockdownReturning to workBody image and nourishment post birthSetting boundaries for both personal & professional life50/50 parentingNewborn vs toddler stage----This show is sponsored by The Mindful Birth Group® who provide birth, baby and postnatal preparation courses for expectant parents in-person and online. The unique courses are designed to bring calm and confidence to your experience by educating you on your options, what to expect and how to navigate unexpected turns. While sharing practical mindfulness tools and techniques to use for pregnancy, birth and beyond.Parents say that the group and private courses were everything they needed to prepare for this new chapter in their lives.You can see all of the course options and book a group, private or online self learning course here.


22 Mar 2022

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Pressures In Our Childbearing Years with Ashley James

My Possible Self

The amount of pressure put under females during the childbearing years can be inconsiderate, overwhelming, and scary, taking its toll on our mental wellbeing. Societal and loved ones' expectations and interference, even if it is meant with good intentions, can leave a female feeling isolated, burdened, and lacking in confidence. The pressures are endless from ‘the clock is ticking’, to if you are ready or able to conceive, how you choose to raise your infant and even ‘snapping back’ to your pre-baby body... when do we ever get a break? DJ, model, presenter, social media influencer and reality TV star Ashley James knows all about the pressures put on us by society, loved ones and even ourselves, when it comes to the childbearing years. And Ashley has spoken candidly in the past about not being ready to have kids. Now a new mum Ashley has shared the challenges she has faced physically, mentally, and emotionally to her audience, offering some much-needed comfort and reassurance on the subject. In this episode, Ashley dives deeper into her struggles getting to grips with motherhood with host Gabby, also looking at why old statistics only unnecessarily heighten ‘baby panic’ and responds to the backlash she received for breastfeeding her child on national TV.


22 Feb 2022

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A Big Update from Ashley James!

Mum's The Word! The Parenting Podcast with Ashley James

In this special episode Ashley wanted to catch up on some of the biggest moments over the last month, including the decision to stop breastfeeding, Alfies first birthday and the events that unfolded over Christmas time. We want to hear from you! Please do get in touch with a question or a message at askmumsthewordpod@gmail.com--- A Create Podcast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


17 Jan 2022

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Purse Your Purpose w/ Kayla Spears Ashley James Joi S || Day 6 of 10 Day Boss Up 2022 Challenge|| Biblical Femininity

My Beautiful Book Boss

We will Recap Season 1 which kicked off 2021 with a 10 Day Challenge. All episode clips can be viewed in full at each episodes link below. If you want to checkout "Challenge for a Change 2021!!" Special Guest Kayla Spears Special Guest Ashley James Guest Speaker Joi S.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sharisecaldwell/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sharisecaldwell/support


8 Jan 2022

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God's Plan A w/ Ashley James || S.1 Ep. 33 || Biblical Femininity

My Beautiful Book Boss

I chat with Ashley James owner of Own Your Authenticity we talk about what it means to be realistic and how to find God's Plan A for ourselves.  Check out Ashley's blog : www.ownyourauthenticity.com Follow Ashley here: @ashleyreneejames Key Points: * will they like me * overcoming shyness and introvertedness * recognizing how valuable you are to others and your own success * boxed in/ *speaking to the younger version of us * went looking for something but stumbled upon the answer * what am i really being led to do *change is the only constant thing *more financial literacy conversations in the household *obedience in season *God's Best *take time to work on your self--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sharisecaldwell/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sharisecaldwell/support

1hr 1min

17 Sep 2021