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Episode 63 - Scott Simon - Head Coach Flatwater (Paracanoe & Olympic Canoe Sprint)

#LEADERSHIP - What's on your mind?

On today's episode of #Leadership - What's on your mind? I speak to Scott Simon Head Coach of Flatwater (Paracanoe & Olympic Canoe Sprint) about his leadership journey in the Olympics and more.   https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/ Scott's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scottsigb/ Make sure to FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE to my other social media platforms: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/STARDevelopm...  LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-wa...  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stuart_wadd...  YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/LeadershipW...  Spotify - #Leadership – What’s on your mind?


1 Sep 2021

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Take 5: Silencing Self-Sabotage and Building Mental Strength with Dr. Scott Simon

Take it On

On Take 5, Reid and Jonah walk through their work, school, and goals with a little help from How I Met Your Mother (3:15) and the power of scheduling (5:00). The guys are joined by Scott Simon, practicing surgeon, mental performance coach for the San Diego State men’s basketball team, and certified bad ass. Scott explains his philosophy of developing mental fortitude on and off the court (13:00) and provides examples of techniques—like the mirror test (16:00)—for young men to cultivate positive feedback loops, defeat sabotaging beliefs, and unlock their latent potential (29:10). The guys walk through some of these exercises with Scott, propelling Reid on his path to straight As and PRs, and Jonah to become an Excel wizard.


26 Aug 2021

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Episode 76 - Michael Scott Simon Interview

The Forging Excalibur Podcast

Born in Chicago Illinois, Michael Scott Simon is a singer-songwriter guitarist, pianist recording engineer, and producer.  His upcoming LP break to the gray is set for release September 1 and encompasses 16 songs all written by Simon and Co-produced by Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Rolling Stones, the Beatles).  The album will be broken into two parts (Ballads & the Rough).  As it turns out there are eight songs that are very Ballad-friendly and eight that are a bit heavier.   The album also features some great studio players including Matt Walker of the smashing pumpkins in Morrissey on drums, pat Sansone of Wilco, Andrew Joslyn arranged strings and horns (Andrew has worked with Macklemore as well as Kesha and others.  Most notably the song “praying”.   Most notably, all 16 songs will be mixed by Simon in his professional studio.   The album is set to be mastered in August by famed mastering engineer Howie Weinberg (smashing pumpkins, Soundgarden, beastie boys, muse).  The oven will be available via Mike’s upcoming website michaelscottsimon.com. For download, hard copy and vinyl. He is the Founder of the Music Teachers Network, is a lifelong singer and songwriter, but also has been an engineer for over 20 years, perfecting the art and science of post-production and mixing in the modern/virtual world.  I've been looking forward to this for some time now, and I know we'll have an amazing chat this morning...


9 Jul 2021

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NPR host, CBS Sunday Morning Contributor, and Huge Cubs Fan Scott Simon Full Interview.

Friendly Confines Chicago Cubs Baseball Podcast

Longtime radio host on NPR, contributor on CBS Sunday Morning and Cubs fan Scot Simon joins the boys in this special edition of the Friendly Confines. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theconfines/message


8 Jun 2021

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69. Scared to Life: Embracing Your Inner Fears with Scott Simon


Scott Simon was a meek and timid and fearful child. His withdrawn personality led to him being bullied and finding himself isolated and lonely. Though his loving family only had the best intentions, they perpetuated his behavior instead of pushing him to grow and overcome his anxieties.While at college, Scott stumbled upon the quote, “Do one thing a day that scares you,” and thanks to having found his people, he started to push himself a little bit each day. He graduated with a newfound spark for life and decided that, from then on, he would live life only ever saying “yes” to the opportunities presented to him, no matter how scary they were. This led him to become a “happiness entrepreneur,” building businesses designed to improve the lives of everyone around them. He founded Scare Your Soul, the USA’s first happiness incubator with a mission to inspire the world to grow into their best selves through the ignition of fear. Overcoming what scares us takes courage and courage is a wonderful quality to cultivate.Thanks to Scare Your Soul, Scott has done everything from marrying couples to running parades to giving a TEDx talk and he continues to spread his message through all the means he can – his latest of which is appearing on Gravity.In this episode, we discuss the power of music and the importance of finding our people. And, of course, the main focus is on our fears, how we can decipher between the ones that exist for a reason and the ones that are only going to hold us back, and how we can use being scared as fuel to drive ourselves to become better people, every single day.What Brett asks:[00:02:50] Let’s start at the beginning. Tell me about your childhood.[00:06:20] Were you naturally shy and withdrawn or was it something you learned?[00:14:40] What was high school like, being so scared of interacting with others?[00:19:40] Tell me about the role of music in your life.[00:24:00] Mentorship and the arts are two very large parts of your life. How do you think they combine and work together?[00:28:50] What did you do after leaving high school?[00:31:30] What was it like to finally find your people?[00:36:30] How did you go from being scared to embracing the fear of the unknown?[00:44:28] You mentioned the philosophy that you never really graduated. Tell me more about that.[00:50:18] Your bio refers to you as a real estate developer, a happiness entrepreneur, and the founder of Scare Your Soul. Tell me more about these three things.[00:57:40] How are things unfolding for you, now?[01:04:01] Any final thoughts?To learn more about intentional living, and for the complete show notes, visit: gravityproject.comResources:Scare Your SoulScare Your Soul on FacebookScare Your Soul on InstagramScott’s TEDx Talk: “Happy by Design”Gravity is a production of Crate Media.

1hr 7mins

7 Jun 2021

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Cubs Battle Back Into 1st Place-NPR Host and CBS Sunday Morning reporter Scott Simon joins the boys.

Friendly Confines Chicago Cubs Baseball Podcast

1st inning-How does 1st place sound? 2nd inning-Can the Cubs keep this pace? 3rd inning-Javy creates the play of the week 4th inning-Who do you credit the turnaround to? 5th inning-Is Bryant the early MVP favorite? 6th inning-Hoerner is hurting 7th inning-Scott Simon Int 8th inning- Is Brickhouse the greatest Chicago sports announcer? 9th inning-Does this Cubs team remind you of a past Cubs team? Find and follow us online on Twitter: @ryandlieber @thechadgordon, @bearsbarroom @cubsconfines Join us on Facebook: Chicago Cubs Friendly Confines Facebook page Check out our website www.theconfines.com to join our newsletter.  @nprscottsimon--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theconfines/message


28 May 2021

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When You’re Consistently Grateful, You Can Change Your Life - with Scott Simon

Be Better with Michael Kurland

Scott Simon is President of North Pointe Realty and founder of Scare Your Soul, a global courage movement that seeks to inspire small acts of courage every day. Scott believes that a consistent practice of gratitude enables us to deepen our relationships and leads to a happier and more fulfilling life.


1 Mar 2021

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Scott Simon with Host Allie Pratt

FIVE Minute Bark Podcast


4 Jan 2021

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Ep 99 | Professor Scott Simon: Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples and Their Connection to Ecology

Talking Taiwan

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: Earlier this year, I spoke with Professor Scott Simon about his research on Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. He is a Professor in the School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies and Co-holder of the Research Chair in Taiwan Studies at the University of Ottawa. He’s done research in Taiwan since 1996, spent an accumulated 10 years of residence in the country, and published 3 books about Taiwan. We talked about Taiwan as the cradle of Austronesian peoples and culture, and what the designation of a group of people as “indigenous” means from an international law perspective. What’s interesting to me is how Professor Simon’s work invites us to think of Taiwan as a Pacific island nation rather than a renegade province of China. Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode: How Professor Simon got interested in the indigenous peoples of Taiwan How there were a lot of changes pertaining to the indigenous peoples of Taiwan around 1996 The indigenous people that Professor Simon met while in Taiwan What brought Professor Simon to Taiwan initially in 1996 How Professor Simon had initially planned to obtain his PhD in China but ended up doing it in Taiwan How Professor Simon's research on Taiwan’s indigenous peoples and economic development led him to study the ecology and environment, and the study of Austronesian peoples The connection between the Bhatani Islands of the Philippines and Taiwan The similarity between the CHamoru language (of the people of Guam) with the Truku language of the Taiwanese indigenous people and Tao language spoken in Taiwan’s Orchid Island Looking at Taiwan as a Pacific island nation and not just as connected to China Taiwan’s connection to Guam, Marieta Islands, Carolina Islands, Maori of New Zealand and Easter Island Book recommendations for people wanting to learn more about Taiwan’s indigenous peoples The difference between categorizing a group of people as indigenous vs. an ethnic minority The three nations in Asia that recognize indigenous peoples The political implications that come with a group of people being declared indigenous Related Links: Professor Scott Simon’s author page on The Center for International  Policy Studies of the University of Ottawa website: https://www.cips-cepi.ca/author/scott-simon/ Undoing Fieldwork in a Time of Epidemic by Scott Simon: https://cascacultureblog.wordpress.com/2020/04/20/undoing-fieldwork-in-a-time-of-epidemic/ Professor Scott Simon’s books: Tanners of Taiwan: Life Strategies and National Culture: https://books.google.com/books/about/Tanners_of_Taiwan.html?id=ostwAAAAMAAJ Sweet and Sour: Life-Worlds of Taipei Women Entrepreneurs: https://books.google.com/books/about/Sweet_and_Sour.html?id=gFyqAuPTAgkC


19 Oct 2020

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Ep 20. Pushing Comfort Zones and The Science of Happiness with Scott Simon

The Virtual Hustle

We're on a big kick of self progression and the idea of happiness is a huge apart of that. When we are living a happy life, things start to get better and we start to get better. This episode we get into how to unlock true happiness. Today’s guest on the show is Scott Simon, a happiness expert who has spent the last 20 years discovering small ways to push personal boundaries to achieve greater happiness. Scott studied “The Science of Happiness” with a Harvard professor and focused on the key conclusion that pushing comfort zones is the best way to grow and improve.  Scott is the founder of Scare Your Soul - a global courage movement to inspire millions to push beyond our comfort zones and stand up to the fears that can hold us back from living our best, fullest lives. He’s get all the details and execution techniques to help you all do the same because I think we can all use a little extra happiness right now. Topic 1: Scare Your Soul and how doing a particular thing produces happiness (4:30). Topic 2: Optimal anxiety (12:00) Comfort zones feel really good, and they make us feel "kind of" happy. It isn't always fun, but what is fun is what happens after you tackle what you have been thinking about. Topic 3: Use this time to grow. Push yourself and come out of this tough time harder (16:00). Topic 4: How to start learning to not care what others think of you (19:30). Topic 5: Accountability and how to make what you want to reality (25:00). Topic 6: Happiness is directly related to your relationships with others, (33:00), physical, savoring individual current moments (34:00), acts of service. Topic 7: Control what you can control, and exercise your courage muscles to be able to handle whatever get's thrown at you (36:00). Topic 8: Small challenges = small wins = big wins (47:50). CORE ASPECTS OF HAPPINESS - Nurturting relationships -Physical activity - Cultivating a sense of savoring: Think about the things we do habitually without actually thinking about them. - Acts of service -  Resources Mentioned: "The How Of Happiness" - Book "Wild" - Book Scare Your Soul Website Scare Your Soul Instagram Scott Simon Instagram _______ The Virtual Hustle Group on Facebook The Virtual Hustle Instagram The Virtual Hustle Website and Blog Alicia Baldino Instagram


30 Sep 2020