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Putting the Sass into SaaS with Gabrielle Blackwell

Live Better. Sell Better.

Guest: Gabrielle BlackwellLI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabrielleblackwell/Topic: Gabrielle Blackwell - Truly putting the Sass into SaaS!Quick Intro: Quite possibly the best play on words I’ve seen come from SaaS - SaaStress - embodying energy, enthusiasm, and a ‘keep it real’ mentality, Gabrielle has had a career trajectory that many would envy. From SDR to Manager in under 2 years! To now leading multiple teams, contributing to LI, RevCollective, RevGenius and the entire LI World. I believe leaders like Gabrielle are the future. Came through the trenches, know what it means to be an SDR and therefore know how to lead them. So with that, we’re about to get Saasy, let’s go!Short and Sweet/Set the stage What does it mean to be a SaaStress - How do you embody this day in and day out?Core QuestionsHow do you help bring out that creative side of your reps. Analytics - I saw one of your recommendations, I don’t always see that with sales dev leaders - What do you track, why, and what’s most important. Sales Enablement to Sales Management - The opposite trend is occurring - Why the switchWhat can Sales Managers learn from Sales EnablementHow do you coach your reps  to get in front of busy prospects?Cold CallingHow can an SDR accelerate their promotion path either at their company or another?What skills should an SDR focus on developing and why?


11 Mar 2021

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Keepin’ it 100 with Gabrielle Blackwell, Gong

The First 100 Days

On this Keepin’ it 100 episode, Trinity is joined by Gabrielle Blackwell, Sales Development Manager at Gong, a revenue intelligence platform. “Ask yourself the question, what are my redeeming qualities? What are my biggest strengths? And then ask yourself, what is required in order for me to exercise those strengths?” Gabrielle shares her insights on how to break into sales and how to self-reflect on your strengths, ultimately helping you find the right company fit for you.


25 Feb 2021

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202: Gabrielle Blackwell Goes DEEP on Spirituality, Vulnerability and Empathy

Millennial Sales

Gabrielle "GB" Blackwell is a Sales Development Manager at Gong, hosts the popular SDR Hotline show on Sales Hacker, and is AKA "The Sales Development SaaStress".GB and I have an amazing conversation in this episode. It's nothing like your "normal sales talk". We go deep on spirituality, vulnerability, being an empath, and how to know your self-worth.One of my favorite quotes GB said: "No work will get taken care of if you are not taken care of".Make sure to hit Gabrielle up on LinkedIn after the episode!If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to grow this show and find the best guests possible for you.Follow The Podcast:Apple/Spotify: Millennial SalesTwitter: TommyTahoeInstagram: TommyTahoeYouTube: TommyTahoeWebsite: Millennialmomentum.net


17 Feb 2021

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85: A Prospect Saying No is No Big Deal w/ Gabrielle Blackwell, Gong

Conversations with Women in Sales

Gabrielle did not plan on becoming an amazing sales leader - especially when she was in France or when she was learning about public policy. Hear about her path into one of the coolest careers in the world - She is a Magical Sales Development Leader in service to the virtues of: Empowerment, Advocacy and Enlightenment Cultivating expertise in: Sales Leadership Sales Training Sales Management Change Management Sales Coaching Personal Coaching Sales Enablement 


27 Jan 2021

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S1E175 - The greatest skill you will ever have is being your own advocate, ALWAYS! With Gabrielle Blackwell of Gong

Surf and Sales

The human story of success in business.  Understanding the right amount of micro-community engagement. What makes a high performing SDR team Making sure you don't let one person own the air space in the team Managing BDRs in a remote environment Focusing on awareness and maturity impacting others in conversations with your team. What is the benefit to moderate a micro-community channel? How many micro-communities can you effectively be a part of?


23 Nov 2020

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Gabrielle Blackwell | Divination Diva | Episode #2

Selling On Heels

Gabrielle Blackwell is a self-proclaimed modern, hippie witch who just so happened to stumble into sales. Since beginning her career in the sales profession, she has asserted herself as not only as a top-performing rep, but also, an effective and inspiring Sales Development Leader. She currently holds the position of Sales Development Manager at Gong and when not busy at work, can be found tending to her 60+ indoor plant babies or reading tarot cards for people in her LinkedIn network. If you need to interview yourself, what 3 questions you would make A: What’s your superpower? Who has been your biggest role model? Who has been your best boss and why? What did you want to be when you grow up?A: I imagined myself growing up to be a dancer. How you ended up on sales and why?A: Sales was a last resort for me. I had struck out on the opportunities I thought I wanted to pursue, which was in HR and People Operations. Once I accepted that that wasn’t an available option for me, I took a step back and reflected on what I was really working towards. In reflecting, I envisioned being the CEO of a company. Upon researching where CEOs typically start their careers, I saw that sales and finance were the two top represented backgrounds. One thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to do finance, so sales surfaced as the path to follow. The rest is history. You do coaching and teaching on sales. What aspect of selling you teach and coach?A: In managing a team of Sales Development Representatives, I’m responsible for teaching and coaching on the full spectrum of Sales Development; that means everything from research, copywriting, cold calling, cold emailing, leveraging social, prospecting, qualifying, etc. Who were your mentors?A: My grandfather, Bob Blackwell, and my former boss, Dan Bahr. How to move brick and mortar to online on sales? Not sure. I haven’t worked at an organization that has had to do this. What market are women “killing” in sales and why?A: All of them, and here’s why; being a member of an underrepresented group can either turn someone into a victim or drive them to be the best. I believe that more women in sales are choosing to be better and are committing themselves to doing the work required to be better. What segments women are not getting and why? A: Not sure if there are specific segments where women are inherently worse at, but I do feel comfortable sharing that more often than not, when people aren’t succeeding, it’s because they’re missing alignment in their role, at their company or with the person they’re reporting to. Tell me one secret of your sales career you never told anyone [ funny story. mess sales, etc? A: Real talk, I misspelled the name of the company I was interviewing at for a Sales Development position in my cover letter and on my resume. I didn’t realize that I did that until 3 months into working at that company when my boss casually brought it up. I was mortified, and also, so grateful to my boss for still having given me a shot. Subscribe Comment to keep the conversation goingCome to learn with us:https://www.humanbehaviorhackerschool.com/The post Gabrielle Blackwell | Divination Diva | Episode #2 appeared first on Human Behavior Lab.


23 Oct 2020

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Gabrielle Blackwell's Hero's Journey In Technology Sales

Welcome to TheInquisitor Podcast with Marcus Cauchi

Gabrielle Blackwell is an extraordinary young saleswoman. Over the past 5 years she has already carved out a meteoric sales career. Her story echoes so many I've heard. Being a young, black woman in technology sales presents challenges that many of us will never have to face. Without malice or bitterness she tells her story which includes facing her own burnout and recovery and her extraordinary resolve to learn, improve, prioritise, take full personal responsibility and incredible organisation. We explore her values and purpose, her approach to dealing with difficult conversations, her beliefs and behaviours as a manager. Gabrielle is one to watch for the future. A future CEO? I think so ... Contact Gabrielle on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/gabrielleblackwell -- Book a confidential 1 to 1 with me using this link https://calendly.com/marcuscauchi/linkedin-discovery-call Subscribe to my newsletter, #TheGrumbler: http://eepurl.com/gu2Yd1 #TheInquisitorPodcast Podbean: marcuscauchi.podbean.com Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/show/7C3pmVfHbwu84oZCqUQq81 Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/welcome-to-theinquisitor-podcast/id1341867086 The #ScaleupsAndHypergrowthPodcast Podbean: scaleupsandhypergrowth.podbean.com Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3t0Gge9e5XaB8REaqkiQ6u Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/scaleups-and-hypergrowth-podcast/id1508754065

1hr 10mins

10 Oct 2020

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Gabrielle Blackwell: Why you don't need to know everything, Speak up, Create your business plan to get promoted

Next Level Leadership

Gabrielle has been a leader for over three years. Hear her talk about why you don't need to know how to do something in order to get it done, why you should speak up more, and how she created a business plan to get her first gig as a leader. Follow Gabrielle on LinkedIn Episode transcript Next Level Mastermind Group As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the episode! What did you like? Not like? What questions do you want answers to? Let me know at Derek@DerekJankowski.com


5 Oct 2020

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105: Becoming an Impactful Sales Leader with Gabrielle Blackwell

That's When I Knew, The Podcast

Gabrielle Blackwell is a manager of business development and shares tips for people interested in getting into sales and for those that are looking to transition into sales leadership. She gets vulnerable and talks about her upbringing, mental health, and building a meaningful career when you have a criminal record.

1hr 12mins

25 Sep 2020

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Episode 4: Gabrielle Blackwell

Humanizing Tech

Like many of us, Gabrielle Blackwell longed to feel included in her one-time chosen home of Portland, Oregon. But something didn’t feel right. Although organizations like PDXWIT provide us with a safe space to be ourselves and many ways to get involved, Gabrielle felt something was missing, but could that something be found inside herself? From her first commission-based sales job in tech to her current role as a sales manager, her story is one of both hope and hardship. Back in her native Chicago, Gabrielle joins us to share some lessons on how being vulnerable allowed her to take the first steps to feeling included in the world of tech. Episode Guide: 0:00 - 20:00: Introduction to Gabrielle Blackwell 20:00 - 35:00: Discussion about inclusion 35:00 - 50:00: Discussion about vulnerability


18 Nov 2019