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Rick Wilson: Why Would MAGA Want Trump-Lite?

The Bulwark Podcast

The base wants the sugar, the fat, and the salt — not someone afraid to say how they're different from Trump. Plus, DeSantis doesn't want to face the CPAC straw poll, Trump attacks Fox, and Paul Ryan doesn't see the world has moved on. Rick Wilson joins Charlie Sykes for the weekend pod. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


3 Mar 2023

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Rick Wilson, Marc Elias & Ben Wikler

Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson tells us why Ron DeSantis winning the Republican nomination guarantees a GOP loss. Democracy Docket’s Mark Elias talks to us about what we can do to protect our Democracy. Then Wisconsin Democrat’s Ben Wikler talks to us about the most important race in America in 2023.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Feb 2023

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Rick Wilson, Cerise Castle & Blake Zeff

Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson drops by to give us a glimpse of the hell-world Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is about to enter. Cerise Castle tell us about her podcast A Tradition Of Violence, which documents the sheriff’s gangs of Los Angeles County. And Blake Zeff stops by to tell us about his new documentary, Loan Wolves, which shows the shocking predatory behavior that created the student loan crisis. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


9 Jan 2023

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Best of Mea Culpa Rick Wilson

Mea Culpa

This is a special encore episode of Mea Culpa with Rick Wilson. Rick Wilson is a longtime Republican political strategist, turned Lincoln Project co-founder and zealous, anti-Trump activist. His regular column with The Daily Beast is a hilarious and spot-on must-read in the political community. Rick’s been published in The Washington Post, Politico, The Hill, The London Spectator, Rolling Stone, The New York Daily News, USA Today, The Bulwark and beyond and he’s constantly called upon for sharp political insights on the national news networks, including CNN and MSNBC. He’s also a fan favorite on Real Time with Bill Maher. A 30-year veteran of politics. Rick got his start in the 1988 Presidential campaign of George Herbert Walker Bush, and since has produced groundbreaking advertising and provided strategic counsel to political campaigns worldwide. Rick is also a best-selling author, his latest book is “Running against the Devil” and his #1 New York Times, best-seller, “Everything Trump Touches Dies” that quintessentially defined the Trump era. So, let’s go now to that conversation.

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2 Jan 2023

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Navigating Happiness in our Voice Over Careers with Dr. Rick Wilson.

Speechless: Real Life in VO.

(VIDEO PODCAST) Navigating Happiness in our Voice Over Careers with Dr. Rick Wilson. Riding the ups and downs of a voice over career can be hard! Rick shares his insight. **Enter to win one of three VOICEOVERVIEW Memberships to start 2023 off right: https://forms.gle/aCUUsiqJQjjUHMzV8 Contest closes December 31st, 2022.** Sign up for our show takeaways, resources, and drink recipes before episodes air here: https://www.speechlessvo.com/ EPISODE SPONSORS & AFFILIATE LINKS: Please use these links to tickle our fancy! VOICEOVERVIEW POZOTRON STUDIOBRICKS Resources mentioned in this episode: Harvard Study of Adult Development  Waking Up App Hedonic Treadmill Mindset Rick Wilson Contact: Rick@rickwilsonspychology.com CONTACT INFO: Podcast Home Website YouTube Instagram Email: SpeechlessVO@gmail.com PRODUCTION CREDITS: Music: Rick Wilson Editing: Hamza Latif Written and Produced by Kim Wilson and Natasha Marchewka Natasha and Kim are both in StudioBricks booths


1 Dec 2022

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Stuart Stevens and Rick Wilson

Hell & High Water with John Heilemann

Six weeks out from midterm Election Day and on the eve of what may be the January 6 committee's final public hearing, John Heilemann sits down with Rick Wilson and Stuart Stevens, co-founder and senior adviser (respectively) at The Lincoln Project and two of the savviest and most savage #NeverTrump ex-Republican strategists in the political universe. Wilson and Stevens discuss the myriad legal threats Trump is facing and whether, at long last, accountability may be at hand for him; how and why Trump's chances of winning the GOP presidential nomination in 2024 would actually improve were he indicted on federal criminal charges; the possibility that, rather than challenging Trump, Florida governor Ron DeSantis could wind up being his running mate; and the degree to which fears of physical (in addition to political) harm animates the slavish obeisance to Trump by Republican elected officials. Heilemann also asks Wilson and Stevens about the controversies that engulfed The Lincoln Project last year, including the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by one of its co-founders, and the five-part Showtime docu-series about the group set to premiere on October 7. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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27 Sep 2022

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White House Chief Of Staff Ron Klain, Rick Wilson & Tim O’Brien

Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

On the first episode of the pod we’re lucky enough to be joined by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. He tells us how the White House makes decisions to keep a big tent party happy, and how to deal with the unprecedented constant rabble-rousing of a former president pretending he is still the ruler of the free world. We also have the reunion that political junkies have been waiting for—after 20 months of being apart, Rick Wilson & Molly Jong-Fast get the band back together to discuss the midterms and Donald Trump’s very bad week. If that weren’t enough, Bloomberg Opinion editor and long-time Trump business expert Tim O’Brien breaks down the former president’s mounting legal troubles. Oh yeah, and we also learn what Trump’s dance moves are like when no one is watching.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


26 Sep 2022

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Dr. Rick Wilson on Attribution and What Advertisers Should Do in a Recession

The Billboard Insider Podcast

Today's podcast guest is Dr. Rick Wilson, Associate Professor at Texas State University San Marcos, has written extensively about the impact and effectiveness of out of home advertising.Here are some highlights.Rick Wilson, Associate Professor of Marketing, Texas State UniversityHow did you get involved in studying out of home advertising?The short answer is that my dissertation to get my doctorate degree...was on out of home advertising...I've always been fascinated by out of home.  I love the physicality of it, they way for it to reference the activity you are doing, the way for it to...break through the clutter.You did a 2019 attribution study for the OAAA.  What did you do and what did you learn?They asked me to review a number of case studies where the media partners that they used looked at various promotions to see which types of out of home advertising was able to drive sales or recognition or recall and compare that to a control group that was not exposed to the same out of home advertising.  Across the 45 different case studies...there was a dramatic increase in whatever variable that they were measuring to judge effectiveness and in some cases the most popular variable looked at was store visits and that increased by 89% compared to the control group...There were a number of difference outcomes they looked at beyond store visits.  For example, recall of the brand...they saw a 39% lift...and then also purchase intent...that saw a 23% increase compared to the control group.Creativity does not to increase ad effectiveness unless out of home is placed properly.The industry frequently...uses as a selling point that out of home is a creative medium and can really break through clutter and get noticed and while that is the case some of the research that I reviewed...suggested that...creativity by itself isn't going to break through the clutter unless the ad is situated in an environment where it is more prominent.  Whether that means the size of the ad or billboard...it's in the line of sight...and it's not in an environment where it is visually complex...It's one thing to develop an ad that's creative.  But it's another thing to make sure that the ad is placed somewhere where it has a greater likelihood of being seen...Advertisers and media planners need to take a stronger role in selecting media locations for ads...It's not enough to just buy a bunch of billboards in a market to get coverage.  I think you need to think a little bit deeper.Advertising in a recession.When we see a recession, it's not the time to reduce your advertising budget.  It's the time to think differently about your advertising budget, because what are consumers doing.  They're doing things differently.  Their behavior is changing.  They are looking for ways to save money.  They are still spending but just spending differently...Think about the message that you are delivering...They are thinking about value as opposed to some of the functions and features which they have been thinking about in the past...Think about how the activities are changing.  We saw this during the covid epidemic.  People were driving less or they were driving differently.Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Never miss a Billboard Insider article. Join 3,238 subscribers who receive our daily stories for free by sending us your name and email using the form below. *FirstLastEmail *Submit Paid Advertisement


7 Sep 2022

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Breaking!!! Trump Facing Witness Tampering Charges + A Conversation with Rick Wilson

Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa welcomes back Rick Wilson, longtime Republican political strategist and commentator. Since 2015, he's been a leading conservative critic of Donald Trump. Rick got his start in the 1988 Presidential campaign of George Herbert Walker Bush, and since has produced groundbreaking advertising and provided strategic counsel to political campaigns across the nation and around the world. Rick is also a best-selling author, his latest book is “Running against the Devil” and his #1 New York Times, best seller, “Everything Trump Touches Dies” that quintessentially defined the Trump era. Michael and Rick dive deep into the upcoming midterms and January 6th. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 24mins

15 Jul 2022

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Will Trump Run in 2024? | Robert Gibbs & Rick Wilson with Ciaran O'Connor

The Braver Angels Podcast

Will Donald Trump run again in 2024? How will the recent leak of a Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade affect the 2022 midterm elections? How can Democrats and Republicans address the divides within their own parties? Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson join Ciaran O'Connor for a wide-ranging discussion—previously recorded as part of the Crosscut Festival—on the state of the national political landscape. Twitter: @braverangels, @ciaranjoconnor, @TheRickWilson, @Robt_Gibbs 


16 May 2022