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How Black Women Can Get Help Launching Their Business w/ Lachelle Barnett | Episode 77

The Automation Mastery Podcast with Justin Morgan

This week, went live with Lachelle Barnett on how to successfully launch a business. She is a branding and launch strategist for Black Female Business owners.  You can check her out at: blackfemalecoaches.com And as always, if you need help automating your business go to AutomateWithEase.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/automationpodcast/support


12 Oct 2020

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The Virtual Launch Pad with LaChelle Barnett

The #SpeakEasy Podcast

5...4...3...2...1 What comes next is supposed to be launch but the launch strategy has changed. We have been shifted to a full-on virtual business lifestyle in a short period of time. LaChelle gave us a great starting point for anyone who needs to or wants to make that shift. 1. Understand your gift2. Decide what you want to build Looking at your assets and resources will keep you from getting distracted as this shift is occurring. Asking the right questions and being able to delegate are some of those secret sauce strategies that make you stand out. Even when it comes to choosing a coach or team you have to be clear about what you need and what you want your results to look like. Understand that your responses to these questions will vary over time as you learn more about your business and yourself. Lachelle shared in our love of learning how to pivot in our business. That pivot becomes easier when you are able to go back and understand your why. Are you in this business to make an impact, to make income, or both? Learn more about Lachelle: Over the last 6 years I have been walking this entrepreneurial journey. When I started I saw an opportunity to create wealth, leave a legacy, impact the world, and even redefine myself in the process. Given my professional experience and educational background I was sure I could grow my own business. And I have, but the process hasn't looked ANYTHING like I thought it would. Honestly, I thought it would be a lot easier than it has been.I've been in a place where I was working hard, making a great impact but not getting paid much of anything. I've been in a place where I was traveling and speaking on stages, and STILL making little to no money. I have been overwhelmed, I've had information overload. I've hustled and stayed up all night working in my business. But none of these is my story today. Okay well I occasionally stay up all night but nowadays it's out of pure love of what I do and not because I'm desperately trying to make money. And that didn't work anyway. And it has been one thing that has allowed me to move from struggle-prenuer to operating as a true CEO, with both time and money freedom. That one thing has been operating has been understanding THE FORMULA for online business. The thing that has helped me most is understanding that brand clarity must come first. and systems must come IMMEDIATELY after. These 2 things allowed me to gain momentum by generating consistent leads and increasing my revenue. There have been the two things that have moved me from what seemed like constant frustration to days filled with excitement.Professional Experience and Educational Background.Professional: CEO of Fathers First Inc.Professional: Professor at Indiana University of South BendProfessional: Therapist at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center Professional: Traveling Seminar Presenter for PESIEducation: Bachelors in Sociology (University of Dayton)Education: Masters in Social Work (Indiana University)Education: Doctore in Business Administration (one year left) (Walden University)Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social WorkerLicenses: Licensed Clinical Addictions CounselorConnect with LaChelle on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lachelle.barnettwww.blackfemalecoaches.com/


24 May 2020

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Exposed Featuring LaChelle Barnett


LaChelle Barnett is a Brand Strategist and runs a consulting firm called The Reset Room. She has spent the last 6 years as an entrepreneur space serving as a CEO for both nonprofit and for profit businesses. Her brilliance has allowed her to see an ROI on every online marketing strategy from challenges and webinars to Facebook Ads and virtual speaking engagements. Her firm serves those with traditional 9 to 5 who are looking to move into online coaching, offering coaching options for her B2C market and done for you services for B2B market.


12 Dec 2019

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Avoid Burnout The Easy Way! With LaChelle Barnett

Collective Wisdom

What IS alignment? How do you know when you’re in it? How can you keep yourself from burning out as a newbie (or experienced!) Entrepreneur? LaChelle Barnett offers her best tips + tools for these questions, and more!


3 Dec 2019

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Episode 76: Lachelle Barnett – Father, Can you Hear Me? (replay)


Lachelle Barnett shares her testimony of how not having her parents in her life affected her life.  Lachelle was born and raised in South Bend, and unfortunately because her parents were addicted to drugs she and her siblings were removed from the home and had to live with other relatives.  Lachelle lived with her aunt and grew up in the church and remembers her aunt being there for her physically and making sure she visually saw her presence, but was emotionally detached from Lachelle.  At 14 she became a parent, not knowing how to be a parent she did everything she could to be there for her children, while relying on God in the process.  Lachelle is the co-founder of Father’s First a non-profit organization that provides fathers the opportunity to create long lasting memories with their children.  Please join HisStories and Lachelle and find out how through her relationship with the Father, she’s helping fathers be a part of their children’s lives. The post Episode 76: Lachelle Barnett – Father, Can you Hear Me? (replay) appeared first on HisStories Broadcast.


23 Oct 2017