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His name is Michael Rapaport aka The White Chocolatito aka The Jewish James Dean aka The Inflamed Ashkenazi aka Captain Colitis & he's here to discuss: Testing Positive for Coronavirus & more. This is episode is not to be missed Please support our sponsors:www.expressvpn.com/rapaportBabbel.com promo code CHAMP to get 3 additional months when you purchase a 3 month subscription.Stand Up Comedy Tickets on sale at: MichaelRapaportComedy.comFor all things sports wagering use MyBookie.AG with Promo Code: RAPAPORTIf you are interested in MLB, NBA, NFL & UFC Picks/Parlays Follow @TheCaptainPicks on Instagram & subscribe to packages at www.CaptainPicks.comwww.dbpodcasts.comProduced by DBPodcasts.comFollow @dbpodcasts, @iamrapaport, @michaelrapaport on TikTok, Twitter & InstagramMusic by Jansport J (Follow @JansportJ) www.JansportJMusic.com


13 Jan 2022

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Michael Rapaport

The Bret Saunders Podcast

Michael Rapaport is an actor and comedian. On Twitter, he is loud and controversial, but never boring. He's also the host of the 'I am Rapaport Stereo Podcast', and he brings his stand up to Comedy Works this weekend. During this episode, Michael tells Bret what to expect from his act (stories of his NYC upbring, politics, sports, and the occasional roasting of the audience), his mission to cancel 'cancel culture', and why he is the Jason Bourne of social media.


7 Jan 2022

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Ep. 743: Michael Rapaport

The Fighter & The Kid

Michael Rapaport is back and makes Bryan follow him on Instagram. The guys talk haters, how Rap got his ear bitten off during a street fight and how he's the one who created the Fighter and the Kid "Guest Of The Year" awards, the Squid Game creator clapping back at Lebron James, a woman who breastfeeds her fiance', a Taiwanese math teacher using Pornhub to teach math and much more!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 36mins

4 Nov 2021

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Michael Rapaport

The Ariel Helwani Show

The New York-born actor joins Ariel for a wide-ranging conversation, beginning with a discussion about Rapaport's role in the 1995 film Higher Learning, where he portrayed a Neo-Nazi. The guys also discuss Rapaport's Knicks fandom and why he's decided to publicly criticize the team he loves so much. Plus, Rapaport opens up about his beef with Kevin Durant (31:42), why he started speaking out about politics on social media, what he still hopes to accomplish in his career (49:46), and the tragedy that rocked the movie industry last week.Michael Rapaport is an American actor, comedian, podcaster, and fantasy football guru. He has appeared in more than 60 films (Deep Blue Sea, Dr. Doolittle 2, etc.), several TV shows (Friends, Atypical, etc.) and has also directed an award-winning documentary.You can follow Michael on Instagram @michaelrapaport. He also hosts the I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast and will continue a comedy tour next month. For more details, please visit michaelrapaportcomedy.com.For more episodes of The Ariel Helwani Show, please follow the show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your favorite podcast app.To get more from Ariel, subscribe to his YouTube channel, read his writing on Substack, watch his work for BT Sport, and follow The MMA Hour or The Ringer MMA Show.Theme music: "Frantic" by The Lovely Feathers

1hr 8mins

28 Oct 2021

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Hour 2: Mike Vrabel press conference, Michael Rapaport (09-22-21)

Darren, Daunic and Chase

Mike Vrabel addressed the media ahead of the Titans big game against the Colts, the guys chat with actor and comedian Michael Rapaport and more!


22 Sep 2021

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Hour 1: Michael Rapaport, Derrick Henry road success (09-17-21)

Darren, Daunic and Chase

In the opening hour of DDC's football Friday, the guys talk with Actor Michael Rapaport, discuss Derrick Henry's success running the ball on the road and more!


17 Sep 2021

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Michael Rapaport: Disruptive & Doing It Well

Berning In Hell

You've seen him everywhere, whether he's being Phoebe's boy toy on Friends, the Dad on Netflix's Atypical, or ranting on a comedy stage anywhere in the country, Michael Rapaport always brings the heat. We immediately hit it off with our sense of humor, but I was determined to dig deep and learn a little more about the mind behind the man.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/berninginhell/support

1hr 5mins

15 Sep 2021

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Michael Rapaport: The Under Dog Trash Talking the Big Dogs

On Brand with Donny Deutsch

On today's episode, Donny sits down with actor, comedian, and social media disruptor, Michael Rapaport. Michael and Donny dive right in, starting with Michael's rant that went viral after the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. Michael goes on to share what it was like as a child whose disruptive behavior got him kicked out of 13 schools before he was finally diagnosed with ADHD, what it's like to work with his idols, his beef with Kevin Durant, and more. But first, Donny breaks down this week's biggest brands, giving his signature Brand Up/Brand Down to Mike Lindell, The NFL, AOC, Balenciaga, Volkswagon, and Cheetos, among others.THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS:Indeed: Indeed.com/ONBRAND for a $75 CreditExpressVPN: ExpressVPN.com/DONNY to get three extra months freeSolo Stove: solostove.com promo code DONNY for $10 offIndochino: Indochino.com promo code DONNY for $50 off a purchase of $399 or more Follow Donny: @donnyjdeutschFollow Michael: @michaelrapaportSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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29 Jul 2021

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Michael Rapaport

Joey B vs. the World

Today we explore a British "influencer" who got plastic surgery to become Korean, political theatre in France and a video game I'm going to be in. Michael Rapaport joins me to talk crime in America, Israel/Palestine, 90's hiphop, basketball, movies and hanging with Tupac, Ice Cube and Snoop in '92.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/joeybvstheworld/support

1hr 11mins

4 Jul 2021

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Beating the Heat, Beatings from Fans, and Being the Mayor of NYC with Michael Rapaport

Laugh Lines with Cousin Sal & Rachel Bonnetta

Cousin Sal and Rachel Bonnetta kick off the show discussing her recent injury before actor, comedian, and director Michael Rapaport joins the show to discuss the Knicks-less NBA playoffs,  and the best way to stay cool in the summer (02:00).Then the three debate the worst in-game experience as a fan (21:30) before Rapaport makes his case for the best celebrity mayor of NYC (27:15). They wrap-up the show with a game of "Cameo-ver Under" featuring "Suns in 4" Guy, the NY Giants License Plate Guy, and Piff the Magic Dragon (31:30).


23 Jun 2021