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How to Change Anyone's Mind with Author of the Catalyst Jonah Berger, PhD

When Science Speaks

In this episode, I discuss the roots and applications of effective, authentic persuasion with New York Times best-selling author Jonah Berger, PhD, including topics such as: How Jonah got interested in persuasion and decision-making What fascinates him about these topics In The Catalyst, Jonah writes about “Reactance”, which he describes as the negative feeling experienced when told what to do, often triggering resistance and rejection of whatever it is. How should policy makers address Reactance if the goal is to encourage widespread mask-wearing and vaccination, now that we have vaccines approved as safe and effective in the U.S. Jonah writes about another powerful force affecting people’s decision-making process- “Endowment” - which he defines as the increased value people place on things they’ve been doing or owning for a while, like a home, for example. How can those who want to authentically and honestly persuade take Endowment into account in their persuasion efforts. The role of emotion, not just data, is so important in persuasion. What Jonah says to those who aren’t comfortable invoking emotion or the type of training that expressly teaches not to invoke emotion? Where can listeners go to learn more about your work? Any plans yet for your next book?


26 Feb 2021

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Dr. Jonah Berger: Wharton Professor, best-selling author, and world-renowned expert on change

Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People

Dr. Jonah Berger is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and internationally bestselling author of Contagious, Invisible Influence, and The Catalyst. He received a BA from Stanford University in Human Judgment and Decision Making, and a PhD from Stanford in Marketing.Dr. Berger is a world-renowned expert on change, word of mouth, influence, consumer behavior, and how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. He has published over 50 articles in top-tier academic journals as well as three international best-selling books including Contagious: Why Things Catch On. He teaches Wharton’s highest rated online course, and accounts of his work often appear in places like The New York Times Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review. Listen in on Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People podcast and learn about why things go viral from world-renowned expert on change, Dr. Jonah Berger.


27 Jan 2021

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The Counterintuitive Persuasion of The Catalyst with Jonah Berger

Behavioral Grooves Podcast

Jonah Berger is a marketing professor in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the internationally best-selling author Contagious and Invisible Influence. He consults with some of the largest corporations in the world and derives great insights from his interactions with business leaders wrestling with strategic issues. In this episode, we caught up with Jonah to discuss his most recent book called The Catalyst. His book takes a counter-intuitive view on persuasion by focusing on reducing barriers to change rather than learning just the right lines, information, or coercive measures to use. Jonah advocates for first understanding why people are doing what they’re doing before we try to get them to do something else. He shared his REDUCE model with us - Reactance, Endowment, Distance, Uncertainty, and Corroborating Evidence – and we dove into Reactance as a major component of how we resist change. The harder you push on someone to change, the more likely they are to push back. It’s natural for us to push back and to illustrate, just try this little experiment with someone in your household (another adult). Ask your adult counterpart to hold up their hand at shoulder level and have your palms meet. Tell them you’re going to push on their hand, then do it with some force. Do they push back to slow the advance of your hand or do they just go limp and let you push their hand as far as you can? It’s likely that they’ll push back. The same is true of any behavior change. And that’s okay. Our natural tendencies serve us well in many situations, but not all. Jonah’s perspective on how catalysts change behavior will open your mind to new ideas. We hope you enjoy it and, this week, find your groove. © 2021 Behavioral GroovesLinksJonah Berger, PhD: https://jonahberger.com/author-bio/ Jonah Berger Additional Resources: https://jonahberger.com/resources/ Lee Ross, PhD: https://profiles.stanford.edu/lee-ross Mark Lepper, PhD: https://psychology.stanford.edu/people/mark-lepper Kurt Lewin, PhD “Force Field Analysis”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Lewin  Musical LinksWhitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ardglr9MVVQ Queen “We Will Rock You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvKkIttJLcc Tim Houlihan “Thinking About You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS-PsjRktUk Dolly Parton “I Will Always Love You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0bEZH6ZqG4


17 Jan 2021

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#138 - The Science of Marketing with Author of The Catalyst Dr. Jonah Berger

Jas Takhar Podcast

In this weeks episode Jas and Laura sit down with Dr Jonah Berger author of new york times best selling book The Catalyst. Discussing the science of marketing. Dr. Berger is a world-renowned expert on change, word of mouth, influence, consumer behavior, and how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. He has published over 50 articles in top‐tier academic journals, teaches Wharton’s highest rated online course, and popular outlets like The New York Times and Harvard Business Review often cover his work. He’s keynoted hundred of events, and often consults for organizations like Google, Apple, Nike, and the Gates Foundation.


5 Jan 2021

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S2 TWO 17 Jonah Berger V1 Contagious

Changing Minds with Owen Fitzpatrick

Jonah Berger is a great author of a number of NYT bestselling books on Psychology and Social Influence. This episode, we explore Contagious and how ideas can take off and become viral. Worth checking out!


17 Dec 2020

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414: Jonah Berger | How to Change Anyone's Mind

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Jonah Berger (@j1berger) is a professor at Wharton and a world-renowned expert on word of mouth, social influence, consumer behavior, and how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. He's also a bestselling author; his latest book is The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone's Mind. What We Discuss with Jonah Berger: How the ingrained anti-persuasion radar we all possess makes it harder for us to follow even the best advice. Why providing someone with a "menu" of options is a far more effective method of persuasion than giving them a single option. While pushing works well when we want to move furniture, we're better off identifying obstacles and removing them when we want to guide another person in a certain direction. How effective advertising overcomes our anti-persuasion radar and gets us invested in the idea of buying products. Why most anti-smoking campaigns have an effect opposite of their intentions, and how a Thai campaign cleverly adopted a tactic that actually worked. And much more... Full show notes and resources can be found here: jordanharbinger.com/414 Sign up for Six-Minute Networking -- our free networking and relationship development mini course -- at jordanharbinger.com/course! Like this show? Please leave us a review here -- even one sentence helps! Consider including your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!

1hr 14mins

8 Oct 2020

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CM 166: Jonah Berger On Changing People’s Minds

Curious Minds at Work

How can we get our staunchest opponents to come around to our way of thinking?When we're trying to convince other people, we often start by sharing our ideas. If they resist our efforts, we usually just push harder. Sometimes it works, but, most of the time, our efforts fail.That's what got Jonah Berger, author of the bestselling book, The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone's Mind, wondering, what do the most successful change agents do? He discovered that they think and act more strategically. Rather than pushing harder and ratcheting things up, they act more like catalysts. He explains, "What they do is they lower the barrier to change. They figure out an alternate way to make the same change occur with less energy, not more."Jonah's talked to successful hostage negotiators, substance abuse counselors, and salespeople to learn what they do. From his research, he's discovered five barriers that inhibit change, along with ways to get around them.For example, we often ask for more change than the average person can handle. To counter that, he says, "We have to figure out ways essentially to ask for less. Rather than asking people to make a big change right away, ask for smaller changes."Jonah is Marketing Professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. He's published more than 50 papers, and his work has appeared in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review. He's appeared on Curious Minds twice before to discuss his pervious books, Contagious and Invisible Influence.Curious MindsLearn more about Host and Creator, Gayle Allen, and Producer and Editor, Rob Mancabelli, here.Episode LinksThe Strategy behind Florida's "Truth" CampaignThai Health Promotion Foundation - Smoking Kid (1:30 min video)Changing Eating Habits on the Home Front: Lost Lessons from World War II Research by Brian WansinkGregory M. Vecchi, Ph.D.Invisible Influence by Jonah BergerDave Fleischer and deep canvassingStudy Finds Deep Conversations Can Reduce Transgender Prejudicegong.ioSupport the PodcastIf you're a fan of the show, there are three simple things you can do to support our work: Rate and review the podcast on iTunes or wherever you subscribe. Tell a family member, friend, or colleague about the show. Subscribe so you never miss an episode.Where to Find Curious MindsSpotifyiTunesTuneinStitcherGoogle PlayOvercast


20 Jul 2020

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Jonah Berger - The Catalyst: How to change anyones mind without having to push

Inside Influence

“Greetings everyone, my name is Julie Masters and welcome to another episode of Inside Influence. In which I delve into the minds of some of the world’s most fascinating influencers – or experts in influence - to get to the bottom of what it really takes to own your voice - and then amplify it to drive an industry, a conversation, a movement or a Nation. Now, some might say, that one of the ultimate forms of influence is the ability to change the mind of someone’s else. Which shouldn’t be that hard right? Replace fact A with updated Fact B and then done. System overwrite. Opinion changed.If you’re smiling right now – then I’m guessing you’re with me in that – never once – in my entire career of trying to get ideas adopted and actioned. Have I EVER had that experience.Generally speaking, and by that I mean pretty much always, if we feel we’re being pushed to do something, we push back. If something new or novel is suggested, our brains automatically pick out every reason it’s a terrible idea before we even CONSIDER it.Even when confronted with proven evidence that a change is needed research shows that - human nature (in its infinite wisdom) – then makes us MORE determined to double down on our current version of events. So - when opposition is literally hard wired into our nature – and without access to Yoda and some serious Jedi mind tricks – then then question then becomes – how do you change someone’s mind?My guest today has spent a career unpacking the hidden forces behind influence.Professor Jonah Berger is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and internationally bestselling author of Contagious, Invisible Influence and now The Catalyst.At the heart of Contagious - which (without overestimating) is a complete must read - is why certain products, ideas, services, and behaviours catch on. While others stay on the side-lines. The success of Contagious and resulting consulting requests for some of the worlds top tier firms – including Google, Apple, Nike - then led him to another insight. That there are two phases to impact. The first is getting someone’s attention – the second is converting that attention into action. That realisation - and resulting research - led to his latest book ‘The Catalyst: How To Change Anyone’s Mind’; a counterintuitive approach to initiating change - which isn’t about pushing harder or exerting more energy, but instead lowering the barriers that prevent that change from happening.·      In this episode, we talk about what those barriers are – and how pushing against them, as instinctive as it feels, rarely works. ·      We discuss the technique of providing a menu; and why giving someone options allows them to buy in while retaining control. Sounds simple, but apply it and you’ll find this one is a game changer.·      We look at the impact of movements – the role of protests - and the what next when it comes to harnessing attention into action.·      And finally, one for the world we currently find ourselves facing: How to lift the handbrake of uncertainty. Allowing people to experience what you’re offering, by temporarily removing the risk involved in changing their mind.At this point I would usually provide a menu of ways to enjoy the podcast – along with some suggestions of what to reflect on – but in the spirit of this episode – I’ll leave that up to your own free will.Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing – I hope you enjoy my conversation with the incredible Professor Jonah Berger....  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Jul 2020

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EP225 - Jonah Berger author of The Catalyst

The Jason & Scot Show - E-Commerce And Retail News

EP225 - Jonah Berger author of The Catalyst  Dr. Jonah Berger (@j1berger) is a marketing professor at Wharton, and author of New York Times bestsellers Contagious and Invisible Influence. His latest book, The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’s Mind (affiliate link), introduces a revolutionary approach to change. Successful change isn’t about pushing harder or exerting more energy. It’s about removing barriers. Overcoming resistance by reducing friction and lowering the hurdles to action. Discover the five hidden factors that impede change, and how by mitigating them, you can change anything. In this broad ranging interview, we discuss the major themes from The Catalyst, including the five barriers to taking action, and strategies to overcome those barriers. Listeners will learn not only how to persuade customers and prospects, but also how to be a catalyst for organizational change within our companies. Jonah’s personal website. Don’t forget to like our facebook page, and if you enjoyed this episode please write us a review on itunes. Episode 225 of the Jason & Scot show was recorded live on Friday, June 26, 2020. http://jasonandscot.com Join your hosts Jason "Retailgeek" Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis, and Scot Wingo, CEO of GetSpiffy and Co-Founder of ChannelAdvisor as they discuss the latest news and trends in the world of e-commerce and digital shopper marketing.


2 Jul 2020

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Jonah Berger on How to Change Anyone’s Mind

Marketing Over Coffee Marketing Podcast

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about NY Times Best Selling Author Jonah Berger’s New Book The Catalyst! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors:LinkedIn and Klaviyo The 5 Techniques to change someone’s mind Not Pushing, but removing the obstacles to change Reactance and the freedom of choice Changing it up with the case studies The power of the menu 9:41 We’ve got a special offer for Marketing over Coffee Listeners, you can redeem a free $100 LinkedIn ad credit for your first campaign: Click here to get a $100 for your first campaign! Reducing the distance Confirmation bias Asking for less 17:22 Email marketing is one of Klaviyo’s core offerings – when you leverage personalization driven by a 360-degree view of the customer, they’re more relevant and improve your relationship. Get a free trial now at Klaviyo.com/coffee Eliminating risk is not the same thing as eliminating uncertainty Overcoming switching costs The cost benefit timing gap Going through times of tremendous stress are actually change opportunities Join the Analytics for Marketers Slack Group! (Get the Job reports!!) Sign up for the Marketing Over Coffee Newsletter powered by DotDigital to get early access! Buy The MoC Playbook now! Get episodes early, get the back catalog – get the app for iOS! Or for Android Our theme song is Mellow G by Fonkmasters. The post Jonah Berger on How to Change Anyone’s Mind appeared first on Marketing Over Coffee Marketing Podcast.

12 Jun 2020