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John Di Lemme warning: Communist Revolution

Discussions of Truth

America is experiencing a blatant communist revolution. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/iantrottier/support


24 Sep 2021

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Patriots Stand Up With John Di Lemme

The Sean Morgan Report

Keep me on the front lines of the digital battlefield by supporting my work here: https://donorbox.org/seanmorganreportThis episode was sponsored by Sovereign Advisors.Get a Free Gold Consultation: Call Dr. Kirk Elliott at +1 720-605-3900 https://sovereignadvisors.net/pages/seanmorgan/Thank You all!Support the show (https://donorbox.org/seanmorganreport)

1hr 17mins

5 Aug 2021

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John Di Lemme Interview on The Standard SC

Motivation Plus Marketing Podcast

In this special episode, you'll hear John Di Lemme's interview with Michael Reed on The Standard SC LIVE from Greenville, South Carolina.  Want More *Real News*? Go to www.CBJUpdates.com and Join My Telegram Channel at https://t.me/cbjrealnews  


17 Jun 2021

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John Di Lemme LIVE at the Greenville, South Carolina TEA Party Event

Conservative Business Journal Podcast

John Di Lemme was invited by Pressley Stutts, Chairman of the Greenville TEA Party, to speak to a group of tremendous Patriots. John delivered a fired up speech titled *3* Decisions on How to Absolutely Guarantee that We as Conservatives Rise Up and Protect the American Values this Country was Founded On


27 Oct 2020

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John Di Lemme Unleashes About the Power of Capitalism in America

Conservative Business Journal Podcast

In this special episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme, founder of the Conservative Business Journal, was interviewed on the "United Patriots Uprising" Radio Broadcast about power of Capitalism in America.  During this podcast, John Di Lemme shared... - Capitalism is the fuel of this country. That’s why America right now is standing alone, because the heartbeat of America is capitalism. - Socialism versus capitalism, there is a war for America's economy right now; no question about it. - Capitalism gives you the ability to produce, to innovate. The ability to hire, the ability to feel good about yourself and develop and build a business that can bless people. - America was built on Capitalism. Capitalism is the freedom to produce, the freedom to dream, the freedom to risk, the freedom to fail, the freedom to learn. It’s the freedom to be all God wants you to be. It’s the freedom to take His talents and utilize them. - Freedom is the foundation of our United States Constitution. - Capital is an asset. Capitalism means the ability to take what we’re gifted with (talent) and turn it into capital (asset in our lives) that enables us to achieve success in America's free enterprise system. - Capitalism creates a mindset of victory, the ability to achieve, the ability to grow beyond what you thought was ever possible. - Capitalism is limited government, very limited regulations.The government exists to protect the rights you have to prosper. When President Trump removed government regulations, he simultaneously removed the shackles keeping small businesses in bondage and unable to prosper. - Ninety-four percent of the economy is businesses with 10 employees or less. That’s the driving force of this country. - Capitalism is the ability for you to invent, create, and take your idea to market, then obviously sell it, earn income, and everyone in the marketplace wins. - One of John's quotes is "Everyone loses with socialism, but everyone wins with capitalism.’” Plus you'll hear so much more!


14 Sep 2020

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John Di Lemme Interviews Military Heroes on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast Show

Conservative Business Journal Podcast

During this week's Conservative Business Journal Podcast Show, John Di Lemme interviews Military Heroes that have fought for our freedom and continue to fight for our country. The Military Heroes featured on this Podcast Show include... → Mark "Oz" Geist: Benghazi Hero and Co-Author of "13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi" → Justin Sheffield: Ret. Navy SEAL, President of All Eagles Oscar, and Author of "The Gospel of War: A SEAL Team Six Operator's Battles in the Fight for Good Over Evil" → Char Westfall: Author of “A Beautiful Tragedy: A Navy SEAL Widow's Permission to Grieve and a Prescription for Hope” → Clint Lorance: Fmr Army Infantry Officer Pardoned by President Trump and Author of “Stolen Honor: Falsely Accused, Imprisoned, and My Long Road to Freedom” → Lt. Steven Rogers: 21-Year Veteran of the United States Navy Reserve, Military Intel Officer (Ret.) and Author of “Governing the Affairs of the People” → Kevin White: 30-Year Veteran of the United States Air Force and Author of “Growing Up White: An Oreo’s Guide to Fitting In” → Pressley Stutts: Ret. Navy Chaplain Attached to the Marine Corps 22 Years of His 30 Years of Service, and Chairman of the Greenville, South Carolina TEA Party

2hr 44mins

14 Sep 2020

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Entrepreneur John Di Lemme

The Neil Haley Show

Today on The Neil Haley Show, The Total Tutor Neil Haley will Interview Entrepreneur John Di Lemme. John will share his expert marketing observations and insights on the upcoming reveal of the GM Next Generation Corvette this week.Our website is www.GiantGoals.com and my email is John@GiantGoals.com and they can follow me on Twitter @John_Di_Lemme


17 Jul 2019

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Episode 20: How to Overcome the Labels of the Demonic Forces of Fear- John Di Lemme

Givercise™ Shorts |Inspired Storytelling|Christian Inspirational Fitness, Health, & Lifestyle Short Stories

In this episode, our storyteller is John Di Lemme. In September 2001, John Di Lemme founded Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., a company known  worldwide for its role in expanding the personal development industry and teaching business owners  how to be successful in any economy.  As President and CEO, John strives for excellence in every area  of his business and believes that you must surround yourself with a like-minded team in order to stay  on top of your game.    In addition to building a successful company, John has changed lives around the globe as an  international, elite speaker that has spoken in over five hundred venues.  Over the past fourteen years,  he has shared the stage with the best of the best including Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Rich  Devos, and Denis Waitley only to name a few.  John was also a featured speaker for Dr. John  Maxwell’s Impact Leadership Network and has spoken at other events at his home church, Christ  Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida pastored by Todd Mullins.  This is truly an amazing feat  for someone that was clinically diagnosed as a stutterer at a very young age and told that he would  never speak fluently.  John’s teachings have also been featured on Fox Small Business, Inc. Magazine,  CNBC, and in many other media outlets.  For more information, please visit: www.giverciseshorts.com


21 Jun 2016

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John Di Lemme ~ Building Solid Belief Structure for Entrepreneural Success in 2013!!

Building Abundant Success!!© with Sabrina-Marie

CNBC Power Lunch ~ John Di Lemme founded Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., is a company known worldwide for its role in expanding the personal development industry. As President and CEO, John strives for excellence in every area of his business and believes that you must surround yourself with a like-minded team in order to stay on top of your game.In addition to building a successful company, John has changed lives around the globe as an international motivational speaker that has spoken in over five hundred venues. Over the past eleven years, he has shared the stage with the best of the best including Dr. John Maxwell, Rich Devos, Dennis Waitley, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown, Dr. John Maxwell, Mark Victor Hansen and Loral Langemeier only to name a few, only to name a few. John has also been interviewed countless times and featured on many programs including Zig Ziglar’s webcast. This is truly an amazing feat for someone that was clinically diagnosed as a stutterer at a very young age and told that he would never speak fluently.John truly believes that everyone needs personal development to reach their full potential in life, and his determination to reach all forms of media with his motivational messages has catapulted his career. John has produced over four hundred fifty products and is an accomplished author of eleven books including his latest best-selling book, “Seven Principles to Live a Champion Life.” As a Strategic Business Coach, John’s students include doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, consultants, CEOs of million dollar companies and various other occupations that are thriving in a so-called poor economy. John’s success with his students has made him one of the most highly sought after business coaches in the world. John has been featured on many television programs including CNBC Power Lunch. LifestyleFreedom.comSee you on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/BuildingAbundantSuccess


2 Jul 2013