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The Five Step Process to Creating Videos That Engage Your Audience - Krista Mashore

The Agents of Change: SEO, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Discover the five step process to create videos that will engage your audience. Krista Mashore walks us through the process of creating videos for the pre-funnel engagement. https://www.theagentsofchange.com/405


9 Sep 2021

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How One Agent Wins Every Listing w/ Krista Mashore

Massive Agent Podcast

Cold calling, door knocking and connecting with your sphere of influence are all tried and true methods of lead generation. But what if, like Blockbuster, they are the old way of doing business. Are you ready to become like Netflix, learn from a Top 1% Realtor, and step into the latest marketing trends to win more listings? If you answered “yes”, then today’s episode is just for you. Top 1% REALTOR® and Digital Marketing Coach, Krista Mashore, joins Dustin Brohm on today’s episode of the Massive Agent Podcast. Krista squashes all excuses about how social media is too hard, and about not knowing what to post. She drills down on her pre-listing process that wins virtually every listing, and shares an excerpt from her video listing presentation. Listen closely as Krista and Dustin share some great advice on the benefits of working with a coach, and the reasons most agents give up before they see results. This episode will really make you re-think your marketing strategy. The secret is to stop marketing 1-to-1 and start marketing 1-to-many.  Connect w/ Krista Mashore:Instagram  FacebookKrista's 2 Day Digital Domination Bootcamp Sponsored by: Follow Up Boss, the CRM of choice for agents ready to scale quickly. Massive Agent listeners get a 30 Day Free trial (normally only 14 days!) CLICK HERE***********************IT"S TIME!Registration for the next Massive Agent Social Bootcamp is NOW OPENGo from zero online presence, to 3 or more closed transactions in just 60 days. Starts Sept 22, 2021CLICK HERE for details ************************ Recommended Products or Services:Witly: the fully automated Facebook Ad management system for real estate agents and loan officers. Get a 14 day free trial HEREShop my Amazon Store: podcasting equipment, my favorite books, cool stuff for  REALTORS®, etcMassive Agent Society: Our Real Estate Lead Gen Coaching Program/online course and online courseBuzzsprout: Host your podcast with the same platform we use. Affordable, user-friendly podcast hosting for real estate agents - New users get a $20 Amazon Gift CardFollow us on Instagram*The Massive Agent Podcast is a production of the Industry Syndicate podcast network


2 Sep 2021

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How to Become Unbeatable: Rebranding & Better Opportunities w/ Krista Mashore

Real Estate Entrepreneur with Terrence Murphy

Agents, are you trying to be SEEN and HEARD? Today, Terrence is joined by Krista Mashore, Real Estate Coach/Author/Broker to share her key “serve don’t sell” marketing tips to help you stand out from the other Realtors. Say that you have your brand figured out and running, are you measuring all of the work you are putting in? Krista also schools us on how you can measure YOUR value and why you should be creating video content. We appreciate the support and don’t forget to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! Contact: Krista Mashore https://kristamashore.com/ @kristamashore @_homesbykrista Books:  Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell MaltzSell 100+ Homes A Year by Krista Mashore Timestamps & Show Notes: (0:00 - 2:13) Intro (2:14 - 5:56) The Motivating Factors Behind Starting Real Estate (5:57 - 7:58) Seeing the Different Cycles of the Industry & Changing Business Models (7:59 - 12:00) Engagement Marketing: How to Be Seen and Heard By Serving and Engaging (12:01 - 16:32) Community Marketing Leader Manifesto & Community Date Night (16:33 - 18:34) Results in 6-9 Months With Your Content Out There/ Two Commas Awards (18:35 - 27:47) Clickfunnels, Start With Value to Set Yourself Apart and Win (27:48 - 30:18) Advice For New Agents (30:19 - 36:50) The Decision to Join eXp (36:51 - 39:34) Investing In Yourself (39:35 - 42:21) Rapid Fire (42:22 - 44:19) Final Thoughts/ Contact


10 Aug 2021

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979: How to Convert Prospects Before the First Conversation with Krista Mashore

Real Estate Rockstars

Krista Mashore has been a Rockstar Realtor from the start. Her first year in real estate, she sold 69 homes by herself. And now, with 20 years of experience under her belt, Krista’s gotten so good at marketing that she’s able to convert prospects before their first conversation. Buyers and sellers constantly call in eager to hire her, and she joins us today to explain why. Listen and learn why agents must put marketing first in order to become top producers. You’ll also discover several unique marketing strategies that will set you apart from the competition.Visit hibandigital.com/toolboxClaim Real Estate Discounts, Free Trials, and MoreVisit hibandigital.com/resourcesSponsorsRebus University - Get Over $10,000 in Real Estate Training for as Little as $97Visit futureofrealestatetraining.comPadHawk - Find Your Market's Best Leads for FREE with a 7-Day TrialVisit padhawk.comRoddy's FLS - Discover Unbeatable Real Estate Deals with a FREE Foreclosure ListVisit 4closure.info Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


8 Jul 2021

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Properly Market Your Business in the Digital Age with Krista Mashore #238

REI Mastermind Network | Real Estate Investing Strategies & Mindset

Krista Mashore is a digital marketing coach specializing in Real Estate and the author of four best-selling books that teach YOU how to properly market your business in this digital age. As a former teacher, with a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Krista loves serving people – and gets fulfillment by sharing the secrets of her success with professionals and businesses. Having taken her new business from zero to 7.4 million dollars in just 25 short months, using online digital strategies, there is a lot to learn from Krista.Krista joins us today to discuss how you can become a local star, by building your digital image and strategy. In the times we live in, this is the only way forward!Krista has her own successful podcast called “F.I.R.E.D UP with Krista Mashore”. Through her coaching, summits, courses, and best-selling books, Krista is changing the way professionals and businesses market themselves in the digital space. Krista's work has already been featured in Yahoo Finance, WSJ, Authority Magazine among other publications.Connect with Krista:Website: https://kristamashore.com/clientconversionPodcast: https://fire.kristamashore.com/podcastTwitter: https://twitter.com/coachingkristaFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristamashore/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kristamashore/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRxGI0rigYqkRe27pUVNjQwLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/krista-mashore-coaching/As you can already tell we have made some changes and a few more are on the way. If you are interested in what we have planned, head over to Patreon.com/REImastermind, and support the show today. Financial contributions are always appreciated along with a LIKE, SHARE, and REVIEW.  It really helps us grow and reach more people with this valuable information.  See you next time and tell a friend!LIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsitePatreonApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsYouTubeSpotifyStitcherDeezerFacebookTwitterInstagramSUPPORT THE SHOW!You can get RentRedi’s annual plan for only $54 when you use our special code MASTERMINDGet Exclusive Content on Patreon! • https://www.patreon.com/reimastermindGet $10 and Reduce Your Business Costs by Shopping at AppSumo • https://bit.ly/reiappsumoGet $10 Towards Your First Purchase at Drop • https://drop.com/?referer=3DC729"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - JD


30 May 2021

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Million Dollar Months with Krista Mashore

Foot Traffic Podcast with Stacy Tuschl

We have got a bombshell episode for you today! Krista Mashore is in the top 1% of realtors in the country. She has personally sold over 2,000 homes. Now, she’s teaching others in real estate how to do it, too. Listen to Krista’s insider tips on using social media to your advantage, and the one vital content strategy you must be using! Some key points of this episode include: The one type of content you need to be utilizing and some key ways to implement it. It’s difficult for everyone. Why creators with larger audiences still have to work as hard as the rest of us. Getting traffic. Do you really have to pay to play? Go grab a pen, you’ll definitely want to take notes for this! Enjoy! Did you enjoy today’s episode? Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! Don’t forget to follow Stacy on social media! Instagram: @stacytuschl Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/StacyTuschlLLC Facebook: facebook.com/stacytuschl Join the Foot Traffic Community! https://www.facebook.com/groups/349478082370878 ___ Ways to work with Stacy: Learn 10 Free or Low-Cost Ways To Drive More Traffic - During this 5-day virtual workshop, I will teach you how to create brand awareness and maximize your visibility without a huge marketing budget. https://www.5daytrafficbootcamp.com/ CONTENT MACHINE: Take one piece of content per week and turn it into daily micro-content. Get access here: https://stacytuschl.com/machine MASTERMIND: Check out the 4 inevitable stages of what it takes to become a powerhouse and successfully have your business work for you. Watch the FREE training here: https://stacytuschl.com/insider __ And if you haven't heard, we've been selling more and more copies of my new* book The Implementation Code everyday.  If you haven't gotten your free copy yet, go to www.implementationcode.co/freebook - and just pay the for shipping and handling and we will mail it out to you right away! If you want to try out monday.com with a 14 day free trial go to www.stacytuschl.com/monday I know you’ll love it as much as I do!  Let’s build systems together to help you make more time and more money doing what you love. Let's be more than podcast friends. To join the text messaging community just text PODCAST to (414) 240-1379 OR if you'd rather, click here (>> https://my.community.com/stacytuschl) and text PODCAST. Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success. –> Want to work with the Foot Traffic Team and skyrocket your business during a recession? Here is a quick overview of the Foot Traffic Formula program:  We are building out your marketing plan, systems, helping you increase your revenue so you can start to hire and remove some of the stress and pressure going on right now. You'll Get: A program of on-going strategy, systems, and support Weekly laser coaching sessions with me Weekly office hours and trainings with Team Foot Traffic to learn likes copywriting, paid IG and FB ads, funnel implementation and more Private on-boarding call to get you started on the right foot A Dedicated Community Manager that is in the FB group every weekday answering your questions A Dedicated Accountability Coach to work with every month for 25 minutes PRIVATELY. We want to help hold you accountable to hit your goals. Click here to learn more about the program. This is it! If you're ready, I can't wait to welcome you into the program.


26 May 2021

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Navigating success like a GPS, with Krista Mashore

The Personal Brand Entrepreneur Show.

Weekly interviews with personal brand business owners and entrepreneurs. This week on The Personal Branding Entrepreneur Show :---Want the GPS to online and offline business success. No - like super success for normal people?  Yup - we’re going there this week.  Join me and Krista Mashore and in this very special episode we’re going to dive deep into how she built her multi million dollar business and exactly how you can do it too.  https://kristamashore.com/----Get your copy of my Personal Brand Business Blueprint It's the FREE roadmap to starting, scaling or just fixing your expert business.www.amplifyme.agency/roadmap----Subscribe to my Youtube!! Follow on Instagram and Twitter @bobgentleJoin the Amplify Insiders Facebook Community : www.amplifyme.agency/insidersPlease take a second to rate this show in Apple Podcasts. ❤ It will mean a lot to me.


10 May 2021

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TAP 184. How to sell 100 homes a year. An Interview with Krista Mashore

Top Agents Playbook

Luck happens when you combine hard work with the right ideas. Here's the system and strategy you need to sell 100 homes a yearIf this is your first time listening, I'm Ray Wood and I partner with modern real estate agents to attract, nurture and convert leads and show you how to become the local influencer in your real estate market.If you've tuned in before then welcome back and thanks for the opportunity for my guest and I to share our best ideas.And speaking of guests, you're about to meet my guest for this week and I think I need to tell you this comes with a warning. That is, a wealth warning because you're about to hear from a dynamic Californian realtor with a powerful message, that if followed, will win you extra listings and sales.Krista Mashore's real estate career spans twenty years. Yes, she's won all kinds of awards but she's one of these great energy agents who has figured out the process and adapted to embrace online marketing and reaped the rewards which she now shares with her lucky coaching clients.And the good news is, she's more than happy to personally share her ideas and strategies with you in a very popular 5-day free course. You'll find the link in the show notes and Krista will tell you herself in a moment, but just before we get into it, I'd like to share an important message.I think I know my people pretty well.I know you tune in for inspiration, motivation and what's working for the top agents in our industry.You're about to be exposed to some things that may or may not be news to you, but here's the thing, they work.Krista might be an elite real estate coach but she's still listing and selling and can afford to do both because she runs a proven system. So when you hear something that strikes a chord in your thinking, And you can see yourself taking action and doing it, I want you to press pause and write it down in your journal and make it happen. Don't try and do ten things in ten minutes. It never works. And don't be overwhelmed. Do one thing, nail it and then come back and do the next thing.I want to thank Krista for being so free with her success ideas. You're in for a real treat.Click this link to join Krista's Client Conversion Accelerator (it's a FREE 5 day LIVE course with Krista, you'd be crazy to miss this opportunity)Krista's real estate page


2 Apr 2021

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281 Mail-Right Show Special Guest. Krista Mashore

Mail-Right Show | Real Estate Agents | Seller Lead Generation | Real Estate Agent | Real Estate Investors | Online Marketing |

Krista Mashore Real Estate Trainer, Coach, Author & Broker Coach, author, trainer, speaker, and broker Krista Mashore developed a highly successful real estate career before turning her attention to sharing the secrets to her success through her writing, coaching, speaking, and training. Krista has sold just around 2,000 homes in her career and has been ranked in the Top 1% of real estate agents in the entire nation. Krista’s innovative approach flies in the face of conventional wisdom about how real estate agents, other professionals, and all Business Owners should promote and market themselves Through her best-selling books, coaching, webinars, and courses, Krista offers step-by-step instruction so others can achieve that same success. Krista lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. An active member of her community, her latest non-profit organization, Teens Lifting Lives, a mentoring and peer coaching group that gives young people the tools and encouragement they need to achieve their own success. https://www.kristahomes.com/ https://kristamashore.com/

11 Mar 2021

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315 - Become a Local Celebrity with Krista Mashore

REV (Real Estate Vision)

Krista Mashore has been in the top 1 % of realtors nationwide for 20 years, she has personally sold over 2,200 homes and averages at 100 homes a year. She is the author of Four best-selling books focusing on digital marketing. She has been featured in Inman, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Fox, and so much more. Krista recently took her new business, from zero to 10 million dollars in just 35 short months using online digital strategies. She is the recipient of Five prestigious Two Comma-Club Awards. Krista, always being a teacher at heart, loves serving people and has turned her attention to sharing the secrets of her success with agents across the nation. Through her coaching, teaching, speaking, and training Krista is revolutionizing the way agents market themselves online. She offers an innovative step-by-step approach to how agents can gain a massive digital footprint. For more on Krista Mashore check out her podcast “FIRED Up" with Krista Mashore and her latest book, “The Ultimate Digital Marketing Playbook”.  In today's episode, we explore how putting yourself out there with digital media can bring you fame in the real estate business.  In this episode, you'll learn... How I average over 100 homes a year  No more open houses, door knocking, or cold calling Tips and tricks to standing out in your market  Why FB ads & video are the keys to marketing your business Polished vs Unpolished media Win before you arrive Views while you snooze Links and resources mentioned in this episode. https://kristamashore.com/ http://ww16.homesbykrista.com/ To subscribe and rate & review visit one of the platforms below: Follow Real Estate Success Rocks on:


9 Mar 2021