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#27 Emin Gun Sirer and Kevin Sekniqi of Ava Labs: The Digitization of Assets

Breakout Startups

The Co-Founders of Ava Labs, Emin Gun Sirer (CEO) and Kevin Sekniqi (COO), talk with Tomer about how Ava differs from Bitcoin and Ethereum, why their team is focused on digitization of assets that are not yet on the blockchain, Ava's consensus algorithm and their approach to building a developer ecosystem around their protocol. Plus, they discuss the opportunities and challenges of working remotely and what compelled them to jump from academia to entrepreneurship.SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favorite podcast app Leave a review Share the show on social media with your friends and family LISTEN TO THE BREAKOUT STARTUPS PODCAST: Apple Podcasts Spotify Overcast Google Podcasts Youtube Stitcher Show website FOLLOW TOMER ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter Medium blog

1hr 9mins

26 Aug 2020

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Hashing It Out #84- Ava Labs Kevin Sekniqi and Stephen Buttolph

Hashing It Out

Kevin and Stephen of Ava Labs return to the show to give updates on the progress happening with Ava Labs. Join our Slack and continue the discussion about Ava Labs.  Links For AVA Labs: Website Twitter Telegram Discord The Bitcoin Podcast Network Slack Donate to Hashing It Out Discuss

1hr 9mins

23 Aug 2020

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Hashing It Out #84- Ava Labs Kevin Sekniqi and Stephen Buttolph

The Bitcoin Podcast

Links For AVA Labs:WebsiteTwitter TelegramDiscordThe Bitcoin Podcast NetworkSlackDonate to Hashing It OutDiscuss

1hr 9mins

28 May 2020

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Motion: POS will overtake POW (Kevin Sekniqi vs. Tarun Chitra)

The Blockchain Debate Podcast

Guests:Kevin Sekniqi (@kevinsekniqi) - debating FOR the motionTarun Chitra (@tarunchitra) - debating AGAINST the motionHost:Richard Yan (@gentso09)Today’s motion is “POS will overtake POW.” This is an important topic for a few reasons. First, from an investor’s perspective, this is another angle of evaluating BTC vs its challengers, which by and large are POS, or moving to POS. Second, this provides guidance to architects of new protocols in making design decisions.If we were to measure the dominance of POW via market cap, of the top 20 coins on CMC, coins with a POW mechanism (with no serious plans to migrate to something else), take up 74% of the share of market cap.The two guests we have for this episode are: a builder of a highly anticipated POS-based protocol; and a creator of an extremely interesting business that simulates protocol behavior, to help protocol designers make more sound decisions.I want to note that, about 70 minutes into the debate, the discussion shifted to a general conversation about money characteristics of bitcoin, and this goes on for about 25 minutes. This was not directly relevant to the motion, but I kept it in nonetheless, for the insights it shed.Make sure to check out our previous episodes too, on Bitcoin’s store of value status, tokenization and smart contracts, DeFi, bitcoin halvening, and China’s future in blockchain.If you would like to debate or want to nominate someone, please DM me at @blockdebate.Please note that nothing in our podcast should be construed as financial advice.Source of select items discussed in the debate:Paul Sztorc article "Nothing is Cheaper than Proof of Work": http://www.truthcoin.info/blog/pow-cheapest/Hash rate derivatives: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-crypto-currencies-derivatives/with-hashes-and-hedges-power-hungry-crypto-miners-court-investors-idUSKBN1YE0KADigital currency as a Veblen good: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veblen_good

1hr 41mins

25 Mar 2020

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Base Layer Episode 105 - Kevin Sekniqi (Ava Labs)

Base Layer

Kevin joins us on Base Layer to give us a great breakdown on Ava Labs! AVA's mission is to democratize financial markets and bridges all blockchain platforms together into one interoperable ecosystem; they provide the ability to build your own custom blockchains or to digitize any assets with arbitrarily complex rulesets. Kevin discusses the different consensus algo's from Nakamoto, Classical to Avalanche, their own consensus algo. They tout the ability to get to 5000 transactions per second (TPS) so we discuss how, the use of DAG's and how they could fit in the climate focused investors toolkit these days.


3 Feb 2020

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HIO Panels #2 - Scaling Ethereum - Nick Johnson and Kevin Sekniqi

The Bitcoin Podcast

On the second episode of Hashing It Out Panels, Corey moderates a discussion between Nick Johnson (lead developer of ENS) and Kevin Sekniqi (co-founder of AVA Labs) on the top of scaling Ethereum. We attempt to lay out the landscape of what that term even means, what the current bottleneck fo scaling is in decentralized systems, and how Athereum potentially affects these issues. There's quite a bit of back and forth, and plenty of subtlety for argumentation! Enjoy the listen and then chime in with your thoughts! Donate to Hashing It Out!

1hr 6mins

24 Oct 2019

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14 AVA: Scaling Consensus to Build a Financial Operating System with Kevin Sekniqi

Chorus One Podcast

Avalanche is a novel consensus protocol that is able to scale consensus by using local consensus snapshots and random sampling. In this episode Meher sits down with Kevin Sekniqi, Co-Founder of AVA Labs, who are using the Avalanche consensus protocol as the basis for their smart contract platform AVA. They discuss Avalanche consensus and its key differences to traditional protocols, the layers of the AVA platform, feature-specific subnetworks, plans for the AVA token and the project’s timeline. AVA Labs Website: https://avalabs.org/ Avalanche Paper: https://avalanchelabs.org/QmT1ry38PAmnhparPUmsUNHDEGHQusBLD6T5XJh4mUUn3v.pdf Chorus One: https://chorus.one Chorus One Twitter: https://twitter.com/chorusoneChorus One Telegram: http://chorus.one/telegram


23 Sep 2019