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#17 - Hélène Guillaume: Your Female Biology Is Your Unfair Advantage

Somi Arian Podcast

Hélène is the Founder and CEO of WILD.AI and Millennials Partners, and a Virgin Startup Mentor. Hélène and Somi discuss women in sports, mathematics and technology, the “pink and blue” gender myth, and why we should celebrate female biology. Hélène is inspirational, and super fun to listen to.


9 Apr 2021

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French Tech Podcast - London

Not a cute, fragile, little thing. But a kickass, life-biter, adventurer human. It is part of Helene's life mission to make both women and men change their vision on what a "woman" is. She founded WILD.AI in San Francisco in 2017. The team includes female health legend Dr. Stacy Sims, the co-founder of Clue (leading Femtech, c. 20mn MAU), AI Ph.ds and Olympic coaches. Helene is also the co-founder of PeakAI.org, a community of AI researchers and Founders and is an active humanist, helping men reach equality. She falls nothing short of energy and love for extremes - in every sense of the word. She's done done 100km Ultra Trails, half ironman, is an ice swimmer and cross-continental swimmer. As she puts it: "I can't get enough of breathing nature in while sweating!" Listen to Helene and Xavier LOUIS, Co-founder of SHARP TX.LIFE and Peak - Brain Training, Board Member of La French Tech London discuss women performance, menstrual cycle monitoring and the future of #FemTech, the next big phenomenon to keep an eye on with market potential of $50 billion by 2025. This series would have been incomplete without Helene's kickass intervention.  Download the WILD.AI app


22 Mar 2021

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Ep 32: Fitness & Sports Training Tech Specifically Designed For Women – Hélène Guillaume, Founder + CEO of Wild.AI

We Get Real AF

Hélène is an athlete turned FemTech entrepreneur who’s mission is to provide knowledge, support, and power for women to perform at their best by leveraging menstrual cycle data and research.  Find Hélène Guillaume Online: Instagram TwitterReferenced: Wild AIWhoopOura RingWe Get Real AF Podcast Credits:Producers & Hosts: Vanessa Alava & Sue RobinsonVanessa AlavaLinkedInInstagramTwitterSue RobinsonLinkedInInstagramTwitter Audio Producer/Editor: Sam Mclean  InstagramWebsiteAssociate Producer: Flo LumsdenInstagramLinkedInWebsite Audio Music Track Title: Beatles UniteArtist: Rachel K. CollierYouTubeInstagramWebsiteIntro Voice-Over Artist: Veronica HortaLinkedInCover Artwork Photo Credit: Alice Moore Unsplash We Get Real AF Podcast OnlineInstagramTwitterFacebookLinkedInWebsiteSupport the show (https://wegetrealaf.com/how-you-can-help)


5 Jan 2021

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Why women are not Men. Designing for women with WILD.AI founder Hélène Guillaume

Side Effects

Helene Guillaume, CEO and Founder of Wild.Ai. is on the show and talks about designing for women.Through WILD.AI’s research and algorithms, Helene’s app helps women perform and train all over the world, based off their physiology – not some misplaced system built alone on Male data. Not only can it predict when a woman will experience bloating or menstrual pain, but how to alleviate these symptoms. During ovulation, when the body is particularly strong, it will notify you when workouts can be pushed, and optimise the decisions you take for your body to reach peak performance.Her company is endorsed by superstar olympians like Paula Radcliffe, with #FemTech being a massive growth area. Wild Ai has attracted funding and support from Greylock, Reid Hoffman and McKinsey .But, what can Guillaume tell us about resilience (potentially to viruses) and how women and men might need to be understood differently in regard to their preventative health?Our conversation explores her cutting edge work, and the road ahead for women and athletes all over the world. Periods are the last taboo in sports, WILD.AI is breaking it.[2 Min 30]  Life in London and Cycling under the lockdown[3 Mins] Introductions to Wild.ai and why Women are not Men[7 Mins 30] Empowering women throughout different life stages by understanding physiology and performance[10 Mins] Training, immune systems and menstrual cycles[13 Mins] Fuelling the right way, where is the female data? And what might this mean for Covid?[15 Mins 30] The Wild Ai Business: Women taking control[18 Mins] Resilient health beyond sport[20 Mins] 500 millions smartphones, and why Wild.ai is for more women than just athletes[21  Mins] Sport: What are people training for in lockdown? Adidas ‘We’ll be ready’[26 Mins] Pelaton and the success of training at home[28 Mins] Balance between tech and nature[33 Mins] What really matters about face to face vs. what can be done via the truly digital?[35 Mins] The Magic Wand[38 Mins] Finding Helene onlineSupport the show (https://weareten.us12.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=4ed5154e0f1cdbad62b378156&id=dc1a8d24c1)


17 Jun 2020

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Hélène is the Founder and CEO of WILD AI - an AI-powered App designed specifically for women and their physiology. Her accomplished background in business and science combined with her love for sport put her in a unique position to change an industry that is, like many others, male biased. Although women make up nearly half of the population, a recent paper on "Sex Bias in Neuroscience and Biomedical Research" shows that 80% of the animals used in research are male. "These findings cannot be applied to women who are impacted daily by the 500 menstrual cycles they'll experience over 40 years.  More so, a 22 year old taking the pill has different nutritional needs, physiology and digestion than a 47 year old perimenopausal woman."Go check out WILD AI here.Also, you'll find some amazing opportunities to support WILD AI here.Twitter: @Helene_wild_aiInstagram: @helene_wild_aiHélène talking about boosting the immune system: WILD AI x ROAD x FITTERFind David's CHPT3 here: CHPT3.comFind Mikkel's ReD Associates here: redassociates.com


21 Mar 2020

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019 Powerful Habits, Mental Toughness, and Unleashing the Beast in Female Athletes with Hélène Guillaume

The Empower Podcast with Emily Kennedy

She is the CEO of WILD.AI which she created to empower female athletes to take advantage of their cycles instead of fighting against their bodies, and tracks data to improve female sports performance. With our guest Hélène Guillaume, we discuss building WILD.AI, how to create powerful habits, how ultra running and half-ironmans taught her resilience and mental toughness, male contraceptives and paternity leave, rejection of femininity vs. embracing it, and why femtech is the next billion dollar industry. FOLLOW OUR GUEST Follow Hélène on Twitter and LinkedIn Follow Wild.AI on Twitter, Instagram, & their Website LINKS TO WHAT WE DISCUSSED The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, by Charles Duhigg Extreme You, Sarah Robb O’Hagan RATE & REVIEW Rate & Review on iTunes! It takes 1 minute, and helps this podcast grow! CONNECT WITH EMILY On Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn - @heyemilykennedy Sign up for our email newsletter: www.emilykennedy.org QUOTES FROM THE EPISODE When things don’t go well, having a turnaround of emotions of 15 minutes is what I allow myself. So whenever something bad happens, a few minutes later I’m stronger and I have plan of attack. Finding within yourself the strength and the motivation is a mental exercise that you do when you are doing extreme events and it’s a mental exercise that you do when you’re an entrepreneur. Discipline goes with passion. Internal confidence comes from keeping commitments to yourself. Empowerment is having that feeling that you do something that makes you alive, and proud, and happy. Serving women serves society, if we empower women. Music by: Taste the Vibe - “Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (Mungø Remix)” unedited, via Creative Commons

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14 Mar 2019